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Are your custom swag boxes sending the right message? Our curated list will help you score the best corporate swag and the best company swag kits without leaving anything to chance.

When it comes to branded swag kit ideas as well as swag box design options, the sky really is the limit. And while we all love having choices to help meet our budget, complement our branding, and so forth, too many options can also leave a lot of room for bad merch, or worse, an uninspired branded swag kit that doesn’t make it past the recycle bin. 

From remote employee swag kits and high end swag ideas for sales teams and clients to the best corporate swag for virtual and IRL events, our collection of easy to create and duplicate swag kits are definite crowd-pleasers! 

Best Swag Kits for Employees, Clients, and Events

New Hire Swag Kits

Being the new kid on the block isn’t always easy. While they’ll probably receive training on learning new projects, policies, and ways of doing things, they’re also navigating other things that don’t really come with a manual. For instance, corporate politics, coworker dynamics, and management personalities, and more. All of that to say don’t overlook the importance of a great welcome kit for employees

From items they can wear on casual Fridays and team outings to water bottles and accessories, these customized items will help them feel like they belong right from the start. 

Shown: Custom Hoodie, Nike backpack, Popsocket, Miir tumbler, Enamel Pin, Custom Pin

Shown: Custom hoodie, Leuchtturm notebook, Baggu bag, Custom sticker, Miir water bottle, Custom tee

Tip: If you you are able to give your swag boxes for new hires in person, you can save money and skip the swag box design and let your customized backpack or canvas tote act as the carrier. 

Event Swag Kits 

The best swag kits for employees and clients during your events are both fun and functional. This goes for virtual events too where one of your biggest goals is keeping your audience engaged. Luckily, cool swag kits can help you accomplish that!

Shown: Custom tote bag, Custom cap, Custom notebook,  ETS camp cup, Touchland hand sanitizer, Custom socks

Have a virtual event? Here are some fun ideas to keep your attendees engaged and feeling included! For extra marketing oomph, ship yours in custom swag boxes complete with your logo. Then ask your recipients to share them unveiling their swag on social! 

Shown: Hoodie sweatshirt, Custom box (photo courtesy of Lumi), Custom cork coasters, RX bar, ETS ceramic mug, A24 custom sticker pack

Tip: There is a lot overlap when it comes to custom swag kits employee and conference swag. By combining like items and placing larger orders, you’ll save time and energy. Plus, many times you’ll get a discount per piece with bulk orders.   

Sales Swag Kits 

When it’s time to reward your hardworking sales team, branded swag will not only make memorable employee gifts but will definitely help reinforce your branding when they’re on the go! Plus, branded apparel makes some of the most valuable gifts for employees, since they can wear it in the office, out with clients, as uniforms at corporate events, and more.  

Looking for branded polos, button downs, and more professional styles for all of your teams? Here are some of our favorite customizable workshirts for employees and clients. 

Shown: AS Colour chambray shirt, AS Colour duffel bag, custom socks, Orbit Bluetooth key tracker, Corkcicle canteen

Shown: The North Face Jacket, Customized baseball cap, JBL portable speaker, Customized backpack

Tip: If your sales team is always on the run, marketing swag like Orbit key finders, duffel bags and backpacks, and portable speakers will always be appreciated. 

Rebrand Swag Kits 

If your company has gone through a rebrand, you already know how time consuming it can be. From knowing when it is time to rebrand to figuring out your new design, it’s not something you can take lightly. So when it’s done, you will definitely want to celebrate! After all, what is the point of a rebrand and if you don’t  show it off? 

So once your new branding is complete, it’s important to spread the word, and your new look, as soon as possible and start building that updated brand recognition! And what better way to do that than with customized swag that goes wherever your recipient does! 

Rebranded custom merch is perfect for: 
  • swag boxes for employees
  • swag boxes for new hires
  • custom swag boxes
  • remote employee swag kits
  • swag box design containers

Shown: The North Face Vest, Topo Designs tote bag, Popsocket, Public Supply notebook,  S'well bottle, Enamel Keychain, Custom tee

Shown: Custom sweatshirt, Custom stickers, Enamel Pin, The North Face backpack, Hasami mug, Custom Tee

Tip: When it comes to debuting your new logo, remember, it's always better to go with a neutral color than to not match your new brand colors and you can always reverse out your logo.

Work From Home Swag Kits

It’s easy to feel forgotten when you work from home. While most people assume this arrangement is all pure bliss, it also comes with its own set of challenges. From missing out on opportunities to strengthen corporate relationships to not always having the advantage of reading a room on conference calls or missing impromptu meetings, your WFH staff, while grateful to skip the commute, may feel left out from time to time. Remote employee swag kits are a vital way to help your hard-working team feel included and appreciated! 

When you’re looking to create cool swag kits, remember, the best swag kits for employees who work from home highlight both your company and their workspace. Luckily you can do both with these customizable favorites.  

Shown: Custom blanket, Custom Candle, Kinto mugs, Areaware puzzle

Shown: Champion hoodie, Custom candle, Art of Tea Matcha tea sticks, Soma bottle, Alternative Apparel joggers

Tip: For the best remote employee swag kits, remind them why it's so great to work from home with comfy hoodies, joggers, and everything they need to unwind.

Don’t leave your Custom swag kits to chance! 

Want to compile your own collection and leave the customization to Gemnote? No problem! Here’s 5 questions to ask yourself when when creating the best custom swag kits.

The best swag boxes for employees and clients are easy to create when you keep the following guidelines top mind.  

1. What’s your budget? 

Before you can start creating a swag kit, you’ll need to know your budget. Don’t worry, even smaller budgets can produce cool swag kits. Just make sure you keep your company front and center to bolster your brand recognition.    

2. Who’s your

This is more than just knowing whether you’re gifting to clients or employees. Are they attending a tradeshow or event with lots of freebies from your vendors? Maybe a reusable tote or extra battery charger would come in handy. Or maybe their virtual and having a yummy snack or themed tee will help them feel included.  

3. What are your goals? 

Motivating your employees, welcoming your new hires, wanting increased social engagement? Your gifts should reflect your goals and a custom card or gift tag can help personalize it! For example, if you want your custom swag boxes to help your online social marketing, make sure you include your social handles and a hashtag encouraging your recipient to follow you and share their swag.

4. Does your swag represent your company? 

Not only is customization key, but your merch should reflect your company. That doesn’t mean if you’re a tire company you should hand out tires. However, you could give away microfiber drying cloths to help your recipient keep their pride and joy sparkling clean! Just be sure to customize it with your logo so they think of you every time they use it!

5. Do your welcome package ideas support your company culture? 

If your company was founded on certain principles like giving back to the community, being sustainable, or practicing fair trade, make sure the brands you partner with share those same values. If you happen to overlook this, what started as best corporate swag could end up going against your mission. 

The best company swag kits 

The best company swag kits are well thought out. When you invest in a reputable company, like Gemnote for your swag chain kit products and swag box design options, you can trust you’ll receive the best company swag kits around. From creative ways to customize your swag boxes for new hires and clients to fulfillment and warehousing, Gemnote will help you from concept to delivery and every step in between. They can even help you set up your own online company swag store! 

Remember, whether you’re searching for large or small swag kits, if they don’t make a favorable impression with your recipient, you’ll not only lose money but  could also possibly tarnish your brand image. With Gemnote, you can trust that we only partner with brands we value and pride ourselves in delivering high-quality swag. From start to finish you’ll always feel good about delivering the quality customized merchandise no matter what.

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