Brand Spotlight: The North Face

May 25, 2021

The North Face remains a coveted high-quality brand that beckons the great outdoors.

Why is The North Face So Popular?

The North Face gained its spotlight with the durability and quality of their adventure-related products. It has become one of the go-to brands when searching for exploration accessories and products, such as women’s and mens North Face tracksuit items, backpacks, and durable jackets.


However, throughout the years, The North Face has made multiple collaborations with other well-known brands that has furthered their popularity. More specifically, their scope extended from adventurers to every individual with any hobby. 

Patagonia or The North Face: The Better Brand

When it comes to comparing two brands, there are plenty of factors to consider before reaching the verdict.

There is no objective verdict — it all depends on your personal preferences. Though, the categories to start with are price, side-by-side product comparisons, and company overview. The key is to not slack on your own brand research!


Lifetime Guarantee from The North Face Products

All The North Face products, with a few exceptions, are under Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Although, the key aspect to understand here is that all function failure caused by an error in manufacturing will be repaired or replaced for free. In the event that your North Face product endures damage caused by an accident, negligence or any damage that was not caused by manufacturing — it will not be covered.


Is The North Face a Luxury Brand?

The North Face has always stayed true to its outdoor-related catalogue that redefines durability and design.


In essence, it is not a luxury or designer brand. Though, the brand has collaborated with many designer and luxury brands in order to make design and functionality meet in the middle.


The North Face: The American Company

Over the years, the question that customers ask is, is The North Face an American company?

Short answer is a yes and includes an epic store opening in 1966. The company all began in the heart of San Francisco when two outdoor enthusiasts pursued their passions for adventure and exploration. From there, The North Face has climbed to be a globally recognized and praised brand for its merchandise. As the brand expanded on a worldwide level, their manufacturers expanded simultaneously.


From solely manufacturing in the United States, The North Face now has facilities in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, and a few more other countries. However, for those who commit to domestic-manufacturing, their collection called Made in USA is designed, sourced, and manufactured locally.


The Quality

Though they outsource materials and labor, The North Face dedicates its work towards maintaining a level of quality and authenticity.


Does The North Face Use Sweatshops?

As rated by Good On You, they have deemed The North Face to be at their young stage in terms of sustainability, ethical labor, and animal welfare. Ultimately, the brand has gradually enforced new policies and methods in order to satisfy their corporate social responsibility — starting with recycled materials.


Featured Brand: Customized North Face Products

Now that you know the story behind the well-known brand, it’s time to get to know its most famous products — the shopper’s favorites!


1. Base Camp Duffel

Acknowledged as one of the best North Face products, the Base Camp Duffel is the duffel that brings durability into your next expedition. With nine color combinations and four sizes to choose from, explorers can enjoy the highlighted features.  

2. City Voyager Daypack


Your North Face kits just aren’t complete without this City Voyager Daypack—one of the North Face products new arrivals! It’s the match made in heaven thanks to the soft, recycled, and water-repellant features.

3.  Pack Rain Cover


Staying dry is never overrated. Thanks to this lightweight Pack Rain Cover you can keep the adventure going rain or sine. 

4. Dipsea Cover It

Coming in four colors, the Dipsea Cover It gives you the comfortable protection that you need. Delve into the features of versatile styling, jersey-knit fabric, UV protection, and handy storage. It’s a must-add to your North Face advanced mountain kit! 


5. Bozer Neck Pouch

For days when you need to travel light with only essentials, the Bozer Neck Pouch is your new best friend, thanks to the compact easy to carry design.

6. Field Bag

Pockets, adjustable straps, recycled materials, zippered tablet sleeve—it’s hard to imagine how North Face packed all these great features into one compact bag. 

7. Cross Body 

Keep your hands free on your next exploration with the Cross Body bag. An urban essential for making the commute or hitting the trails.  

8. Canyonlands Full-Zip Fleece Jackets

Women’s Canyonlands Full-zip Fleece jacket 

Men’s Canyonlands Full-zip Fleece jacket

Reduce your carbon footprint while staying warm and protected with the Canyonlands Full zip jackets for women and men. 

9. Half Dome Pullover Hoodies 

Women's Half Dome Hoodie

Men's Half Dome Hoodie

These Half Dome North Face Hoodies whisper comfort and thanks to their superior fit are truly ready for anything. 


10. North Face T shirts

Men's Short Sleeve Half Dome Tee


Women's Up With The Sun Tee

If you’re looking for a mens North Face t shirt, the Half Dome Tri-Blend is for you. It’s simple and it’s durable from The North Face apparel with a collection for the women too in an array of colors!

11. Venture 2 Jackets

Women’s Venture 2 Jacket 

Men’s Venture 2 Jacket 

The best North Face products come in pairs: one of the men’s North Face jackets and the Women’s Venture 2! Experience the freedom of choice with up to 12 colors and not to mention, it is one of their most sustainable products. And, for more options check out their different backcountry North Face jacket styles.  

Wondering if North Face jackets will keep you warm? North Face products feature various levels of warmth to keep you comfortable throughout the seasons. Their advice is, check out the description and features of The North Face jackets to identify which one suits you best.


12. Mudder Trucker Hat & Logo FUTURELIGHT Hat

Mudder Trucker Hat


It’s simply a rule of thumb, you can’t go on an adventure without a hat on-hand! Complete The North Face Advanced Mountain Kit with a Mudder Trucker Hat or a Logo FUTURELIGHT Hat — look good and beat the summer sun with up to 12 colors.

13. E tip Gloves for Men & Women

This is the missing piece to your exploration accessories: the E tip Gloves for men and women. A runner’s favorite from The North Face products, get the pair of gloves that you deserve — coming in two of the classiest colors.

For the perfect gift, throw in women’s and mens North Face slippers. 


14. Base Camp III Slide and Sandals

Women’s Base Camp Slide III 

Men’s Base Camp Slide III Sandal

Redefine comfort from sustainable, recycled products — it’s the Base Camp Slide III for men and women. More specifically, these slides are recycled from the material of the Base Camp Duffel! Choose from five beautiful colors.


Other The North Face Products

Highlighting a number of their products doesn’t cut it! Other mention-worthy items from their catalog are mens North Face gilet, mens North Face coat, mens North Face tracksuit, mens North Face vests, mens North Face fleece and similar styles for women.

Wondering where to buy North Face online?

In order to preserve authenticity and reliability, it’s best to purchase from official The North Face stores, authorized resellers or authorized online retailers. For shoppers, use their search database called Find A Store and Online Dealers.

You can also reach out to Gemnote about how you can get North Face products personalized for your company.  

True or False: Gucci & The North Face Merge

False! The two brands did not merge, though, they participated in a collaboration which was an absolute hit in the fashion industry. Which Refinery29 dubbed Winter's Most Popular Jacket.


Is The North Face Brand Overpriced?

When it comes to analyzing the price of The North Face products and items, there are a few things to consider.


These factors include the brand history, advanced fabric technology, commitment to the environment, performance, and product range. To answer the question, The North Face may be expensive but they are worth the price; and therefore, not overpriced.


Passing the button to you, shoppers — happy shipping with The North Face!

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