"Wow! Thank you--that was fast! We are VERY happy with the products/quality! Appreciate all your help! -Carvana

“Everything looks amazing! The packaging is SUPER well done and really set the tone for these incredible gifts! People are going crazy on Slack letting us know how much they love everything. - Reddit

"WOW! Everything looks so so good. Really happy we partnered with Gemnote on this. Thank you for sharing some sneak peaks, our employees are going to be delighted!" - Amazon Freevee

"Heard the swag started arriving today, hooray. To great reviews as well (including from my boss, so, big win :)..” - Epic Games

“Thank you so much! So far the feedback is ECSTATIC! People are LOVING the bucket hats and jackets. Thank you so much!” - Envoy

"Incredible that Gemnote was able to make the initial bag deliveries before the holidays, especially on international shipments! Incredible work by you and the team over there. Can't thank you all enough!” - Strava

"The employees are super excited about it!! Also the presentation was really great and the thoughtful packaging. So classy!” - Envoy

"Wonderful as always! The quality of the product, packaging, and process is superb. We are glad to be partnered with Gemnote and will keep spreading the word.” - Will Reed

"Jackets look SO good. Getting really great feedback about the whole New Hire Kit. Thanks so much for all your help. We couldn't do this without Gemnote!" -Turo