10 Great Sustainable and Luxurious Corporate Gifts

October 21, 2020

Corporate gifting tied with corporate responsibility has become a trend in today's growing promotional products industry. People love when the gifts aren’t just luxurious but also sustainably made. This allows your team or company to share their message of social responsibility while also making the best impressions on clients and employees. Read more about ways you can incorporate sustainable, eco-friendly and environmentally helpful gifts into your company.

There are so many opportunities to send gifts throughout the year, but how do you make an impact forever? By sending gifts that do good and less harm to the environment. From employee birthdays, client anniversary celebrations, and everything in between – there is always a milestone that would require gifting. While there are so many great gift choices out in the market today, the challenge now is to look for thoughtful presents that are both sustainable and luxurious.

Sustainable Luxury Gifts: The Theme of Today and the Future

To be honest, gift-giving isn’t that difficult because of the plethora of options around; however, it isn’t every day that you will come across green sustainable gifts that will make a better impact compared to its lower quality counterparts. With the growing awareness of the importance of giving sustainable gifts UK, companies are slowly realizing that there is more to gain when gift-giving is viewed with sustainability in mind.

Why Sustainability Matters

Choosing to give sustainable gifts that people will appreciate matters a lot. First, you are assured that the product is responsibly made – meaning no living or natural thing was compromised in its production. Second, it helps address the issue of waste because sustainably made gifts typically last longer and have few to zero chemicals that go back into the earth when it decomposes. Third, it helps create worthwhile jobs for people in developing nations – noble sources of income without the experience of having to work with sweat shops and cramped factories that do not recognize workers’ rights and privileges.

In today’s age, what was once thought of as gifts for environmental activists are being recognized as the right way to go mainstream because of the many environmental issues it addresses and the way it supports developing communities and groups of individuals who otherwise would have resorted to poor labor conditions in order to make a living.

Why Should You Choose Premium Sustainable Gifts for Employees and Clients?

Choosing eco-friendly gifts for employees and clients are advantageous for a number of reasons, such as:

1. You are sending the right message to your gift recipients. Giving luxurious yet sustainable gifts UK communicates your ethical stance on being responsible for corporate consumers. Through giving sustainable care packages, you give off the impression that you are a company that isn’t only focused on sales and revenue but also puts a primer on social and environmental responsibility in word and in deed.

2. You will end up giving gifts that matter. Coming up with sustainable care packages also means giving more thought into the kinds of gifts that you distribute. The tendency is to then choose gifts that have real and lasting value – something useful, practical, and at the same time beautiful. Choosing carbon-neutral Christmas gifts for employees and clients means a higher likelihood that your gift options will be used and reused. Frankly speaking, this is preferable to tchotchkes that will just gather dust and low-quality items that will fall apart after a few uses (and inevitably make their way to the garbage bin).

3. Good for the environment and the community. This may seem like stating the obvious, but it’s still important to highlight. Giving eco-friendly family gifts and sustainable gifts USA means supporting an industry that protects the Earth’s precious and finite resources. It means choosing products that required less carbon footprint to produce. It also means extending help to developing communities who are often the partner of companies that are committed to getting sustainable products out there.

The great thing about choosing the best sustainable gifts is that you still get to celebrate the milestones of other people and show them that you care without unnecessarily contributing to irresponsible consumerism. You may even open up someone’s eyes to the whole notion of sustainability in the process when you give sustainable gifts for him or sustainable gifts for her.

How to Spot Sustainable Ethical Gifts for Everyone

Giving sustainable gifts for friends and eco-friendly gifts for employees is easier when you know the characteristics of such items. Here’s a shortlist of what to watch out for when on the hunt for sustainable gifts USA:

· Has labels with official certifications. Carbon neutral Christmas gifts and eco-friendly family gifts often come with green certifications. This means that gifts for environmental activists and eco-friendly gifts for college students and the like have been sufficiently recognized by strict criteria from an established regulating body like the USDA Organic Seal, Forest Stewardship Council, or Green Seal among others.

· Comes with specific claims. Both luxurious and cheap eco-friendly gifts will come with particular claims that pinpoint exactly how their product is a sustainable gift. Be wary of sweeping generalization about sustainable gifts for him or sustainable gifts for her that are truly “green” if they cannot explain it about the product material! Extra points go to luxurious and cheap eco-friendly gifts that can give you the exact percentage of recycled or natural materials that went into the making of their products.

· Check additional materials for signs of action. True sustainable gifts UK go beyond making their products green. Then often have action-packed advocacies as well. The best way to tell if the sustainable gifts UK that you are checking is indeed sustainable is to look at their PR material or their website to find out what awards they have received or projects they have undertaken in line with their environmental sustainability thrust. See if they have partner organizations, green initiatives, or sustainability reports to back it up.

· Find out what others say about them. And of course, it pays to verify if the gifts claims are true. Do Google searches for mentions of this company to find out if other people are indeed echoing what they say, and to assess how much impact they are actually doing based on what others report.

Simply put, the best sustainable gifts go beyond saying that it is indeed green – they need the claims and the recognition from higher authorities to back it up!

Where to Buy the Best Sustainable Gifts 

For the best eco-friendly gifts, browse Gemnote's Lookbook. If you are in need of luxurious sustainable gifts and eco-friendly engagement gifts (among others), this is a great website to turn to.

The company is focused on top quality, high-end products that aren’t the usual supplies of other corporate gift vendors that tend to present general items. Gemnote has a hard-working team of buyers who are constantly on the search for color green gift ideas, so their lineup of eco-friendly engagement gifts and other product types reflects the best that the sustainable market has to offer.

Gemnote’s curated collection of color green gift ideas for Christmas and other occasions are carefully selected to showcase products that also reflect their own advocacy for sustainability. In packaging, the company also uses as much recycled material as possible.

If you are in need of high ticket sustainable items that are in the $250-$500 dollar range (apart from the usual eco-friendly gifts under $10 or eco-friendly gifts for college students), Gemnote is backed by a long list of big clients that turn to them for the best eco-friendly gifts for their executive hires, conference speakers, and others.

The Best Sustainable Business Gifts

You might be able to easily think about great, eco-friendly gifts under $10 – so this next part will help you figure out great gift options for more luxurious – yet sustainable – corporate and business gifts. The key to choosing luxurious but sustainable business or corporate gifts is to zero in on products that people will use in their daily lives, but are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing enough to stand out from the rest. Check out these ten great options that will certainly impress your best clients and most valuable staff:

Electronics and Appliances 

1. Bissell Little Green Portable Carpet Cleaner

This compact yet powerful multipurpose carpet cleaner is an amazing appliance for sustainability fans because you can use it across a variety of items like carpets, upholstery, stairs, and even automobiles. With it, you don’t need to purchase separate cleaners for the different parts of your house or vehicles. It has an economical power rating without sacrificing on suction power, and its corresponding cleaning liquids are certified to be free from hazardous substances that can harm people and the environment.

2) Goal Zero Lighthouse 600 Lantern and Portable USB Hub

Great for camping or general home use, this 600 lumens lantern with a USB hub for charging small gadgets is a fantastic way to illuminate an area without the need to use electricity. The solar panel and hand crank options for charging the battery when away from a socket is a testament to its sustainability and flexibility.


3) Allbirds Women’s Tree Dashers

 Form meets function in this performance footwear, anchored by sustainability to keep things green! It’s made from renewable materials and has undergone rigorous testing to keep up with one’s active lifestyle.

4) Allbirds Men’s Wool Runners

This classic style and multiple colorways are hard to beat – especially when you find out that it is ethically made. This soft, moisture-wicking sneaker is fashioned out of ZQ Merino wool – the best of its and sustainably sourced. You’d be hard-pressed to find something that is equally stylish, comfortable, and responsibly made.


Kitchen Accents 

5) Staub Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven

No kitchen is as classy as one that has a Dutch oven, and it simply has to be one by Staub. Staub Dutch ovens are great sustainable options because they last for decades, so they can be passed from one generation to the next. This kind of durability certainly wins sustainability points because there simply is no need to buy a cheaper and flimsier option when you’ve got the best.


6) Staub Stoneware 4-Piece Set

Stylishly sustainable kitchens aren’t complete without at least one set of Staub’s 4-piece stoneware set. Do away with harmful cling-wraps and cheap plastic containers for food storage, because these beauties will get the job done while looking pretty and saving the environment.

Home Accents

7) The Tartan Company Recycled Wool Blanket in Black Watch Tartan

A multipurpose throw like this one eliminates the need for multiple products to make your home look great and keep you cozy when needed. Made from 70% recycled wool and 30% mixed recycled fibers, it is 100% committed to upcycling old fibers and turning them into new things to love and use forever.


8) Coyuchi Miramar Organic Waffle Blanket

Coyuchi’s simple but luxurious take on waffle blankets are really impressive: it looks and feels like top-notch premium material while being fashioned out of 100% organic cotton grown and made in Portugal. That means less carbon footprint in the production line, which is fantastic if you’re concerned how ethically made your bedroom linens are so you can enjoy them to the hilt!


9) Coyuchi Unisex Mediterranean Organic Modern Robe

This plush, relaxed number feels amazing on the skin, thanks to GOTS certified, 100% organic cotton responsibly is grown and woven in Turkey’s Aegean region. With pockets deep enough to hold your smartphone, you just might find yourself lounging in this all day on a lazy weekend spent at home.


10) Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece Men’s Jacket

As an established apparel brand with strong ties with the outdoors, Patagonia’s cozy offering definitely delivers when it comes to sustainability expectations. This Retro Pile fleece jacket is made of recycled polyester with double-sided solid shearling. It’s also Fair Trade certified sewn, so you’re sure that it takes care of the communities it has partnered with to come up with its products.


With these ten great suggestions for sustainable and luxurious corporate gift items, you will never run out of options at any time of year. They’re perfect for all sorts of milestones, occasions, and seasons. Best of all, you know that your corporate gifting practices are made all the more responsible while you support ethically-driven companies that strive to deliver products that everyone will find a use for.

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