10 Tips to Create a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Swag Box

January 1, 2022

Sustainable swag kit 2021 was a leading topic as companies focused on sustainable...

The promotional product and corporate swag sector continue to grow and focusing on sustainable options like eco friendly corporate swag and packaging is a smart move. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also helps many companies align with their own goals to reduce waste. 

As entrepreneurs become more innovative, they come up with new products that companies can give away at conventions, seminars, and events. That’s why it’s a good idea to take inventory and complete a sustainable swag kit review to ensure that you acquire eco friendly corporate swag and sustainable packaging materials from sustainable packaging companies.

Waste continues to pile up at landfills. To combat it, entrepreneurs continue taking steps to help companies reduce their footprint on the environment. 

The following are our 10 tips to create a sustainable and eco-friendly swag box. We offer sustainable packaging examples and answer your sustainable custom merchandise questions.

Why Is Sustainable Packaging Important?

The green movement started in the 1960s in the United States, while recycling programs started in the 1990s. As individuals and companies make strides toward reducing waste, new ways of creating it pop up.

Now that people enjoy eCommerce to the fullest, researchers have found that the delivery packaging creates tons of new waste. 

Corporations are giving away high-end swag such as Native Union wireless chargers and Patagonia vests. As well as customized writing instruments, t-shirts, and tote bags.

To reduce waste, several factors need to take place simultaneously. Coupling sustainable promotional products with eco-friendly packaging is key. You can give away self-care, outdoor adventure, and kitchen swag boxes. The trick is to use cosmetic sustainable packaging or items in sustainable packaging gift card box in an optimal manner.

Tip #1: Send High-Quality Swag that Doesn’t Lead to Waste

When you give away thousands of promotional product pieces, it makes sense to find the most cost-effective items. For sustainability purposes, consider targeting your giveaways and purchasing high-quality sustainable branded gifts instead.

Shown: The North Face Vest and Marine Layer Henley 

Two popular companies that produce sustainable promotional products include The North Face and Marine Layer.

How Can Eco-Friendly Be Sustainable?

Eco-friendly places focus on not harming the environment, while sustainable is anything that doesn’t deplete natural resources. Sustainable goodies and environmentally friendly swag can include recycled goods, reusable water bottles, and bamboo bento boxes. 

Tip #2: Pick Sustainable Kits & Fill them with Sustainable Swag Items

Sustainable swag kit 2021 caught more steam. The expectation is that 2022 will bring more innovation and options. After you pick your biodegradable packaging and eco friendly crinkle paper or other eco packaging filler ideas, you can pick fun sustainable goodies, as well as beautiful sustainable box packaging and fill it with sustainable custom merchandise.

Shown: Rains Waist Bag + Modern Sprouts Glow Grow Kits 

For example, consider pairing a Rains bag with Modern Sprouts glow grow kits. You place the kits inside the bag. The bag on its own is desirable high-end swag. Using it eliminates the need for additional sustainable gift box packaging.

Is Eco-Friendly and Sustainable the Same?

Eco-friendly and sustainable differ but often times people will confuse the two words. To help explain, you can think of eco-friendly as what you do now while sustainable looks toward the future.

Tip #3: Give gifts that are Eco-Friendly too

The list of sustainable goodies continues to grow. Pair them with eco-friendly corporate swag items too.

For example, the EcoSox Bamboo Socks provide comfort for everyday use and hiking trips. Described as soft as silk, the socks have a blister-free lifetime guarantee. Plus, the 73% bamboo viscose offers a sustainable sock that reduces friction and improves breathability.

Shown: EcoSox Bamboo Socks

Bamboo is an eco-friendly plant and can absorb carbon dioxide. It also doesn’t deplete the soil even though it grows quickly. 

What are 10 Products to Increase Sustainability?

For a better overview, 10 products that help increase sustainability include:

  • Native Union Stow Organizer
  • Rains Ultralight Duffel
  • STATE Bags Lorimer Fanny Pack
  • Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Cabin Wool Throw
  • Kinto Mug
  • MiiR® Narrow Mouth Bottle
  • W&P Design Porter Glass
  • Poketo Glass Straws
  • Modern Sprout Garden Jars Herbs
  • Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister

Each item has a long life, made from durable materials, and has more than one use. For example, the Modern Sprout Garden Jars Herbs are available in mint, basil, lavender, and rosemary, among others. As long as the recipient waters their herbs according to the instructions, they have a lifetime and an individual supply of fresh herbs.

Tip #4: Give DIY Kits or Consider Bamboo

When you give DIY kits or a Bamboo Bento Box as swag, you give sustainable custom gifts that skip one step in the chemical processing phase that products undergo. Like food, the less processing it undergoes, the better.

Shown: Bamboo Bento Box

How Do You Promote an Environmentally Friendly Product?

When you give away sustainable custom gifts in eco-friendly packaging, you can promote them subtly or loudly. Many sustainable packaging companies add a stamp on the bottom of boxes and the sides of mailers. The stamp states that it's recycled, eco-friendly, or sustainable. It’s a marketing strategy that targets consumers interested in these products.

You can also add a custom tag to the box, mailer, or sustainable custom gifts to promote it.

Tip #5: Use Recycled Material for Your Packaging Box

When you place your sustainable promotional products in recycled packaging, the quality remains high. Plus, you help keep waste out of the landfills. It’s also a great marketing strategy. Your corporate swag recipients will appreciate that you care.

Photo Courtesy of Lumi 

Tip #6:  Use Compostable Poly Mailers for Small, Flat Soft Items like Apparel

Compostable poly mailers for small and flat items like apparel keep the environmentally friendly swag safe.

In 2015, Amazon made several changes to its packaging process. after a report found that the eCommerce giant contributed to millions of pounds of waste. In 2019, it developed a padded paper mailer to further cut down waste.

Photo Courtesy of Lumi 

When it comes to sustainable packaging materials, you have several options.

What Items are Eco-Friendly?

In many cases, the materials determine whether or not you’re looking at sustainable custom gifts. Environmentally friendly swag includes items made from bamboo, cotton, recycled materials, and wool. 

Double the eco-friendly and sustainable factors by placing the items in eco friendly packaging boxes from sustainable packaging companies.

Tip #7: Opt for Reusable

The eco-friendly packaging boxes are only as friendly as their contents. 

You can place sustainable goodies inside a Native Union Stow Organizer or Rains Ultralight Duffel. It’s also possible to wrap sustainable custom merchandise in a Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Cabin Wool Throw.

Shown: Fabric Wraps and Bags

What are Examples of Sustainable Items?

Examples of sustainable items include those that have longevity, serve more than one purpose, and require minimal maintenance. We’ve pointed out that Modern Sprout Garden Jars Herbs engage the recipient. Plus, they supply delicious herbs.

Other examples include:

  • Baggu Duck Bags
  • Carhartt® Rain Defender® Rutland Thermal-Lined Hooded Zip-Front Sweatshirt 
  • Flight 001 Bliss Texting Gloves
  • The North Face Canyon Flats Fleece Hooded Jacket

Each item offers a long lifespan, durable materials, and functionality. 

Tip #8: Look for Longevity

By focusing on sustainable custom merchandise with a long lifespan for your packaging as well as your swag is a great contribution. One such company that is focusing on durable products is Patagonia. In addition to long lasting items, they encourage their customers to limit the number of purchases they make from the retailer of outdoor goods.

Shown: EverWrap Reusable Gift Bag 

What Products are not Sustainable?

Products that have only one use do not fall into the sustainable swag ideas category. This includes single-use utensil sets, plastic straws, and bags. The good news is that each of these has a sustainable counterpart. Simply shop at sustainable companies to find them. 

For example, instead of giving away single-use masks, opt for washable and reusable face wear. 

Items that consist of batteries or require batteries are not sustainable. Instead, opt for items that recipients can recharge.

What Can I Buy to be More Sustainable?

To become more sustainable, purchase swag boxes from sustainable packaging companies. Plus, purchase sustainable custom merchandise. Research shows that some promotional pieces garner more impressions than others. For example, customized headwear accrues an estimated 3,400 impressions while customized outerwear obtains an estimated 6,100 estimated lifetime impressions.

Thus, when you pick up environmentally friendly swag, take into account its marketing impact. You show the strength of your marketing budget with corporate gifts sustainable. 

There is room for branded pens just like there is room for sustainable plastic packaging. 

Thin plastic grocery bags gave plastic a bad reputation for several years. However, the thicker version made a comeback in 2021. Now, it’s everywhere protecting restaurant guests, cashiers, and customer service representatives.

When you put together your sustainable packaging gift card box, remember that 46% of consumers favor companies that distribute sustainable swag ideas in eco friendly packaging boxes. In many ways, sustainable swag giveaways make a better impression on recipients since they're attractive and high-end. 

Tip #9: Pick Biodegradable

Biodegradable materials can decompose with bacteria and other living organisms. Look for biodegradable eco-friendly packaging and fill it with environmentally friendly swag. The cool thing is that biodegradable packaging looks high-end too.

Shown: Happy Spritz Compostable & Biodegradable Happy Plant Mailer

Tip #10:  Made from Recycled Materials

Made from recycled materials for sustainable box packaging got a questionable representation for several years. However, customizing eco-friendly boxes, mailers, and bags puts a unique spin on them. It kicks up the high-end factor and doubles as a marketing strategy.

Photo Courtesy of No Issue

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