Brand Highlight: Native Union

December 3, 2021

Native Union provides quality, functionality, and style for your corporate needs.

Before diving into Native Union’s swag-worthy products, let’s get you acquainted with the company.

Where is Native Union from?

Igor Duc and John Brunner founded Native Union in  2009. In Hong Kong, they met while working at a co-working space. They realized that both have a passion for well-crafted accessories for tech items. 

Technology has become a lifestyle. Where tech accessories were functional and plain, the Native Union team creates attractive items that reflect a refined style and remain functional.

Examples include their Native Union eclipse charger and Native Union marble dock.

Is Native Union Apple certified?

Native Union does carry items that have Apple certification. Their line of Apple Lighting cables have received “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad” approval, also known as MFI certification.

Is Native Union a good brand?

When you look at the reviews, you can conclude that Native Union is a good brand. For example, we took a look at the average Native Union sleeve review for iPad. The Native Union sleeve iPad Pro 11 inches has a 4.5 stars rating. 

Verified customers say that they love it, it looks classy, and the brand remains consistently excellent.

You’ll also find other items in their collection such as the Native Union speaker that is designed for the future. Those interested in speakers can still find the Native Union switch for sale online. When it was first released, it was the only speaker with Bluetooth functionality. 

Native Union items to consider

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Native Union BELT Cable

You’ll find the Native Union belt cable in two sizes, four and 6.5-feet. To keep the belt cable tangle-free, the product includes a genuine leather strap. Both options has Apple MFI certification and can charge iPhones, iPods, and AirPods.

The four-foot option is great for travel. It’s available in USB-A to USB-C, USB-C to Lightning, and USB-C to USB-C.

Shown: Belt Cable Universal 

The 6.5-foot cable is more versatile. It includes a three-in-one design that features Micro-USB, Lightning, and USB-C connectors. That means that you can charge your power bank, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.  

Shown: Jump+ Wireless power bank 

Native Union Stow Sleeve for MacBook

The Native Union laptop sleeve for MacBook and Macbook Pro is available in 12, 13, and 15 inches. This Native Union laptop sleeve protects your device and keeps it dry. It consists of a padded interior and a protective exterior. It forms to your laptop and offers an elegant style.

Shown: Stow Slim For MacBook 16" 

Enjoy the leather accents and minimalist design that doesn’t weigh you down.

Native Union NIGHT Cable

When it comes to charging cables, Native Union aims to eliminate tangles and the frustration that comes with it. The Native Union night cable features a weighted knot that keeps the cables in their place. It’s compatible with iPhones, iPads, and AirPods.

Shown: Night Cable 

The Native Union eclipse charger is another example of frustration-free device charging. It features a design that recoils the cables when not in use.

Native Union Stow Organizer 

Many companies have accepted remote working as an option for their employees. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and gig workers have worked remotely for over a decade. Individuals who commute with their devices need to protect them. The Native Union stow slim sleeve is part of their remote working set that includes a Native Union belt cable. 

The stow organizer includes loops and pockets that organize your things easily.

In addition, the Native Union laptop sleeve collection features leather accents, quilted interiors, and a resistant exterior.

Native Union Stow Lite Sleeve for MacBook

The team designed their Native Union sleeve MacBook as a daily option for those who travel with their MacBook. The protection remains the same as their other Native Union sleeve case solutions, but with a lighter design, 

It’s available in 12, 13, 15, and 16 inches.

Shown: Sow Lite Sleeve for MacBook 13” 

There is also a Native Union sleeve MacBook Pro option.

iPad users, rejoice. The Native Union sleeve iPad includes magnetic closures, a loop for your iPad pencil, and space for your Smart Keyboard folio.

Shown: Stow Slim for iPad 

Native Union Drop Wireless

Described as a refined way to charge your iPhone and AirPods, the Native Union wireless charger provides functionality and beauty. The silicone tread ensures that your devices remain in place. 

Shown: Dock Wireless Charger 

The Native Union smart charger features thermal protection to keep your devices safe while charging.

You receive a 6.5-ft USB-A to USB-C cable with your purchase.

Native Union Key Cable 

Individuals who work remotely and outside their home or office can get caught without a charging option. The Native Union key cable attaches to their keys. Therefore, they always have a charging solution with them. 

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and AirPods, the key cable is available in several options such as the Native Union key USB C to lightning cable. You can also find the USB-A to USB-C and USB-A to lightning options.

Shown: Key Cable

Native Union Drop XL Wireless Charger

The XL for this Native Union wireless charger comes from the extra USB-A port. 

Individuals who own an Apple will enjoy the Drop XL wireless charger, Watch Edition. It includes a detachable Apple Watch puck.

Drop Classic Leather Wireless Charger 

In 2015, the company released the Native Union Apple watch dock, which was a hit. Their award-winning designs continue improving and receiving rave reviews.

Plus, Native Union carries classic straps for Apple Watch in three sizes, made from genuine Italian leather, and minimalist design.

Shown: Classic strap for Apple Watch 

Native Union Smart Charger

Native Union emphasis refined design. The brand believes that the charging devices should blend into a home’s decor, not stand out. For example, in 2016, the company released the Native Union marble dock. It became an elegant addition to several people’s desks and nightstands.

Another option is the Native Union smart hub bridge. It connects to wall sockets and includes two AC outlets, three USB-A ports, and one USB-C port. The leather straps help keep the eight-foot extension cord tangle-free. 

Shown: USB-C Smart Hub 

The Native Union smart hub bridge charger offers safe charging thanks to the over-current, over-voltage & short circuit protection.

Native Union Dock Wireless Charger

Individuals who use their iPhone as an alarm clock, benefit from the Native Union dock wireless charger. The smartphone remains accessible to the user while charging and the 6.5-ft USB-A to USB-C cable coils for tangle-free use.

Shown: Dock Wireless Charger 

Other Popular Native Union Products

Snap 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger

The latest in charging your devices is wireless. A Native Union wireless charger provides a cable-free way to recharge your iPhone 12 or 13 and AirPods or AirPods Pro together. Place the iPhone on the magnetic wireless stand. Then place the AirPods on the tray. 

Shown: Snap 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger 

While your iPhone charges hands-free, it remains accessible to you. Place it in the landscape or portrait position and enjoy.

Cases for Airpods and Airpods Pro

When Apple released their AirPods in 2016, accessory manufacturers rushed to produce the best storage cases for them. Native Union is not an exception. 

The Native Union AirPods case is available in leather. You’ll find the Roam Case for AirPods Pro and curves options in silicone.  

Shown: Roam Case For AirPods Pro 

Individuals enjoy the Native Union AirPods Pro case because it’s compatible with wireless charging and provides easy access to the pods. The Native Union leather AirPods Pro case with clip provides an additional layer of protection.

Shown: AirPods Pro Essential 

Native Union AirPod Beanies offer something different. Each pack contains four beanies that act as a sock for your Native Union AirPods case.

Shown: AirPod Beanies 

AirPods are tiny, and you never have to lose them again. Native Union carries curve AirTag loops. Purchase them in packs of four.

Shown: Curve AirTag Loops 

If you’re looking for iPhone 13 accessories, consider the Clic® Classic | MagSafe Compatible for iPhone 13. 

Shown: Clic® Classic, MagSafe Compatible 

Native Union Brand Extensions

The Heritage card holder is a brand extension product for Native Union. It includes RFID blocking technology, slots for seven cards, and matches other Native Union products. 

Shown: Heritage Card Holder 

The Native Union clean screen spray falls in the brand extension category. Screen spray never looked this sleek. You receive a pocket-sized spray and a microfiber sleeve. 

Shown: Clean Screen Spray 

How do I contact Native Union?

To get in touch with Native Union, visit their website and navigate to their Customer Service Page. You can contact their Help Desk, retrieve the correct phone number to call according to country, and live chat with an agent. Email is also available.

Are Native Union cables good?

Based on several reviews, Native Union cables are good.

The Native Union night cable is available in 10 feet with a weighted knot. The USB-A to USB-C has a five-star rating. Verified customers say that it’s durable, works well, and exactly what they wanted.

Their products are so good that they offer a Native Union warranty of two years across the board. If you need to file a Native Union warranty claim, contact customer support.

How to use Native Union wireless charger?

How you use Native Union’s wireless charger, depends on the model that you pick. Three options exist, multi-device, single-device, and portable. 

If you opt for the single-device drop Native Union wireless charger, place your device on the pad. No need for charging cables. The multi-device version works the same way. However, it can charge up to three devices simultaneously. 

Where to buy Native Union?

There are several retail stores, like Best Buy and Apple, where you can purchase Native Union. Among them is Plus, you can customize them. 

When you shop Native Union, you can shop by collection or device. In addition, you can shop their products by category such as charging cables, protect and carry products, and AirPods cases.

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