5 Best Employee Swag Kits and Ideas for 2020

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The practice of giving employee swag gifts has seen more traction in the last couple of years. This is because this aspect of company culture helps the employee adjust well to his new office environment. And because there are some returns of an investment to the company, one can argue that it’s also a practice geared towards the fulfillment of your overall company mission and vision – so read more about it below!

Have a new employee joining your team pretty soon? Apart from getting his work contract in order, why not set him up with some really nice new employee swag? A new employee swag are onboarding gifts for new hires. Think of it as the cherry on top of an already nice contract, a neat signing bonus (if this is a practice at your organization), and stellar company orientation and training for the brand new member of your team. All of this plus onboarding gifts for new hires sets up your employee for success right on his very first day.

Why Companies Give An Employee Welcome Box

Employee swag ideas have been around for quite some time, and it’s now established as a common practice for many companies in different industries worldwide. Giving a new employee welcome basket is like hitting more than two birds with one stone, specifically:

  • It stresses how valuable your company brand is. Working for your company should always have prestige attached to it, and a new employee welcome basket is a great evidence of that.  Giving the best company swag for employees you welcome to the fold is giving them another reassurance that they are working at the right company – one that will take care of them.
  • It will make new employees feel like they belong, ASAP. The best company swag for employees can instantly dispel many of the uncertainties that a new hire might have about assimilating into your work culture, much like a new student might feel when he joins a different school for the first time. This can be achieved if the items in your employee swag box represent your commitment to make your new hire feel right at home.
  • It can enhance collaboration and teamwork. A lot of companies plan employee swag not just for new hires, but for regular employees as well – and with good reason. Occasionally gifting employees with swag, it sends the message that they are being rewarded for a job well done. This feeling can be seen as an extrinsic motivator to do even better. And as many employers know, doing better always means working as a stronger, tighter, and more coordinated team.
  • It can reinforce your company values and mission. Using your employee swag ideas to reinforce your company values and mission is a very smart way to utilize it. This is effective for new and old employee swag ideas. Carefully choosing the contents of your swag box can result in an assortment of items in which each one is a tool or a reminder of the things your company believes in, promotes, and is working towards. For example, if one of your company’s core missions is to deliver products and services that promote the welfare of marginalized individuals, an item that is produced by such people is important to include in the swag box.

Used well, the practice of coming up with great employee swag ideas can really have a significant return of investment in numerous ways. Once you try it out, you will eventually see meaningful benefits that will really matter in the way you run things in your company.

Tips for Employee Summer Swag Ideas and Beyond

You don’t just give a creatively designed employee welcome booklet to new hires now, do you? There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when you buy employee welcome kit bundles, such as the following:

  1. Budget. How much does your company allocate to buy employee welcome kit bundles? While it doesn’t have to be super impressive like a Facebook new employee welcome kit, it should still be of good quality items that are carefully selected to elicit the best response from your recipient.
  1. Relevance of items. Apple employee swag and swag from other brands are often the talk of the town because they make sure to add good products that are both attractive and useful – therefore making their swag relevant. You need to consider the culture that people operate in these days and try to factor that in as often as you can when you create your new employee welcome kit idea. The more useful an item is for new employees, the more mileage you get out of your investment.
  1. Balanced choices. Creating employee swag boxes will also be better if you inject warmth into the items to convey a welcoming attitude. If you have an assortment of useful desk accessories, for example, why not throw in an inspirational coaster or a small desk plant to break the monotony of work-related items? Doing so can also make your company look more caring and concerned for the well-being of your employees. 

A Closer Look At Professional Employee Swag Ideas

A great employee swag box should contain a variety of employee swag gifts to make it more fun and interesting. Here are some fun ideas to execute that:

Essential Desktop Items

Softcover Notebook, Poketo Slim Pens, MAST Sea Salt Chocolate, Coaster Set, MiiR Travel Tumbler
Softcover Notebook, Poketo Slim Pens, MAST Sea Salt Chocolate, Coaster Set, MiiR Travel Tumbler

Everyone’s employee swag ideas almost always starts out with things that your new hire will love to use on the first day on the job. These desktop items not only help your new employee get the job done, but they also look good sitting on one’s desk. Truth be told, we won’t be surprised if it will be borrowed by his cubicle mates, so might as well get them one on their work anniversary!

Furthermore, these aesthetically pleasing desk essentials do a lot to make a new employee’s workspace or cubicle more at home. You’d want your new hire to settle in quickly so he can adjust to the company culture and environment, and with desktop items like these you know they’ll get it done a lot more quickly.

Travel Must-Haves

Leather Passport Holder, Orbit Bluetooth Tracker, Leather Luggage Tag
Leather Passport Holder, Orbit Bluetooth Tracker, Leather Luggage Tag

This travel trio all make great employee swag items if you anticipate a lot of travelling as part of your employee’s job description. All three items are really useful, especially that handy Bluetooth tracker for things that one tends to misplace!

An employee tasked to travel will really appreciate these things because they show that you are concerned for his well-being while he’s out of the office and doing business for your company.

Commuter Series

Sol Republic Wireless Earbuds, Corkcicle Canteen, Custom Backpacks, Custom Laptop Cases
Sol Republic Wireless Earbuds, Corkcicle Canteen, Custom Backpacks, Custom Laptop Cases

Many employees commute to work, so it’s nice if your employee swag items are also geared towards that. The items in this selection are carefully chosen to put an extra spring in your new hire’s step – all the way from his front door to your office doors. While some of these picks aren’t directly related to the actual work your employee will produce, you can bet that they will influence their mood and energy levels that are required to accomplish certain work-related tasks.

These might seem like everyday items, but they contribute to improving the employee’s physical and mental state on a day to day basis. It’s always good to be able to provide useful items that the employee also uses outside the work space – items of value and relevance that fit in quite well in his life as a commuter.

Company Apparel

Unisex Chambray Shirt, Alternative Apparel Sweatshirt, Patagonia Better Jacket
Unisex Chambray Shirt, Alternative Apparel Sweatshirt, Patagonia Better Jacket

The best employee swag hoodies and other articles of clothing are sure wins for new hires. Pick a good brand logo or design and a high quality clothing item to make it something they’d really like to wear – and not just to sleep in! Company gear, when designed in a cool way, actually does a lot to add value to your branding. A cool company with a cool logo on a shirt worn by a cool guy is considered as some of the best advertising strategies around.

Items for Creatives

Whiteboard with Dot-Bubble Design, Bananagrams game, Black Felt-board with Letters
Whiteboard with Dot-Bubble Design, Bananagrams game, Black Felt-board with Letters

The best employee swag kits are also often made to encourage creativity and imagination in the new employee, and these three items are designed just for that. Some might say these are out-of-the-box ideas when compared to traditional employee swag box mainstays likes tumblers and desk organizers. However, we believe that sparking creativity also does its job of promoting the best employee culture and sparking personal creativity that can be very well applied to many facets of the job.A more inspired employee is able to produce better output, which then results into improved job performance and real life gains for your company. It’s amazing how much these “fun” items can contribute to that – while keeping the overall mindset of your employee as one that haves fun while being motivated to do his best!

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Where to Get Swag Ideas for Employees

Now that you have a lot of new ideas to jumpstart your search for the best employee swag, you are probably excited to go and collect them all. Before you head out to the stores, you should first consider ordering everything you need off a store that specializes in and customizes employee swag and other brand and marketing products like Gemnote. There are several benefits that you can expect from this kind of business:

  1. A variety of price points. Big and small budgets alike can find a good assortment of inventory to choose from in businesses that provide employee swag. You’ll find everything you need for everyone in your company, whether they are for new hires or executives celebrating their 15th work anniversary, and everyone in between.
  1. The advantage of personalized service. You are sure to get the assistance of a highly experienced member of the team, who can put together an assembly of choices for you to peruse. He’s done the job of weeding out what won’t work, so you will only be looking at items that are well worth your time.
  1. More time to do important work. Let’s face it – as much as you want to spend a lot of time personally picking out the items for your employee swag kits, there are other more pressing tasks related to managing the business. If you cannot pass this task on to another employee, your best bet is a company that’s in the business of creating and putting together custom employee swag boxes and kits.

Giving employee swag kits is a really great practice that is guaranteed to be 100% appreciated. We’ve talked about the benefits it can bring back to your business, thereby making it an investment. In the long run, it’s good to look back and see just how well you treated your employees right on their very first day at your company.

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