Your Guide to 30 Thoughtful New Job Gift Ideas

September 8, 2023

When it comes to making your new hires feel welcome, these new job gift ideas are just the ticket!

A cookie-cutter approach to new job gift ideas—or any corporate gift really—  won’t make an impact or leave your recipient with a great lasting impression. Instead, reach for unique welcome gifts for new employees that are tailored to your recipient. From custom-branded items to gifts that resonate with your new hire’s hobbies or interests to practical items make better with personalization, those extra details are key in showing that you care.

30 New Job Gift Ideas Anyone Would Love

Quality personalized products are perfect for leaving a lasting impression with your recipient! And, while with new hires, you don’t have to worry about keeping your company top of mind, it's never too soon to start building that brand loyalty. By keeping the excitement and engagement high, your new hire can feel like part of the team from their first day. 

Personalized Gifts

When it comes to personalized welcome gifts for new employees, you have plenty of options! From custom apparel like varsity jackets to personalized drinkware and gear, these picks can only get better when branded for your company! 

1. Varsity Coach Jacket 

For a versatile jacket your employees will love and get lots of use out of, choose a simple, unisex, lightweight jacket in a neutral color like this one and add your logo. It’s an easy way to delight your recipient without breaking your budget. 

Shown: Custom Coach Jacket 

2. Personalized Drinkware

For new job gift ideas that can’t be beat, how about enviable name-brand drinkware? Kind of like this tumbler from Stanley that started an internet sensation. 

Shown: Stanley Tumbler 

3. Embroidered Hoodie

When it comes to custom hoodies, it’;s all about the details. Top notch customization, soft fabrications, kangaroo pockets, these are the details that make it the basic they reach for again and again. 

Shown: Contrast-Stitch Mad Happy Hoodie

4. Custom Backpack

Durable, functional, and of course, a style staple they’ll love shouting off. When it comes to backpacks that turn heads, you can’t beat a customizable backpack from Timbuk2.

Shown: Timbuk2 Roll Top Backtop

5. Custom Bucket Hat 

Classy and sophisticated meets low-key cool with this bucket hat with a tone on tone logo tag. What’s so great about a bucket hat styling? With offering extra protection from the sun and a style that’s great for your younger generations too, it’s the custom gift they’ll love showing off. 

Photo courtesy of jjjjound; Shown: jjjjound Bucket Hat

Office Essentials

Want welcome gifts for new employees that create a productive and welcoming workspace while making your employees feel valued from day one? Practical items like organizers and project planners, or high-quality notebooks, totes, backpacks and the like, can boost their organizational skills and overall efficiency. Plus, they’re a great way to showcase your brand while fostering that all-important first impression.  

6. Upgraded Notebook

Custom office staples —like always relevant branded notebooks— are the nice-to-have gift they’ll appreciate. To make yours a standout gift (instead of just something from the closet supply room) look for features like water-resistant book cloth cover, foil stamping, premium paper, and perforated sheets. 

Shown: Appointed Notebook

7. Custom Stickers

Stickers are a fun way your recipients can customize their laptop covers, notebooks, drinkware, and more! So, if you're looking for that perfect accessory to add to your new employee swag kits, don’t forget colorful, on-brand stickers!

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: A24 Logo Stickers

8. Custom Carry All Tote

Whatever your logo, whatever your logo, whatever your fonts, there is a perfect custom tote just waiting for you to leave your mark! Ready to Brand your ultimate tote bag? Talk to your Gemnote rep for options on ways to personalize.

Shown: Figma Cursor Tote

9. Custom Backpack

Hard-working, reliable and always up for the challenge! The best gifts for new job have all the characteristics you look for when adding to your team— kind of like this spacious, durable Incase backpack. 

Shown: InCase Backpack 

10. Project Planner 

Ready to set the tone for a successful onboarding experience? For the best new  employee welcome kit ideas think office essentials like pens, notebooks, a project planner, customized snacks, totes and backpacks. 

Shown: Poketo Project Planner

Tech Gadgets

Want to really make your new hire feel appreciated? Tech gadgets make fun gifts for the news members of your team sinces they not only offer entertainment but can also enhance productivity in the modern workplace! Items like wireless earbuds or a portable charger always come in handy while showing your company’s desire to keep employees connected and engaged. Just don’t forget to order extras for your employee swag store or to give as holiday gifts to your hard working team. 

11. Wireless Earbuds

Thinking about custom earbuds for your welcome gifts for new employees? Look for features that allow your recipient to jump into conversations without removing the buds and adjust their volume levels with voice commands. Kind of like The features in these new-hire favorite JBL earbuds! 

Shown: JBL Earbuds

12. Extra Long Power Cable

Phone chargers always make functional new job gift ideas. However if you're really looking to impress your new hires, choose the ones that offer added convenience and a lot of style, kind of like this innovative design from Native Union That features a weighted knot that prevents the cord from slipping onto the floor. 

Shown: Native Union 10-ft Night Cable in Zebra

13. Waterproof Power Bank

There are power banks and then there are portable, durable, dust and waterproof, drop resistent, charging banks that were made for adventures! if you're looking to really impress your new hire, gift them a rugged power bank that really goes the distance like this one from My Charge.

Shown: My Charge Waterproof Power Bank

14. Snap 3-in-1 charger

The best gifts for new job are multi-tasking, tech faves! With a multi device charging station, like this one from Native Union, you can help your new hire add style, convenience, and efficiency to their workstation.  

Shown: Native Union Snap 3-in-1 Charger

Coffee and Tea Lovers

Coffee and tea gifts are ideal for new employees because they provide a warm and comforting way to start the workday while fostering a sense of belonging and relaxation in the workplace! 

15. Camp Cup 

This  stainless steel camp cup from Miir Is available in eight colors and four sizes to fit your branding needs. Best of all it's vacuum-sealed, so coffee and  other beverages stay hot longer  weather sitting around a campfire or while working hard at your desk. 

Shown: Miir Camp Cup

16. Double Walled Glass Matcha Shaker with Infuser

The best new job gift ideas are infused with  convenience  and are tailored to fit your recipients’ personality. Thankfully the double-walled glass matcha shaker and infuser means your new hire can have their favorite cup of tea anytime.

 Shown: Art of Tea Double Walled Glass Matcha Shaker with Infuser

Everyday Basic Gifts

Everyday basic gifts like socks, caps, towels, and water bottles are great for new hires because they offer both practicality and versatility. Plus, they demonstrate thoughtfulness and care for employees' needs and foster a positive and comfortable workplace environment from the very beginning.

17. Branded Water Bottle

Drinking water is important for everyone whether they are on or off the clock. To help your employee stay hydrated  throughout the day, give them a branded water bottle they’ll love toting around.

Shown: Customized Water Bottle

18. Custom Crew Socks

Who couldn't use an extra pair of great socks? Essentials, like these striped crew socks are a fun way to show off your branding. Plus, when it comes to new employee welcome gift ideas, this one has plenty of sole—and won't break the bank!

Shown: Escuyer Stripe Crew Socks

19. Logo Towel 

A lot of effort went into you designing your logo so why not show it off on an ultra plush and absorbent branded towel? It's the one your new hire will reach for on repeat.

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: A24 Logo Towel 

20. Branded Nylon Cap 

You can't go wrong with a great branded cap! From offering shade on sunny days to alleviating any bad hair day, adding your logo to a great nylon hat will help your recipient keep their cool no matter what their first week brings!

Photo courtesy of Only NY; Shown: Only NY Nylon Cap

21. Zip Duck Bag 

Reusable tote bags are all the rage, but what makes this heavyweight bag even better is the added durability and zip top to keep all of your new hire’s essentials safe and secure. Choose one like this from Baggu that offers style and sustainability thanks to the recycled cotton canvas and packaging and make your new employee welcome gift even more thoughtful. 

Shown: Baggu Zip Duck Bag 

Travel Essentials

Travel essentials make the perfect new employee welcome gift! Whether their role requires business trips and work-related travel or not, branded gear like accessory bags, totes, coolers, and the like just make weekend trips and everyday life easier.  

22. Rains Small Wash Bag

With its minimal design and waterproof fabrication, the Rains small wash bag is sized for toiletries and looks great on the road or on the bathroom counter. Need a new employee welcome gift that goes the distance? This wash bag can double as a pencil case and is perfect for stashing in larger bags. 

Shown: Rains Small Wash Bag 

23. Branded Hip Bag 

Fanny packs continue to trend! Once considered a staple for tourists, they’re now a fashionable staple that provides everyday convenience for keeping the essentials close at hand. 

Shown: Custom Hip Pack

24. Puffy Cooler Bag 

A chill gift that helps drinks and snacks keep their cool. For a fun gift that comes in plenty of colorful patterns (and color-blocking too!) choose this Baggu puffy cooler does the trick! 

Shown: Baggu Puffy Cooler Bag 

25. Air Tag + Holder 

New hires have a lot thrown at them as soon as they walk in the door! From on the job duties and file locations to the names of everyone they meet, gifting them with an item that takes some of the pressure off, like remembering keeping track of their stuff, is always appreciated!

Shown: Apple Air Tag and Nomad Goods Air Tag Holder

Corporate Gifts 

The best corporate gifts fit your company’s branding to a T and display your logo front and center! While tons of products can be customized, these offer the quality, professionalism, and functional style your new hires will appreciate!

26. Rover Pack

For the best in Customizable backpacks, think extra features like padded laptop sleeves and pockets galore! Kind of like this Rover pack from Topo Designs with its flap pocket, zippered pockets, water bottle pockets, and more! 

Shown: Topo Designs Rover Pack

27. Custom Hat

Glossier offer the perfect dose of inspiration with their You Look Good cap! Want your brand to look good too? Why not customize with your tagline, website url, event name, or the like? Just don’t forget to add your logo!  

Photo Courtesy of Glossier; Shown: Glossier You Look Good Cap

28. Long-Sleeve Logo Tee

From casual Fridays and chilly commutes to work from home days and even weekends, nothing beats a soft long sleeve tee that shows off your brand!

Photo courtesy of Only NY; Shown: Only NY Surveyor Long Sleeve T-Shirt

29. Carhartt Lunch Can Cooler 

Lunch can coolers make excellent corporate gifts thanks to their versatility. From office  lunches and corporate picnics to tailgating and weekend  getaways,  a lunch cooler that can handle the elements like this one from Carhartt offers the best style! 

Shown: Carhartt Lunch Can Cooler 

30. Logo Umbrella

The best welcome gifts for new employees are practical,  customizable items that can be used in and out of the office. Kind of like this compact umbrella from a 24 Films. Want to make your own? Talk to your Gemnote rep for the best branded umbrella options that make your company shine. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: A24 Logo Umbrella 

Get inspired browsing more new job gift ideas

Need more gifts for new job? Browse our Look Book or talk to your Gemnote rep for more options! They can provide you with a curated collection of on-brand professional products  that will leave a lasting impression on your new hires. Plus, they can also work within your company’s budget and also offer ideas for unique customization, Unforgettable products and more.

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