21 Custom Phone Chargers for the Best Swag

March 7, 2023

From custom phone chargers to branded power banks, we’ve curated the perfect list of customized chargers for your company.

Branded phone chargers and promotional power banks make great corporate swag because they are practical items that almost everyone needs. In today's world, where more and more people are relying on their smartphones for work, entertainment, and communication, having a power source is essential. Custom corporate swag in the form of phone chargers and battery packs allows for a company to have its name and logo seen by many more people.

Custom phone chargers and battery packs also provide great value for money because they can be used over and over again. Many companies opt for custom power banks due to their low cost, which allows them to order in bulk while still managing their budget. Customizing these items with a company's logo also helps to create a powerful branding message, as anyone who uses the item will be exposed to the company's logo and brand.

21 Custom Phone Charger Ideas for Impressive Swag!

When selecting custom phone chargers and battery packs, there are a few key components to consider. First, it is important to look at the output wattage of the charger. The higher the wattage, the faster devices will be able to charge. Because this will affect the pricing you will also want to keep your budget in mind when deciding which customizable portable chargers to invest in.  

Here we’ve broken down the best custom phone chargers, portable battery banks, and more, so you can find the perfect one to meet your company’s needs.  For more products or brand options, or even a curated list tailored to your budget, talk to your Gemnote rep today! They can help you create on-brand, sustainable merch that’s just right for promoting your logo. 

All-In-One Portable Charger Custom

For the best portable phone charger stations, these wireless stations power up different devices while keeping cords nice and tidy. 

1. Native Union Snap 3-In-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger

The magnetic stand snaps your iPhone in place (and power up to 7.5W), while AirPods or AirPods Pro can charge in the wireless tray. Plus, the detachable puck is perfect for keeping your Apple Watch powered up for seamless power with a modern, functional design.  

Shown: Native Union Snap 3-In-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger

2. Quinn 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

The Quinn promotional cell phone charger by Native Union handles up to 5 devices at once! Featuring wireless charging options for three devices with a max output of 10w and two USB ports for wired charging at 5w, it’s the hub that powers up all of your devices in one compact design. 

Shown:  Native Union Quinn 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

3. Courant MAG 2: Essentials

When it’s time to power up your favorite Apple devices, reach for the Courant Mag 2. The Mag Safe technology keeps your iPhone in place on the charging stand while the charging base powers up AirPods. Plus, with its sleek minimalistic design, it’s perfect for the home or the office. 

Shown: Courant MAG 2: Essentials

Modern Custom-Designed Phone Chargers

When it comes to portable phone charger brands, Native Union is a top favorite thanks to its exceptional quality and modern design. For more great Native Union products, talk to your Gemnote rep today or check out our Native Union Brand Highlight.  

4. USB-C to Apple Lightning Belt Cable

Whether you’re looking for a gift set to reward your remote employees, want to impress your clients, or add to your swag store, Native Union chargers make design-forward gifts.  

Shown: Belt Cable XL, USB-C to Apple Lightning

5. Native Union Snap Magnetic Wireless Charger

As one of the top 24 Best Business Advertising Products for companies to give, the Native Union Snap Magnetic Wireless charger is just as powerful as it is convenient for easy charging.  

Shown: Native Union Snap Magnetic Wireless Charger

Customizable Portable Charger Multi-Taskers

These branded portable charger options do more than just power up devices!

6. Auden Bamboo Wireless Charging Pencil Cup

For sustainable swag that looks great and helps keep your space free of clutter, the bamboo promotional cell phone charger and pencil cups make ideal gifts! They’re Qi Certified and designed with anti-slip rubber feet. Plus, the LED indicator illuminates so you know that your device is being charged. 

Shown: Auden Bamboo Wireless Charging Pencil Cup

7. Easton Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

It’s a charger, it’s a mouse pad, and it’s a customizable merch idea they’ll remember long after you gift it. With a Max. Output for normal Charging of 5 Watts and fast charging of 7.5 Watts for iOS (10 Watts for Android), the Easton wireless charging mouse pad is also ideal for adding to your new employee onboarding kits. 

Shown: Easton Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

8. Truman Dual Wireless Charger and Headphone Stand

When not just any branded portable charger will do, choose the Truman wireless charger and headphone stand which keeps things nice and neat. Plus, with customization, you can keep your pogo front and center for all to see. 


Shown: Truman Dual Wireless Charger and Headphone Stand

9. Beolit 20 Speaker Charger Duo 

Customizable portable chargers are not all created equally. Case in point: the Bang & Olufsen wireless charging speaker delivers portable power and supreme sound for quality merch that’s a cut above the rest! 

Talk to your Gemnote rep or our blog for more Bang & Olufsen brand favorites

Shown: Bang & Olufsen Beolit 20 

Custom Portable Chargers Waterproof 

These custom portable chargers keep the adventures going rain or shine! They’re perfect for gifting to those who work hard and play hard. 

10. Adventure H2O Plus Waterproof Rechargeable Power Bank

Give your recipient a customizable portable charger they can use on hiking trails, lounging by the pool, or even a day at the beach. With its built-in carabiner clip,  sealed port covers, and rubberized finish for drop resistance, it’s designed to be tough and protect from dust and water. 

Check out more practical gifts under $25 for hikers here.  

Shown: Adventure H2O Plus Waterproof Rechargeable Power Bank

11. Waterproof Dustproof Power Bank

The Venture 35 branded portable charger stands up to dust, sand, and debris, and is rated waterproof up to 1 M for 30 minutes. 

Shown: Goal Zero Venture 35 Waterproof, Dustproof Power Bank

Mag Safe Custom Phone Stand Chargers

Give your recipient a branded portable charger and hands-free convenience in one! 

12. Anker® MagGo Promotional Power Banks + Kickstand Bracket

For power bank promotional item ideas that put the fun in functionality, you can’t go wrong with a Mag Safe charger that can also stand upright thanks to the nifty kickstand. It’s perfect for showing off your logo!

Shown: Anker® MagGo Portable 5k Battery with Kickstand Bracket

Mag Safe Custom Portable Phone Chargers

Custom cell phone battery chargers that don’t require a cable are a popular choice for individuals on the go! 

13. My Charge Branded Power Banks With Mag-Lock

For custom battery chargers by a brand known for quality, the My Charge is a great pick. Additionally, it features MAG-LOCK, the strongest magnetic grip of magnetic chargers so keeping a charge can be done in a snap. 

Shown: My Charge MAG-LOCK MagSafe 6000mAh Portable Power Bank

14. Unplugged Dual USB Port Rechargeable Wireless Charger

Triple up the charge with a custom portable phone charger featuring a wireless Mag Safe charger plus two USB ports for extra devices. Best of all, these customized chargers feature Hyper-charge, so your recipients can enjoy ultra-fast charging for all three of their devices. 

Shown: Unplugged Dual 10K Rechargeable 10000mAh Wireless Charger

Modern Catch All Custom Chargers

More than just custom phone chargers, these catch-alls are perfect for helping your recipient stay organized!

15. Courant Essentials Catch: 3

For entry tables, bedside tables, and more, the Courant Catch 3 offers a valet silhouette to wirelessly charge your devices with Up to 10W wireless output. Plus, it features an additional USB A output for more versatility. 

Shown: Courant Essentials Catch: 3

16. Truman Wireless Charging Accessory Tray

The Truman wireless charging accessory tray offers features anti-slip rubber feet and an LED indicator light for easy accessibility and better organization. It’s compatible with most devices capable of wireless charging and includes a USB-C cable. 

Shown: Truman Wireless Charging Accessory Tray

Custom Printed Phone Chargers With Multiple Outputs

While sometimes less is more, when it comes to custom phone chargers that charge multiple devices, more is just, well, more!

17. Eclipse USB Charging System

For branded phone chargers that power up multiple devices at once, the Native Union charging system offers a minimal silhouette that opens with a double tap on the top to reveal hidden cables. As for power, it delivers high-speed charging at 7.2 amps. 

Shown: Native Union Eclipse USB Charging System

18. Native Union Smart Hub

So what makes this charging hub smart? The 3-port PD wall charger has international adapters and allows for charging up to three devices at once thanks to the  USB-C and two USB-A ports. It’s the perfect gift for sales teams that travel often. 

Shown: Native Union Smart Hub PD 45W

19. Anker® PowerCore Fusion 2-in-1 Customized Chargers 

For custom battery chargers that go the extra mile, this PowerCore Fusion acts as a  high-capacity portable battery and dual-port wall charger—all in one modern design. However, what really makes this customized charger shine is Anker's exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies that ensure all devices receive their fastest possible charge. 

Shown: Anker® PowerCore Fusion

20. Power Center Vertex 6 AC Outlet Surge Protector

Keep your devices powered up and protected with a custom surge protector. Your recipients will appreciate the ultra-slim design that fits behind tight spaces. Plus, with 6 AC outlets, it can power computers, appliances, home theater systems, and more. 

Shown: Power Center Vertex 6 AC Outlet Surge Protector

21. HubMax Universal Rechargeable Power Bank

For promotional power banks that go above and beyond the call of duty, look no further than the MyCharge customizable portable charger. These portable USB phone chargers offer convenient charging from anywhere thanks to the integrated lightning cable and USB-C cable. Not to mention it offers up to 6 times extra battery. 

Shown: MyCharge HubMax Universal 10,050mAh Rechargeable Power Bank

Custom Car Phone Chargers

For those who want the option to charge while in the car, custom auto phone chargers offer convenience. Plus, for those looking for cheap portable phone charger gifts that are customizable and practical, USB phone chargers for cars deliver. 

Because they are practical and memorable items that almost anyone can use, custom car phone chargers make excellent promotional giveaway items. In fact with so many people relying on their smartphones for work, entertainment, and communication, it is essential to have access to a power source at all times. So why not give a promotional gift that your recipient can use during their daily commute? 

Custom Logo Phone Chargers 

Custom logo phone chargers are a great way for companies to promote their brand and get their message out there. These custom phone chargers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, making it easy to customize them with your company's logo or branding information. 

Custom portable phone charges and battery packs have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the increased reliance on smartphones for work, entertainment, and communication. Because of this, they make the perfect corporate swag item that is both practical, sustainable, and memorable. This year, why not create custom logo phone chargers, and show your customers that you care about their needs while also promoting your company’s brand in a powerful way?

Overall, custom phone chargers and battery packs offer great value for money as corporate swag items. They are practical, useful, and affordable, making them a popular choice amongst companies looking to promote their brand. With a bit of research, you can find the perfect logo phone charger that meets your needs, allowing you to get the most out of your corporate swag budget. 

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