Best Gift for Hikers And Travelers Under $25 And More

May 4, 2020

Once summer arrives, the most avid adventurers will be prepping their backpacks and Subaru hatchback trunks with their favorite hiking and outdoors gear. One of the top requests from our clients is finding 'Travel' and 'Adventure' gifts for company off-sites for teams to explore the Great Outdoors. These are practical items that don't have to be expensive. Read more about the Top Best Gifts for Travelers and Hikers under $25.

One of the best ways that a company can show how much they value their employees is by recognizing and encouraging activities that are good for them. Hiking is one such activity – it’s a great break from the hustle and bustle of the workplace, leaving individuals relaxed, renewed and reenergized to be back to their desks the following week. In fact, more and more companies these days are promoting company-sponsored hikes and travels, going so far as to setting regular hikes among co-workers.

Great Options for Hiking Enthusiasts

A good way to further support this is by coming up with the best gifts for active hikers and the best gifts for new hikers alike. Fortunately, there are so many good gifts for hikers under $25 – so they needn’t upset your corporate budget for the year. Some of the best hiking accessories are within reach, and what it takes is a catalogue like this to help make the choosing a whole lot easier.

Take a look at these ten product categories for the best gifts for hikers and campers. In no time, you will find yourself looking forward to a fun weekend of adventure and bonding with your employees in the woods!

1. Food and Treats for the Trail

Unna Bakery Raspberry Swedish Cookies, Candy Club Candies, Hammond’s Chocolates  
Candy Club Candies, Hammond’s Chocolates, Unna Bakery Raspberry Swedish Cookies
Rustic Bakery Crackers, Cucina & Amore Bruschettas
Rosemary_and_Olive_Oil_Flatbread_by_Rustic_Bakery - Cucina & Amore Bruschettas _

Snacks are always on the agenda when it comes to a hiking or camping event, so some of the best gifts for thru-hikers will be food! These little treats are fun to have on a hike for anyone looking for a sugar rush or a quick snack without having to set up the portable burner. They’re easy to carry, easy to eat, and easy to get hooked on!

The Candy Club Candies, Hammond’s Chocolates, and Unna Bakery Raspberry Swedish Cookies deliver just the right amount of sweetness to give you that second wind so you can make the last ten miles to your campsite.

Meanwhile, having the Rustic Bakery Crackers and Cucina & Amore Bruschetta duo is a fun way to elevate your camp eats by introducing an easy indulgent fix that hits the spot. When you’re not keen on bangers and fried eggs, munch on these crackers and delicious bruschetta toppings for restaurant-quality eats!

2. Caffeine Before a Long Trip

Drift Away Coffee 4oz, Tea Stick Infuser, August Tea Mini, French Press Mug, Miir Drinkware Camp Cup
Drift Away Coffee 4oz, Tea Stick Infuser, August Tea Mini, French Press Mug, Miir Drinkware Camp Cup


The best gifts for your employees who also happen to be mountain hikers or climbers would always include something beverage-related. While every seasoned hiker knows that it’s important to stock up on water to drink for the hike, there’s always room for an indulgent beverage to sip on in the nippy morning or during the crisp night time.

The August Tea Mini and Drift Away Coffee both make the cut in the contest of warm beverages that transport you to tranquil times, and when sipped on during camping it will make the experience all the more memorable.

If you are putting together gifts for employees who are also hikers for under $25, don’t forget to consider beverages in your gift basket! Up the ante with the tea stick infuser, French press mug, and camp cup to truly impress the most seasoned of hikers.

In fact, these are great options for gifts for campers who have everything. Your hiking enthusiast employee will surely find a lot of use for that – during the hike and after, too.

3. Containers and Cases

KOBY Waterproof Dopp Kit, Rains Dopp Kit, Bare Bones Lunch Cooler, Miir 16 oz Canister, Eco Lunchbox
KOBY Waterproof Dopp Kit, Rains Dopp Kit, Bare Bones Lunch Cooler, Miir 16 oz Canister, Eco Lunchbox

While hikers are known to be great packers who can keep their bare minimum essentials in a pack, these containers and cases often play a big role in helping them achieve success in that area. Keeping a hiker’s pack well-organized should also be a priority, so these containers and cases truly make great gifts for ultralight backpackers.

The Dopp kits are useful for organizing a hiker’s essentials such as toothpaste, toothbrush, dry shampoo, and the like. The Miir canister and Eco lunchbox make eco-friendly containers for storing dry and wet food, which all go onto the Bare Bones lunch cooler that can be slung onto the general hiking pack.

These containers and cases are durable, dependable and very light so they don’t weigh down the pack. Because of this, they definitely make it to the list of best hiking essentials gifts. If you are also thinking of gifts for hikers with dogs, these packs also make great storage options for their pooch’s snacks as well.

4. Drinkware and Water Bottles

Corkcicle Insulated Water Bottle, Alex Bottle,  Miir Drinkware Bottle, Swell Travel Tumbler

No hiker or camper will ever want to forget his water bottle – an item that is so important to take with him on a camping trip! These great options will surely put a smile on any hiker’s face, so you’d do well to order several pieces in one go. If you want to go for personalized hiking gifts for a number of employees, you can even go so far as to have their name printed on the body of the bottle, too.

The best water bottles to bring on a hike are insulated ones, because they can keep your beverage at the desired temperature (or close to it) for a long time. These water bottles also have a sturdy cap, which will prevent any leakage should your travel-loving employee chooses to toss it inside his pack to free his hands up while hiking on a trail.

There’s one with a handy bottle opener at the bottom, too – a must for hikers who would like to kick back and relax with some bottled drinks after successfully setting up camp and preparing for the night ahead. Since these water bottles are beautifully designed, they can even double as your company’s best wedding gifts for bikers and hikers!

5. Cozy and Wellness for a Weekend Trip

Peet Rivko Daily Moisturizer, Buckler’s Remedy Chapstick, Customized Eye Mask, Brooklyn Candle Co in Santal, Marine Layer Blanket
Peet Rivko Daily Moisturizer, Buckler’s Remedy Chapstick, Customized Eye Mask, Brooklyn Candle Co in Santal, Marine Layer Blanket


What about some glamping gift ideas, you ask? If glamping gift ideas for employees are on the agenda, these top picks will surely make the cut. Check out our choices for making a simple hike or camping activity all the more cozy and indulgent, beginning with the ultra-plush Marine Layer blanket that’ll make you want to stay snuggled up inside the tent all morning long.

The Peet Rivko Daily Moisturizer and Buckler’s Remedy Chapstick are easy-to-bring beauty items that can keep you skin hydrated, if camping in a particularly dry area.

The Brooklyn Candle Co candle in Santal delivers a whiff of floral goodness, if one is feeling extra – and it doesn’t take up a lot of space in one’s pack as well. And of course, if your hiker employees are the type who would benefit from items that will guarantee a super restful night then they will really like the customizable eye mask.

With these fun and fresh glamping gift ideas, something as simple and homey as a hike can become a totally different experience.

6. Anoraks and Weatherproof Jackets

North Face All-Weather Dryvent Jacket, Patagonia Synchilla Vest, RAINS jacket, Marmot Polyester Trail Windbreaker, Patagonia Houdini Jacket
North Face All-Weather Dryvent Jacket, Patagonia Synchilla Vest, RAINS jacket, Marmot Polyester Trail Windbreaker, Patagonia Houdini Jacket


Some of the best gifts for hikers to keep them safe include outerwear such as jackets. A good jacket is a hiking enthusiast’s mainstay and allows him to go off on hikes in most weather situations.

A good jacket is one that is tried and tested, and to be sure of that you will want to get one from a well-known hiking apparel brand. Patagonia, North Face, Marmot, and RAINS all offer reliable options that function really well for many years. These top picks to include in your hiking gift basket ideas for employees are durable and are designed to protect the wearer from the elements.

Some have nifty hoods that you can easily pull up from behind in case of rain, and others are ultra-lightweight and fold into a really small rectangle (something that you can consider when thinking of gifts for ultralight backpackers). These jacket options are also designed for city use, so your recipients need not always be out on the hike in order to use them!

7. Loungewear for the Cabin, Tent or Hotel

B&C Unisex Joggers, Patagonia Micro D ¼ Zip Pullover, Marine Layer Quilted Pullover, Alternative Eco Sweatshirt, United by Blue Trail Socks

‍B&C Unisex Joggers, Patagonia Micro D ¼ Zip Pullover, Marine Layer Quilted Pullover, Alternative Eco Sweatshirt, United by Blue Trail Socks

Here are some great clothing options that any hiker would love to receive! Camp clothing is relatively simple, and these pieces are guaranteed to satisfy the eye of the most discerning hiker or camping enthusiast. They are lightweight yet deliver a much-needed dose of warmth for chilly nights and morning.

These options are also designed for layer, so it’s easy to peel off a cozy top in case the day suddenly becomes a lot warmer than expected. Added to the list is a pair of trail socks by United by Blue to keep one’s feet comfortably dry and warm, which is important in conserving one’s energy to make it to the summit.

These can also be personalized hiking socks by having your employees’ names embroidered on it, or even that of your company’s logo.

8. Useful Tools You Shouldn't Forget

Fish Pocket Knife, Shed Rain Walksafe Umbrella, InCase Packing Cubes, Astrolux Flashlight, Minim Playing Cards


This assemblage of tools can be really helpful on a hike, so you might want to consider getting one, a few or all of them for your hiker or traveler employees. Night time visibility becomes no sweat with the Astrolux flashlight, which provides sufficient illumination without the bulk.

Need to cut some stuff? The Fish Pocket knife will do the trick and will be so easy to return to your pack or even your pocket.

If you’re wondering what’s “useful” about the Minim Playing Cards, they’re there to beat any possible boredom by facilitating some friendly and competitive fun - without having to lug along a board game to do. Plus points go to the pack of playing cards for being the one thing you need to play a variety of card games, too!

And of course, the InCase packing cubes makes it easy for a hiker to efficiently maximize his limited storage space while keeping his precious camping gear organized and compartmentalized.

9. Tech Gear to Keep You Charged

Jam Bluetooth Speakers, Triple C Ultrathin Charger, Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker, Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds,  PopSocket
‍Jam Bluetooth Speakers, Triple C Ultrathin Charger, Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker, Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds,  PopSocket


In this day and age, many seasoned hikers and campers bring a variety of tech gadgets when out in the woods. These five items always make it to the hiker-approved list of gadgets that are good to bring when camping. The Jam Bluetooth speaker provides great music streamed from one’s phone, if the goal is to make the atmosphere all the more fun and festive.

The PopSocket is a handy tool that will help any hiker easily hold his phone as he checks the hiking trail on the screen. It even doubles as an instant phone stand if you suddenly feel like watching a night time movie on your device. The wireless Bluetooth earphones make it easy for one to get lost in his favorite tunes without having to worry about getting his things all tangled up in the wires.

And finally, no tech-loving camper will want to run out of juice while away from an electrical outlet - which is why they will truly delight in receiving this Triple-C Ultrathin charger tool that will replenish their battery when the need for it arises. If you ever though that tech tools are just some hiking gag gifts, you have another think coming – because a lot of hikers will really love getting any of these fun hiking gadgets as a gift!

10. Hygiene Essentials

Vitruvi Wake Mist, Stain Rescue Wipes, Quip Toothbrush, Touchland Hand Sanitizer, Plastic Amenities Pouch
Quip Toothbrush, Vitruvi Wake Mist, Touchland Hand Sanitizer, Plastic Amenities Pouch, Stain Rescue Wipes


While getting grubby is part and parcel of any hiking experience, there will be a point in most hikes where the need to keep one’s self clean arises. When this urge comes, it is always good to send out employee gifts with this as a theme.

The Quip toothbrush is a great mainstay in any hiker or traveler’s pack, coupled with a small tube of toothpaste that’s good for a day or two.

If there’s no way to get one’s face washed, a few sprays of the Vitruvi Wake Mist will easily get most of the day’s hiking dirt off the face. It has a great scent that also refreshes the mind, leaving one feeling more calm and restful as a result.

Accidentally touched something icky and there’s no faucet and bar of soap in sight? Your hiker employees will be glad to have received the Touchland Hand Sanitizer within easy reach to easily clean dirt off their hands and other body parts in a jiffy. This also comes in handy when you need to “wash up” before mealtimes and your water supply is limited.

The plastic amenities pouch is a great, lightweight option to store all your cleaning gear in. it’s also waterproof, so if your employees ever find themselves traipsing in a brook or a small river they need not worry about getting their stuff soaked.

And finally, the Stain Rescue Wipes are literally to their rescue if they need to clean up some t-shirt stains. Some stains set in all the more the longer one is away from laundry service, so it’s good to have a pack or two of these Stain Rescue Wipes if you want your employees to save their nice camping apparel from having a permanent stain after spilling their pork and beans.

These ten categories have items that are all carefully chosen for different kinds of employees who are also avid hikers and campers. Choose well and choose the best that your corporate budget can buy. If you know your camping employees well, then you will be able to further narrow down the best possible choices from this list so you are able to gift all of them with something that you know they will really love and find useful. What’s great is that many of the items here are also good to use when they return to their personal and professional lives, so the utility value goes even higher!

If you need more great ideas for possible gifts for employees who love hiking and other nature adventures, there are other options to choose from here

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