Care Package Ideas to Send Your Remote Employees

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Have work-from-home employees? Keep them engaged with memorable care packages.

While shelter in place is a term none of us will soon forget, vaccinations and precautions have allowed us to return to work and for many the workplace. However, with the taste of working from home fresh in our minds, many workers are not only hoping to continue their role remotely but are saving money, time, and stress in the process. 

As a business owner, you may find it beneficial to continue allowing your remote workers the option to work from home. Or you may join the growing list of companies offering a more hybrid schedule that allows a compromise of work-from-home versus in-the-office scheduling. Regardless of where your employees work, however, you will still want to ensure you are offering them the resources they need to shine. One of the best ways companies can do this is through care packages. 

Reasons to send your work-from-home employees a care package: 

  1. Care packages can help motivate employees. It’s easy to feel forgotten when no one actually sees you hard at work fifteen minutes prior to your official start time.  
  1. Care packages make working from home a little less lonely. Much like how that “just because” card you got from a friend made you smile and feel special, care packages can do the same for your employee. They act as a special reminder to your employees that you appreciate them.  
  1. Care packages are a great way to reward employees for a job well done. Just because their location may have changed, projects still get accomplished, deadlines respected, milestones met, and successes achieved. So don’t forget to celebrate these wins with your hardworking team that made them possible. 
  1. Care packages help employees deal with burnout. While there are plenty of pros to employees working from home—no traffic, cheaper lunches, a pet-friendly environment, and so forth— there are some disadvantages, such as burnout, since the employees' work is always nearby.  
  1. Care packages are a great way to show your appreciation for employees' dedication to your company, as well as, for years of service. According to, it can cost a company thousands of dollars to replace an employee. With the cost of recruiting, training, and onboarding, not to mention the loss of productivity during this time, helping employees feel valued and appreciated is vital in retaining top talent. 

5 Stellar Examples of Work-From-Home Kits

1. Zendesk 

A soothing collection that feels just as warm and cozy as it does fun! From cozy slippers and athleisure wear to yummy chocolate, an easy-to-care-for aloe plant, cleanser, and handwritten note it’s the perfect mix of pleasant of productive. 

2. Android

While a huge part of feeling a sense of collaboration, community, and connection is spending time in a bustling office and around a water cooler, this gift set helps keep the connection alive even when we aren’t able to meet for team lunches or a quick coffee break with our coworkers.  So for the employees who are at home, surprise them with plus cashmere socks, Art of Tea packs, luxe chocolate, a sustainable water tumbler, and handwritten note. As far as interactions, there’s always Slack, Zoom, Teams, and the like to keep us engaged. 

3. Game Night!

Give employee burnout the boot with fun games like Bananagrams and puzzles, a soft blanket (that’s stylish enough to display on the couch!), and tasty treats to ensure some fun after the workday ends. After all, when employees work from home, sometimes their office hours creep into their off-hours. And, while that may feel more productive from the start, employee burnout is never a good thing no matter where your team member resides. In fact, it could end up costing your company a lot of money. According to Harvard Business Review, Employee Burnout Is a Problem with the Company, Not the Person. 


So while you want to keep your remote employees productive, give them a company-branded care package that shows there is a time for work as well as time for play. For cost-effective games and puzzles, look no further than your Gemnote rep. From customized cards and dice to frisbees and puzzles (in all shapes, sizes, colors, and branding) that can be personalized just for you, there are endless options to consider. The same holds true for customized blankets, candy, and all of your packaging needs. 

Tip: Want to make your care package for remote teams even more impactful? Don’t forget to add a personalized card thanking your employee for all they do. 

4. Zoom 

Just as fun and whimsical work-from-home care packages keep our spirits up, and cozy care packages help employees relax and unwind, your company may be looking for something somewhere in between. For a professional WFH care package that keeps your employees feeling rewarded and still makes a memorable gift, you can’t go wrong with a modern customized mug, coffee, socks, and a throw. After all, conference rooms aren’t the only place that can get chilly.  

Thinking of sending a mug or travel tumbler but aren’t sure which are easiest to ship. Check out these additional options for the 15 Best Branded Mugs for Drop Shipping

5. Square 

Fun, colorful, rewarding. When it comes to keeping your employees motivated sometimes it’s that much-needed break that offers the perk-pick me up for perspective and positivity. 

From a branded tee shirt and cookies to a high-quality diffuser and essential oils, there’s nothing boring about this care package. Plus, with a book pretty enough to live on the coffee table and a yoga mat and charcoal puff, it’s the perfect combo of spa-like, indulgent, and unforgettable. 

6. Instagram

More like Insta-favorites! This work-from-home care package offers a customized assortment of must-haves. From a classic sweatshirt and colorful socks to a handy key finder, on-trend hip pack, reusable water bottle, and Mast chocolate bar, it’s the kind of care package your employees will love receiving. 

Those are just some of our top care packages for remote employees. However, there are endless options of high-quality, customizable merch and swag where that came from!

Ready to delight your own employees? Remember, whatever your corporate gift includes inside, the goal is the same. You want to send your employees a gift package that shows them that they are appreciated and valuable members of your team. 

Through your remote employee care packages, you can still boost morale when in-person collaboration is not available, engage with them as leaders, and elevate your corporate culture. In fact, giving customized swag and care packages are great gestures that allow your remote workers to feel respected in their jobs, which helps with emotional and mental stability. In turn, your happy employees are the ones who stay for the long haul. 

Whether your company decides to continue allowing employees the option to work from home or allow for a more hybrid option, sending care packages shows your support and appreciation for a job well done. While the trade-off for the environment has mixed reviews, the Harvard Review Business Review noted in Is Remote Work Actually Better for the Environment that even though remote workers are skipping the commute studies have found an increase in leisure trips and short weekend getaways. In addition, an increased electronic and electrical waste while. On the contrary, the waste footprint seems to have decreased with those working from home since more residents are set up for recycling services. 

With pros and cons to both working from home versus in the office, one thing is clear: Employees are wanting a say in where they work. In fact, in a study by Robert Half, it was reported that 50% of professionals would look for another job if asked to return to the office full-time. At the end of the day, however, it’s up to the company to decide what is best for its employees and the company itself. 

Obviously, there are many positions where remote work just isn’t possible. For example, service industries, healthcare, retail stores, and the like. So however you decide to move forward with your teams, the knowledgable staff at Gemnote can help you with all of your employee and customer gifting needs. From finding a curated collection of items that reflect your company’s values to customization options tailored to your company branding and logo, a Gemnote rep can help you find fun and functional items your teams will want to use. 

In fact, Gemnote can help you create customized swag for: 

  • Annual conferences and trade shows
  • Customer incentives and giveaways
  • Employee recognition and years of service 
  • Team leaders, traveling sales teams, executives, share-holders, vendors 
  • Marketing and rebranding supplies
  • New employee onboarding kits
  • Online swag stores (they can also help you create one!)

Best of all, Gemnote partners with brands whose products you’ll be just as happy to customize as your recipients will be thrilled to receive. In addition, they can work with you on creating a curated collection of items that not only serve your marketing needs but are also tailored to fit your budget. 

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