15 Best Gift Ideas For Sales Teams You Can Give In 2024

June 4, 2024

What’s one of the best ways to show appreciation for your hard-working team? Customizable sales gifts of course!

Whether you’re celebrating a successful quarter, recognizing individual achievements, or simply wanting to thank your hardworking sales team, the right gift can make all the difference! To help you narrow down your list, we’ve curated a list of top gift ideas for 2024 to help keep your team motivated, inspired, and feeling appreciated. 

Why Gift Ideas For Your Sales Team

Recognition fosters a positive work environment and strengthens team cohesion, as employees who feel valued are more likely to collaborate and support each other and this holds true with your sales team. Additionally, regular recognition improves retention rates, as employees are more likely to stay with a company that values and rewards their contributions. In essence, recognizing your sales team is a powerful tool for enhancing performance, satisfaction, and loyalty.

So when it’s time to recognize your hard-working team with sales gifts, let Gemnote do the heavy lifting! They’ll help you curate gift ideas for your team that will resonate with your recipient, brand and even your budget. They can even offer curated options to help you narrow down your list. 

15 Gift Ideas for Sales Team Members that Deliver!

Ready to start customizing that perfect sales team gift? Here’s a great starting point for popular gift ideas for your working employees. Not only are they ideal for adding your company logo and branding, they are sure to delight your recipient!


1. Baggu Laptop Sleeve

While a laptop sleeve may have topped your client or prospecting gift ideas, it’s also one of the best gifts for your sales reps. In addition to protecting their laptop, it’s an easy-to-brand essential that offers an extra dose of marketing power wherever it goes. Talk to your Gemnote rep for ideas on branding this puffy laptop sleeve from Baggu

2. Stanley Cup

Not just another tumbler, the Stanley Quencher has set a high bra when it comes to finding the best features. From the stellar, oversized design that still fits in most cup holders, to the insulation, included straw, and dishwasher safe capabilities, it’s one of the best — just like your team. 

3. Custom Puffer Jacket

Your sales team doesn’t have to commute to the office or travel to appreciate a cool puffer jacket, like this Alta Puffer Jacket from Rains. The stylish waterproof winter jacket features a clean, easy-to-wear puffer aesthetic that your recipients will want to wear on and off the clock.  Check out our post, 30 Corporate Events Gifts for Enhancing Connections for even more wow-worthy ideas. 

4. Custom Label Tee

Looking to match your 2024 sales theme? Don’t overlook a customized tee shirt! With so many styles and features to choose from, they can be customized countless ways. Plus, when it comes to gift ideas for your sales team that they can wear anytime, including in front of their customers, the right tee, like this one from Topo Designs, can really go the distance!

For the best styles, think of unique customizations like patches, labels, and embroidery and quality fabrications that look and feel great. For more styles, brands, or options talk to your Gemnote rep!

5. Carhartt Weekend Duffel

For the team that’s always on the go, show your appreciation with a hard working duffel like this one by Carhartt. From a brand known for quality and longevity, your team will appreciate the no fuss, minimalistic style that can keep up with even the most hectic days and travel. 

6. Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle

While there are many great qualities that make up a dedicated team, staying hydrated is never overrated. If you’re looking for an affordable, sustainable product to customize for your employees, the Nalgene water bottle just might be your perfect pick!  We like this Nalgene wide mouth style that’s perfect for adding ice. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more ideas on personalization and adding your company logo. 

7. Customized Towel

With ample space for customizing, a customized beach towel is a favorite for proudly displaying your logo, and reminding your recipient to take a vacation — maybe somewhere tropical like the beach! Looking for unique ways to customize? Take notes from this A24 Widescreen towel below or get inspired with these Custom Beach towels for Business

Want even more space for customizing? Show off your logo, branding, tagline, and more custom blankets and picnic swag!

8. The North Face Full Zip Fleece Jacket

For a gift they’ll be talking about long after it’s received, you can;t go wrong with a name brand style like The North Face. Available in 5 colors this Glacier full zip fleece jacket is ideal for customizing. Just be sure to order extra, since the rest of your teams are going to want to show off their company logo too.  Designer jackets like Partagonia, The North Face and more also make excellent prospecting gift ideas!

9. Ceramic French Press

Looking for a unique product that’s practical? Why not show your team the love with a sales gift they can use before work, on weekends, and year round? Kind of like this sleek French Press that’s high quality, certified SGS Food Safe and dishwasher safe. It’s perfect for brewing full-bodied coffee using the traditional french press method. Not to mention, it’s a functional and beautiful addition to your recipients kitchen table.

10. Customized Logo Socks

While you can argue the heart and soul of any company is all of your employees, when it comes to your sales team they’re known for hitting the ground running. So, for inexpensive team gift ideas, socks are an affordable option that can spice up your swag kits or stand alone. 

Talk to your Gemnote rep for all of the options you have at your disposal when it comes to sock styles and customization. From no show to knee high and all the lengths in between, there’s  a style for everyone. Plus, when it comes to matching your brand, customizing is a no brainer thanks to Gemnote’s PMS color matching.  Looking for more affordable gift ideas for your team? Check out these  30 Gifts Under $100 for Employees.  

11. Briefcase Backpack

Briefcases have come a long way since they first hit the scene, including being versatile. Take for instance this stylish favorite from Topo Designs that can be used as a backpack or briefcase and is invaluable for helping your team stay organized while looking the part! Talk to your Gemnote rep for additional customization options, colors and styles. 

12. Logo Umbrella

Rain or shine, a customized umbrella is the perfect pick for facing the elements and showing off your company logo. For team gift ideas that are extra versatile and offer staying power, you can’t go wrong with sunny or rainy days- approved essentials.  When it comes to finding the right umbrella for customization, you have options! Check out our list of favorites, 25 Company Umbrellas For Every Budget for even more ideas! 

13. Name Brand Puffer Vest 

The North Face® Ladies Everyday Insulated Vest is essential for chilly days while still offering full range movement to get through the day. When you’re looking for the best gifts for sales reps, don’t underestimate the power of stylish custom apparel backed by a name brand and your logo!  For more outerwear ideas, check out these Custom Jackets for Employees.

14. Dopp Kit

You don’t have to travel to appreciate the organizational power of a durable dopp kit. Throw in a brilliantly designed style with a pop of color and your customization of course, and you have the handy Topo Designs TopoLite™ Dopp Kit. Perfect for keeping toiletries or small accessories safe and secure in an easy-to-pack, lightweight style. Talk to your Gemnote rep for available colors and options on customization.  

15. Vitruvi Move Diffuser

The daily grind is hard. Luckily, as Vitruvi likes to say, make the air yours. With a collection of beautiful diffusers, innovative humidifiers, and natural scents, there is something for everyone, including your hardworking sales team. While it’s hard to play favs, we landed on the Vitruvi Move as one of our top gift ideas for sales teams, thanks in part to its portability.  So whether your team is wanting to create the perfect party vibes at home, a calm and tranquil office environment, or another mood for a place of their choosing, scent casting just got a whole lot easier.  

Remember, when it comes to the best gifts for sales reps you want it to do more than just collect dust. That’s why Gemnote specializes in curating functional products that boast quality and style while being useful too. Ready to boost morale and keep the motivation charging full steam ahead? Check out more Employee Appreciation Ideas to Boost Employee Engagement

With the right gifts for salesmen and women, you can increase engagement, productivity, and enthusiasm for your company and its culture. And, best of all, when your team members feel appreciated, they are more likely to stay committed to their work. 

Still haven’t found that perfect sales team? Or, maybe you’re needing attention-grabbing swag for clients and prospects, thank you team gifts for your creatives, or event swag that gets noticed? Whatever your custom merch and swag needs are, Gemnote can help you with all the details. Check out our Lookbook or contact us to get started. 

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