15 Ideas For Fully Custom Beach Towels This Summer

July 20, 2022

Summer calls for more relaxed styles from apparel to footwear as well as accessories and home decor. So if you’ve been trying to come up with memorable merchandise for your next giveaway, look no farther than high-quality custom beach towels. 

1. Best Personalized Beach Towels For Adults: A Blast From The Past

Ready to thank those loyal customers for being a “friend”? Whether you choose to market personalized beach towels for adults like Hulu did with their Golden Girls style or choose a more universal design, you can’t go wrong with a big, bold graphic. When it comes to custom-printed beach towels, think outside of the box! You’ll recipients will thank you when they hit the beach. 


Photo courtesy of shop hulu.com

2. Best Custom Design Beach Towels: Make Your Logo The Focal Point

Make your logo iconic, like this Express Logo Beach Towel from Only NY. With a little help from the surrounding negative space, this design proves that when your logo is this good, it can stand both alone and the test of time. 

Ready to create custom beach towels for your swag event? Talk to your Gemnote rep about ways you can save on personalized beach towels for adults. 

Photo courtesy of Only NY

3. Best Custom Print Beach Towels: Resort-Ready

A true work of art, this Resort Towel by Aimé Leon Dore proves that upscale designs aren’t limited to just 5-star resorts. Best of all, luxury custom beach towels don’t have to break your budget. Save on design fees by keeping with a one-color process as this Resort towel did. 

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore

4. Best Ways To Create Custom Beach Towels: Product Specific

If your company is lucky enough to have a product that can stand alone, why not show it off? That’s what Hulu did with their General Hospital Metro Court Beach Towel since the true soap fans don’t need an introduction to make the connection. If you like the idea of highlighting your product, but are in the market for cheap custom beach towels, try limiting your colors and placing a bigger order. Many times you can save per item by taking advantage of bulk discounts. For more ways to save, talk to your Gemnote Rep. 

Photo courtesy of shop hulu.com

5. Best Custom Beach Towels Wholesale: Boho Vibes

Love the idea of adding a little modern bohemian style to your custom-branded beach towels? You can’t go wrong with a design similar to this Slowtide Hala Beach towel by United By Blue. Just don’t forget to add your company logo so there’s no mistaking where this enviable merch is from. When it comes to boho styles and design history, it’s been trending for decades. That said, making it the theme for your custom merch and swag giveaways is a winning idea as we don’t see it going away any time soon. 

Photo courtesy of United By Blue

6. Best Custom Beach Towels With Logo: The Mix-Up!

Every way you look at it, this towel brings the cool. With its fun logo stamped on repeat, it’s the negative space that brings makes this cool design even better. Whether you choose beachy colors like this Logo Scramble Beach Towel from A24 Films or go more subdued, one thing is for sure: you can't go wrong with your own company love logo. 

Tip: Looking for a little logo inspiration? Take a look at these 100s of ideas from Looka

Photo courtesy of A24 Films

7. Cutest Beach Towels: The Perfect Trade-Off

While you won’t save money by featuring a plethora of colors in your design, you can save money by ordering bulk beach towels personalized. You can’t go wrong with ombré and gradients, one of the summer’s favorite design styles. If you’re looking for girly beach towels—the cutest beach towels around—try pink-loving pastel designs like this Slowtide Sea Ombré Beach Towel from United by Blue. Talk to your Gemnote rep about how you can get high-quality custom beach towels that are still in your budget. 

Tip: Want more creative design ideas like these ombre custom beach towels? Check out these 16 cool design trends for your 2022 merch.    

Photo courtesy of United By Blue

8. Large Personalized Beach Towels: Fun Graphics

Personalized kids beach towels are all the rage, but the Baggu Mushroom Towels are just as appealing for adults too.  So whether you’re in the market for personalized beach towels for adults or kids, why not make high-quality custom beach towels that are fun and versatile for both? After all, when it comes to the best beach outings, it’s fit for people of all ages.   

Shown: Baggu Mushroom Towel

9. Best Custom Embroidered Beach Towels

A little bit trippy and a whole lot of fun! Make your event a whimsical affair with the best custom beach towels, like this Baggu Trippy Towel. Your recipient will love the cool design and oversized style. It’s perfect for days spent lounging at the beach or as groundcover for their next picnic. Just don’t forget to add personalization. For the most appealing custom embroidered beach towels, talk to your Gemnote rep to see how your company and branding can best stand out. 

Shown: Baggu Trippy Towel

10. Best Custom Printed Beach Towels: A Garden Of Florals

For the best in eye-popping designs, patterns like this Baggu Poppy Daisy Towel look great any way you turn it. Featuring cheerful colors and a fun,  simple print, it’s perfect for making a statement—especially when you add your company’s branding and logo. 

Shown: Baggu Poppy Daisy Towel

11. Best Custom Microfiber Beach Towels: A Towel With A View

Score major points with your next swag by basing your design on a famous local, like this Joshua Tree National Park towel. Then seal the deal by choosing custom microfiber beach towels. This one is microsuede and offers ultra-absorbency, quick-dry, and easy-to-pack features that Rumpl is known for. 

Photo courtesy of Rumpl

12. Best Personalized Beach Towels: Retro Vibes 

Looking to add a little nostalgia to your custom beach towels with logo design? You can’t go wrong with geo-loving graphic patterns like this Retro Sunrise style from Rumpl. By choosing custom microfiber beach towels your recipient will love having a quick-drying towel that makes salty, sandy beach days even better. 

Photo courtesy of Rumpl

13. High-Quality Custom Beach Towels: The Extra Details

Like fringe benefits for your company, even your company swag can bring extra love with design-forward high-quality custom beach towels with added details like fringe. Whether you choose a sophisticated style like this soft and absorbent one from Vuori, that’s also quick drying, or complement your branding with a brighter pallet, you can’t go wrong. 

Photo courtesy of Vuori

14. Best Custom Beach Towels With Logo: Modern and Minimal

What better way to showcase your company’s logo than with a fresh, clean design. Instead of smacking your logo front and center, what not try making it a border, like The A24 Beach Towel successfully does from A24 Films. It’s the unexpected design placement that makes it worthy of a second—and third— look. 

Ready to create custom beach towels? Talk to your Gemnote rep about the best logo placement options for your brand.  

Photo courtesy of A24 Films

15. Hand-loomed Cotton Picnic Blanket and Beach Throw

Unlike custom acrylic picnic blankets, these custom beach blankets are constructed of Ethiopian cotton, perfect for companies in search of luxury custom beach towels. Hand loomed by Ethiopian artisans, you can create custom embroidered beach towels that your recipient will appreciate. Not only will they love that they are handmade and eco-friendly, but these custom printed beach towels can also be given to your employees. 

Shown: Custom Beach Towel 

High-Quality Custom Beach Towels

Like our collection of high-quality custom beach towels? Or maybe you’re in the market for cheap custom beach towels. When it comes to purchasing custom beach towels wholesale, you’re Gemnote rep can help you find the perfect brand, style, and design to make your branding shine! 

Remember, you don’t have to settle for cheap personalized beach towels. Your Gemnote rep can help you find ways to save on luxury custom beach towels that are perfect for adding to your swag store.  In fact, they can help you with the following styles.


  • Personalized hooded beach towels
  • Custom sublimated beach towels (screen printing, embroidery, etc.) 
  • Personalized photo beach towels 
  • Unisex custom beach towels wholesale 
  • Cheap custom beach towels (bulk orders)
  • Girly beach towels / cutest beach towels
  • Custom microfiber beach towels
  • Custom embroidered beach towels

Beach towels are bigger than your everyday bath towel since they are designed to keep you off the sand. Plus, they should be durable enough to withstand the elements. When it comes to finding just the right customized merch for your recipients you can’t go wrong with personalized beach bags and towels. Whether you distribute them individually or as a set in a swag kit, they make the best custom swag for summer!

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