Swag Ideas For Your Brand Color Story

June 20, 2022

Do your brand swag ideas reflect your brand? From brand color palette examples to unique swag ideas, see how to make your custom merch stand out!

If you’ve been on the hunt for cool swag ideas for employees, customers, and really anyone you do business with, you know the struggle is real. First, there’s the endless assortment of swag products on the market—not to mention extra features, colors, and style options available. Once you funnel those down, you will still need to factor in customization for your promotional swag ideas too. 

Then, if you’re lucky enough to find a swag color ideas generator, you can get a basic idea of what you are dealing with. However, you may find the end result, even after using a swag color ideas generator, isn’t exactly what you had in mind. 

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone!  

When it comes to staying true to your brand identity color palette, it’s easy to deviate, unintentionally of course, from your brand. A trip to your local hardware or paint store will prove that not all shades are created equally. After all, who knew there could be so many popular brand colors that look like the color eggshell? Or maybe we should say cream, linen, parchment, or ivory? You get the idea! 

Getting The Best Branded Swag 

With so many color variations available it’s easy to get flustered with undertones, shades, and naming conventions that vary by brand. So when it comes time to invest in promotional swag ideas including swag color ideas for website pages, lean on color experts, like the knowledgable staff at Gemnote to help you deliver on brand merch. As one of the best swag companies around, they can help you match your brand and dazzle your merch recipients. 

Below is a sampling of some great swag color ideas in popular brand colors to help get you inspired. Don’t see your brand’s exact colors below? Don’t worry, the best swag companies can help you create your perfect match. Just reach out to a rep from Gemnote to get started. After discussing swag color ideas and your budget, they can show you a curated assortment to bring your branded swag ideas to life!

13 Company-Branded Swag Ideas

Do your promotional swag ideas reflect your company? Check out these brand swag ideas for merch that’s on point and on-brand! And remember, there are more colors where these came from, so you’ll want to work only with the best swag companies, like Gemnote, so your customized swag stays on the right path!

1. Branded Swag Ideas for Soft Neutrals 

You have to love a good neutral. Even with so many funny paint colors out there, neutrals have a knack for complementing all the hues. So, when it comes to adding in supporting or secondary colors, it’s not only easy but eye-pleasing too!

Shown: Smiley Bucket Hat + Only NY Tee + Colorblock Pen + Airpod Beanies
Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters (hat) and Only New York (tee)

2. Promotional Swag Ideas: Hello Yellow!

There’s something to be said for a bold yellow, that commands attention. Companies like Mail Chimp, Bumble, Stanley, and more stand out thanks to this bright hue. If this is your color, pairing it with a strong shade like black commands attention. 

Shown: Timbuk2 Customized Backpack + Soma Sports Bottle + The North Face Jacket + Native Union Belt Watch Charger 

3. Red Hot Swag Color Ideas 

For brand swag that sizzles, let your power color do the talking! And, don’t worry, if you can’t find your exact, cherry—or apple or tomato or cardinal—red, let your customization get you there. Talk to your Gemnote rep about how you can get your swag personalized with a custom design that matches your brand colors to a T! 

Shown: BAGGU Space Logo Horizontal Duck Bag + JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Speaker + Porter Insulated Bottle + Beats by Dr Dre Studio True Wireless Earbuds
Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters (Baggu Duck Bag) 

4. Navy Branded Swag Ideas 

Just on peek at social media and you’ll see navy and peach are trending swag color ideas for Instagram. What’s more, navy goes with almost everything! For the most branding power, stick to your primary and secondary color palette, or talk to your Gemnote rep for ideas.      


Shown: Native Union Mag Safe Accessories + Poketo Creative Cap + Appointed Planner + Custom Hoodie

5. High End Swag Ideas: Go Green!

Did you know colors have meanings? It’s true. For example, green can represent  eco-friendly living, nature money, and stability. Not to mention it's the envy of swag hues and among the leaders in swag color ideas for website designs. Have green in your color palette? There are a plethora of unique swag ideas just waiting to be personalized! 

Shown: Miir Wide Mouth Bottle +  Only NY Sweatshirt + Only NY Socks + Kiko Leather Dopp Kit 
Photo courtesy of Only New York (sweatshirt and socks)

6. Brand Color Palette Examples: Natural Wonders

Browns, grays, blacks, whites… If your brand boasts more shades and fewer colors, there are definitely high-end swag ideas to show it off. With color combos like these, the sky really is the limit. From aesthetics that reflect serious business or maybe even boho charm, the products you pick will help create the energy behind them.  

Shown: Corkcicle Origins Tumbler + Native Union Belt Cable + Aimé Leon Dore Pocket Tee + United By Blue Blanket
Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore (tee) and United By Blue (blanket) 

7. Unique Swag Ideas: Tropical 

High-end swag ideas are great, but sometimes you need cool swag ideas for employees or unique swag ideas that stand out but won’t set you or your company’s budget back. Luckily swag picks like Compartes bring the chocolatey goodness, while customized hotel keychains, socks, and tees bring the color and fun! Check out more colorful options that are perfect for Gen Z recipients.   

Shown: Enamel Hotel Key Chain + Compartez Chocolate Bar + A24 Films tee + Poketo socks
Photo courtesy of Idlewild Co. (keychain) and A24 Films (tee)  

8. Brand Color Palette Examples: Lime Accents

Pastels and lime, primaries and lime, lemon and lime... who can resist this bright hue? if it’s in your brand, make it the hit of your swag! Even paired with neutrals, it definitely brings the zest and rules swag color ideas for Instagram! 

Shown: Kana x By Haus Dishcloths + Natural Tote + Stanley Bottle + Baggu Logo Keychain  
Photo courtesy of United By Blue (dishcloths)

9. Color Run Swag Ideas: Oranges and Blue   

For sales swag ideas and swag stores, these are the high-end swag ideas you’ve been looking for! There are endless ways to make your blues and oranges (plus all your secondary colors too) a stand-out fave. Not only a vibrant choice that pops it’s also a popular pick for color fun run swag ideas too. 

Shown: United By Blue Carry-All + Corkcicle and Poketo Cup + Topo Designs Jacket + United By Blue Socks
Photos courtesy of United By Blue (carry all and socks)

10.  Swag Colors: warm and cool hues

A match made in heaven, or should we say on earth? Think of this watery blue and sunny yellow-orange color combo as a clear beach day with lots of clear skies, as in white space. In terms of high-end swag ideas, it’s all sunshine and blue skies from here. 

Shown: United By Blue Insulated Travel Mug + Tee Shirt + Stripe Canvas Tote + The Meal Kit 
Photos courtesy of United By Blue (all products) 

11. Promotional Swag Ideas: Muted Pastels

Does your brand boast muted colors? You couldn’t be more on-trend! And when it comes to swag color ideas for Instagram, these picks are definitely share-worthy!

Shown: United By Blue Nice Day Tee + Corkcicle Coffee Mug + Custom Card + Public Supply Notepad 
Photo courtesy of United By Blue (tee) and Corkcicle (mugs) 

12.  Swag Items For Events: Prime Time

Perfect for events and cool swag ideas for employees! After all, who couldn’t benefit from personalized office supplies and a customized polo that also dubs as an event staff uniform. Or turn it into high-end swag ideas, with a quality wristlet like this one from Kiko Leather. 

Shown: Custom Polo + Poketo Prism Pens + Kiko Leather Wristlet + Poketo Self Planner


13. Green and Blue Branded Swag Ideas   

We can’t get enough of this cool yet calming color combo. In addition to being phenomenal swag color ideas for website designers, they’ are also popular brand colors with major staying power.

Shown: Poketo Groovy Cup + Areaware Puzzle + Candy Club Sour Apple Laces + Native Union AirPod Case

Respecting Your Brand Identity Color Palette 

When it comes to adhering to your brand guidelines, you’ll want to think in terms of RGB and CMYK. Here’s what we mean. RGB stands for Red Green Blue and is typically what you will use to choose colors on screen. Are there variations? You bet! For instance, HEX numbers and RGB are just different ways of communicating a Red Green Blue color value. When it comes to printing, CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) is often used. You can even use PMS (Pantone Matching System) for print, packaging, digital, and screen printing for Pantone’s unique coding graphic system.

Don’t worry, you don’t need a master’s in Color Theory to ace your swag game. You just need to partner with the best swag companies to get the job done right!

Swag Color Ideas Generator

These are great for getting an idea of how your merch should look. However, the best swag companies, like Gemnote, will be able to help you turn your promotional swag ideas to life while staying on brand. They do that by understanding the color and quality of the products they customize, including whether there will be color variations due to the design process. Even cheap swag ideas should represent a quality product that won’t fade overnight or fall apart. So instead of thinking about investing in cheap swag ideas, think inexpensive. Your recipient and your company will thank you.  

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