15 Creative Ways for Companies to Give Back

October 6, 2021

Winning ideas for giving back so your company can make a difference.

Knowing the heart behind your business could prove to be invaluable for creating a give-back mission or community program. However, if your company’s foundation was only built around the desire to provide the best customer service or product, it’s never too late to start implementing changes that can make a real difference. The business term for giving back to the community could be called giving back, corporate social involvement, charitable donations, and more. And, while the names can be different, the idea should be built on the desire to make a positive impact on the community or even around the globe. 

Ideas for Giving Back 

There are many examples of giving back to the community or around the world and our list compiles an array of ideas to help you find one that’s best for you. Maybe you want to be a local business that will donate to your community, among the companies that give product donations to under-resourced neighborhoods, or maybe you would prefer to offer your services to help a certain mission. No matter how you decide to give back it’s important to market how your company will give back so that you can best increase your impact. 

Three ways to market your company give back  

1. Employees

One way to market your give back is through your employees. From word of mouth advertising and referrals to sharing online and increasing your companies exposure, your employees have a huge impact on your company’s reputation—regardless of whether or not they interact with your customers. The good news is, you can incorporate employee rewards programs or company giveaways for employees that also feeds into your give-back efforts for a win-win strategy!

2. Partnerships & Suppliers

You know the old saying, choose your friends wisely? The same truth applies to the partnerships and suppliers your company does business with. It’s not enough to give back if you are partnering with a company whose integrity is questionable, has unsafe or illegal labor practices, or whose negative impact on the environment takes a back seat to their bottom line. On the other hand, when you partner with reputable companies, they can also help you increase and market your give back. In addition, corporate giveaways supplier events and campaigns are ways you can promote all aspects of your company to your customer. 


3. Customers

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B company, at the end of the day, you will need your customers’ and consumers’ support to ensure your give back makes the greatest impact. When companies giving back involve their customers in the process they have the opportunity to form new channels of engagement while building brand loyalty while they’re at it! Giveaway ideas for events that also include giving back is one way to include customers. The best giveaways ideas and marketing efforts help the customer feel like their purchase or investment in the company is making a difference.  

15 Creative Ways for Companies to Give Back

1. Create a trackable gift code like MiiR.  

Aside from their amazing drinkware line that highlights minimal, sustainable, functional and enduring design principles, MiiR aced the art of giving back. And thanks to the trackable codes on their products, customers can see just how their purchase gave back. 

2. Support the frontline as S’well did for the healthcare heroes. 

S’well, who is known for their sustainable drinkware, food storage and accessories is on of the many companies giving back to the community during covid-19. Thanks to their For The Frontlines two month campaign they helped keep essential workers motivated and hydrated. Overall, they donated 1 million dollars worth of product through a Buy One, Donate One program.  

3. Offer incentives for giving back like The North Face.

Known for their amazing outdoor apparel, footwear, gear, and accessories, The North Face is no stranger to corporate giving back to the community. To help keep used clothes from ending up in landfills, they created a Clothes The Loop project that helps recycle used clothing and footwear. In addition to that, they offer customers $10 toward their next $100 purchase for their gently used The North Face donations at retail stores and outlets

If you’re looking to start give back program that also offers rewards for employees to motivate them to give back too, this is a great model to follow. Whether through customer incentives or some incentive schemes for employees, it’s a great way to encourage support and increase excitement.  

4. Plant lots and lots of trees like Baron Fig!  

As Baron Fig says, they make tools for thinkers! From high quality pens and notebooks, organizers, backpacks, reusable totes and more, a lot of thought definitely went into their collection, as well as their give back. For every purchase of their best selling Confident notebook, they plant a tree!   

5. Become a 1% for the planet member. 

The organization 1% for the Planet consists of business and people across the globe who place putting people and the planet over profit and are addressing enviornemental issues. The 1% For The Planet Members are corporations that give back like Klean Kanteen, Larq, Miir, and more. Want to become a member? Check out their business model

6. Donate your products to good causes like Champion.

Champion is already known and loved for their quality athletic gear and casual cool athleisure. But consumers can also feel good about their purchases knowing that their Champion For All program supports organnizations like the Special Olympics USA, Urban Dove and more. Plus, Champion’s employees dedicate their time and efforts for volunteer work for future Champions. 

Need corporate giving back to community ideas or ideas for rewarding remote employees? Why not start a volunteer day where your employees can support your give back efforts instead of coming to the office. 

7. Keep your imperfect product out of landfills like Carhartt. 

As a business owner, you know that not all products are created equally, even the ones created by the same brand. Carharrt, who’s legendary workwear has a cult-like following, is doing their part by keeping their imperfect products out of landfills and back on the job site through The Renewal Workshop

8. Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions like Kinto.

In an effort to be part of the solution, Kinto, who’s known for their beautiful drinkware as well as kitchen and tableware and accents, is focused on improving and reducing impacts to the environment while being more sustainable. Some examples include shipping UPS carbon neutral option, when possible, going paperless in lieu of printed catalogs and more.  

9. Think sustainable and collaborative low-carbon solutions like Arc’Terxy. 

Known for their high quality, durable gear and love of the outdoors, Arc’Teryx is also passionate about making a difference. 

“Our long term thinking on sustainability through the lens of product philosophy, responsible manufacturing, and community engagement.”

So what does that mean? They’ve committed to Science-Based Carbon Target on Climate Action, working toward a circular economy and more. Learn more about their sustainability efforts. 

10. Give back to your community like Appointed. 

Appointed features high-quality sustainable desktop items that are thoughtfully designed. They partner with both local and global non profits that they believe in, like Girls On The Run, Fresh Farm Food Prints, and more. 

11. Choose the best materials for the environment like Rains does. 

Environmentally speaking, stainless steel is one of the best metals since it’s durable, resists corrosion, has a high recycled/recapture rate, and is nickel-free, which is why Rains hardware is all made from Stainless Steel. 

When it comes to manufacturing your product choose enviornmentally friendly, recycled and sustainable every time for giving back that benefits the planet. Just don’t forget to bring yout team in on the fun. Check out these employee rewards and recognition program examples for a more environmentally conscoius workplace.  


12. Go for eco-friendly like Bella Canvas. 

Not only is Bella Canvas known for its affordable, quality apparel, but it’s giving back efforts are all about putting the environment first. From efficient dye machines that use 7x less water to their efforts to reduce co2 emissions, they are all business when it comes to giving back! 


13. Make inclusion and diversity a priority like Topo Designs.

Topo Designs is known for their quality bags, packs, and accessories, and when it comes to giving back, fostering inclusion, and committing to action, they are at the top of their game. With a commitment to Black Lives Matter, continual learning, and a commitment to action, Topo Designs knows this is just the beginning and is already working on additional give back projects.

14. Choose partners and suppliers who share your vision, like Native Union.

A leader in electronics accessories like phone cases, chargers, battery packs and more, Native Union just launched their mission to be more sustainable and pledged to be transparent on their journey. From their design and materials to their packaging and suppliers, Native Union is making changes to the way their products are made and marketed. 


15. Insist on ethical sourcing like Mast Chocolate. 

Mast chocolate who’s mission is to nourish communities, uses an organic cocoa organization based out of East Africa that’s committed to paying above fair-trade premiums and offers farmers a better quality of life. In addition, they’re partnership with Mount Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry ensure everyone in their community has access to local, organic food. 

When it comes to implementing a give back program, make sure your team is on board. These are just 15 of the brands Gemote partners with to bring you the best in customized swag. So when it’s time to announce your give back, talk to a rep about how you can launch your mission with fun employee recognition ideas and swag from reputable companies. We can also offer employee rewards examples and give back swag to amplify your marketing efforts.

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