30 Corporate Events Gifts for Enhancing Connections

September 29, 2023

Discover the art of enhancing business connections through thoughtful gifts for corporate events.

In the fast-paced world of business, where relationships are often cultivated through networking events and company gatherings, the art of gift-giving can play a pivotal role in enhancing connections. 

Why should you give gifts at corporate events?

Companies give gifts for corporate events for many reasons. Whether you're hosting a conference, a client appreciation event, or a team-building retreat, one of the best ways you can leave a lasting impression is to invest in gifts for corporate events. Here are five popular reasons companies choose to give corporate event gifts.

1. Appreciation and Recognition

Looking to recognize your hard-working team? Recognizing them at an event or on stage at a conference in front of their peers, leaders, and customers emphasizes your appreciation while also highlighting your corporate values. 

2. Motivation and Engagement

Looking to reward, motivate, and inspire others? Use your gifts for corporate events as an incentive. For example, you could give away branded office supplies for signing up for texts and emails. 

3. Networking and Relationship-Building

When it comes to events, one of the main goals is to forge or strengthen relationships. And, with the right ideas for corporate gift giving, you can achieve both! Whether it’s giving branded items at your booth for a chance to strike up a conversation or gifting markers and name tags for attendees to network with one another, this is a great way to build relationships.

4. Brand Promotion

When it comes to marketing your brand, choose sustainable products that include your logo and branding. Whether it’s personalized apparel, custom drinkware, and more, your brand now goes everywhere your attendee does.  

5. Competitive Advantage

Relationship building, customer retention… there are so many reasons companies can use unique corporate gift ideas as a competitive advantage. For example, B2B companies may use these ideas to influence decision-makers since offering a valuable gift can help in creating partnerships or negotiating contracts. 

Factors to consider when choosing corporate event gifts 

Already have your event gift ideas ready to customize? That’s great! Head on over to Gemnote to get started! Although you may want to browse our list first! And, if you could use a little guidance, we’ve got you covered! Here are some key factors to keep in mind to ensure your ideas really resonate with your audience while doing your company and branding justice!

1. Budget

One of the most important things you can do prior to investing in products is to solidify your budget. This helps set the framework and ensures you strike the right balance between quality and cost-effectiveness.

2. Branding and Personalization

Infusing your company's logo and branding into your items is an easy way to reinforce your organization's identity and create a lasting memory. Additionally, adding a personalized card with your recipient's name or a thoughtful message adds a touch of sincerity and makes the gift more meaningful.

3. Event Theme and Purpose

Aligning your ideas with the theme and purpose of your company’s event enhances the overall experience and makes it more cohesive. You’ll also want to consider how your corporate event gifts can tie into your objectives, whether it's a product launch, team-building retreat, or a client appreciation dinner.

4. Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity

In today's globalized business world, being culturally sensitive is essential. Ensure that your gifts are respectful of diverse backgrounds and customs, so they can be appreciated by all recipients and attendees.

5. Practicality and Usefulness 

You don’t have to scour the globe or reinvent the wheel to find exceptional items that are practical as well as fun and thoughtful. Plus, when your event gift ideas can be used, they’re less likely to be forgotten. So consider what you know about your recipient and how your ideas can be incorporated into their daily lives. 

30 Unique and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Corporate Events

Explore our event gift ideas from custom drinkware and logo-ready apparel to office supplies, tech accessories, and more. And, there’s a lot more where those came from. Talk to your Gemnote rep about getting a curated collection of custom corporate event gifts that are in your price range and perfect for branding!

1. Custom Wide-Mouth Bottle

Susuatinable drinkware continues to be a favorite among attendees and conference goers. If you’re looking for sustainable products, it’s an option worth considering! 

And, when it comes to reusable water bottles, the wide-mouth styling is a favorite since it's designed for adding ice or fruit and can be used for smoothies with a fat straw too. 

Shown: ETS Wide 2.0 Bottle

2. Custom Canvas Tote 

What’s in the bag? Everything! What’s on the bag? Your branding of course! From sustainable totes to durable backpacks, there’s nothing stale about customized bags

What makes a customized tote among event gift ideas? Hands-free convenience! Give plastic bags the boot and use your branded tote as an event gift that gives your attendees an extra dose of convenience!

Photo courtesy of Everybody World; Shown: Reversible Tote

3. Nylon Backpack 

Not just for students, a great backpack offers commuters and travelers an easy way to carry their stuff. Plus, there’s no limit to the ways you can brand it! 

Shown: Port Authority® Crush Ripstop Backpack

4. Personalized Narrow Mouth Bottles

When it comes to staying hydrated on the go, people tend to reach for narrow-mouth bottles so they don’t end up wearing more water than they consume. 

Photo Courtesy of Only NY;  Shown: Custom Nalgene Bottle 

5. Custom Embroidered Patches

Want to make a splash with your branding efforts? You can’t beat a custom patch! As a branded accessory on its own or placed with travel kits, accessory bags, reusable totes, hats, apparel, and more, it’s perfect for showing off your logo!

Photo courtesy of GMTRY and Ramble and Co., Shown: Custom Patches

6. Branded Lanyards

Lanyards are great adding to attendee packets, gifting to VIP guests, and more! Plus, as a sustainable gift option, those who commute can wear them in-office as well.  

Photo courtesy of Behance; Shown: Custom Lanyard Designs

7. Custom Embroidered Hat 

Need branded gifts for speakers or your attendees? How about a personalized hat to show off your logo?

Some events call for elevated swag with upgraded details, yet at a price point that won’t blow your budget. If this is what’s driving your event gift ideas, look no further than the classic baseball hat with custom embroidery!


Photo courtesy of FWRD and Kaixxo; Shown: Casablanca and Vintage Baseball Hat

8. Custom Tees 

Custom apparel and events go together like mornings and coffee. And, a favorite among gifts for corporate events. After all, there are so many ways to make your brand pop and really show off your logo. As for personalized tees, this timeless staple remains a top contender. For major kudos, think pockets, soft fabrics, tee shirt branding options that don’t suck!

Photo courtesy of Dickies and Hours Shown: Custom graphic tees 

9. Custom Crewneck Sweatshirts

With plenty of space for branding, crewneck sweatshirts are perfect for displaying your logo! Get creative and customize the sleeves, add your logo with embroidery or patches, or talk to your Gemnote rep for more ideas to make your brand stand out. 

Photo courtesy of Made By Bliss and  Annie Bing, Shown: Midnight Martini and Tyler Sweatshirt

10. Custom Pens

Want to add something your attendees can use at your event? Don’t overlook a great pen! 

Photo Courtesy of Field Notes;  Shown: Custom Pens

11. Custom Notebook

Want your notebook to really stand out? Notebooks come in all shapes sizes colors and branding options! Talk to your Gemnote rep for a full spectrum of options! 

Shown: Public Supply Notebook

12. Branded Coffee Cups

Your event is the perfect opportunity to broadcast your logo while offering more eco-friendly ways to provide your recipients with the good stuff! Talk to your Gemnote rep about the many sustainable cups and design options you have at your disposal. 

Photo Courtesy of Discount Mugs and Print Globe; Shown: EcoContainer Coffee Cups

13. Name Brand Custom Fleece Jacket 

Who can resist a soft fleece jacket to fight off chilly days—and chilly events? It doesn’t matter whether you’re investing in inexpensive gifts or luxury gifts, the most memorable products are sustainable and can be used right away. That’s what makes seasonal ideas like jackets so appreciated!

Shown: Patagonia Fleece Jacket

14. Custom Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are a fun way to infuse color and character into your brand! Add them to lanyards, apparel, and more for that extra dose of customization!

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore and A24 Films; Shown: New Yorkers Hat Pin, Baby Ada Pin

15. Reporter Notebook 

Branded notebooks remain a favorite product for customization and events. Perfect for note taking and more! 

Photo Courtesy of Field Notes;  Shown: Reporter Notebook

16. Custom Name Brand Athletic Shirt 

For major cool vibes customize name-brand athletic apparel from Nike, Adidas, Champion… and the list goes on,  for corporate event gifts that get noticed. 

Photo courtesy of Nike; Shown: Men’s Nike Dri Fit Shirt


17. Laptop Tote

With so many options for branding, a convertible tote with a laptop sleeve is a great way to add your brand everywhere they go!

Shown: Mercer+Mettle™ Convertible Tote

18. Custom Water Bottle

Sleek, minimal, and ready for anything. A stylish tumbler with an easy carry handle, like this one can only be made better with your logo. 

Photo courtesy of Mr. Porter; Shown: Café Kitsuné Kinto Tumbler 

19. Custom Permanent Marker 

Need a gift with staying power? Who doesn’t love a great permanent marker?

Photo courtesy of 4Print; Shown: Custom Sharpie

‍20. Custom Nylon Cap

Have attendees traveling to your event? For unique corporate gift ideas that are easy to pack, a nylon hat is always a fan fave. 

Photo courtesy of Rapha and Bergdorf Goodman; Shown: Custom Nylon Hats 

21. Custom Glasses

If you’re hosting an event that includes a sit-down meal, let your guests raise a glass in customized style. Then, ace your corporate gift giving with a special wine glass (complete with glass etching of course) that they can take home. 

Shown: Custom Wine Glasses and Glass Etching Customization 

22. Custom Chargers and Power Banks   

Tech Accessories are always a favorite when it comes to event gift ideas with staying power. Plus, they are one of many options for corporate gifts under $100

Want to really make your attendees’ day? Help them stay connected with a branded portable charger and power bank!

Photo courtesy of Displays to Go and Any Promo; Shown: Portable Battery Charger and Power Bank

23. Custom PopSockets

What if you could add your logo to that one item your recipient is never without? Just think customizable a PopSocket! Talk to your Gemnote rep for branding ideas! 

Photo courtesy of ChairInAir and 4Print; Shown: Customizable PopSockets

24. Custom Laptop Sleeves 

Think your branding options are limited when it comes to tech accessories? Think again! With so many options for adding colors, designs, and of course logos, custom merch is made for employees, event attendees, and more!

Photo courtesy of Cyflymder and Casetify; Shown: Custom Laptop Sleeves

25. Custom Slides

Need branded summer swag? Talk to your Gemnote rep for corporate event gifts, like these cool slides, in every price point!

Photo Courtesy of Ace Hotel; Shown Custom Slides

26. Custom Sanitizers 

You don’t have to host your event during the cold and flu season to add health wellness products to your list of corporate event gift options. 

Photo courtesy of Optamark and Bagmasters; Shown: Clip It Sanitizers

27. Reusable Bag 

Inexpensive and just what your attendees need to stock up on all those giveaways! When looking for a reusable bag, choose one that’s durable and for extra credit— made of recycled material. Talk to your Gemnote rep for ideas!

Shown: Baggu Standard Baggu

28. Packable Jacket 

A sustainable gift that travels light and packs up with ease all while protecting your recipient from the elements! For features they’ll love think styles like this with plenty of pockets and a hood. 

Shown: Sport-Tek ® Packable Anorak

29. Logo Stickers

What’s so great about branded stickers? As inexpensive corporate event gifts, their branding power really sticks! Perfect for letting your recipient adhere to drinkware, notebooks, and more!

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: Sticker Packs

30. Custom Fleece Pullover 

Similar to the fleece jacket but styled as a pullover. For extra branding props, think embroidered logos and color blocking like this one. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: Snow Half Snap Fleece Pullover

Gemnote is your one-stop gift solution for corporate events and conferences!

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