10 Popular Event Swag & Giveaway Ideas For your Events

June 3, 2021

Get inspired with event swag ideas and make your next event shine.

It goes without saying that you can purchase event swag at a party planners swag store and have it customized with your brand for event swag bags (or event swag boxes for virtual attendees). However, if you need help with event planning swag ideas, look to a company like Gemnote—a one-stop online shop for the swag items every event planner needs, whether you’re looking for, swag event promotional items, small business goodie bag ideas, marketing goodie bag ideas for events, or high-ticket items to wow VIPS and corporate execs. 

One of the pluses of going with a company like Gemnote is knowing that the brands they offer are known for their quality, integrity, and sustainability—all of which adds value to your event giveaways and reflects positively on your brand. That’s why we’re suggesting the following for your event swag bag.

10 Favorites for Corporate Event Swag Bags

1. Hand Sanitizer

Touchland Hand Sanitizer

Now more than ever, everyone is reaching for hand sanitizer multiple times a day. When you put your brand on the unique Power Mist sanitizer from Touchland, each use will be like a positive high-five for your company. Hydrating Aloe Vera and a blend of Essential Oils take this formulation to the next level. You’ll get extra points, too, for the fact that it’s cruelty-free and vegan. Plus, the company gives back through its TouchLives charitable initiatives.

2. Custom Reusable Straws

SOFI Reusable Straws

For reusable straws everyone will love, look for features like those from SOFi. Their eco-friendly paper straws are good for hours of serious sipping and are 100% naturally compostable and biodegradable. And unlike regular paper straws, these do not make your drink taste like paper—so you enjoy the taste benefits afforded by plastic straws with none of the guilt.

3. Custom Face Masks

100% Human Face Face Mask

The 100% Human Face 5-pack of reusable 100% cotton masks will keep your brand on everyone’s lips. And for every pack sold, 100% Human donates 10% to the ACLU, which has been fighting tirelessly to protect our fundamental freedoms for the past 100 years. That makes this mask five-pack a perfect choice for health and wellness swag when you have it embroidered with your logo.

4. Custom PopSockets Phone Stands

Custom PopSocket 

When the question is “Who you gonna call?,” make sure your brand is close at hand and top of mind with a branded PopSocket phone grip. It’s a very budget-friendly swag item when it comes to consumable electronics products for events. Plus, with a brand like PopSocket that's known for its charitable support or poptivism and sustainable practices,  it will reflect well on your brand too!

5. Custom Chocolate Bar 

Ritual Chocolate Bar

When you’re looking for consumable food products for events, an artisanal chocolate bar, like this one from Ritual (made with organic cacao grown by Mayan farmers in Belize), is a sophisticated and tasteful choice to elevate your brand. You can be proud to offer chocolate from a company that prioritizes sustainability while supporting quality of life along the supply chain.

6. Custom Gummy Candies  

Sour Strawberry from Candy Club 

When it comes to consumable goods for events, candy tops the list. For major points, look for unique picks like these yummy sweet and sour strawberry gummies from Candy Club. They'll disappear in a hurry, but the reusable jar can hang around and keep promoting your brand when it’s repurposed for paperclips or spare change in a desk drawer. 

7. Custom Power Stick 

Calpak Battery Charger

An elegant idea for powering digital devices on the go that will go a long way toward boosting your brand—a must-have compact battery charger from Calpak is housed inside a sleek faux leather luggage tag. Sized at 4.75 x 3 inches, it fits easily into a fanny pack, handbag or coat pocket. It’s one of the most popular consumable swag items for business events.

8. Custom Sports Bottle


H2Go Bottle 

The 33.8 oz. H2GO bottle is a clear choice for your brand when you’re putting together a consumable health products events bag and you want swag that is eco-friendly, wellness-related, and from a company committed to making the world better. H2GO Global has been dedicated to providing safe drinking water solutions to over 1.7 million water-deprived people globally. 

9. Custom Tote Bag

Baggu Duck Bag

Present your consumable swag products in a nifty cotton canvas tote like this Baggu duck bag to give your brand high impact visibility. It’s the perfect size bag for toting your laptop, yoga clothes, or crafting supplies—which means ongoing visibility for your brand. And, Baggu designs to minimize waste, uses sustainable materials, and is committed to ethical and environmentally responsible practices.

10. Custom Pocket Fan

Fiji Water Pocket Fan

This item gets points for being unexpected and useful! Choose one with features like this Fiji Water Pocket Fan that has a built-in water spritzer for extra heat relief when you are struggling to keep your cool in a packed trade show hall or on the golf course. The water bottle is detachable for easy fill-up and batteries are included. Such a cool idea, especially for summer events!

Beyond the Free Swag Bag Items

As you plan your company’s event swag, there are some other giveaway items you will probably need beyond your event attendees swag. Some of the best event swag includes:

  • event staff uniforms
  • event speaker swag
  • event VIP swag
  • prizes and other giveaways 

Staff uniforms are an excellent way to make event attendees feel more comfortable by showing them who they can turn to with questions. Even if your staff uniforms are simply event staff t shirts, go for the best quality you can because the shirts will look better, feel better, and last longer. (Tees are a swag staple precisely because they can provide high visibility for your brand as long as they last—provided they’re attractive and comfortable enough to get worn.)

Seasoned event planners always put together special deluxe goodie bags for company VIPS, guest speakers and presenters. A “Rest & Relax Kit” is probably just what those people need to recuperate and recharge after a long, eventful day. You could assemble it with any of the items from our top ten list above and then add items like an essential oil diffuser or candle, essential oils for relaxing, soothing tea, cookies, chocolate, a mini puzzle for fun, and a sleep mask. Or maybe you go with a single fabulous, high-ticket item to wow them—something that ties in with your brand and the theme of the event, or maybe something that just makes a memorable gift, such as a great jacket from a covetable brand like North Face.

Savvy event planners have learned to gamify events to encourage and reward engagement, so they know the importance of having desirable prize items in a range of values to reward different levels of participation.  

Final Tips

You want your event giveaways to be not only creative and memorable, but a cut above in quality and style, especially if you are just one of many companies that donate swag bag items for an event. So when you’re brainstorming event swag and giveaway ideas, remember that the best swag:

  • supports your company image and mission
  • delights recipients with its quality, aesthetic, and usefulness
  • will last long enough to enhance your brand awareness after the event

Investing in cheap forgettable swag is actually worse than throwing your money in the office shredder—because it has a negative impact on your brand that may not be so easily forgotten. So how do you make sure your event swag elevates your brand?

  • custom event swag gets top marks for promoting brand identity
  • invest in the highest quality your budget allows
  • choose brands that will reflect well on your brand
  • do your homework... what’s trending? what do your attendees like? what is their lifestyle?

When you’re ready to create customized swag for your company event, Gemnote has the most-wanted brands plus helpful creative advisors, fulfillment services, and more—all in one place—to help you get the most from your event swag budget. From start to finish, they will work with you every step of the way to help you choose your items, choose your customization, and produce top-notch swag. Need them to pre-assemble your goodie bags for each attendee and insert your event planning business cards? Check! (As in “check it off your list” because Gemnote definitely can do this for you.) Need them to drop ship swag goodie bags to virtual attendees? Check! Need them warehouse items for ongoing use after your event? Check! Feels good, doesn’t it, to check things off your list?! Especially when you don’t even have to break a sweat or worry about whether it’s being done right! That’s why using a company like Gemnote should be at the top of every event planner’s list.

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