20 Sustainable Gifts, Swag and Giveaway Ideas

March 24, 2021

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With natural resources depleting, the need for purchasing sustainable marketing collateral instead of fast fashion, single use items, and even some “green” items is more important than ever. It goes without saying that fast fashion, especially in clothing which makes up 10% of annual carbon emissions, and single use items should be traded for more responsible choices. However even items created from renewable resources can use more manufactured energy to produce and ship and cannot be properly disposed of. 

More than just investing in “green” or “eco friendly” items, purchasing sustainable items is not only socially and environmentally responsible, but also benefits future generations as well. And, with more and more consumers looking for companies to step up and lead by example, making a conscious effort to source ethical promotional products can set your company apart. See how you can find unique sustainable swag and giveaway ideas for your company at every price point. Below we’ve broken out products that promote sustainability for a wide range of budgets,  starting with just $5! For companies looking for the best swag at great deals, our ultimate guide to corporate gifting will help you make the best decision.

Sustainable Swag Ideas Under $5

These reusable swag items may be inexpensive, but they’re the practical gifts consumers will continue to use over time, making your marketing dollars go farther. 

1. Stainless Steel Pint Cup 

According to the Container Recycling Institute, every day approximately fifty million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators. With that in mind, reusable promotional products like this stainless steel pint cup beat throw away cups and water bottles any day. 

2. Reusable Mesh Bags 

The beauty of mesh bags is that not only do they keep things organized at home and while traveling, but they’re a cheaper more eco-friendly choice to plastic bags. If you’re looking for environmentally friendly promotions you can’t go wrong with a washable produce cotton mesh bag like these from Faire. 

3. Reusable Straws 

Plastic straws have been getting a bad rap over the last few years and with good reason. According to the National Park Service, Americans use 500 million straws per day. By choosing a reusable straw as one of your reusable promotional products your company can help make a difference. For extra appreciation, pair these stainless steel boba straws with the stainless steel tumbler.   

4. Face masks

While we couldn’t have predicted the demand for quality face masks prior to 2020, it’s now hard to imagine not needing one anytime soon. Choosing recycled marketing products like masks shows that your company cares about the environment as well as  the health and safety of others. 

5. Parsley Growable Planter Kit

A gift that keeps on giving! Who can resist customizable eco friendly gifts that grow into edible herbs and spices! This is the one of the best eco friendly products around and will definitely brighten the days of others and who knows, may even spark a new hobby for the recipient. For an easy herb with tons of recipe options, try a parsley planter kit.  

Sustainable Swag Ideas Under $10

6. Bamboo Bento Box

Packing a lunch for school or work is a great way for families to save money and calories over time. If you’re looking for environmentally friendly promotions for your next giveaway, bento boxes are a great, affordable option. Look for one like this microwave-safe, stackable set with utensils. 

7. Recycled Cotton Canvas Pouch 

We can’t think of anyone who couldn’t benefit from a functional and stylish zip pouch like this one from the Honest Company. If your goal is to find recycled giveaways, you might have found a clear winner!

8. Recycled Felt Coasters 

Save your furniture while saving the planet with a set of recycled coasters. Unlike some coasters that are more for show than anything else, recycled marketing products like these linen felt coasters keep unsightly water rings from appearing on furniture.  

9. No-Waste Lint Remover 

For sustainable swag ideas that really go the extra mile in function, a no-waste lint remover really packs a punch by saving waste from the sticky throw away sheets while rescuing your favorite clothes from lint and pilling. 

10. EcoSox Bamboo Socks

While socks might not immediately come to mind when your brainstorming sustainable swag ideas, they are an all around great choice. For a style everyone is sure  to love, look for features like reinforced heels, non binding tops, moisture-wicking, and arch support that are similar to these EcoSox bamboo Socks. 

Sustainable Swag Ideas Under $20

11. Baggu Tote

Can one ever have too many totes? We think not. A great tote is perfect in custom swag boxes as well as for your next event. Sustainable items for conferences usually include totes of some kind because they are great for stashing event merch, power chargers, phones and other small items. 

12. Stanley Travel Tumbler

Staying hydrated is a no-brainer when you have a quality travel tumbler, and ones like this Stanley Traveler are hard to part with. They make the perfect sustainable marketing collateral for conferences, employees, and your VIP customers. 

13. RuMe Recycled Duffel

While some environmentally friendly promotions only deliver on fashion or function, a lightweight and portable duffel like this one from RuMe® knows how to multitask with features like zippered pockets and a washable materials, top handles and shoulder straps. 

14. Laundry Balls 

One of the best eco friendly products you can offer are laundry balls. While not a traditional corporate swag giveaway, these small but mighty wool balls create more even drying, while helping clothing wash better and saving energy. It’s the giveaway gift no one knew they wanted, but are so thankful to receive. 

15. Travel Utensil Set 

Even if your company isn’t in the food industry, sustainable swag ideas like a reusable travel utensil set are valuable items that anyone can appreciate. And if you’re looking for extra giveaways for employees or traveling sales teams you can count on them being used again and again. 

Sustainable Swag Ideas Under $40

16. Stainless Steel bottle 

If you’re looking for sustainable items for conferences, you can’t go wrong with a branded stainless steel bottle. Not only will it help reduce waste at your event, but attendees can continue using it on commutes to work, the gym and fun filled weekend getaways. 

17. Patagonia Hip Pack

More than just a clever and convenient way to carry small items, hip packs are back in popularity. For a hardworking brand with a cult-like following, Patagonia has set the bar for sustainable apparel and equipment. For an instant giveaway favorite, try a Patagonia hip pack like this one that’s made with 100% recycled body fabric, lining and webbing.

18. District ReFleece Hoodie

No matter what your style preference may be, nothing beats a soft fleece hoodie that fights the chill. For a warm, easy-to-care-for and recycled materials and a comfy, kangaroo pocket, your customers and employees will appreciate, choose a style similar to this District Refleece hoodie. 

19. North Face Classic Cap 

A great cap can help eliminate even the worst of hair days! Impress your employees, consumers and VIPs with customized environmentally friendly promotions like this North Face Classic Cap, and they’ll proudly show off your company’s logo any time. 

20. Stanley Legendary Food Jar

As innovative as it is sustainable, one of the best sustainable giveaways you can offer is a food jar that keeps hot foods and liquids hot and cold ones cold! Perfect for trips, commutes, weekends, and just about anytime you want to take your meal on the go! A swag item like the Stanley Legendary Food Jar is great for rewarding your best customers, incentivizing leads, and of course your hard working office employees!


For more marketing giveaways ideas, check out these unique sustainable items when you want to splurge! 

1. Cork Yoga Matt 

Yoga is a great way to reduce stress, tone and stretch the body, build muscle and lose fat and more. For a sustainable splurge, try a yoga matt like this one that’s made from cork. 

2. Zero Waste Pendant

A great sustainable swag option for women, an accessory like this zero waste pendant from Yala will be treasured for years to come.   

3. Recycled Wool Blanket

A recycled wool blanket like this one from The Tartan Blanket Company isn’t just resourceful, it’s warmth, comfort and undeniable style all rolled into one! 

4. Recycled Military bag 

A no-nonsense military bag that’s tough, durable and low key cool won’t let you down.   For a major crowd pleasing style, choose a style like this one from Vintage Addiction! 

5. Glass Art Decor 

Gorgeous hand blown art glass planters like this mid century lake green style one by Apricotmint will have the recipient itching to plant something beautiful! And unlike other gifts and giveaways, plants that are nurtured can live long, healthy lives that can multiply when propagated correctly.  

Sustainable swag ideas for conferences, employee onboarding, customer appreciation and incentives, product launch parties and more are always a great idea. And, no matter what your company has allocated for your customer or employee swag budget, there are tons of great giveaway options in almost every price range imaginable! 

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