15 Custom Branded Food & Candy Ideas

January 24, 2024

The best and tastiest candy swag is here and ready for customizing!

For companies looking for a way to market their business without spending a lot of money, branded candy could be just what you need! In fact, it’s a popular swag idea amongst companies in practically any industry. And, with so many options under $10, it’s perfect for small budgets, small businesses and more.   

Aside from being an inexpensive option, custom branded food items make excellent gifts. Especially when companies offer a combination of a unique flavor, high-quality ingredients, and personalized touches that make it memorable. 

As for customizing, it’s easy to add your logo on your packaging, candy wrappers, and in some cases the candy or chocolate itself. In addition, when it comes to elevating your gift or swag box, candy is a universal addition that goes with almost everything. Better yet, there are no sizes or styles to contend with. Just settle on your flavor, and let a company like Gemnote take care of the rest. 

Shown: Candy Club

15 Treats + Packaging to sweeten any deal!

Ready to elevate your marketing with branded candy that looks just as great as it tastes? Check out our curated list for the best in candy swag and branded packaging that’s ideal for gifting, celebrating, and indulging in the good stuff!

1. Custom Compartes Chocolates

Not only have Compartes Chocolates claimed awards and made Oprah’s list of favorites, they’re known for their creative flavors and impeccable taste. Best of all, these chocolates offer a luxe appeal to instantly elevate your gift. Plus, with a logo on candy items, it makes an instagram-worthy and influencer-ready swag gift for even more marketing power. 

Shown: Custom Compartes Chocolates

2. Candy Gummies

Whether your brand colors are sunshine yellow, sweet peach, or any other hue, there’s packaging option and yummy candy to match. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more ideas and watch your marketing power explode. 

As for CBD companies looking for the best custom merch and packaging for your swag gummies and the like, get inspired with these fun and custom picks. 

Shown: Custom Candy Club Gummies

3. Fun and Nutty

While it may remind you of your favorite dirty martini, this nutty fav is office-approved and dare we say dressed to impress? With sweetly covered almonds masquerading as olives, it’s perfect for clients, employees, and potential customers alike. 

Shown: Sugarfina Martini Olives 

4. Upscale and Timeless

Still wondering how personalized candy for business can be seen as a luxe gift? Just think quality chocolate, kind of like The Met Mast Chocolate that can make even Monday mornings feel like a black tie affair.  

Shown: The Met + Mast | Dark Chocolate

5. Tasty Fruit Bites

Sweet like candy, fresh like fruit and formulated with only high quality ingredients. In other words, you won’t find any synthetic colorings or artificial flavors here. Perfect for adults, children, and even adults who act like children.  So when it comes to  custom branded candy, Gemnote can help you cover all your bases. 

Shown: Simply Fruit Bites

6. Branded Lollipops

While there will always be a place for name-brand custom apparel and high-tech gifts, sometimes it’s just a pop of color and unique giveaway that offers that sweet surprise. Think of it as a party favor for your tastebuds. Best of all, they’re handmade, natural ingredients, GMO-free, gluten-free, and allergen-free. 

Shown: Mango Jollipop and Assorted Flavors

7. Raaka Chocolate 

According to Redstone Foods, an estimated 1 billion people eat chocolate — every single day. Furthermore, 12 pounds of chocolate are consumed per year by Americans and 15 pounds for the average European. With stats this high, you can see why another decadent chocolate bar made our list. 

Described as creamy, crunchy bliss, this bar took its inspiration from Momofuku Noodle Bar's White Chocolate Pie dessert. Best of all, you’ll love that Raaka is a Fair Trade company that and its chocolate is ethically sourced. 

Shown: Raaka 20% Momofuku White Chocolate Crispy Rice

8. Strawberry Waffle Malts 

Straight from their platinum collection, Candy Club offers an ode to our favorite meal in the form of candy. And, while these mouth-watering strawberry waffle melts give us instant candy-envy, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to flavors. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more ideas.  

Shown: Candy Club Strawberry Waffle Malts

9. Vegan-Approved Candy Gummies

Looking for candy that’s fit for everyone? These vegan gummy bear candies from BonBon offer an assortment of flavors without the compromise. That’s because, not only are they gluten-free, but they’re made without any gelatin. The perfect snack for Vegans and anyone else looking for a fruity treat and only natural colors. 

Shown: BonBon Vegan Gummies

10. Branded High End Ritual Chocolate

The perfect union of fine french salt and craft chocolate come together in this savory chocolate bar from ritual. Offering tasting notes of strawberry, fudge and sea salt, it’s perfect for those with a refined appreciation for the good stuff! Oh, we should mention, Ritual Chocolate also won the 2016 Academy of Chocolate Bronze. 

Shown: Ritual Fleur de Sel with 70% Cacao 

Ready to really sweeten your custom branded candy? Check out our packaging ideas that can only be made better with your company’s logo. 

11. Bold + Branded 

Prada doesn’t need to do a lot to make an entrance. If you want to let your branding make a bold statement, just follow the icons lead with clean and modern popsicle packaging. 

Photo courtesy of bocadolobo.com

12. Tone + Texture 

The underwear brand from none other than Kim Kardashian made a huge splash when their first pop up store hit the scene in Paris. But you don’t have to go abroad to get the same cool vibes when it comes to your packaging. Just think tone-on-tone hues and and a texture that pops.  

Photo courtesy of dezeen.com

13. Clear Style + Sustainable

Sometimes the best bags give you a peak at what’s inside. If you’re looking for a minimalistic style with room to tell your story, there’s a style for you, just like the Celine bag below. 

Have a brand that incorporates a more maximalist style with pops of color and plenty of pattern play? There’s a reusable bag ready for your branding too. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more ideas.  

Photo courtesy of: PARASOLI on Tumbler

14. Popcorn Favs 

Movie nights, celebrations, appreciation parties… if you’re looking for treats and packaging for popcorn, roasted nuts, and the like… you’re in luck! As these popcorn boxes prove, luxe vibes are easy to score with cut outs, metallic printing and more. 

Photo courtesy of 1stdibs.com; Shown Tyler Shields - Prada Popcorn

15. The Best Impression  

If your customized product is so unique, so clever, and so on-brand that you just have to show it off, well, your packaging should do just that! With a quality box with a transparent front, you can let your custom items make the statement. 

As for all the nitty gritty details?  Why not let Gemnote do the heavy lifting? 

Photo courtesy of jacquemus on Tumblr

It's not hard to see why custom branded food items remain a favorite promotional product. Thanks to their versatility and value, they're well loved among the gift giver and the receiver alike. So if you're wondering how you can add them to your swag rotation, here are just some of the ways you can use custom food products to promote your company. 

1. Excellent for incentivizing. Depending on your marketing goals, your incentives can be anything from adding customers to your email list or monthly newsletter, signing up for texts, liking you on social media, and the like. Whatever it is you’re trying to incentivize, having a fun —or in this case tasty— gift to help lead the way can help sweeten the deal.   

2. Cost effective for giveaways. Need a free giveaway for your next trade fair, conference, or store opening? Or, maybe you want to add something sweet to your employee stock room or swag store, event attendee registration swag bags, and more. Whatever your reason, branded candy can make for an easy and inexpensive giveaway.  

3. Offers a warm welcome.  Have a new hire you would like to welcome to the team? Why not add it to your onboarding kit vendors or brand partners visiting your home office? Whatever the occasion, don’t underestimate the power of high-quality, great tasting candy with eye catching packaging. 

4. Makes any hour a Happy Hour.  Whether you’re meeting the team for happy hour or hosting a virtual party online, happy-hour themed, branded candy, nuts and chocolate is celebration-ready and an easy way to help everyone feel included.   

5. Easily elevated your gift. While the best corporate food gifts are perfect for any season, they can also be tailored to a holiday that’s relevant to your gift giving. For example, if you want to add something festive to your Christmas swag gift, flavors like eggnog, candy cane, and gingerbread are just the beginning! And that’s just the start! We can help you find the best seasonal options for any month and every holiday with the high quality ingredients and polished look you want to represent your company!

When it comes to personalized candy for business, this list is just the beginning! So, if you’re still on the hunt for branded candy (or even healthy gift basket ideas) that will take your marketing swag to the next level, talk to your Gemnote rep for a curated collection of goodies tailored to your brand. Not only can you see promotional candy with logo examples, but they will work within your budget too! 

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