Custom Swag Ideas For Your Business Promotion

August 13, 2021

Find affordable custom swag ideas for every promotion.

Before you start brainstorming custom swag ideas make sure you don’t skimp on important details. By thinking through your branded swag, you can ensure you’ll get  the positive results and memorable brand recognition your company deserves. 

Got Swag Goals? 

The first step in finding the best custom swag or custom swag boxes, is setting clear goals for your promotional products. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be an exhaustive, time-consuming list. Just being able to answer these few questions will help you get off to a great start. 

1. What do you want your custom swag items to achieve?

This could a small giveaway you’d like to have for an upcoming vendor fair to gain brand exposure with those who aren't familiar with your brand. Or, for those who are, you may want your custom corporate swag to keep your company top of mind. On the other hand, you may want to offer custom swag boxes as a special thank you gift for your best of the best VIP clients. Or, you may be looking for custom team swag that your employees can or wear at an upcoming conference.

2. What is your swag budget? 

Just as your reasons for investing in custom swags can run the gamut, your budget will too. Moving forward, you’ll want to be sure and account for your company’s swag needs at the same time you define your oval marketing budget for each quarter. Here are some great tips to think through when you are setting and maximizing your budget

3. What does your timing look like? 

Whether you have the flexibility in wanting luxe custom swag on website or are needing it for the upcoming holidays, corporate anniversaries, events and conferences or promotional giveaways, ordering over night custom swag will increase your price. By being prepared, you won’t have to settle and will save money in the process. 

Once you are clear on your swag goals, can start jotting down ideas. For the best custom swag for your company, you’ll want to invest in products with the following attributes: 

  • Fun & Functional 
  • Nice quality 
  • In budget

10 Custom Swag Ideas For Your Business Promotion

1. Custom Tees

Wondering what’s so great about tee shirts? First of all, one can never have too many—and the proof is probably in your closet, chest of drawers, hamper and gym bag! Second, once you find one you love, you never want to part with it. Ahhh, think of the marketing power! 

So what exactly makes a great tee shirt? Fabrication is everything, style is eternal, and your custom design is imperative! When it comes to fabrication, let softness be your guide. After all, no one appreciates a tee that’s so crisp it can practically hang itself. As for style, you can’t go wrong with a classic crewneck, like the ones shown below from Bella and Canvas. From there, your recipient can make it their own by rolling up the sleeves, tying in a knot, or layering over or under their fashion ensemble. Talk to your Gemnote rep about personalization options offers like screenprinting and embroidery. 

Tip:  out these memorable fonts to get your creative juices flowing!


2. Branded Sweatshirts

Just like tee shirts, sweatshirts have major staying power! No matter where you live, there’s almost always a need to have a great sweatshirt on hand. From drafty offices, chilly commutes, freezing event halls and conference rooms to just plain winter, sweatshirts offer style and warmth all year round!

Think you’ve found your perfect sweatshirt? You might consider creating an online swag store (it’s easy and Gemnote can help) and selling it. Who knows, you could create your own cult following similar to Glossier did with theirs. 

Tip: For major bonus points, you can’t go wrong with hoodies and kangaroo pockets! 

3. Printed Cards

Business cards, catalog inserts (or catalogs), fliers, postcards, thank you cards… the list goes on and on! When it comes to creating a printed card that won’t end up in the trash, you have options! From a rainbow of colors to the finish (think matte or glossy) to the perfect fold, don’t skimp on the details when it comes to your company’s printed cards. 

Talk to a Gemnote rep about all the options you have for creating that perfect piece. As the leader in best promotional product companies, they’ll make sure the aesthetics, printing and delivery of your product represents your company in the best way possible! 

Tip: Elevate your custom swag bags with a printed card or gift tag that includes your logo, web address and personal message. 

4. Enamel Pins

Have you heard? The 90s are back and so are enamel pins! Enamel pins are a fun way to tell your customers or prospects that you’re sticking around to serve them! Plus, when it comes to custom swag packs, enamel pins are an affordable add in. 

Whether you're looking to infuse some flair (hello, Office Space), jazz up a tote, backpack, laptop case, or clothing, find one that’s easy and secure to clip on. Next, sit back and see where your marketing efforts go!

Tip: For cheap custom swag, an enamel pin is an excellent choice thanks to it’s small lightweight design that travels and ships with ease. 

5. Easy Storage

If storage and organization isn’t a buzzword, we don’t know what is! From downsizing to minimalistic designs and sustainability, we know that bigger doesn’t always mean better.

Surprise and delight your recipient with branded swag they can use long after you give it away. For keeping cords, chargers,  and power banks, organized to keys, badges, toiletries, and the like, extra packable storage is epic. 

Tip: For an easy favorite, check out styles like the Topo Designs Dopp Bag (above) that puts the fun in functional!


6. Customized Hats 

Thinking about adding a hat to your custom swag packs? Let your branding be your guide. Whether you want it to reflect your company’s color, a design you’ve used for marketing a big event and more, your options are endless! 

One of the great things about hats is they can be just as fun as they are functional. Whether you’re looking to add your logo to a name brand style like Outdoor Voices (shown) Nike, Carhartt, The North Face and more, you’ll have your pick of designs and styles to choose from. 

Tip: Add hats to your next team building outing and let your employees in on the swag fun. 

7. Personalized Mugs 

First impressions are everything, so make sure your office or event promotes a positive, no excess waste vibe with reusable drinkware. Our oceans are littered with plastic bottles and other plastics, but can you promote a better, cleaner culture by including reusable drinkware for your swag. 

Want everyone to know “my custom swag is a reflection of my culture, by promoting less waste.” Let your swag do it for you and won’t have to say a word.  For quality drinkware and tumblers, you can’t go wrong with elevated, quality designs like this Kinto To Go Tumbler. 

Tip: Ready to add drinkware to your custom swag bag? Functional accessories like reusable straws are always a swag pleaser!

8. Go Anywhere Backpacks

Just as not all custom swag chains are alike, not all backpacks are created equally. And the only thing worse than an ugly backpack is one that lets you down when you need it most. Think papers flying everywhere, or that zipper that breaks in the midst of a commute. 

When it comes to investing in backpacks, think about important features like storage space, pockets, quality construction, and go anywhere, impeccable designs, similar to what you’ll find in this Timbuk2 laptop backpack with roll top which also makes great custom sports swag!

Tip: While being on trend is great, it’s the classics that offer staying power. 

9. Company Jackets

Sometimes cheap swag is what you need for giveaways or hand outs, but sometimes, you have to bring out the big guns. If you’re looking to impress or thank that high profile client, dazzle that new prospect, or land that unicorn of a client, you’ll want to think big, like a customized company jacket. For ultimate brand appeal, you can’t go wrong with high quality styles like The North Face.  

Ready to add your custom design? Just like in real estate, it’s all about Location! Location! Location! For a sophisticated option add your logo to the front pocket or  get creative and your logo or company website down the arm of one of the sleeves. 

Tip: Ask your Gem rep for all the different ways you can add customization! 

10. Reusable Totes

Last but definitely not least, is a reusable bag. Not only is this a sustainable option to help eliminate waste, it’s great for concerts, conferences, and trade shows since it provides ample space for all those great giveaways. Best of all, it can be reused again and again for clothes, shopping and in lieu of gift bags. 

Reusable totes are a great way to have fun with your branding. Whether it’s sophisticated and understated or bright and cheerful, just make sure your logo can be seen by all!  

Tip: Check out these 20 ideas on sustainable gifts and giveaways

That may wrap up our list of 10 Custom Swag Ideas, however, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to swag! Talk to a Gem Note rep about how you can get the most bang for your buck with custom swag boxes and products! 

Are you working on a similar project or campaign?