20 Swag Ideas for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

August 20, 2021

When it comes to investing in personalized real estate marketing, we've got your swag!

The importance of promotional items

When it comes to finding irreplaceable real estate agents and brokers, you will want to do your research! The best real estate agents and brokers not only exhibit crucial qualities like being nice, knowledgeable, and professional, but also are endorsed, experienced, and have the necessary education, credentials, and integrity you want in your employees. At the end of the day, your real estate or broker will be representing your company. Their actions or lack thereof will directly affect how your customers or clients feel about your company. 

Once you find irreplaceable real estate agents and brokers, it’s important to invest in them the same way you do your best clients. They are a direct representation of your company and need to feel valued and appreciated. Not only will this go a long way toward building a happy and healthy company culture but will also increase your brand’s reputation. From online reviews to referrals, nothing will benefit your company more than investing in your top talent. 

20 Swag Ideas for Agents and Brokers

1. Chocolate Goodies!

You can’t go wrong adding a decadent chocolate snack to your real estate swag bag! For the best chocolate realtor swag ideas look for variety packs so your recipient can live the good life! We love Mast’s Chocolate variety pack which includes all the best flavors such as: Dark, Milk, Sea Salt, Almond Butter, Mint, Olive Oil, Coffee, Lavender, Raspberry, Oat Milk, Tea, and Hazelnut.


2. Professional Briefcase

You know your employees are rockstars, now let them feel like one, with a customized briefcase that’s every bit as stylish as it is functional. If briefcase real estate swag is on your short list, look for features like padded laptop pockets, an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, and more, like this City Brief from InCase. 

3. A Quality Tumbler 

This crowd pleaser is a great option for real estate agents, brokers and any one else on your team who appreciates a little help while on the go! For an easy win look for a quality design like Yeti’s Rambler that even has a straw for added convenience! Plus, with quality like Yeti, you can be sure it will last and you can have yours branded in your choice of colors. 

4. A Nice Journal 

For a functional gift that keeps things professional, give them a customized journal for notes, appointments and more. In front of clients or for your next staff meeting, a professional journal always makes the right impression. Customize it with your company logo for an even more real estate swag bag ideas. 

5. Travel Necessities Like A Cord Organizer 

An easy real estate swag favorite is one that boasts both convenience and style, like this Marshall leather cord organizer. Not only does it help keep things tidy (aka professional) but it packs well too! 

6. Customized Sweatshirt

Need sure fire real estate marketing tools that help build brand recognition? Add a customized sweatshirt to your real estate swag bag and let your brand follow them wherever they go! For a fail proof style like this one, you can’t go wrong with Marine Layer. 

7. A Reusable Tote 

When the workweek is done and your agent or broker is headed into the weekend, let them trade in their briefcase for a branded reusable tote. For extra bonus points, add your logo in a prominent place and let this sustainable bag do the marketing. It’s a real estate swag bag in itself and so much better for the wild life and environment than single use plastic bags.  

8. Customized Casual Pullover

Professional yet delightfully casual, a sharp pull over is just what the need in and out of the office. For major swag bonus points, go for a name brand like Nike with Dri Fit features to wick away moisture.  

9. A Long Sleeve Tee 

A step up from the average tee, a classic crewneck long sleeve short can give all the comfortable, casual vibes, while still pairing nicely from weekdays to weekends. For all the best features, look for features like this light, breathable Tradewind Performance Tee by Vuori clothing. It’s a perforated performance knit with full UPF coverage with quick-drying benefits. 


10. A Commuter Sleeve 

Perfect for real estate agents and brokers, a commuter sleeve for a laptop with room for papers also makes the best swag to get real estate clients! Perfect for slipping in a briefcase, bag, or carrying on it’s own.  

11. A Nike Duffel Bag 

From the office, to a client meeting to the gym and home again. One thing is for sure, your real estate agents and brokers are always on the go! Which makes a great duffel bag (like this one from Nike) an everyday essential. 

12. Branded Magnets

A little extra goes a long way! While this isn’t going to win an award for best employee of the year gift, it is going to rock your list for cheap real estate swag and is just what you need to finish off your swag bag. And, if you really want to leave your mark, magnets make perfect real estate open house swag.

13. A Quick Dry Towel 

Let them remember you when they are on vacation—or after a great sweat session at the gym— with a branded quick dry towel. It’s the functional gift, they didn’t know they needed. 

14. A Weighted Blanket

Need a real estate agent advertising examples with a little more weight? A luxe weighted blanket may be just up their alley. Perfect for holiday gifts, employee appreciation, and more, weighted blankets have been touted to reduce stress, induce sleep, and many more benefits.  

15. A Handy Hip Pack 

Once known as a fanny pack, hip packs are back! With the same great storage and hands-free features, they’ll appreciate the thought and everyday convenience. For added bonus points, customize a name brand style like this one from Nike. 

16. A Great Backpack

When not just any gift will do, kick up your swag game with an epic backpack. What makes a backpack epic? Think padded shoulder straps, laptop sleeve, pockets galore and an ergonomic style that makes commutes easier to bear, like this one from InCase.  Thinking about a backpack? Talk to a Gemnote rep about different options for adding your logo. From screen printing to embroidery, and more, you’ll love your options!   

17. High Quality Headphones 

When it’s time to really show your agents and brokers the love, pull out all the stops with high quality, bluetooth headphones, like these premium AirPod Pros with noise cancelling features. 

18. A Bluetooth Key Tracker 

Agents and brokers have a lot on their plate. From meetings, to walkthroughs, clients and more, even the most organized of employees can have an off day. Thankfully there’s a bluetooth tracker with their, we mean, your company’s,  name it. Throw a key, like this one from Orbit, in your real estate swag bag for extra wow. 

19. A Sporty Jacket 

Rain or shine, a full zip, easy on and off jacket is a must for hard working teams on the go! Not only will it offer protection from the elements, but your logo is now a walking advertisement. Look for quality styles like this men’s and women’s 3-Stripes jackets from Adidas.  

20. A Great Pen Set  

Another swag bag essential, a sleek pen set is always in style. Perfect for brainstorming real estate content ideas, meeting agendas, customer notes and more! For a colorful set that still brings a professional air, check out styles like this Slim Pen Set from Pocketo. 

Finding great swag can also lead to discovering real estate swag content ideas. After all, when you are sharing professional branded gear with your team, you are going to want to document the occasion. Don’t chance having bad swag ruin your company’s reputation. By using a company like Gemnote, you can feel good about the customization and products you’re investing in. 

For more ideas on favorite real estate swag for your agents, employees, brokers, vendors, and just about any one else, talk to a representative from Gemnote. From sustainable gifts to holiday swag and marketing giveaways, they can create a curated collection of items tailored to your company’s objectives and budget! 

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