Corporate Swag Bag Ideas For Remote Employees

November 18, 2021

Get inspired with these 11 branded corporate swag bag ideas for your remote workers and more.

Ready to make your marketing efforts go the distance? There is a good chance your company would benefit from creating a corporate swag bag. In fact, swag gifts are perfect for building excitement and welcoming your guests to events, recognizing employees, and even attracting potential clients. As a marketing vehicle, customized swag can even help promote your company and reinforce (or in some cases build) brand recognition.  

What is a Swag Bag

Before we dive in, it’s important to understand what a swag bag is. The term swag applies is an acronym and applies to Stuff We All Get. So in other words, it’s free giveaways that is created for giving away. While it’s great to have a list of cheap swag ideas, it’s important to make sure your swag doesn’t disappoint your recipient. For example, if you give cheap swag away at a pricey conference, your attendees may feel like they didn’t get their money’s worth if they paid a registration fee. 

Furthermore, for companies who have promote sustainability and invest in “greener” ways to do business and make their production process more eco-friendly, could do more harm than good with cheap throwaway or single use swag. 

An employee, customer or event swag bag contains customized giveaways and snacks that help market a company. The best swag gifts are practical, in season and well thought out. 

Tips for Creating the Best Swag Bag Items:

1. Budgeting for Employee Gift Ideas And Event Swag

Just as office Christmas gift ideas should be a part of your budget, so should your employee gift bag ideas and those for events. While there’s no finite rule on the exact quantity for swag bag items, you don’t have to go overboard, and can allow your budget and marketing goals lead the way. 

Although the purpose of the swag bag is for promotion, expenses should still be taken into consideration. It is not beneficial for a company that spent more than what they earned from their swag bags.

2. Employee Gift ideas and Swag Kits: 

Just as the best holiday gifts for employees and customers don’t have to be exuberant, neither do your corporate swag ideas. Swag bags can contain around 3 to 5 items, however your budget can help make the final call. 

When thinking through what products to add, consider your event. Is there a theme? What about branding? Is there a way you can incorporate your brand into the items you are choosing? Employee Christmas gift ideas and event swag that won’t let you down should have your company’s logo on it. 

In addition to choosing sustainable, customized products, you will also want to have items that are of quality. In fact, even small budgets or small business goodie bag ideas can take the approach of quality over quantity. Below, you’ll find lots of ideas that feature holiday gift bag ideas as well as cheap swag ideas for events that are still made to last. 

3. Employee Gift Ideas & Event Swag Presentation 

First impressions count! The appearance of the swag bag will help make up your attendees first impression, so make it a good one! A spacious backpack may leave the idea that the items in there will be useful. Aside from the items in the bag, the design of the bag will mostly be a part of the whole expense. And, as a sustainable item they you can use again and again, don’t forget to add customization so your brand can get even more exposure. 


Many times employee Christmas gift ideas and event swag that come in nice packaging are kept and reused, so if your budget allows for reusable items, it's a great way to leverage your marketing power. 

4. Best Holiday Gifts For Employees & Customers Art Styling:

Employee gift ideas that are successful have a lot of thought put into the styling. After preparing the items inside the swag bag, the design of the products and bags should be considered. An art department within the company would cut the expenses that will be used on the swag bags. If there are none, you can hire a trusted artist that can provide you with a design of your company’s logo. 


Employee gift ideas and event swag offer memorable keepsakes of the time spent with your company. Because of that you will want to make sure that the gifts you choose for your swag kit are well thought.  

Get inspired with these corporate swag bag ideas for your remote workers and employee swag kits. No matter what your swag bag kit entails, your Gemnote rep can help you find memorable products that are perfect for customizing. 

Swag Bags For Events, Remote Employees, Onboarding and more!

Ace your branding and make your recipient smile! These customer and employee gift bag ideas are perfect for companies looking to create unforgettable merch. 

1. Fun And Functional Swag Bag Items

For an event giveaway or as an onboarding swag kit, these corporate swag ideas bring the best of everything!

What’s inside: 

  • Soma reusable bottle
  • Native Union Charger 
  • Banagrams game
  • Custom hat 
  • Custom Crossbody 

branded swag idea

2. Elevated Essentials Swag Bag Items

These swag ideas for employees or customers are perfect for creating a sustainable bag filled with items that will be used on repeat. 

What’s inside: 

  • Custom Bandana
  • Custom Bag 
  • Public Supply Notebook
  • Mirr Drinkware 
  • Custom Keychain

branded swag kit idea

3. Luxe faves: Best Swag Bag Items

When it comes to swag ideas for employees who work remote, you can’t go wrong with items like apparel and branded bags that help them feel like part of the team no matter where they are located.  

What’s inside: 

  • Custom tee
  • Custom backpack
  • AS Colour Hat 
  • Custom Airpods 
  • Custom drinkware

custom merch swag kit idea

4. Perfect Mix: Swag Ideas For Employees 

Whether they are remote, parked in an office or making the commute for a more hybrid role, these employee or event swag bag ideas have a little of everything—including a sweet treat and reusable bag.  

What’s Inside: 

  • Reusable bag 
  • Custom pocket tee
  • Custom hat 
  • Soap 
  • Swell Drinkware
  • Mast chocolate bar
  • Native Union Power charger

custom merch it kit idea

5. Not Your Average Swag Bag

While this doesn’t fit with swag for teens, it does offer a unique products for adults and even a fur baby. Perfect for toasting!

What’s Inside: 

  • Custom tee
  • Reusable shot glasses 
  • Dog toy 
  • Custom hat 
  • Custom bandana 
  • Branded product 
  • Reusable bag 

branded merch kit ideas
Photo courtesy of Jaja merch

6. Highs and Low Swag Kit 

What’s in your budget? This kit is a favorite example for small business goodie bag ideas that combine high quality cheap swag ideas with luxe gear for the perfect mix of price points. 

What’s Inside: 

  • Custom Tee
  • Custom Magnets
  • Custom Cap
  • Custom Cooler
  • Custom Bandana

custom swag kit example
Photo courtesy of Loe River merch

7. Fun Faves and Holiday Gift Bag Ideas

Even brands with more nuetral color palettes can up the ante with terrific swag ideas. We love that these items are reusable and the Baggu bag can be used to keep it all safe and sound. 

What’s inside:

  • Baggu Duck Bag 
  • Custom candle
  • Escuyer Socks 
  • Miir Drinkware
  • Gentle Cleanser 
  • Miir Drinkware
  • Areaware Coasters

8. On Brand On Trend Swag Kit

Another branded swag kit that’s perfectly fitting for adults. When it comes to adhering to their brand palette no hue is left going rogue. Talk to your Gemnote rep about PMS color matching and approvals for swag made easy. 

What’s inside: 

  • Branded product 
  • Custom Tee
  • Custom Slides
  • Custom Game

branded swag kit example
Photo courtesy of Recess merch

9. Swag for Teens

Today’s teens or young adults focus on products that are aesthetically beautiful or very useful to them. Young employees usually care about their fashion when going to work or just going outside. There are different personalized plastic gift bags and fitness swag bag ideas that are popular for teens and young adults. 

What’s Inside: 

  • Baggu reusable bag
  • Dick Taylor Chocolate 
  • Champion Crewneck Sweatshirt
  • Modern Monaco Mug
  • Reborn Pour-Over Coffee Packs 

custom merchandise ideas
Photo courtesy of 6ix 0ero 5ive

10. Long-lasting Holiday gifts for employees and customers

Christmas gift ideas for employees and customers as well as event bags should be functional and sustainable, just like this swag kit from Here’s an example from NPR event How I Built This Summit.

What’s inside: 

  • Kraft Travelers Pocket Notebook
  • Modern Stealth Tumbler
  • Bic Clic
  • Tranzip Computer Tote

ideas for custom merch

11. Self-Care Employee Gift Bag Ideas

Bags that contain items for personal care and grooming are not just trending but extremely appreciative. We love these swag gifts with Upstart branding. Along with reflecting the financial company’s branding, it’s easy to see how it could help establish a personal connection with and customers. With their self-care swag bag, customers will feel positivity and comfort with them.

What’s inside:  

  • Topo Designs Tote Bag
  • Bella Canvas Shirt
  • Little Apple Treats
  • S’well Bottle
  • Old Whaling Company Candle
  • Public Supply Notebook
  • Mast Brothers Chocolate Bar

employee gift bag ideas

From Holiday Gifts for Employees to Swag Bags for Events

Why settle for boring merch? The best employee gift ideas are those that are part of a swag bag and can be enjoyed all year! Swag bags are bags that contain everyday giveaway items that are perfect for special events. 

Company Swag Ideas & Cheap Swag Ideas

The general idea that comes to mind when it comes to swag bags is that they are inexpensive. When looking for inexpensive company swag ideas, the key here is choosing products that won’t reflect poorly on your brand. 

Corporate swag bags were made not just to promote their products during these events, but also as a gift for attendees. To make an excellent first impression, the company must have a useful, elegant-looking swag bag. The items in a corporate swag bag and its design should be considered mainly by the company. Companies that had great corporate swag bag ideas managed to make a great first impression on their people.

Talk to your Gemnote rep today on how you can get a curated collection of swag bag ideas specific to your brand! 

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