Swag Bag Ideas For Your Business & Events

May 15, 2024

Discover the ultimate swag bag inspiration from tech favs to custom apparel and more!

Your quest for swag bag ideas that elevate your business or event and delight your recipient just got easier. From tips for saving money and ideas for customization to creating a cohesive swag kit that’s relevant, in demand, and on brand, we’ll help you find all the best products. 

Before we dive in, if you're new to the promotional products arena, you may be wondering, what are swag bags exactly?  Basically, swag bags, also known as goodie bags, are bags filled with promotional merchandise or gifts that are typically given out at events, conferences, trade shows, or parties. These bags often contain branded items such as pens, notebooks, water bottles, keychains, apparel, and more that boast a company logo and branding. 

Swag bags serve multiple purposes, including building brand awareness, promoting products or services, expressing gratitude to attendees or clients, and enhancing the overall experience of the event. Finally, they can vary in size, content, and customization depending on the budget, target audience, and goals of the event host. 

And, don’t worry, if the thought of coming up with cool swag bag ideas seems overwhelming, your Gemnote rep can create a curated collection of items that will work for your company’s branding and your budget. From office swag bag ideas to apparel your recipient will want to wear, this is a great way to narrow down your options for a swag kit that’s unique and cohesive.  

Swag Bag Ideas For Events

Have an upcoming event? Handing our tangible items your attendees can use long after the day is through is a great way to keep your company top of mind! Whether it’s your annual conference, a local trade show, your company party, or the like, there are company swag bags for every recipient and every budget. 

Gemnote can help you find a treasure trove of Instagrammable merch and swag tailored to suit your every event and customized for your company’s branding. However, before you start picking products, you’ll probably want to have a swag budget set up to help narrow down your list and keep your investment working for you. 

5 Ways to Save on Cool Swag Bag Ideas

Putting your best foot forward, leaving a lasting impression, and staying on budget is possible.  Don’t have a swag budget? Check out our tips for creating an employee swag budget. 

1. Purchase in Bulk. 

Many times you can get the lowest price per piece when you order bigger quantities. So, if you’re looking at tee shirts for an upcoming event you may want to factor in additional styles for any future trade shows or employee parties and the like as well. 

You can customize the tees separately to promote your different events and enjoy savings on the price per item. To save on your printing costs use one design for your entire order. 

2. Choose Sustainable Items. 

The best swag bag ideas for business are the ones that leave a lasting impression on your recipient. While cheap pens or useless trinkets may save you money on the front end if they quickly stop working or add no value to your recipient, they can do more harm than good. 

3. Consider Logistics. 

From packaging to storage and shipping before or after the event, you’ll want to think through the different steps of how your company's swag bags will get to your event, how you present them to your recipients, and how your recipient will get them home. Not hosting an in-person event? Talk to your Gemnote rep for virtual swag bag ideas that are durable for shipping yet lightweight for the best cost savings.   

4. Consumer Preferences

Depending on your industry, you may not have the luxury of knowing exactly what your recipient will enjoy the most. However, you can easily weed out unfavorable options. For example, if it is freezing outside a beanie or scarf will be preferable to shorts or a trucker hat. Likewise, if it is really hot outside when you are distributing your swag kits, choose snacks that can hold up to the heat if there is a chance they could melt. 


5. Think Convenience. 

Looking for swag bags for your attendees? Totes are always a great choice because in addition to being lightweight, customizable, and affordable, they can do double duty by holding any other products you include. Plus, they offer your recipient easy storage and hands-free convenience. 

10 Cool Swag Bag Ideas

When it comes to innovative suggestions tailored to making your gatherings unforgettable, choose quality, customizable products like these that offer longevity and the ultimate marketing power. Since your swag bag gift ideas can go everywhere your recipient does. 

1.  Airbnb

For an event giveaway or as an onboarding swag kit, these corporate swag ideas offer the best of everything! And, remember, there’s no set amount of items needed to make up a swag kit. So choose as many as you need or as just the heavy hitters to create your own. 

What’s Inside: 

  • Custom Pullover 
  • Custom Hotel Keychain 
  • Logo Hat 
  • CustomTote
  • Logo Tumbler
  • Branded Notebook

2. Recess

Whether it's in person or virtual swag bag ideas you need, you don’t have to sacrifice a thing! And, as for your branding, talk to your Gemnote rep about PMS color matching and approvals so no hue is left going rogue. 

What’s inside: 

  • Branded product 
  • Custom Tee
  • Custom Slides
  • Custom Game

Photo courtesy of Recess merch

3. Mail Chimp  

Looking for a swag bag that’s every bit as fun as it is functional? From branded games to bold colors, there are customizable products just waiting to be branded. So have fun with your selections and get ready to show off your logo in the best way possible! 

What’s inside: 

  • Soma reusable bottle
  • Native Union Charger 
  • Bananagrams game
  • Custom hat 
  • Custom Crossbody 

4. Asana 

These swag ideas for employees, customers, and event attendees alike are perfect for creating a bag filled with sustainable products that can be used on repeat. Furthermore, when it comes to useful swag, totes, notebooks, drinkware, and more have a permanent spot on the best of swag lists. 

What’s inside: 

  • Custom Bandana
  • Custom Bag 
  • Public Supply Notebook
  • Mirr Drinkware 
  • Custom Keychain

5. Meat

Whether you need virtual swag bag ideas or customizable products for your in-person event or corporate gathering, you don’t have to sacrifice a thing! And, as for your branding, talk to your Gemnote rep about PMS color matching and approvals so no hue is left going rogue. 

What’s inside: 

  • Custom Tee
  • Branded Pop Socket 
  • Branded Travel Mug
  • Custom Logo Cap
  • Custom Sharpie 
  • Personalized Tote

6. Metaverse

Looking for vip swag bag ideas? Talk to your Gemnote rep about customizing tech favs like AirPods, portable speakers, and more! Paired with everyday essentials like custom apparel and drinkware, and you have a grouping made for execs, employees, clients—or clients to be and more!

What’s inside: 

  • Custom Crewneck
  • Swag Notebook
  • Personalized Bucket Hat 
  • Branded Pens
  • Logo Travel Mug 
  • Portable Speaker
  • Custom Backpack


When it comes to swag bag gift ideas there really is no end to the options you have at your disposal! From accessories and apparel to toys for pets and even your own product, the sky really is the limit. 

What’s Inside: 

  • Custom tee
  • Reusable shot glasses 
  • Dog toy 
  • Custom hat 
  • Custom bandana 
  • Branded product 
  • Reusable bag 

Photo courtesy of JAJA merch

8. Upstart

A little sweet and a lot savory! Adding chocolate and snacks to your swag bag ideas for business gatherings is always a good idea. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to add items to your collection. 

Need more ideas for branded candy? We’ve got the best picks for every taste, brand, and budget! 

What’s inside:  

  • Topo Designs Tote Bag
  • Bella Canvas Shirt
  • Little Apple Treats
  • S’well Bottle
  • Old Whaling Company Candle
  • Public Supply Notebook
  • Mast Brothers Chocolate Bar

9. Lone River

The perfect mix of swag bag ideas for events doesn’t stop at just products. Talk to your Gemnote rep about the many ways you can customize apparel, leather, glass, stainless steel and more! 

Thinking about adding a custom cap to your idea list? Check out these top branded hats to keep your company top of mind! 

What’s Inside: 

  • Custom Tee
  • Custom Magnets
  • Custom Cap
  • Custom Cooler
  • Custom Bandana

Photo courtesy of Lone River merch

10. Glossier 

From cold conference rooms to sunny days, your company swag bags should be anything but stuffy and move effortlessly with your recipient throughout their day!  Looking for on-brand, sustainable packaging like the box below? Gemnote can help you with that too! 

What’s Inside: 

  • Custom crewneck
  • Custom Duffel Bag  
  • Custom Cap
  • Custom Slides
  • Custom Hoodie

Photo courtesy of Glossier merch

‍Whether you're gearing up for a corporate gathering, a promotional event, or simply want to show appreciation to your employees or clients, you’ll discover an array of curated swag bag suggestions designed to leave a lasting impression and amplify your brand presence.

There is a lot more where that came from! 

Still searching for event or conference swag bag ideas? Check out these top company swag items that remain top picks for almost any occasion. 

From practical essentials to trendy keepsakes, the options are endless. Keep exploring, get creative, and tailor your swag bags to perfectly reflect your brand and leave a lasting impression on your audience. With the right selection of swag items, your next event will be one for the books! 

Ready to get started? Talk to your Gemnote rep today on how you can get a curated collection of swag bag ideas specific to your brand or browse our Lookbook for products, brands and more ideas! 

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