Corporate Swag Bag Ideas For Remote Employees

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Swag bags are bags that contain everyday giveaway items during special events. The general idea that comes to mind when it comes to swag bags is that they are cheap. Corporate swag bags were made not just to promote their products during these events, but also as a gift. To make an excellent first impression, the company must have a useful, elegant-looking swag bag. The items in a corporate swag bag and its design should be considered mainly by the company. Companies who had great corporate swag bag ideas managed to make a great first impression on their people.

During special events of a company, there are a lot of strategies that they do to promote it. Leaflets, posters, social media posts, and direct invites are some of the things that companies do for promotion. Another way for attendees not to reject your offer is by giving them a swag bag. A good-looking, useful corporate swag bag will make an excellent first impression for these people. Swag bags come as a promotion as well as a gift. Different swag bag ideas will help to depend on the company’s target audience.  

What are Swag Bags? 

Swag bags are stylish bags that contain promotional products of the company. “Swag” is short for Stuff We All Get. Historically, swag came from the Latin word Swagatolli which means a bag that has essential items for a camp night. 

The types of things in a swag bag depend on the products that a company is promoting. The swag bag is a simple trick that companies do for them to advertise their products and leave an impression on them. 

Even though swag bags do not offer the same advertising as online and tv ads, it still has an impact. By seeing your brand on these swag bags and using these items daily, your brand is remembered. 

What do you put in a swag bag?

Ready to deliver memorable swag that will leave your recipient not only delighted but ready to recommend your company’s product or service to their friends and family? In order to determine what goes into your swag bag, consider these 4 W’s: Who, what, where, and when.     

Who is your recipient? In order to delight and surprise your swag audience, you’ll want to deliver something they can use and enjoy! Just as you wouldn’t put say, a leather coin purse in a swag bag for PETA conference attendees, you’ll want to consider healthy snacks as opposed to high sugar candy at a health and wellness conference. 

What is your budget? Swag is a great advertising tool that is often overlooked for traditional advertising. This is a big miss, especially when you invest in branded gear. For example, if you give away a logo tee to conference attendees, every time that person wears their swag it’s free advertising to your company and continues to build brand recognition. 

Where are you delivering your swag? If you are at a local event, transporting ceramic mugs or heavy swag items may be an easy feat. However, if you are traveling or having to mail out swag you will want to think through the price and ease of shipping. 

When is your swag being handed out? The best swag is used and appreciated immediately. While an ice scraper may be valuable to recipients in the northern states, chances are if you give it to them during the dog days of summer, they are more likely to forget about it or lose it before they get a chance to use it.

The Bag

Aside from thinking about the items you will put in the bag, you must also consider the design and quality of the pack. The swag bag should also contain the logo of your brand to make sure that the attendees will remember your company. The size of the container should be small enough to carry it every day. An excellent example of good promotion is a bag made from recyclable materials from an environmental company. 

The Bag Items 

Companies should think about what they will put in their swag bags. The items that will be in it will give their customers the first impression about them. There are a few qualities of the promotional items must-have. 

1. Functional

For customers to remember your brand, make sure that they can use the products daily. Seeing these products every day will make them realize that your company is essential for their daily lives. Functionality is one of the things that customers are looking for before buying their products. 

2. Long-lasting

Not only should the items be useful, but it can also last for a long time. Having them see these products for a long time can help in thinking that they will need them eventually. Giving swag bags is one of the ways to promote your company through gift-giving. 

An example of a swag bag that contains long-lasting items is from NPR. The swag bag from How I Built This Summit held by NPR consists of a Kraft Travelers Pocket Notebook, Modern Stealth Tumbler, Bic Clic, and Tranzip Computer Tote. The items in this swag bag are the things you can use daily and for a long time. 

The quality of the bag and the items that will be in it are the things that you have to consider for your swag bag. Although these are the main things you remember, there are other factors in preparing a swag bag.

What are popular swag items?

So now that you know what to consider when choosing your swag, here are some of the very best items for a variety of budgets. 

Swag apparel: You can’t go wrong with investing in items that your recipients can wear.  

Swag accessories: Laptop stickers, key chains (especially those that double as a light or bottle opener), pop sockets, planters.  

Swag carriers: Backpacks, hip packs, totes, wallets, luggage tags. 

Swag electronics: Bluetooth speakers, portable chargers, lightning sticks, flash drives and diffusers.    

Swag phone accessories: Pop sockets, removable adhesive pockets, and fun add on accessories like lights and selfie stick for taking pics.  

Swag consumables: Consumables are anything that can be used right away and can be anything from sweet treats like candy, popcorn, chocolates to beverages like coffee and tea samples. You could also include branded items like notepads, pens and markers.  

What goes in a virtual swag bag?

Need ideas for a virtual swag bag? In addition to thinking through your budget and way of delivery options, some affordable items that are easy to ship include tees, hats, stainless steel water bottles and tumblers, magnets and calendars. 

For virtual delivery you can always digitally send gift certificates, coupon codes, sneak peeks to upcoming product releases whether in an email or on a website page the recipient has exclusive access to. 

What design would go with Swag Bags? 

The swag bag design is one of the basics to consider for your giveaway during an event. Different companies cater to different kinds of audiences, so bag designs are also different. Here are some of the swag bag themes you can consider. 

Fun-filled bags

Corporate events are usually dull for attendees who do not belong to the company’s field. A fun-filled bag can cheer up the mood of a boring atmosphere during an important company event. Examples of these items include stress balls, customized t-shirts, and customized board games related to the event. Snacks could also be a part of this bag to rejuvenate the energy of the attendees. 

Self-care bags

Bags that contain items for personal care and grooming are also famous these days. Today, promotional items that can give a little bit of rest would be a massive help for customers to remember your company. A positive impression will surely hit them after using the items you put in your swag bag. Upstart is a financial company that needs to establish a personal connection with its clients and future customers. With their self-care swag bag, customers will feel positivity and comfort with them.

The Upstart swag bag consists of the Topo Tote Bag, Bella Canvas Shirt, Little Apple Treats, S’well Bottle, Old Whaling Company Candle, Public Supply Notebook, and Mast Brothers Chocolate Bar. These items are all used for the personal care of the receiver.

Hobby bags

Companies inclined to sports or other activities that may be hobbies can adapt to this idea. Your swag bag could contain items that will be useful for enthusiasts of the hobby where your company focuses. An example of this type is the swag bag from Culture, which includes a cap, connector, water container, and hand lotion. 

The swag bag of Culture consists of Canvas Convention Tote, Bella Canvas Shirt, Cotton Twill Baseball Cap, Mast Brothers Chocolate Bar, EO Organics Hand Soap, S’well Traveler, and Native Union Night Charger. This type of swag bag is perfect if your hobby is traveling. 

Work bags

Swag bags of this type are the most useful for people, especially for office workers. Complete office supplies are what employees need in their daily lives. Items such as notebooks, planners, and stylish pens will surely satisfy the needs of an ordinary office person. Swag bag items such as these will lessen the stress from work, and they will remember your company.

What is corporate swag?

Wondering what exactly corporate swag is? Corporate swag is swag (stuff we all get) that is both free and given from a corporate company to any one, including clients, employees, and future prospects. 

Do you have any tips on selecting company swag?

The best company swag should ultimately be a reflection of your company. If your company produces high quality items that are known for their durability and sustainability, your swag should reflect that as well. If your company culture is based on being fair, inclusive, loving and dedicated to giving back, then the best swag should do this as well. 

What makes a good company swag idea in 2021?

The best swag ideas in 2021 are those that are sustainable, made from fair trade practices, include natural ingredients, and/or are ethically sourced. And, for the best marketing power, you can’t go wrong with branded swag that promotes your company’s logo for anyone to see.  

Swag bag Ideas to consider

Custom swag bags are always a part of corporate events these days. Attendees usually already have an interest in your company, so what swag bags do is they heighten the attention of these people. It is a creative way of getting someone hooked onto your brand. Your free swag bag items should be useful to them for their everyday lives so they will be familiar with them. 

Techie Swag bags

People nowadays all have a gadget of their own. It may be a phone, a laptop, or a tablet. You can get these people to be more familiarized with accessories that come with their devices. People do not easily throw these swag items since it is beneficial for their gadgets. It ensures that people will use your products and get familiar with it. These types of giveaways need swag bag sponsorship, especially if your company is not entirely a technological company. 

1. Phone chargers

Cell Phone chargers are a specific item that the receivers of the swag bag will use. They are useful and can help users be familiarized with the brand. 

2. Power banks

A power bank is a must-have item for any traveler or those who go camping at night. When there is no available electricity source, power banks are your phone’s savior. The trend today is that the more portable a power bank is, the better. It is a good promotion strategy since the logo on the power bank can be easily seen.

3. Flash drives

Students, especially office workers, will benefit from this item. You can even add a file inside it that invites them to learn more about your brand. Aside from the brand logo, you can add files regarding the corporate event you held. The hyperlink of your website could also be inside the flash drive.  

4. Earphones

An everyday item that most people use is their earphones, especially during travel. Every age group will be satisfied with what a pair of earphones can do for them. A brand logo is quite hard to put in a couple of headsets. However, promoted by the receiver relaying the information to another person. People will be more informed about your company from the swag bag given.  

Stationery swag bags

These are items that are generally found in an office room or study room. Promotion would be a hard feat for stationery items but is useful for attendees who use these items. 

1. Pens

Pens are the most natural way of promoting your brand since it is always used and can go around, especially in an office. It is convenient and can be customized. Pens can go far places, especially when lending it

2. Tumblers   

It is an okay item that is very useful for office employees. Using tumblers is an excellent way to put your brand logo in these containers, so it reminds them of the brand. 

3. Planners

This item can last for a long time and will surely be useful to them. Planners usually have the logo of the company on its cover or the first page of the planner. 

4. Calculators

Calculators are cheap items but are very useful, especially for accountants and those that deal with numbers. It is also a long-lasting item that many individuals can make use of.  

Apparel swag bags

Wearing gift items is something that can be used in your daily life. Free clothing is something that will freely accept. These types of gift items can also be easily spread since the logo can be easily seen. 

1. T-shirt/Tops

A shirt is the most common swag item for any event. It is a handy item for promoting your brand logo since they are easily seen on the shirt. The sizes of the shirt of the attendees should be known before the actual event for the shirts to be useful. The cost of the shirt should also be pre-determined since the design of the t-shirt. One thing you can do is to email the attendees before the event or prepare different swag shirt sizes. An example of a company that gives apparel items like shirts and tops is the New York Times

Their swag bag includes a Canvas Convention Tote, Cotton Twill Camper Hat, Bella Canvas Hoodie, Bella Canvas Shirt, Appointed Notebooks, Poketo Slim Pen, Kinto Tumbler, and Ribbed Beanie. These items are good for attendees who are inclined to wear apparel bags.

2. Hats

Another apparel item that many people will use is hats. Hats are usually worn by men outside. This item is also very versatile since it is easily adjustable, and the brand logo is easily seen. No need for prior contact before the event. 

3. Tote bags

Tote bags are usually used when shopping for groceries or store items. These bags are typically good for putting on the company’s logo, and people can easily see it. 

4. Neck pillows

Attendees who usually go to flights will be more favorable on having neck pillows. Seeing the brand logo is easy since attendees who use these neck pillows are on public flights; the brand logo can easily be seen. 

5. Health-event bags

Wellness swag bag ideas may include adding herb supplements, dry fruits, or protein bars. Aside from this healthy food, sugary snacks would also help boost the energy of attendees during the event. Food gift items are something that would not be rejected, especially by people who value their health. Aside from being beneficial, they are also cheap and cost-effective. 

What to put in swag bags of teens?

Today’s teens or young adults focus on products that are aesthetically beautiful or very useful to them. Young employees usually care about their fashion when going to work or just going outside. There are different personalized plastic gift bags and fitness swag bag ideas that are popular for young adults. 

Cold weather swag bag          

This swag bag includes a jacket or sweater, coffee packs, and a mug. These items are perfect for young adults who prefer working inside their homes during cold weather. It is also ideal for those employees who stay in their offices late at night. 6ix 0ero 5ive gives an example of this swag bag. 

These items from 6ix 0ero 5ive are all favorable during the cold weather or late-night works. Baggu Reusable Tote, Dick Taylor Chocolate Bar, Champion Crewneck Sweatshirt, Modern Monaco Mug, and Reborn Pour-Over Coffee Packs. This set of swag items is perfect for teens who love studying at night or home during cold nights.      

Camping swag bag 

Young professionals who are fond of going on camping trips are interested in this type of swag bag. They usually have promotional items that are generally used during camping trips. Brand logos on these items are not quickly promoted since they are only used during camping nights. One company that gives this type of swag bag is Warmth

Swag bag given by Warmth consists of Baggu Canvas Duck Bag, PF Candle, Escuyer Melange Socks, Areaware Tile Coasters, Miir Tumbler, and Peter Rivvko Face Cleanser. Campers usually use these items during camping trips for relaxation and calming sleep.

Preparing Swag bags

Companies that make and give swag bags undergo a thorough process before actually giving it. The preparation consists of a multiple-step process. From the planning up to the execution stage, the company plans everything to ensure the satisfaction of the attendee. Here are the five general ways in order for companies to completely make a swag bag and give them to the attendees.

1. Set a budget

Companies should limit the amount of each swag bag. Although the purpose of the swag bag is for promotion, expenses should still be taken into consideration. It is not beneficial for a company who spent more than what they earned from their swag bags. 

2. Choose the number of items

Swag bags usually contain about 3 to 5 items. Too many things may cause your budget to go over the limit. Few to none items would make attendees think that you are not sincere with the swag bag. Limiting the number of items to about 3 to 5 ensures the handiness of the swag bag. Personally selecting the few items that will go in should not compromise the quality of the whole gift bag.

3. Customize the bag

The appearance of the swag bag will mostly decide what attendees’ first impression will be. A spacious backpack may leave the idea that the items in there will be useful. Aside from the items in the bag, the design of the bag will mostly be a part of the whole expenses. 

4. Choose the products

After customizing the bag and setting the budget you will need for all the swag bags, you need to choose the products. All of the swag bag ideas you have should all be funneled into this part. Think about how the items you will choose will impress your attendees and if those items will be useful. The swag items should also suit the theme of the event and the products are related to your brand. Be mindful of the products you will put inside as this will decide whether the attendees will be loyal to your products or not. 

5. Art styling 

After preparing the items inside the swag bag, the design of the products and bags should be considered. An art department within the company would cut the expenses that will be used on the swag bags. If there are none, you can hire a trusted artist that can provide you a design of your company’s logo. 

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