30 Top Company Swag Products in 2023

February 14, 2023

Explore a curated collection of the best company swag for your business in 2023!

Investing in company swag products for your employees, customers, and events is a great way to promote brand recognition and loyalty. Not only will it help you stand out from the competition, but it also provides an opportunity to show appreciation for your team and customers. 

Custom company swag can range from t-shirts and hats to mugs or even keychains; whatever best fits the needs of your organization. Having quality swag on hand will make a lasting impression on everyone who receives it - making them more likely to continue supporting your business. Investing in company swag is an easy yet effective way of building relationships with both existing and potential customers while boosting morale among employees.

Top Company Swag Products This Year

For company swag that will leave a lasting positive memory with your recipients, check out our list of quality company swag products. From games to apparel, drinkware to home decor, we’ve listed something for every budget, every industry, and any company that is looking to make their swag go the distance in 2023. 

Best Marketing Swag: Games

If you thought swag was only for pens and magnets, think again! While we appreciate well-branded quality office supplies as much as anyone, why not add a little fun and games to your company swag boxes?  Games can also 

1. Branded Card Set 

A good conversation just got easier with this card set for grown-ups which offer prompts for more meaningful connections. 

Shown: The School of Life Games for Grown Ups Card Set 

2. Custom Adult Games 

For a game that gets you thinking and opens your eyes to other viewpoints, this Therapy card set is a game your recipient will remember. 

Shown: The School of Life Therapy Cards Adult Games 

3. Branded Puzzle

Puzzles are a popular pick among merch thanks to the plethora of customization options. We like these colorful pattern styles from Areaware that are fun for recipients of almost any age. 

Shown: Areaware Pattern Puzzle - 500 piece

4. Custom Dominos 

Custom dominos can make for a great swag gift. Especially when it is wrapped up in packaging that is fresh and modern. 


Shown: Hawkins New York Play Dominos 

Top Swag Box Ideas: Bags

Business Swag comes in all shapes and sizes. However, what we love about reusable bags is their ability to “kit” your branded company swag. This works especially well for in-person events and conferences where company swag bag items can be distributed in person without the need for packaging and mailing. 

5. Canvas Duffel Bag

The only thing better than a modern duffel is one with your name on it. For extra design-points, ask your Gemnote rep for ideas on branding with a custom patch.  

Shown:  As Colour Canvas Duffel Bag

6. Organic Cotton Gym Bag

Whether you’re a gym looking for custom merch or just want to offer memorable swag, talk to your Gemnote rep for cool options like this one from Terra Thread. 

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters; Shown Urban Outfitters Terra Thread Organic Cotton Gym Bag

7. Custom Hip Pack

Small yet mighty, these versatile bags are perfect for keeping small essentials safe and close at hand. 

Shown: Vuori Hip Pack 

Best Brand Swag: Apparel

For business swag products that do double-duty apparel is always an excellent choice, since it can offer increased exposure and the opportunity to go everywhere your recipient does.  

8. Custom Branded Socks

An inexpensive company swag bag option with major design points! Talk to your Gemnote rep for ideas on adding custom socks to your merch mix. 

Photo courtesy of  Bon Appétit; Shown: Bon Appétit Martini Socks

9. Long Sleeve Tee with Logo

There is no shortage of options when it comes to customizing a great tee. For ample branding power, choose a long sleeve style like this one that’s ideal for adding your logo.  

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: A24 Films Long Sleeve Tee

10. Custom Hoodie

Looking to really wow your recipient with your swag? Hoodies are loved in cooler months—just don’t forget the logo. 

Photo courtesy of JJJJound; J90 Hoodie

11. Custom Graphic Tee

Even a simple design on an otherwise plain tee can make for enviable swag. Talk to your Gemnote rep for the branded company swag apparel design options

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore; Shown: World's Borough Graphic Tee

12. Customized Sweatpants

Why limit your custom-branded swag to just tops? Sweatpants are a favorite for weekend wear and remote workers. 

Photo courtesy of Only NY; Shown: Only NY NYC Parks & Rec Sweatpants

Best Swag Items: Hats

Company merch ideas always include hats, since they are an easy item to customize, can be created as a unisex style, and purchased in limited sizes. When it comes to setting your company swag items apart from the rest, look for items that don’t just represent your brand but have a style that can transcend your event. 

13. Bucket Rain Hat  with Label

Love the look of this on-trend bucket hat with a side-panel label? Your Gemnote rep can help you create a similar one for your company. 

Photo courtesy of JJJJound; Shown: Bucket Rain Hat  

14. Custom 5-Panel Hat

An embroidered logo, corduroy, vertical stitch design… when it comes to creating a hat as enviable as this one, your Gemnote rep can help you with all of the details. 

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore; Shown: Aimé Chain Stitch Hat

15. Company Branded Beanie

For winter or even transitional months, keep your recipient warm with a freshly branded beanie complete with your logo. 

Photo courtesy of Only NY; Shown: Only NY NYC Thank You Beanie

Best Inexpensive Swag: Snacks

Even the best company swag for employees doesn’t have to break the bank. When it comes to giveaways you know your recipient will love, high-quality, unique snacks are an easy favorite. 

For company swag that gets noticed, look for snacks that aren’t readily available in your company’s cafeteria or vending machines. Here we’ve listed some top picks for snacks that leave a lasting impression. 

16. Custom Chocolate

Pretty packaging on the outside, delicious dark chocolate infused with decaffeinated, deep-roasted espresso on the inside, and ideal for adding to your company swag bag. 


Shown: Seattle Chocolate Pike Place Espresso Truffle Bar

17.  Tasty Cookies

Gluten-free, soy-free, ethically sourced, American-made cookies…now, this is how the cookie crumbles! For more US-made custom product ideas, check out these 16 Made in America Custom Gift Ideas → 

Shown: Wooden Table Baking Company Rosewater Meringue Cookies

18. Healthy Snacks

Organic ingredients plus compostable packaging equals an affordable swag kit product that is sure to delight your recipient!  

Shown: Sun + Swell Organic Dried Mangos with Compostable Packaging

Swag For Employees: Office Supplies

While office supplies may not seem groundbreaking, they’re the corporate swag product offerings that can offer valuable brand exposure for years to come. Just make sure you invest in higher quality items that won’t break or run out of ink before your event is through. 

19. Leather Cardholder

There’s something about quality leather that instantly ups your swag game. Not to mention, customizing with leather embossing offers the best in low-key cool personalization. Talk to your Gemnote rep for options like this brand fave from Escuyer. 

Shown: Escuyer Cardholder

20. Personalized Soft Cover Notebook

Who couldn’t use a great notebook? Perfect for conferences, employee swag stores, onboarding kits, and more, your Gemnote can help you find the perfect match for your brand. 

Shown: Public Supply Soft Cover Notebook

21. Customized Pens

Pens are considered the OG of swag and have both a cult following while sometimes getting a bad rap. To ensure your pens go the distance, take them for a test drive before investing in customization. After all, you don’t want your swag ending up in the recycle bin.   

Shown: Poketo Metallic Pen Set

Coolest Swag: Drinkware 

When it comes to branded company swag, reusable drinkware continues to be a go-to item for personalization. Alone or as part of your company swag bag, drinkware is an excellent way to promote your business and show customers you care about the environment. 

By using branded drinkware, businesses can create a stronger connection with their audience while also taking steps to reduce their environmental impact. Reusable drinkware helps eliminate single-use plastics, which are one of the world’s leading sources of pollution. 

Additionally, it allows businesses to advertise their brand without spending too much money on advertising materials or campaigns. Investing in branding reusable drinkware is a cost-effective way for companies to demonstrate that they value sustainability while building customer loyalty.

22. Branded Insulated Water Bottle with Twist Cap

Finding a brand that supports eco-friendly measures in their production process is always a win. That’s one reason we like the Klean Kanteen water bottle. The company manufactures 95% of its products from certified 90% post-consumer recycled 18/8 stainless steel which cuts greenhouse gas emissions from steel by about 50%.

Shown: Klean Kanteen Insulated Water Bottle with Twist Cap

23. Custom Camp Cup

A trackable give-back code on Miir products means your recipient can see how their swag item makes a difference. Not to mention, Miir is known for creating durable quality drinkware that lasts. 

Shown: Miir Camp Cup

24. Sustainable Water Bottle

For companies looking for inexpensive customization options, Nalgene delivers. We like this Sustain Silo bottle that’s made from 50% waste plastic (using ISCC-certified mass balance) and offers leak-proof hydration. 

Shown: Nalgene 48oz Wide Mouth Sustain Silo Bottle

Unique Swag: Tech & Tech Accessories

Branded company swag items that go above and beyond the call of duty are a prized giveaway. In fact, company swag vendors who are the talk of the event marketplace of conference centers, always put extra thought into scoring promotional company swag that is both fun and functional. More times than not, their go-to company swag items are tech and tech accessories. 

25. Rechargeable Power Bank

For everything a smartphone does, the battery life never stays at full capacity forever. To help your employees, customers, and event attendees stay connected, a mini power bank like this one from My charge is perfect for customizing. 

Shown: My Charge Go Mini Rechargeable 2600 mAh Power Bank

26. Custom Tech Organizer

Who couldn’t use a little extra help in keeping their tech organized? For company promotional swag, choose a lightweight storage solution like this one from Native Union that’s made of recycled materials. 

Shown: Native Union Stow Light Tech Organizer

27. Customized Magsafe Wallet 

Anything that helps keep valuable essentials like a driver’s license or credit card close at hand is a winner in our book. For ultimate props, the PopSockets makes handling and propping up smartphones an added bonus! Talk to your Gemnote rep for customization options. 

Shown: PopSockets Magsafe Wallet 

Cool Company Swag: Home Goods

When it comes to cool items that are still at price points companies can feel good about branding and giving away, they need to be within budget. For cool and unique custom company swag home goods offer many affordable and practical items that will be perceived as valuable to your recipients. 

28. Personalized Waffle Dish Towel

Creating company swag boxes? Dish towels and snacks or other home goods like branded ceramic mugs are ideal pairings. Furthermore, there are many options for personalizing, from screen prints to embroidery and even tags or patches. 

Shown: Hawkins New York Essential Waffle Dish Towel

29. Branded Bath Towel 

For a unique company swag that checks all of the boxes, a bath towel makes a perfect sustainable gift. We like this organic terry cloth towel from Baggu for its oversized style and reversible design that’s perfect for branding. 

Shown: Baggu Bath Towel in Lavender Forrest Happy 

30. Custom Throw Blanket

Throw blankets make exceptional branded company swag for many reasons. First of all, companies can choose from a plethora of styles, colors, and sizes to create a gift that’s on brand. In addition, companies can invest in extra features like tassels, organic fabrications, and embroidered logos to create a truly unique swag item. 

Shown: Fabstyles Herringbone Stripe Cotton Throw Blanket Fringes

The best company swag ideas are well thought out, however, the items themselves are not necessarily groundbreaking. By investing in on-brand, customized products within budget, companies can look to reputable company swag stores to help them reach their marketing goals with custom company swag. 

From sustainable gift options like drinkware, apparel, and more, choose a company like Gemnote to help you curate the top company swag for employees, customers, and more, as well as a collection of merch for your company swag stores. 

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