20 Custom Merch Ideas to Sell on Shopify

May 18, 2022

Looking for the best products to sell on Shopify? Find inspiration here.

Wondering just how many people are selling merchandise online for Shopify?  The popular online store builder states that last year alone there were over 5,300 Shopify Plus stores with Shopify merchants running over 1,000,000 businesses in 175 different countries. 

When it comes to standing out in a crowded retail space, looking for the most popular items to sell on Shopify is probably at the top of your list. In addition to finding high-demand products to sell, you’ll also want to take into account ways your shop’s items can stand apart. By leaning on unique designs, high-quality products, and custom merchandise, stores, including Shopify t shirt stores, have a better chance of getting noticed. 

Similar to retailers who sell merchandise on Amazon, there may be a lot of similar product comparisons, but consumers are savvier than ever. Through research, reviews, and competitive pricing, customers are looking for long-lasting sustainable items at affordable or fair price points.  

5 Merch Ideas To Sell On Shopify Store

While there is endless Shopify merchandise you can choose for your store, our product ideas to sell on Shopify that can be customized fall into these five basic categories. 

  1. Apparel. From graphic tees and hoodies to joggers, socks, outwear, and more, season-appropriate apparel continues to be a high-ranking item.  
  2. Footwear. In addition to popular t shirt stores, season-appropriate, footwear remains one of the solid merch ideas to sell on Shopify store.  
  3. Accessories. Accessory items can include totes, duffels, backpacks, and other bag styles, as well as headwear such as bucket hats, baseball caps, and more. 
  4. Drinkware. Always a heavy hitter in terms of corporate swag as well as in stores and online, sustainable drinkware continues to top the list of high-demand products to sell. 
  5. Office Supplies. As people made the transition from the office to their home office and back again whether full time or in a hybrid setting, unique office supplies continue to be a fun and functional choice.  

20 Items For Your Shopify Merchandise Store

Whether you’re looking to sell merchandise on Amazon or Spotify, Gemnote can help you get merch made that’s on-brand for your store. 


1. Hoodie Sweatshirts 

While there’s nothing revolutionary about a relaxed fit hoodie, you can’t underestimate its cool factor. Whether you’re looking for custom merchandise in your own designs or are in need of ideas, Gemnote can help you from start to finish. 

Do hoodies top your product ideas to sell on Shopify? If so, look for popular features like a relaxed fit and kangaroo pocket, similar to this New York Magazine New Yawk Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie by Only New York.  

Photo Courtesy of Only New York   

2. Custom Socks   

For product ideas to sell on Shopify, never underestimate the power of socks. Thanks to their lower price point and a plethora of design options, in addition to socks being something your customers already invest in, they also make great gifts. So make your Shopify merch store your customers’ favorite place to stock up. 

Whether you’re going for a nostalgic 80’s vibe or want to design and sell merchandise with your brand’s logo, look for styles that wear well after repeated washes and don’t stretch out. Then, have fun creating merch for your brand. 

Photo Courtesy of Urban Oufitters

3. Custom Long Sleeve Shirts

The best Shopify t shirt stores, just like all popular t shirt stores, should offer a variety of shirt styles. From polos to graphic tees, you’ll find a variety of neck and sleeves styles on the market. 

For Shopify t shirt printing, look to Gemnote for unique ideas on how to design merch. Whether you’re looking to screenprint on just the sleeves, like the A Twenty-Four' Long Sleeve shirt shown below, they can show you customization options to bring your products to life. 

Photo courtesy of A24

4. Custom T-shirts  

When it comes to creating merch for your brand, tee shirts offer an easy way to get started making merch. As far customization goes, they are also one of the most popular items to sell on Shopify. 

Prior to exploring Shopify t shirt printing ideas, you will first want to consider what kind of tees you want to sell. Whether you are looking for styles like Pima cotton, cotton-poly blends, organic cotton, or 100% cotton, similar to this Statue Graphic Tee from Aime Leon Dore, Gemnote reps can help business owners find the perfect styles for their Shopify t shirt stores to fit their margins. 

Photo courtesy of Aime Leon Dore

Tip: To compete with the best Shopify t shirt stores, have fun with your niché and your branding, like ThinkPup

5. Custom Sweatpants 

Custom tops like hoodies and tees aren’t the only merch ideas to sell on Shopify store sites. With sweatpants and joggers still trending in 2022 and so many styling options, they are definitely among the best products to sell on Shopify. 

When it comes to competing with the most popular items to sell on Shopify, you can’t go wrong with low-key cool embroidery customization, like the Tonal Logo Sweatpants below by Aime Leon Dore.  

Photo courtesy of Aime Leon Dore

6. Custom Tank Tops

For a fun summer-appropriate addition to your Shopify merch store, tank tops make high-demand products to sell online. 

A favorite among popular t shirt stores, you too can set your merch apart with cool customization ideas like this iets frans… X Smiley Relaxed Fit Tank Top by Urban Outfitters that’s shown below.  

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters


7. Custom Slides  

A classic staple for summer, the best styles for selling merchandise online are the ones you design! Whether you’re opting to sell merchandise on Amazon or Shopify, talk to your rep about how we can help with customization, selection, and sizes, as well as dropshipping. While you can’t create your own merch for free, it’s the next best thing!

For design ideas on how to make merch, don’t overestimate the appeal of a great pattern. Similar to these fun slides from Decoslides. 

Photo courtesy of Decoslides


8. Duffel Bags 

One of the many benefits of Shopify t shirt printing and duffel bag printing is that you have space for your design!  

Custom-made duffels are anything but boring as this Online Ceramics xXPearl duffle bag proves. With styles this good, even the best Shopify t shirt stores will want to add bags to their inventory. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films

9. Custom Backpacks 

Your everyday school pack—this is not! Up the ante by showing off your design skills. And if you could use a little design inspo or are looking for the best way to sell merch online, talk to your Gemnote Rep. 


Then, when you are ready to design and sell your merch, you can’t go wrong with a simple, modern look, and a logo that humble-brags your good style. Kind of like these cool picks from Aime Leon Dore. 

Photo courtesy of Aime Leon Dore

10. Custom Tote Bags

Even the best Shopify t-shirt stores will benefit from offering totes. They’re perfect for promoting your recycling efforts and can even be used as a replacement for plastic bags. 

Love your logo? You should, you worked hard for it! When it comes to mad designs, why not let your hard-earned branding take over, like this Scramble Logo Tote from A24 Films. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films

11.  Baseball caps 

Spring, summer, fall, winter… whatever the season, a baseball cap is an easy home run. Talk to your Gemnote rep about how you can create your own merch for free or at a discounted rate with bulk orders. 

For an easy fit choose a baseball cap with an adjustable fit like this Kayak Polo Hat from OnlyNY. 

Photo courtesy of OnlyNY

12. Bucket Hats

After mastering how to set up a merch store, it’s time to stock up on trending favorites your customers will love. Luckily, there’s a bucket hat with your name on it! Well, once you customize it that is. 

For an easy on-point style, think cool, classic neutrals and patterns that pop, similar to this Printed Cutout bucket hat by Aime Leon Dore.

Photo courtesy of Aime Leon Dore

13. Camper Hats and Corduroy Hats 

For another great trending headwear accessory for your Shopify merch store,  consider a corduroy style hat for an elevated style. When it comes to the most popular items to sell on Shopify, adjustable hats are great options.  

And, thanks to their ability to accommodate a range of sizes, you can place fewer orders and a larger quantity. Choose unisex styles and make your bulk purchase (which saves you money) go even further. 

Photo courtesy of OnlyNY


14. Custom Mugs 

To sell merchandise online that people love, you can’t go wrong with customized, quality mugs with the help of Gemnote. With dropping shipping options and a fulfillment center, it’s almost as good as finding ways to design and sell merchandise online for free. 

For fun customization designs, think outside of the box! Look to Pinterest or Instagram ideas or take inspiration from your favorite online retailers like these Library Mugs from A24 Films. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films

15. Custom Water Bottles 

Water bottles and traveler tumblers are still among the best products to sell on Shopify. And, with a rainbow of colors, brands, and ways to customize, we can see why. 

For the best custom merchandise, start with a quality bottle from a reputable brand like this S’well bottle from JJJJound. For more options, Gemnote can help you find high-quality styles to best reflect your price range. Then add in complementing accessories like reusable straws and stickers, for additional product ideas to sell on Shopify.  

Photo courtesy of JJJJound

16. Custom Sharpies 

Want your branding to leave a lasting impression? How about trying out your logo on a permanent marker, like these custom Aime Leon Dore Sharpies? 

Photo courtesy of Aime Leon Dore

17. Custom Keychains 

Another staple that’s a popular choice for personalizing is accessories like keychains. Whether your recipient uses it as a functional keychain or as an accessory for their backpack, there’s no shortage of styles and colors to choose from. 

For a logo that stands out, go for designs similar to the Unisphere Keychain to Aime Leon Dore. 


Photo courtesy of Aime Leon Dore

18. Custom Stickers 

When it comes to merch ideas to sell on Shopify store, how about items that can also dub as customer incentives? Stickers are a great option with major “sticking power.”

The sky is the limit when it comes to ways to personalize stickers. Whether you choose a cut-out set like these from A24 or a retro bumper sticker style like these from Only NY, you can also create your own merch for free by just opting for your logo over a fancy design. 

Photo courtesy of Only NY and A24 Films


19. Custom Towels 

For a unique product idea that everybody uses, why not add towels to your custom merchandise offerings? From washcloths and bath towels to styles for the beach and picnics, you’ll find plenty of options. 

For a bold design, you can’t go wrong with summer-loving colors like this Baggu Banana Towel from Urban Outfitters.    

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters

20. Custom Umbrellas 

Sometimes, when it rains it pours! For the best products to sell on Shopify that can be customized, don’t forget about a trusty umbrella. Whether you opt for an innovative inverted umbrella or a more traditional style, there is no shortage of styles, brands, and colors (as well as transparent options) to choose from.  

For a clean modern design, take inspiration from styles like this travel umbrella from A24 Films.

Photo courtesy of A24 Films

How to set up a merch store

When it comes to setting up a merch store, Spotify makes it easy for entrepreneurs and business owners to launch their dream business. Then, leave it to the helpful staff at Gemnote to assist you in making your own merchandise that’s customized!   

Merch ideas to sell on Shopify Dropshipping

Wondering how to start selling merch without carrying inventory? Unless you’re offering homemade merch, dropshipping could be your answer. Dropshipping offers an easy way to test products, keep a low overhead, and more. While there are both pros and cons to dropshipping, it’s also an easy way to start your business with less upfront capital. A Gemnote Rep can help you get more information and merch ideas to sell on Shopify dropshipping. 

Ready to have fun making your own merchandise with custom designs? Talk to your Gemnote rep for the best products to fit your budget as well as customization options. They can even help you set up a swag store for your employees.    

Are you working on a similar project or campaign?