Best Custom Merch to Match Your Brand

October 5, 2022

Ready to leave your mark with your custom merchandise? Prepare to be inspired!

When it comes to custom branded merchandise for your company, don’t leave your company’s brand identity to chance! While many branding merchandise companies offer a website for merchandise, that doesn’t always guarantee your swag will match your brand colors. Even small color variances can make a big difference. 

By partnering with a top-notch company like Gemnote, you can get the custom merch results your company deserves! From helping you create a curated collection of items in your branding to helping simplify your internal approval process, as well as feeling confident throughout the printing process, Genmnote is your best place to get custom merchandise.  

If you’ve been on the hunt for branded merchandise examples to suit your brands check out our list of best merch ideas. And remember, this is just a sampling of a few of the most popular brand colors, but it’s certainly not all of them. When it comes to matching your exact branding, talk to a Gemnote rep for ideas that respect your color palette down to the tiniest detail. 

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16 Best Branded Merchandise

We’ve divided our list of 20 into four popular brand color categories to show you variations of colors (although this is just a small sampling) and help find products that speak to you! For more branded merchandise examples, talk to a rep at Gemnote, the best place to get custom merchandise. 


Blue Branding Ideas  

Blue is a popular choice for brands and custom-branded merchandise, like high-quality custom t-shirts. 

1. Aime Leon Dore Yia Yia Graphic Tee 

You can never go wrong with high-quality custom t shirts to support your branding and market your company. Make sure your branding lines up by choosing a reputable company like Gemnote for all your custom t shirt printing needs. 

What makes this style great? The unique design and coveted streetwear brand

What makes it great: 

  • Jersey fabric cotton 
  • Elevated design

Compare to tees by brands like Rains, Lacoste, and AS Colour. For more best custom t shirt company brands, talk to your Gemnote rep.  

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore; Shown: Aime Leon Dore Yia Yia Graphic Tee 

2. Topo Designs Dirt Hoodie

A favorite among top branded merchandise companies, a great hoodie can stand the test of time. To create your own custom logo merchandise, take inspiration from Topo Designs and add an embroidered logo.   

What makes it great: 

  • Relaxed fit 
  • Kangaroo pockets
  • Contrast tip drawstring

Compare to: Carhartt® Midweight Hooded Logo Sweatshirt and Marine Layer Fleece Out Hoodie

Shown: Topo Designs Dirt Hoodie in pond blue

3. A24 Films Weekender Bag  

When it comes to the best brand merchandise online, sometimes less really is more. Take for example this on-trend Weekend bag from A24 Films, it’s simple silhouette allows the branding to take center stage. 

Looking for awesome brand merchandise online to create your own duffel? Look for details similar to this one. 

What makes it great: 

  • Contrasting trim 
  • Inside zip pocket; side pocket 
  • Modern aesthetic

Compare to: Augusta Sportswear Spirit Bag, Liberty small duffel, and the Eddie Bauer® Tour Duffel. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: A24 Films Weekender Bag Blue 

4. Only NY MTA Logo Hat

Found in the onboarding kits, event swag, employee gear, and more, hats top the list of products for the best merch store for YouTubers as well as the best merch store for streamers. 

For your own company merch, look for similar details. 

What makes it great: 

Compare to: Topo Designs Tech hat, Nike Sphere Dry Cap,  and Port Authority Brushed Twill Cap.  

See more of the best hats for customization here →  

Photo courtesy of Only NY; Shown: Only NY MTA Logo Hat Blue 

Orange Branding Ideas  

You’ll find plenty of brand merchandise online in orange, however, no one knows your company’s exact shade better than you. So get inspired by the following branded merchandise examples, then contact your Gemnote rep for the best place to get custom merchandise.  

5. United By Blue Commuter Backpack 

The best merch store for YouTubers offers items that are both practical and on-trend for marketing their brand.  That’s one reason you’ll love adding a quality custom-branded backpack to your corporate merchandise lineup. 

What makes it great: 

  • Features recycled polyester and nylon 
  • Lightweight 
  • Water- and stain-resistant

Compare to: Marine Layer Roll Top Backpack, Topo Designs Daypack Classic, and The North Face® Stalwart Backpack

Shown: United By Blue Commuter Backpack Orange

6. Halo hoodie Vuori 

The best merch store for YouTubers, streamers, and more love adding custom hoodies to their lineup. For custom branded apparel your recipients will love, look for hoodies with features similar to this one. 


What makes this one great: 

  • Cropped length 
  • Soft fabric 
  • Path logo 

Compare to: Champion Reverse Weave ® Cropped Hoodie

See the review → 

Shown: Halo Hoodie Vuori

7. AS Colour Skyline Shirt 

Bold stripes are perfect for giving your branding the wow factor. Start with high-quality custom t-shirts and then add stripes for custom branded apparel your customers and recipients will love!


What makes it great: 

  • Relaxed fit 
  • Combed cotton 
  • Pre-shrunk

Compare to: Bella Canvas tee, District Perfect Blend Tees 

Shown: AS Colour Skyline Shirt

8. Kinto Stacking Mug 

The best custom merch maker companies know if you have an everyday essential with an eye-pleasing style and space-saving silhouette, you’ll have custom merch for all your corporate events and giveaways.  

What makes it great: 

  • Organic forms
  • Calm colors
  • Warm textures

Compare to: Hasami Porcelain Mugs and Not Neutral Lino Coffee Mug

Shown: Kinto SCS Stacking Mug 

Yellow Branding Ideas  

Whether you’re looking for yellow merch, or any other color, Gemnote is the best merch store for creators. Reach out today and get the most from your merch!

9. Topo Designs Rover Pack

Gemonote isn’t just a great source for custom t-shirt printing, they're also the best custom merch maker for backpacks, drinkware, and more! 

What makes it great: 

  • Attention to detail
  • Contrasting trim 
  • High-quality design 

Compare to: United By Blue Commuter Backpack, Timbuk 2 Roll-top 

See the review → 

Shown: Topo Designs Rover Pack in Mustard 

10. The North Face Beanie 

Nothing beats a great beanie for the cooler months ahead. If your looking for an easy win on custom merch in your perfect shade, talk to Gemnote, the best custom merch maker. They’ll ensure your merch is the perfect shade with PMS color matching. 

What makes it great: 

  • Name brand 
  • Perfect for fall & winter 

Compare to: Carhartt beanie 

See the review → 

Shown: The North Face Beanie Yellow 

11. Not Neutral Lino Coffee Mug 

Just like the orange Kinto mug, the Not Neutral Lino Coffee mug offers clean lines and  plenty of colors to choose from.  

  • 11 colors to choose from 
  • The design was in collaboration with award-winning baristas
  • Cups optimized for latte art and thermal insulation

Compare to: Kinto, Hasami, Corkcickle

Shown: Not Neutral Lino coffee mug in canary yellow

12. Only NY Sportswear Nylon Vest 

For unique items, like vests, the best places to make merch is Gemnote! They can help you find the perfect picks to complement your company's branding. 

What makes this one so great: 

  • Water-Resistant nylon 
  • Contrast binding
  • Zip pockets

Shown: Only NY Sportswear Nylon Vest Yellow

Green Branding Ideas  

Army green, tie-dyes, forest greens, and more. This nature-loving hue is fun to incorporate into your custom-branded merchandise. 


13. Miir Flip Traveler

Drinkware should never be boring. With Miir you get safe drinkware and maximum functionality! Talk to your Gemnote rep— the best place to make merch!

What makes it great: 

  • BPA free
  • Perfect for traveling
  • More colors and easy to customize

Compare to Corkcicle. 

See the review from the crew → 

Shown: Miir Flip Traveler

14. Escuyer Tie Dye Socks 

The best custom merch sites feature a variety of products in a range of prices. For inexpensive picks, socks are an essential basic everyone needs.   

What makes it great: 

  • Tye died by hand
  • Knitted from a soft, cotton blend
  • Offer long-lasting comfort 

Compare to: Augusta Sportswear Wicking Athletic Socks. 

Can’t get enough tie-dye? Check out more popular tie dye picks here → 

Shown: Escuyer Tie Dye Socks 

15. Baggu Standard  

Custom Reusable bags are perfect for just about every occasion. For the best options, choose one like this Baggu bag that features: 

  • A plethora of prints and colors
  • Holds up to 50 lbs. 
  • Includes a  5" pouch

Reusable bags are also great for: 

  • Best merch store for YouTubers 
  • Best merch store for streamers
  • Best merch store for creators 

For the best merch companies, talk to your Gemnote rep today. 

Compare to: Baggu Duck bag, Baron Fig reusable bag 

Shown: Baggu Standard  

16. Coney Island Picnic Long Sleeve Tee

For high-quality custom t shirts, start with a simple yet soft tee in your brand’s primary color. Then, your secondary colors can come through in your design. Likewise, you can also complement your branding with a neutral tee and let your design showcase your brand colors. Then, trust Gemnote, the best custom t shirt company for your custom t shirt printing needs.  

Look for similar features like: 

  • Soft cotton 
  • Simple, unisex styling 

Compare to: Topo Designs Long Sleeve Tee

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters; Shown: Coney Island Picnic Long Sleeve Tee

Looking for websites to sell your merch? With Gemnote, you get quality merch, PMS color matching, and personalized curation.  

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