22 Creative Branded Swag Hat Ideas to Elevate Your Marketing Game

June 1, 2023

A customized swag hat always is a timeless promotional product that never fails to impress!

When it comes to custom merch ideas, companies have endless options at their disposal. However, not all promotional products offer practical usability, timeless style, and recipient appreciation. That’s why swag baseball caps, beanies, truckers hats, buckets hats, and the like continue to trend. 

Personalized hats readily claim their space on the list of top 10 items for both swag giveaways and retail custom merch. And among those top products, styles such as swag snapback caps and beanies remain favorites since they fall into a one-size-fits-most category, and companies can save on creating larger bulk orders. 

Why create swag hats for your brand?

Caps swag offers a plethora of benefits for both companies and consumers. For businesses wanting top custom merch, benefits include having a product that needs fewer if any sizes. In addition, it’s an affordable product that offers plenty of ways to customize to brands. Plus, as swag marketing goes, it’s an easy way to show off your brand, since swag hat items with company logos go everywhere your recipient does for maximum exposure. 

Customers, event attendees, and other recipients appreciate caps swag for their practicality and style. Whether it’s a beanie protecting you in the winter from the cold, a custom trucker or bucket hat in the summer that offers shade and protection from the sun’s harmful rays, or swag baseball caps that can be used any time, it’s an accessory that can be used and enjoyed year-round. 

Creative Branded Custom Swag Hat Ideas

Whether you’re looking for your next tradeshow giveaway, a great addition to your custom merch store, or the perfect promotional product to complete your company swag kit, these swag baseball caps, beanies, are perfect for branding! 

Baseball Hats and Caps

1. Embroidered Logo Baseball Cap 

Not sure what color to go with? Pairing a neutral cap with a colorful logo like this style offers the best of both worlds.  

Photo courtesy of A24Films

2. The Mountain Ball Cap 

Ready to customize baseball hats? This tone-on-tone logo cap offers the perfect inspo for your next cap! With an adjustable webbing buckle closure and plenty of room for adding in your own brand, it’s a customizable hat that features a worn-in look that is sure to be well-loved. 

Shown: Topo Designs Mountain Ball Cap 

3. Five-Panel Custom Hat

When it comes to personalized baseball caps, The Finn Five Panel hat is another great option. Featuring an adjustable fastener and metal side eyelets, this mid-weight cap is great for ordering in large quantities since it’s one size fits all. Just add your logo for ultimate branding power!

Shown: Finn Five Panel Hat by AS Colour

Swag Snapback Hats and Caps

Personalized snapback hats include a wider and flatter brim than baseball caps. Also, the closure snaps instead of sliding. In many cases, the snapback offers a more cost-effective option. Thus, if you’re ordering in bulk, you can find customized hats cheap prices and even customize snapbacks hats online. 

4. Surf Hat

As you explore hat customization options, you’ll find that you have several lid custom hat ideas at your disposal, like this AS Colour Surf Hat. With a swag snapback cap  that’s available in several colors, you’ll have plenty of custom hat printing space to add your logo. Plus, it’s light weight, features 100% quick-dry nylon, and offers a one size fits all style.

Shown: Surf Hat by AS Colour 

5. Billy Cap Snapback

Another great style by AS Colour. Made from 100% cotton, it’s a one size fits all option with plenty of customization options and an easy snapback styling to cover more sizes. 

Shown: Billy Cap Snapback By AS Colour

Trucker Caps

In the early 2000s, Ashton Kutcher made trucker caps a trend. After he wore five different styles of trucker caps in his show Punk’d, his audience took notice and started wearing them too. After all, who can resist a great comeback? One, that is still as on-trend as ever today. 

Looking to customize trucker hats? Get inspired with these styles and up your branded merch game. 


6. Marmot Trucker Hat 

For ultimate swag props, follow Marmot’s lead with a vintage style trucker hat with patch logo. It’s perfect for showcasing your brand in a fresh—yet cool way. 

Shown: Marmot Trucker Cap 

7. The North Face® Ultimate Trucker Cap 

Custom trucker hats are a solid option for the summer months. This trucker hat does double duty with a mesh design for ventilation and cool styling by everyone's favorite brand. 

Shown: The North Face® Ultimate Trucker Cap 

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are similar to your classic caps swag, in that you have almost unlimited ways for customizing. Plus, bucket hats offer more protection for the head, face, and neck from the elements. While people wear them for hiking, fishing, walking, and more, they have also staked their claim once again for being a hot item for summer. 

8. Classic Bucket Cap

For a a modern look that’s just as timeless and enviable, choose a bucket hat with custom label that your recipient will want to wear on repeat. 

Shown: Bucket Cap by jjjjound

9. Port Authority® Outdoor Ventilated Wide Brim Hat 

With SPF protection against the sun, insect-repellent technology, and a moisture-wicking sweatband, what’s not love? 

Shown: Port Authority® Outdoor Ventilated Wide Brim Hat 

Dad Caps

If it probably seems like there is no shortage of caps; you’re right. Enter another variation - the dad cap. Dad caps look like baseball caps, however, it’s the material used that differentiates the two. Manufacturers produce dad caps from canvas or cotton materials while baseball cap manufacturers use wool. In addition, dad hats have an unstructured design and don’t include the front lining like baseball caps. Customize dad hats can be an affordable swag option too. 

See more custom swag styles under $100. 

10. Vuori Signal Dad Cap 

This dad cap is great for every day. Not only does it includes a comfortable fit, sweatband, and slide closure, the tone-on-tone Vuori logo is an on-trend,  brand favorite that is an excellent choice for customizing. 

Shown: Vuori Signal Dad Cap

11. Custom Dad Cap 

Looking for a way to make your logo pop? Take notes from Madhappy who make simple styling a brand-loving machine.  

Shown: Madhappy Dad Cap 

Newsboy Caps

Several headwear options date back to early American history. Men and women wore them to protect their heads and faces against the sun, wind, and rain. They protected the rest of their bodies with coats. And, of course, people who sold newspapers wore newsboy caps. The best news, if you're on the hunt to customize hats for cheap you can opt for these stylish options too.

12. Baker Boy Newsboy Cap

If you’re searching for an on-trend unisex design, you can’t go wrong with a newsboy design like this Baker Boy. Manufactured from Yorkshire, the cap is a fashion statement and perfect when you want to customize fitted hats.  

Shown: Baker Boy Newsboy Caps

Canvas Caps

Canvas caps are a solid option for those searching for custom embroidered hats and swag with durability. The canvas fabric has waterproof, windproof, and UV protection capabilities making it ideal for almost any weather conditions. 

13. Canvas Cap with Embroidered Logo

When it comes to customization, take cues from OnlyNY and make yours front and center for enviable vibes all year long.  

Photo courtesy of OnlyNY

14. The Carhartt® Cotton Canvas Cap

This Cotton Canvas Cap features a loop closure and technology that fights off odor and wicks away sweat thanks to the Carhartt Force® sweatband and  FastDry® technology. With Carhartt embroidered on the adjustable back, you are left with plenty of space to customize with your own company’s logo. Best of all, with a name like this one you know it’s designed to be long-lasting, durable, and able to withstand the elements. 

Shown: Carhartt® Cotton Canvas Cap


Similar to the bucket and trucker caps, beanies have a fashionable side. Even better, when it comes to warmth, they also deliver! Furthermore, when it comes to custom hats with a name or logo, beanies also provide ample space for personalization. 


When it comes time to customize beanie hats, think through the location and timing of your giveaways to make sure your recipient can enjoy them right away.

15. Patch Beanie 

Sometimes going all out is the only way to make a statement, other times, less is definitely more. Like this woven beanie with patch logo. It’s perfect for recreating with your brand. 

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore Patch Beanie

16. Carhartt Watch Hat

An on-trend beanie that keeps the wearer’s head warm during icy conditions. 

Shown: Carhartt Watch Hat Beanie 

17. Tone-On-Tone Custom Logo Beanie

Patches and embroidery get a lot of love when it comes to swag hat customization. However, this tone on tine beanie from OnlyNY proves, even subtle logos can make a big impact.  

Photo courtesy of OnlyNY

Fashion Hats 

Looking to take your swag up a notch? From patches to embroidery and unexpected farications like corduroy, creating custom merch to show off your brand in a stylish way is easier than ever. 

18. Corduroy Cap 

This chain stitch cord hat turns an otherwise basic accessory into an on-trend masterpiece complete with an embroidered logo.  

Shown: Aimé Leon Dore Chain Stitch Hat

19. Camper Hat 

A mix of earthy neutrals, color blocking (thanks to the brown bill), and a front label custom logo come together seamlessly in this showcase design from Nomad. 


Shown: Nomad Camper Hat 

Custom Brand Name Sport Hats 

20. Lacoste Spoty Hat 

Lightweight, comfortable, and ready for customizing. Who can resist sharing valuable space with the iconic crocodile for their custom swag baseball caps?

Shown: Lacoste Lightweight Sport Hat

21. Nike Sphere Dry Cap

For custom baseball hats that you know will be a hit, you can’t go wrong with a name brand like Nike. Great on and off the course, styles like this Nike Sphere Dry Cap that offer quick drying and moisture control technology, are great for long business days, sports, and showing off your company logo. 

Shown: Sphere Dry Cap by Nike

22. Nike Logo Hat 

The best custom hats are the ones that you create! Customize golf hats by Nike for a hole-in-one swag hat that your recipients will appreciate any time.  

Shown: Customizable Nike Logo Hat 

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