30 Gifts under $100 for Employees

May 2, 2024

When it comes to showing employees your appreciation, these gifts under $100 say it all!

Whether it's a token of appreciation or a gesture to mark a milestone, finding the right gift for your employees is about conveying gratitude and recognition. Here we look at 30 of our top gifts for $100 or less that are perfect for customizing. 

These gifts are carefully curated to cater to diverse tastes and interests, so each recipient feels valued and appreciated. From personalized corporate apparel to gourmet food baskets, our budget-friendly selection offers something for every company. 

By investing in these meaningful and personalized products, you're not just giving a present; You're fostering a culture of appreciation and camaraderie within your team. So whether it's your employee’s birthday, work anniversary, or just a spontaneous thank you, these options provide the perfect opportunity to show your team how much they mean to you.

3 Tips for the Best $100 Gift Ideas for Employees

With so many options for gifts and customization, you’ll want to make sure your gifts for 100 dollars or less leave a great, lasting impression. 

1. Choose a quality corporate gift for employees

‍For custom merch that goes the distance, skip the gimmicky, useless items that leave your recipient wishing you didn’t bother. When it comes to unique corporate gifts, your Gemnote rep can help you find items to suit your budget.  ‍

2. Think fun and functional.

‍The top corporate gifts under $100 offer a pleasing aesthetic while being practical. As consumers lean more toward sustainable options in the home and office, these top corporate gifts under $100 should also reflect their values.  ‍

3. Add customization.

‍For unique corporate gifts that your recipients will remember, add your logo. From screen printing and embroidery to leather embossing, glass etching, and more, your Gemote rep can help you personalize your promotional gifts for customers. 

4. Stay on budget. 

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself when it comes to gifts of any kind, much less your hard-working employees. That’s why having an employee swag budget can come in handy. Already know your budget? Talk to your Gemnote rep for ideas on customizable gifts in your price range. 

30 Best Gifts for $100 or Less

1. Colorful Custom Mug (from $7)

We know not just any under $100 gift will do and the same holds true for mugs. So, think of color, cool features like this handle, and personalization when it comes to the best options! 

Shown: Custom Mug   

2. Customized Crewneck Sweatshirt (from $12)

What’s the great thing about sweatshirts? They aren’t one size fits all when it comes to making them your own. Sizes aside features like soft fleece lining, sewn-on patches, and embroidery take your everyday basic and make it the one your recipient will reach for on repeat. 

Photo courtesy of Only New York; Shown: Westside Crewneck

3. Portable Speaker (from $50)

For a $100 gift you know your employees will love, you can’t go wrong with quality speaker like Mino Speaker featuring bluetooth with passable bass. Rechargeable, handsfree mic, and 5 hours battery time.

Shown:  Mino Bluetooth Speaker

4. Cool Custom Blanket (from $60)

Are you looking to spread warmth and joy to your employees? A customized blanket offers ample space for your logo and branding and there’s no end to the many ways you can customize. Custom blankets also make some of the best holiday gifts for clients!

Photo courtesy of FiberArt

5. Mini Camera (from $70)

We all know the joy of instant gratification. So when it comes to memorable gifts around $100 or less, a camera that prints out pics on demand is an easy win! 

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters; FujiFilm INSTAX MINI 12 Instant Camera

6. Customized Tote (from $7)

A step up from a reusable bag, a stylish, durable tote that’s well-made will go the distance as both a fabulous gift and a marketing tool! So make sure to customize yours so your logo goes everywhere your recipient does. 

Photo courtesy of Sporty and Rich Tote; Shown: Crown Logo XL Tote Bag

7. Embroidered Hat (from $15)

Another affordable gift that has the potential to market your company and increase your brand recognition. For the best styles, talk to your Gemnote rep about customization options like embroidery. 

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore; Shown: Unisphere Hat

8. Reusable Glass Bottle (from $30) 

With multiple options for sizes, sleeve color and accessories, helping your employees stay hydrated is a gift they’ll appreciate! 

Shown: Porter Glass Bottle

9. Customized Cooler Backpack (from $55)

Help your recipients enjoy the great outdoors with a cooler backpack like this one that offers space for up to 42 cans! Plus it features side storage compartments, a bottle opener, and comfy padding, so your recipient can carry an entire picnic right on their back. 

Shown: On the Go Roll-Top Cooler Backpack 

10. A Custom Magnetic Charger (from $88)

Even with it's sleek, minimal design, a magnetic charger that powers up your recipient's phone and ear buds is the one they'll remember long after you deliver your gift. Kind of like this Courant Mag 2 Essentials charger which powers both an iPhone and Air Pods.

Shown: Courant MAG 2: Essentials

11. Customizable Treats (from $8) 

Well under gifts for 100 dollars, custom candy and snacks are a great way to surprise your employees. Plus, they’re perfect for swag bags, tradeshow giveaways, and more! 

Shown: Sugarfina Champagne Bears 

12. Custom Stainless Steel Tumbler (from $25)

Whether you opt for customizing your own tumbler or a popular brand style like Nalgene, Stanley, and more, you can’t go wrong!  

Shown: Custom Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler 

13. Yamaha True Earbuds (from $100)

No best corporate gifts under $100 list is complete without a quality set of earbuds like these from Yamaha. 

Shown: Yamaha True Earbuds

14. Clip On Bag (from $19)  

Help your team stay organized in style with a clip-on accessory bag that is perfect for adding to belt loops, laptop bags, backpacks, and more! Just don’t forget to customize it so they think of their favorite company every time they use it. 

Shown: Topo Designs Clip On Accessory Bag


15. Customizable Slowtide Towel (from $48) 

For a gift as practical as it is nice to receive, a quality towel, like this one, is perfect to give and receive. Plus, when it comes to branding, the options are practically endless. 

Shown: Slowtide Turkish Cotton Towel 

16. Fellow Joey Mugs (from $25) 

For male and female employees alike, nothing beats the style and sophistication of a Joey mug. Designed with double-wall ceramic, it’s cool to the touch even when their coffee is piping hot. 

Shown: Fellow Joey Mug

17. Custom Games (from $15) 

Whether your game is dubbed as a sleek coffee table decor item, like this Tic Tac Toe Set ($90), or you’re looking for a completely customizable puzzle or card set, there is a game for every budget! 

Shown: Vince Acrylic Tic Tac Toe

18. Laptop Sleeve with Logo (from $27)

Fun, functional, and easy to give, stylish laptop sleeves help your employees protect their gear in professional style. Just be sure to order extras, since this is the one you can add to your employee swag store as well. 

Photo courtesy of Coach; Shown: Coachtopia Lap Quilted Cloud Laptop Sleeve

19. Customized Tumbler with Straw (from $35) 

The Carter Cold Tumbler is a sleek and stylish option from Fellow that will help your employees keep their favorite drinks chilled while on the go. Plus, it’s ideal for personalizing! 

Shown: Fellow Carter Cold Tumbler

20. Personalized Toiletry Bag (from $55) 

Even if your employees aren’t traveling for work, they’re probably traveling for fun. So if you’re looking for cool gifts for 100 dollars or less, this is a great option!

Shown: Nomatic Toiletry Bag 

21. Custom Fleece Pullover (from $25)

From patches to embroidery, prints to solids, or even color blocking, like the one below, when it comes to finding the ultimate corporate gift for employees, Gemnote has you covered with plenty of options. Plus, with unisex options, you can score a great, under $100 gift for men and women.  

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: A24 Half Snap Fleece Pullover

22. Name Brand Backpack (from $65)

Ideal for employees and even your holiday client gifts under $100, a great backpack is gives your recipient hands-free convenience whether they’re commuting to the office or planning that last-minute getaway. Talk to your Gemnote rep about all the ways you can customize a backpack to match your brand and delight your recipient. 

Shown: Cotopaxi Luzon Backpack

23. Carhartt® Pullover (from $40) 

For well under $100 gift ideas for employees, branded apparel by brands known for dependable quality, like this quarter zip shirt from Carhartt®, is always a top choice. From Patagonia, and The North Face to Vineyard Vines, Eddie Bauer, and more, check out our Look Book for more apparel brand favs! 

Shown: Carhartt® Force Quarter Zip Long Sleeve Shirt 

24. Nordic Vase Mini Set (from $45)

For their home, for their office, and even their home office, when it comes to corporate gifts $100 or less, home goods are always a bright decorative idea!

Shown: Set 5 Mini Nordic Vases

25. Branded Socks (from $14)

Don’t underestimate the power of a great pair of socks! They’re the one basic with major branding potential from the sole to the packaging that everyone could use! 

Photo courtesy of Sock Club; Shown: Custom Socks

26. Rains Laptop Bag (from $95)

Wondering what types of corporate gifts $100 you should give your all-star team? The Rains laptop bag offers a sophisticated style and modern silhouette for a universally loved gift.  

Shown: Rains Laptop Bag

27. Kinto Aroma Oil Warmer (from $58)

With a design inspired by upscale coffee equipment, this oil warmer from Kinto is perfect for making your interior spaces warm and inviting and one of the top corporate gifts under $100. 

Shown: Kinto Aroma Oil Warmer

28. Hawkins New York Simple Waffle Slippers (from $28)

Instead of corporate gifts under 100 dollars, these upscale cushy (and grippy!) slippers give you big value at a lot less. 

Shown: Hawkins New York Simple Waffle Slippers


29.  Timbuk2 Tuck Laptop Backpack (from $89)

Backpacks make great corporate gifts under $100, and this one from Timbuk2 is no exception! Described as a “minimalist tech bag” it features 100% recycled nylon and polyester and a design your recipient will love. 

Shown: Timbuk2 Tuck Laptop Backpack

30. Poketo Large 13" Minimalist Folio (from $58)

Sleek, minimal, and modern, this folio from Poketo is fun to give and easy to customize!

Shown: Poketo Large 13" Minimalist Folio

Need more high-end gifts for employees? Talk to your Gemnote rep today or browse our Look Book! From customizable snacks and logo apparel to office essentials, home goods, cool tech, and more, the best gifts around $100 are here! 

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