Trade Show Giveaway Ideas In 2023

December 27, 2022

The most useful trade show giveaways help market your product or service while keeping your company top of mind. Here are 21 trending giveaway items to try.

A lot of time and planning goes into your trade shows Whether you are hosting the entire event or are a vendor or supplier with a booth in the marketplace, your goals are most likely similar: To educate, engage, and excite attendees. That’s why, when it comes to trade show giveaway ideas, the best merch helps reinforce these objectives. 

Top Trade Show Giveaway Ideas 2022 - 2023

 Look no further for the best giveaways for trade shows! 

Best Trade Show Giveaways: Apparel 

Apparel always tops tradeshow giveaway ideas for its sustainability and endless customization options. While you will need to think through multiple options, like colors, sizes, and gender, generic styling can help you keep your order variants to a minimum. 

1. Custom Socks

For event giveaways that offer limited sizes and can be made for both men and women, socks are an everyday essential that everyone wears. 

Thinking of making socks for your next tradeshow giveaways? You can’t go wrong with the simple styling of these crew socks with double logos. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: A24 Films Grey Sport Socks

2. Custom Tee

For ultimate marketing props, choose trade show swag ideas that market your logo long after the event is through. Tee shirts make a popular choice thanks to their versatility and styling options. 

In addition, when you choose features like incredibly soft fabrics and a cool design, you have trade show giveaways that your recipient will use again and again. 

Photo courtesy of Madhappy; Shown: Winter Outdoors Tee 

3. Custom Long Sleeve Tee

More great trade show giveaways under $100 include long sleeve tees, which are also a universal option for your trade show giveaways aer long sleeve tees. 

Again, think about choosing a timeless style and soft fabrication for the best longevity. 

Photo courtesy of Bon Appetite; Shown: The 6 ½-Minute Egg Shirt

Promotional Trade Show Items: Hats 

When it comes to a trade show promotional item that’s versatile and can be branded with your company logo, customized hats, caps, and beanies are a universal favorite.  

4. Custom Beanie

For trending giveaway items you may want to consider a beanie. Perfect for colder months, Beanies can be purchased in a wide range of colors and patterns. In addition, you will have many customization options including embroidery, patches sewn on labels, screen prints and more. 

Photo courtesy of OnlyNY; Shown: OnlyNY Flight Logo Skull Cap Beanie

5. Custom Dad Hat 

Hats can also be categorized as sustainable trade show giveaways, thanks to the versatility and usability. 

Whether you choose a traditional baseball hat style like this one, a flat bill or even a long bill, hats make excellent event giveaways ideas and offer a wide range of customization options. 

Photo courtesy of Madhappy; Shown: Classic Dad Hat

6. Bucket Hat 

Hosting your tradeshow in the spring or summer months? For cool giveaway ideas that help combat the heat, consider a trendy bucket hat. In addition to being a fun-to-customize swag style that’s on trend and in-demand,  it is another great headware option that can help to protect against the sun's harmful rays

Wondering if bucket hats are a good option for your company trandeshow swag? See why Bucket Hats Are The Headwear Must-Haves Of 2023 according to Country & Town House.  

Shown: Baggu Bucket Hat

Cheap Giveaways Ideas: Office Supplies

Sure, these unique trade show giveaways may cost less, but they don’t skimp out on the details. 

7. Custom Cards

Custom cards are perfect for distributing in your marketplace or even passing around in your training. Whether you add a QR code that your recipient can scan for exclusive attendees-only incentives, make it custom exclusive offer, use it as a future save the date card—there are almost as many ways to use it as there are ways to customize it. 

Shown: Custom Printed Card 

8. Custom Pens

Trade show swag ideas have come a long way since they first debuted. Long gone are cheap pens that barely write and throw away gimmicks. For a pen your attendee can use for taking notes at your conference and use long after the event, customize a pen that’s known for offering the “write stuff.”   

Customized pens make great small business giveaway ideas since they are inexpensive and can be used for business launch ideas and more.  

Shown: Parker Jotter Pen

9. Custom Notepads

Giving out a pen? How about adding in a notepad too? For trade show swag ideas that your recipient can use at your event, these inexpensive gems prove practical gifts are often the most loved. 


Shown: Everyday Notepad from Poketo 

Gift Giveaway Ideas: Accessories

For cheap trade show giveaways that won’t be tossed away, these customizable accessories offer useful practicality.  

10. Custom Lanyard

A stylish lanyard is perfect for recipients who commute to the office, since it offers an easy way to keep track of their company ID and key cards. Whether you customize the key card holder, zip pouch, or strap,  is up to you and will keep your brand top of mind. 

Looking for trade show swag ideas that reinforce your company’s efforts toward sustainability? Look for swag consisting of recycled materials like this one from Poketo that features recycled heavyweight nylon. 

Shown: Lanyard Pouch Set in Happy Mix from Poketo

11. Custom Keychains

Keychains are another example of inexpensive swag that have come along way since first being distributed. 

For unique trade show giveaways choose a keychain like this one that shows off your company logo in needlepoint. Or, choose a trendy hotel keychain style for more options. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: A24 Films Needlepoint Keychain 

12. Custom Can Cooler

For unique trade show giveaways that can stand up to the heat, a well designed can cooler with your logo is always a win!

Need some more design ideas for your can cooler? Whether it’s something funny or just a new way to show off your logo, Pinterest delivers inspiring ideas to get you started. 

Shown: Custom Can Cooler 

Trade Show Swag: Bags

If it’s cheap trade show giveaways you’re looking for, you’ll be happy to know that many bags can be customized at affordable rates.   

13. Reusable Bag

If a reusable bag isn’t the only swag you’re considering or if the marketplace is stocked full of trade show giveaways a bag is a great pick! In addition to having a plethora of customization options like designs, color, patterns, and more, bags are sustainable trade show giveaways that your recipient can use to haul all their stuff. 

Shown: The Standard Baggu

14. Reusable Tote

If sustainability is important to your company, choose a reusable bag like this one from Bob Apettite that is made from 100% reusable polyester.  

Photo courtesy of Bon Appetit; Shown: The Tinned Fish Tote

15. Coin Pouch

A classic pouch can also be given a stylish upgrade with creative customization. Whether you choose to add personalization on a patch like this one below from Only NY, or want to personalize directly on the pouch, pouches are unique tradeshow giveaways that can also be used as giveaway posts ideas for virtual attendees. 

Photo courtesy of OnlyNY; Shown: Only NY x Manhattan Portage Coin Pouch

Sustainable Tradeshow Giveaways: Drinkware

reusable bottles and tumblers continues to be a popular option for sustainable trade show giveaways. Especially if you consider how many single-use water bottles could end up being tossed throughout the day by attendees, staff, and vendors. 

16. Custom Water Bottle

Love the design on this water bottle from The New Yorker? The options are endless when you choose to customize a Nalgene water bottle. Plus, with a plethora of bottle colors, silhouettes and sizes, finding your best giveaway ideas is a breeze. 

Photo courtesy of The New Yorker; Shown: Cari Vander Yacht’s Dept. of Hydration Water Bottle by The New Yorker

17. Custom Tumblers

Want a water tumbler with insulation for your event? In addition to cutting out throw away water bottles, a large insulated tumbler can keep your recipients comfortable and hydrated so they stay focused on what’s important. 

For unique tradeshow giveaways your attendees will love receiving, customize a brand that’s known for its hard working style and durability like Stanley.

Some of its best features include: 

  • Leaf proof straw
  • Double insulation
  • Dishwasher safe!

See a review of their Classic Vacuum Bottle by →  

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters; Shown: Stanley IceFlow 22 oz Flip Straw Tumbler

18. Travel Mugs

You can’t go wrong with a travel mug like this one from Miir. As far as the best tradeshow giveaways go, a tumbler is perfect for sipping on commutes to the office, weekends, and throughout the day.  

For the best swag, look for brands reputable brands that give back. Miir is a Product to Project company, that features a trackable giveback code so your recipients can see for themself how your unique tradeshow giveaways help to do more. 

Shown: Miir 360 Traveler

Cheap Giveaway Ideas: Snacks

Consumables like snacks offer cheap trade show giveaways that are always a win. Perfect for keeping your attendees from getting hangry between sessions.  

19. Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks are perfect for trade shows and conferences centered around the health and wellness industries. 


In addition to being healthy, the treat below also comes in compostable packaging for extra environmentally friendly points! 

For more options on how your company can take advantage of eco-friendly swag kits, check out our blog. 

Shown: Sun & Swell Foods Fudge Brownie Bites in Compostable Packaging 

20. Custom Chocolate 

If you’re looking to impress your attendees with unique tradeshow giveaways that won’t break the bank, not just any chocolate will do. 

For a taste that lives up to the hype, choose award-winning snacks like Ritual Chocolate.   

Some of its best features include: 

  • Single-origin
  • Organic ingredients
  • Bean-to-bar 

See a review of Ritual Chocolate →  

Ritual Chocolate is also a chocolate brand that is fair trade certified. 

Shown: Ritual Chocolate Mid Mountain Blend

21. Custom Candy 

Skip cheap candy that offers zero taste and none of the good stuff. Instead reach for swag that utilizes real fruit for candy that shows your recipient they matter. 

For an easy pick, choose California Gummy Bears are a vegan, plant based gummy that features all natural ingredients for a taste that’s fresh and fruity. Plus, they are a healthy alternative to traditional candies, these fun bears are come ready to gift in clever packaging that is not only professional looking, but biodegradable as well. 

Check out our blog post, 25 Best Healthy Gift Basket Ideas for more healthy and unique tradeshow giveaways.   

Shown: California Gummy Bears in Tangerine Tango

While that completes our list of the 21 Best Tradeshow Giveaways, it’s definitely not the end all- be all! With so many swag items on the market, you can find an exhaustive list for your next event. However, many items over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to their best features. 

For more tradeshow giveaway ideas, talk to your Gemnote rep. In addition to finding practical items by reputable brands, they can help you customize your swag for a product that’s truly memorable

Your Gemnote rep can also help you find gift-giving solutions for: 

  • Events
  • Holidays
  • Onboarding
  • Conferences
  • Virtual parties
  • Employee recognition
  • And much more! 

Plus, as a leader in swag and custom merchandise, they can help you take care of all of the logistical details—aside from professional customization—too! 

Some of the services Gemnote provides include: 

  • Design & development 
  • Sourcing & Production
  • Packaging & Sustainability
  • Kitting & Warehousing

Ready to invest in custom products for your company? Contact your Gemnote rep and ask for a curated list of on-trend and on-brand products that will work with your company budget.

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