30 Creative Swag and Giveaway Ideas for Events

March 15, 2021

Keep your attendees coming back for more with these affordable swag giveaway ideas. 

Now that your event (whether virtual or in-person) is out there and garnering attendees one by one, lay out strategies to keep them engaged. Here are 30 affordable virtual event giveaway ideas to add swag for virtual events. 

In a time of prioritizing distance and safety, findings ways to build new communities and safe spaces is officially essential. For pre-existing communities and groups, engaging turned online and digital; this may be new to you, but we have your back! Are you hosting an online or virtual event? It is time to create event content and fit or expand your current demographic. Next up, let the advertising run through your social media and networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, your mailing list, and more. And remember, all with the right timing! 

Giveaways and Swag $5 and Under

Hosting virtual events is a step towards the right direction. To sustain engagement and interest, generate swag ideas for events and its content, along with free digital gifts. 

Having customized virtual event giveaways is a 2-in-1. On top of inducing satisfaction and joy within your attendees, these gifts for virtual events offer free advertising as they carry these products everywhere! 

1. Custom Hand Sanitizer 

Custom Hand Sanitizer

Along with the distance and safety, promoting enhanced hygiene of hand sanitizer use is leading the list of virtual ‘thank you’ ideas. Nothing else shows gratefulness and gratitude than showing you care about every individual in your growing community. 

2. Custom Face Mask

Custom Face Mask

When it comes to inexpensive swag bag ideas, it would be a sin to pass up on including a custom face mask. Whilst encouraging the act of selflessness, a mask is worn everywhere. With an emphasis on everywhere, your brand and cause would catch an eye in a public space. 

3. Custom Laptop Stickers

Custom Laptop Stickers

Regardless of your targeted demographic, Generation Z is inevitably the upcoming, if not current, market. Have you seen a teen without stickers on their laptops? Stickers are a form of art in decoration. From the free virtual prize ideas, A24 offers affordable mirror, holographic, and glitter sticker packs for the Gen Z laptops. 

4. Custom Enamel Pins

On the topic of creative decorating, enamel pins are making a comeback! As they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, distributing custom enamel pins is the way to go. It serves as a chance to put a creative twist to your brand and cause. 

5. Custom Canvas Tote

Custom Canvas Tote

As the world moves towards sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyles, a custom canvas tote secures the swag bags for virtual events. Among the digital gift ideas, this single item screams simplicity, minimalist, convenience, and sustainability. 

6. Custom Pen / Sticky Note Set

What will complete your virtual event kits? Lucky for you, we have the answer and its custom pens and sticky note sets. From here on out, the world turns busy and flustered. Custom pens and sticky notes are the match made in heaven to remain on top of everything, your best friend in composure. 

7. Custom Hotel Keychain

Custom Hotel Keychain

Swag bag ideas for employees? Keychains! On the platform of DHgate.com, custom acrylic keychains fit the criteria of company event giveaways. Like an online event needs virtual event swag ideas, a key needs a keychain. 

8. Custom Canvas Pouch

Custom Canvas Pouch

With virtual event ideas, a custom canvas pouch is a no-brainer contender for Digital Swag Ideas 2021. What better way to match your custom canvas tote? Go crazy on customizing your own canvas pouch. 

9. Custom Cotton Bandana

Custom Cotton Bandana

Nowadays, bandanas can be used in many, many ways, like a headband, a temporary mask, a necklace, and more. With Poshmark, pick your signature color, insert a line, and follow the traditional patterns — it is pure beauty, add it to your virtual conference giveaways ideas!

10. Custom Wet Wipes

Custom Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are absolutely overlooked, they are super convenient! Whether you need to disinfect your hands, phone, table or anything at all, go with wet wipes. With that said, there goes another point to the virtual swag bag content ideas. 

Apart from this golden, affordable 10, we have another set to spice up your virtual swag bag 2021. You can complete your virtual event boxes with a pint cup, pop socket, and many more. 

Giveaways and Swag $10 and Under

When in doubt with running a virtual event, remember these words: relevant, timing, differentiate, brief, platform, involvement, remind, expect, and generate. 

11. Custom Baseball Cap

Custom Baseball Cap

Who doesn’t love hats? It’s another for the growing list of virtual conference gift ideas. Just like cotton bandanas, you can pick your signature color and slap on your aesthetic logo and voilà!

12. Custom Synch Gym Bag

Custom Synch Gym Bag

With your hardworking team always on the go, here’s one from the swag bag ideas for employees. When you equip your team with custom synch gym bags, it is guaranteed swag for all. 

13. Custom PopSocket

Custom PopSocket

Adding onto the point of laptop stickers, every teen wants a PopSocket for their phone cases. For your virtual conference swag goodies, throw in some custom PopSockets and exhibit your brand!

14. Custom Socks

As a youngin’, you may have hated socks as gifts. But, look at you now! Socks are one of the favorite gifts to receive. Trust us, custom socks are the gifts for virtual events. 

15. Custom T-Shirt

Custom T-Shirt

It never hurts to go classic, you can’t go wrong with them. If you’re looking to distribute virtual event gift boxes, toss in a custom t-shirt with a beautiful color and a minimalistic design!

16. Custom Pint Cup

Custom Pint Cup

People have been brewing their creative, swag ideas and placing them on plain items. A custom pint cup gets the flow of virtual event giveaway ideas, going. 

17. Custom Chocolate Bar

Custom Chocolate Bar

Everybody loves chocolate! Aside from its delicious taste, those wrappers entice the appetite. When it comes to adding swag for virtual events, your very own custom chocolate bar satisfies the taste, the eyes, and the brand!

18. Custom Fanny Pack

Custom Fanny Pack

Whether you like it or not, fanny packs are back and better — from a convenience to a piece to streetwear, real quick! No doubt, custom fanny packs are swag bags for virtual events and a part of swag boxes for employees. 

19. Custom Ceramic Mug

Custom Ceramic Mug

In all honesty, mugs have been the core of morning routines. With a custom ceramic mug, your brand is a part of a routine from virtual event ideas! 

20. Custom Laptop Screen Cleaner Set

Custom Laptop Screen Cleaner Set

On top of keeping our hands clean, our devices must be! Your community can sustain proper hygiene with a custom laptop screen cleaner set. The world is your oyster with a virtual marketplace, it is a growing community of seekers and providers of infinite products you want and need — from individual sellers to small businesses!

Giveaways and Swag $15 and Under

There are many, many ways to sell your products virtually, or yet, sell your virtual products. It’s all about knowing your platform!

21. Custom Insulated Tumbler

Custom Insulated Tumblr 

When you’re brainstorming swag ideas for events, especially your giveaways, consider the basic essentials. As the spring and summer seasons near, stay hydrated with a custom insulated tumblr!

22. Custom Sweatshirt Blanket

Custom Sweatshirt Blanket

Regardless of being an introvert or extrovert, comfy things are the thing for everybody. A custom sweatshirt blanket is a sure sell with it’s softness and comfort — a blanket and a hoodie in one!

23. Custom Puzzle

A little bit of a brain teaser never hurt nobody. Puzzles allow for quality time, while getting that brain working. For virtual sponsor gift ideas, a custom puzzle is a must. 

24. Custom ShedRain Umbrella

Custom ShedRain Umbrella

Sometimes a “Rain, rain, go away,” won’t work and in that case, grab an umbrella. It’s always pleasant to come prepared as a community, and you can with a custom ShedRain. 

25. Custom Beanie

With the expanding streetwear, a custom beanie with a simple design surely attracts your demographic. It’s one to add to your swag goody bags for events. 

26. Custom Hanes Sweatshirt

Custom Hanes Sweatshirt

Look into your closet, and you probably have several sweatshirts. But, everyone needs more! Custom Hanes sweatshirts — add it to your swag bag ideas for virtual employees. 

27. Custom Beach Towel

Custom Beach Towel

As you can see, a towel is a canvas. With any design, with a purpose, a custom beach towel adds spice to your virtual conference sponsorship event. 

28. Custom Cotton Canvas Duffel Bag

Custom Cotton Canvas Duffel Bag

Giveaway ideas for virtual events, ideas keep rollin’ in! For your swag, hardworking team, a custom duffel bag is just what they need to stay organized and packed. 

29. Custom Set of Coasters

Custom Set of Coasters

You know you’re adulting when beautiful coasters get you excited. For digital gifting, picture your very own design and twist on coasters. Pure beauty!

30. Custom House Slippers

Custom House Slippers

Slippers, flip-flops, whatever you want to call them, keep them comfy! Nothing better than switching into soft slippers after a long day. 

Final Thoughts

Virtual communities surround you on a daily basis. You may not know it, but you’re a part of infinite spaces. When it’s your turn to lead your own virtual community, online events is an amazing way to connect and network. With your newly curated 30 ideas, you and your brand can give back and reciprocate to every individual in your community. 

And remember, it doesn’t have to hurt your pockets and funding! Gemnote is the place to be for inexpensive, custom, creative, and swag giveaway gifts for your next virtual event. 

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