10 Branded Swag Ideas For Your Tech Conference

May 4, 2022

Explore the best tech conference swag ideas for gifts your attendees will remember.

If you are a tech company looking for inspiration on your conference promotional items you are in the right place. While it may feel overwhelming sorting through all of the digital conference swag ideas available on the market today, our list of branded tech swag ideas features a curated collection of items to help you get more bang for your buck.   

When it comes to thinking about branding for your conference swag bag ideas, you will be surprised at how many options you have at your disposal. From finding just the right color and font to reflect your brand guidelines to landing on a theme, creating a cohesive list of tech conference swag ideas in your budget is easier than you think. 

Check out our list of ideas for the best conference swag for your brand. You’ll notice these customized swag kits offer a little everything to keep it interesting. As a tech company, you don’t have to give away only tech-themed gifts. Having a variety of products from apparel and accessories to games, notebooks, sustainable drinkware, and of course tech favorites like chargers and power banks will keep your swag kit fresh and the cost lower. 

10 Best Branded Conference Swag Ideas 2022

1. Branded Tech Promotional Items

Our first tech swag idea features an assortment of quality products that can stand up to heavy-hitter brands, like Dell.  Featuring a mix of apparel, unisex accessories, and sustainable drink and dinnerware, it is the perfect mix of fun and functional. 

If you are looking to also share free tech swag with your employees, you can’t go wrong with items like card-holders, branded apparel, and the like that they can use in and out of the office. 

Technology swag ideas shown here: Baggu Phone Sling, Porter Plastic Bowl, Miir Tumbler, Orbit ID Card Holder Pro, and Quarter Zip

2. Swag Ideas For Conferences

For your in-person events and digital tech conference swag ideas, you can’t go wrong with this quality grouping. Features customization by Gartner, a leader in research and development, these branded tech swag ideas are serious business.  

Featuring customizable swag by name brands like Corkcicle, My Charge, and Nike, you can get high-end tech event swag ideas without blowing your budget. 

Shown here: Port Authority Full-Zip Jacket, MyCharge Charger Bank, Nike Dri FIT Hat, Corkcicle Mug, and Custom Pen

3.  Tech Company Swag

Looking for unique conference swag ideas to show off your company’s colorful branding? Here, we’ve shown how staple items get a refresh when customized with Tableau’s colorful logo. 

The best conference swag ideas 2022 include everyday essentials like socks and collared shirts (which are great for employees too) that everybody wears. After all, if you only invest in items that lack functionality the lifecycle of your swag diminishes significantly. 

Tech company swag items shown here: ASColour Polo, Crew Socks, Numo Tumbler, Candy Club Rainbow Belts, Numo Cooler Backpack

4. Technology Promotional Items

When it comes to finding high-end tech conference swag ideas, you can’t go wrong with products by well-known—and loved—brands like The North Face. Featuring the powerhouse brand, IBM, who’s known for its efforts toward sustainability, products like reusable sports bottles, apparel, and accessories align with efforts. 

For instance, The North Face backpack features 50% recycled polyester with non-PFC durable water-repellent finish. Not to mention it also complements IBM’s laptops, thanks to the main compartment with a padded laptop sleeve that’s roomy enough to handle books, snacks, and other must-haves. 

Talk to your Gemnote rep for more great swag items that can be customized with your branding and logo while reflecting your corporate values.  

Personalized tech gifts featured here: Sport Tek Polo, Sports Bottle,  Baseball Cap, Enamel Keychain, Pocketo Gel Pen, and The North Face Backpack

5. Stand out swag for conferences

The best conference tech swag ideas help your company stand out. By choosing items functional items like these your company logo and branding can take center stage. Want to show off more than just your company logo? Go for it! Here we show how OptinMonster’s one-eyed monster offers the perfect branding to otherwise basic products like hoodies, notebooks, and reusable bags.  

Tip: To make your swag budget go even further, you may want to feature everyday essentials like these in your new employee onboarding kits as well.   

Shown: Anker® Earbuds, A5 Notebooks, Baggu Medium Nylon Bucket Bag, Corkcicle Sports Canteen, and Classic Hoodie

6. Unique Swag Picks for

For cool giveaway gadgets for conferences that your attendees won’t soon forget? You can’t go wrong with games and tech essentials like chargers. Add in glass water bottles, hats, and a cross-body sling, for enviable gifts they'll love. While this grouping is shown branded for Mail Chimp, your Gemnote Rep can curate unique tech conference gifts just for you. 

Tip: Games like Bananagrams, customized puzzles, and even outdoor items like Frisbees, stress balls, fidget spinners, and more are fun ways to incorporate swag into your kit. 

Tech conference swag ideas featured here: Soma Glass Bottle, Native Union Cable, Bananagram Game, Flexfit Trucker Hat, and Poketo Sling Crossbody

7. Functional Picks for Tech Conferences

What do high-end conference swag ideas consist of? Functional products, quality designs, and personalization. Whether your brand features bold solids, muted colors, neons, and more, there’s a product grouping that’s perfect for your tech company and Gemnote can help you find it. Here we featured the branding for Asana, a popular work management program. Each item shows off the branding while still looking sophisticated for everyday use.   

Tip: If you’ve been looking for sustainable items to add to your swag store or gift your VPs, best customers, and more, products that give back, like Miir’s Wide Mouth bottle that comes with a Give Code, are a solid choice. 

Branded tech swag: Bandana, ASColour Tote, Public Supply Notebooks, Enamel Keychain, and Miir Tumbler

8. Colorful Tech Swag Idea

Have a colorful logo? Let your branding do the heavy lifting by choosing cool giveaway gadgets for conferences in neutral colors. Here we show how the colorful logo from Visme, a tool that helps companies create brand experiences, elevates this grouping of swag items. 

Tech conference swag picks featured here: Sports Bottle, MyCharge Power Bank, Rains Waist Bag, Customized Magnet, and ASColour 6-Panel Hat

9. Best Tech Swag Ideas for Kits

Here we prove the best conference tech swag ideas are anything but boring! Slack seemed like the perfect example to show customization. As a leader in project management tools, this swag just like the company doesn’t slack on delivering.  

And for cheap event swag, you can’t go wrong with food and drinks. One look at the unique Soda Pop Candy bar by Hammonds and you have a lower price point, unique item, and pretty aesthetic that looks anything but cheap. Plus, having snacks available at your next conference is a great way to keep your event attendees from getting hungry. 

Tip: If you're looking for electronic gifts for employees you can’t go wrong with branded wireless earbuds. Plus, many times companies can receive a discount per item when they order in bulk. Talk to your Gemnote Rep for details.    

Tech conference swag bag ideas: Men’s Heavy Tee, Areaware Gummy Bear Little Puzzle, True Wireless Earbuds, Hammonds Soda Pop Chocolate, and Swell Onyx Tumbler

10. Swag for Tech Conference

For the best branded tech swag ideas, it is all about the details! Whether it is the contrasting ribbing at the neck and sleeves on the customized tee or the heart-shaped tea drop that pairs perfectly with your branded travel mug, the extra details are a great way to take your swag to the next level. Here we show tech conference swag customized with branding from Monday, a company that helps companies plan, organize, and track their team’s workflow. 

For high-end conference merch ideas, choose products like the Baron Fig Confidant notebook that gives back. As a matter of fact, for every Confidant Notebook sold, BaronFig plants a tree. Why? Because they’re on a mission to leave the world better than they found it. 

Ask your Gemnote rep for more tech conference swag items featuring products that give back. They can also help you find unique swag items that help reinforce your company’s mission. 

Technological Conference Gifts: Matcha Green Tea, BaronFig Confidant Notebook, Ringer Tee, Stanley Classic Travel Mug, and Baggu Duck Bag

Leave it to Gemnote, a leader in tech conference swag picks for companies and can help you ace all of your swag goals from digital to in-person events, trade shows, and more. Not only do they specialize in quality tech promotional items for conferences, but Gemnote can also help you create curated swag kits and giveaways tailored to your company and industry.    

Below are just some of the types of customized swag kits Gemnote can help you create for your business: 

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Company Swag Stores
  • Executives, VPs, and Best Customers
  • Vendors and Suppliers
  • Customer Incentives
  • Employee Rewards and Recognition 
  • Trade Shows and Retreats
  • And more!


What goes into creating swag ideas for conferences? 

When trying to decide what your conference promotional items will be this year, you’ll want to consider the following: 

  1. What is your company’s swag budget? If you’re going to invest in SWAG (Stuff We All Get), it should leave a positive impression on your recipient. While cheap conference swag may seem like a no-brainer, it is important to find items your recipient actually wants. Even if you include fewer items in your swag kit, choosing pieces that will be used on repeat and stay within your swag budget is important.

  2. What are your company’s swag goals? Want to give your recipients something to remember you by? For memorable tech conference swag items, invest in sustainable items that are customized with your brand’s logo. And, when your free tech swag is this good you can add it to your giveaways baskets too. Also, by investing in tech conference swag that can also be used for employees and customers throughout the year you can maximize your efforts and save money. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more ways to maximize your savings.

  3. How will your conference promotional items be used? In other words, are you offering free tech swag or will your tech conference gievaways be part of an incentive? For example, if your event attendees are paying admission to your conference, your swag bag may be given out at check-in or used as an incentive for attendees purchasing a product or service, joining your email list, or other action. Likewise, if it is a free event and no action is needed, you are giving away free tech swag. Knowing how your swag will be used will help you determine your budget and what products are best.  

  1. Does my swag align with my company’s values? If your company prides itself on making decisions that are environmentally friendly, for example, having endless straws, water bottles and plastic one-and-done utensils will work against your efforts. Instead, let your swag reinforce your values by providing branded insulated water bottles, reusable bowls, straws, cutlery, and more. 

  1. How will my swag be distributed? For the best conference tech swag, you want your investment going toward your products not shipping. If are hosting a local event and can deliver your conference swag items in person you will just need to think about the space you have available to store the items. However, if you are looking for digital conference swag ideas, you will want to choose lightweight items that are easy and durable to ship. 

For tips on which items ship best, talk to your Gemnote Rep. You can even check out our list of 15 Best-Branded Mugs for Drop Shipping

Let the knowledgeable staff at Gemnote help you curate ideas within your budget, or check out our Lookbook for more ideas.

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