Best Swag for Tech Companies

June 16, 2021

Discover the best swag for tech companies from cool gadgets and custom merch to branded apparel and more!

Companies like Slack, Zoom, Asana, and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO have grown exponentially during this time. It’s exciting when your company is growing quickly and a huge plus is having more budget for quality employee merch and branded tech swag.

Top Tech Gadgets

Employees always want to get their hands on the latest gadgets. It could be a phone, a laptop, or even a Bluetooth speaker. While tech swag is usually more pricey than other gifts, it will surely make the grade whether you get them for a company director or a team manager.

Top Fintech Swag Items

If you are one of the up and coming Fintech companies whose focus is providing new and better tech for financial services, you’re also in the right place. Our Ultimate Guide to Employee Swag is perfect for creating memorable Fintech merch too!

When it comes to discovering the best fintech swag items there are a few pointers you will want to take into consideration. First, because your product or service supports financial services, you will want your swag for tech companies to reflect the value your product or service delivers. Also, cool tech swag is both fun and functional, so look for items that you find useful and would be proud to have represent your company. And, last but not least, invest in custom products that you can personalize with your company logo. By creating customized tech gadgets swag that reflects your brand, you’ll help strengthen your brand recognition and reach, and ultimately your marketing power. 

Below are some of the newest tech gifts you can get for all team members and give them some serious tech swag.

1) Sony XB700 Extra Bass Wireless Headphones - $129.99

When you hear the brand “Sony”, you know the audio quality is going to be top-notch. For this reason, we can’t recommend these enough and they’re definitely one of the most popular tech gifts, especially with work-from-home employees.

The build quality is top-notch and they remain comfortable and looking splendid at the same time. In addition, you’ll get extra bass and incredibly long battery life.

In Review: Sony wireless extra bass headphones bring all the extra you want to elevate your business and your swag game. Boom.

2) Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer - $149.95


People love their gadgets nowadays and always want more. Tablets, phones, accessories, you name it, they have it. However, chances are your recipients don't have this innovative photo printer! 

This Mini Link smartphone printer will allow all your employees to print their favorite photos wherever they are. If you’re looking for a more personal tech item that your staff members will be able to use at home with their kids and family, it’s definitely the best swag for tech companies.

Final thoughts: We love tech for its ability to bring us instant gratification. So when it comes to useful tech swag items, this smartphone printer instantly delivers!

3) Elite Gourmet Air Fryer

Tech products don’t necessarily mean computer accessories. In fact, one of the most common hobbies is cooking, and this is simply one of the popular tech gifts that you can go for.

Apart from the fact that the design of this air fryer is futuristic and sleek, this air fryer will help all your employees to remain healthy cooking delicious dishes with no oil. Not only your team members will love it, but their families will get to become chefs alike!

To Sum Up: An air fryer is a hands-down favorite and easily steals the best tech swag 2021.

4) Sony Turntable with Wireless Connectivity - $179.99

If your tech company is cloud-based and you want to send your team members a surprising and brand tech swag gift, search no further. This wireless turntable is the perfect gift if your team members are into old-school vibes, this is exactly what you should get them.

This is the perfect combination of retro vibes and modern connectivity and that makes it one of the best home tech gifts to get.

Overall rating: Thanks to its genius ability to make us nostalgic for more simpler days, it delivers extra credit for giving us the added bonus of wireless connectivity. Need we say more? 

5) Homedics Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager - $149.99

Homedics’ heated foot massager will easily become your employees’ favorite accessory. With 2 massage styles, deep-kneading rolling massage and rhythmic air compression massage, it just simply ticks all the boxes of a relaxing, well-deserved massage.

With the quarantines and lockdowns, this will be a  popular tech gift for employees to enjoy their breaks at home as well as any spare time they’ll have.

In Swag Terms: It’s a golden choice for tech swag giveaways, since we’re all a little tired from the hustle. Thankfully this Homedics Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager makes even the longest days better.

Top Team Swag

Do you want to elevate team swag within your team? Below are some favorite items for customizing. For more memorable gifts check out our company sales team swag.

6) Champion Crewneck sweatshirt - $54.00

If you’re on the lookout for comfortable corporate gifts that can fit your employees during any season, you certainly should take into consideration this crewneck sweatshirt from Champion.

It’s comfortable, it can be used over and over, and it’s made with premium cotton. It can be worn at the office, at home feeling cozy, and even at the gym. Whether you’re looking for some tech swag or simply the best corporate swag for employees, this is exactly what you want.

An easy winner. Tech gadgets swag is always great, but sometimes it’s the classic crewneck that keeps it real. Real cozy, soft and warm that is.

7) Apple Airpod Pros - $249.99

If you want to get some serious swag for your employees with a top-notch accessory, the Apple Airpod Pros are a great option. These wireless earbuds offer premium noise cancelation, excellent audio quality, and utility. You will be able to use them for Zoom calls, to stay away from distractions, or simply to remain focused at work.

They easily connect to your iPhone, iPad or Macbook which is appreciated when your employees lead such busy lives and may not have time for hiccups of any sort.

Always a hit. While the name brand can stand on its own, Airpods as Fintech swag and employee merch is no-brainer since it allows us to stay connected and hands-free.

8) Escuyer Cashmere Socks - $29.42

While cashmere socks are mainly popular to feel more comfortable at home or during wintertime, they’re also nicely designed and you will definitely look chic with them on.

Sure, socks are pretty uncommon to see in a swag bag but 2020 has certainly proved to us that comfortable accessories are always welcome when working from home. But your feet will be thankful, guaranteed!

Why do we think they’re a great swag idea for tech companies? Simply because tech can be complex and, therefore, these super-soft socks will help them relax and get ready for a new day ahead.

Cool tech swag. Look no further. With super soft cashmere these socks do more than toe the line between fashion and function.  

9) KeepCup Coffee Mug

Talking about some home office must-have at all times, this mug from KeepCup immediately comes to mind. You’ll be able to personalize the colors, the size, and put your logo on the mug, and that will add to its cool look.

The perfect activity after a shift at a tech company is probably more time on the computer or gaming online, and adding coffee will make it the perfect experience. 


Tip: The top fintechs swag items don’t have to be centered around coffee, but are an instant appeal when they do. After all, it’s our morning wake up call and our afternoon pick me up, all in a cool tech swag gift bag.  

10) Glerups Slip-On with Rubber Sole - $135.00

These slip-on sneakers are the perfect addition to the cashmere socks previously recommended. With wool coming straight from Denmark, your employees will love their comfortability and their cool look. 

Forget about the old-fashioned look they used to have. These slippers look fresh, easy to slip on, comfy, and as cozy as it gets.

The best corporate tech swag picks don’t have to be techy at all. And with these easy slip on slippers, ‍getting your foot in the door with awesome swag just got easier!   

Top Virtual Event Swag

Virtual events have become the new normal and most companies around the world conduct online meetings and speaker panels. For this reason, and because you want to look good, you’ll probably want to check out these custom swag items that will make anyone at your tech company happy.

11) Custom Cap

If your goal is to find useful and interesting gifts for your tech startup that won’t break the bank, custom caps are definitely a winner for men and women. It’s the modern take on the classic baseball cap and fits more comfortably. . You can get your company logo on the cap as well as personalizing it with the colors that represent your brand.

Your employees can use their brand new cap outside work, when wandering around town, on a weekend hike or when browsing for new tech swag at a local shop.

See and be seen. If your logo could talk, that’s probably what it would say. Which makes a custom hat as your fintech swag a no-brainer.  

12) Custom Beach Towel

Sure, beach towels aren’t a common gift for tech companies. But if you want to get an original product to be used straight after going to the beach or a shower, this is a unique option. . It is definitely useful when working from home, since people are taking more weekend trips outdoors and going to the beach. If your coworkers or clients are into home design, this is the perfect accessory for their bathroom too. .

There’s no limit to the design you can customize the towels with, and placing your tech logo as well as your slogan is only one of the endless possibilities.


Customizing tip: location, location location. What’s the prime location for your logo? Where the recipient will see it, of course.  

13) Custom Nalgene Bottle

Photo courtesy of A24 Films

Practical, nicely designed, and customizable, a branded water bottle is simply a must-have and an excellent corporate promotional giveaway for techies. Drinking more water is something we should all be doing, and getting this awesome bottle will surely remind you!

Additionally, at Gemnote, we have a wide range of water bottles that can be customized from popular brands like Stanley, LARQ, Klean Kanteen, and more that make unforgettable swag for your tech company.

Overall: Hydration is a thing. Which is why a custom Nalgene bottle hits our list for one of the most useful tech swag items. 

14) Custom Synch Bag - From $10.99

Taking all our tech accessories around can be difficult and that’s why we love the idea of getting a custom synch bag. You can use this on a picnic, hike or going to the beach. Make sure to place a bottle of water (reusable!), your headphones, and the rest of your workout gear in the bag.

If you’re willing to get a quality, light bag to carry your essentials and  other awesome tech gifts with your logo on it, this is certainly a nice treat for all employees. 

‍Multi tasking swag. Who can pass up a synch bag that keeps your gear safe and your hands free? The best tech for tech companies also makes great giveaways for events and conferences. 

15) Custom Neck Gaiter

We’ll find that masks and other face protective gear will be with us for the foreseeable future. A  custom neck gaiter or a custom face mask with your company logo on it is a great swag option to keep everyone at the office safe, while also being on-brand.It’s a breathable, useful, and a necessary item to add to your tech swag bag for employees.

Top Giveaway Swag

Corporate promotional giveaways are essential to keep  staff members happy, motivated, and excited about being part of a company. For this reason, the next items are perfect for giveaway swag, whether you’re hosting a virtual event or sending warm leads an extra something! 

16) OXO Screen and Keyboard Cleaner - $9.99

Keeping all our tech accessories clean is essential even if you’re working from home. Everyone’s laptop has dust and let’s not be shy to admit that there’s an occasional spill. . This is exactly where this screen and keyboard cleaner from OXO comes in handy. 

No more dirty keyboard, bread crumbs stuck in between keys, and dust or fingerprints on the screen. Only a clean reflection on the screen to remain more productive at work. In short, you can’t go wrong with this cool tech gift for all members of staff and it’s simply a no-brainer for your company’s equipment.

17) Custom Sport Socks

Photo courtesy of A24 Films

Custom sport socks is a good option because it’s unisex (as most of our items listed here are) and they’re great for any season. Whether it’s cold outside or it’s spring training, this will be a great option to customize with your company’s logo. 

Customized cotton socks can be made fully custom by using your brand’s colors. It doesn’t just have to be your company’s logo. 

18) Custom Enamel Pins and Sticker Sheet

Custom enamel pins and sticker sheets are an easy and affordable way to showcase your brand’s design work and fun illustrations. Personalize it with tech drawings, add your latest product logo, and more.

19) Custom Bandana - $30.00

In addition to face masks and neck gaiters, a custom bandana is also a fashionable way for your employees to protect their faces. This item can be fully customized with your brand’s color palette and company logo.  

20) Custom Stainless Steel Pint Cup - $28.00

Staying hydrated is proven to help with productivity at work, whether at the office or at home. If your company has intentions of being more sustainable in 2021, this is a great giveaway swag item, as it is both useful and affordable. This will help people reduce plastic use with water or their choice beverage. For the stainless steel pints, we recommend cold drinks only! They’re also dishwasher-safe!

Top Executive Swag

Finally, are you looking for more elevated gifts for your executives, board of directors or keynote speakers? If so, we’ve gathered data from our top selling products for this category and demographic of people. The key here is quality. You want to gift executives items that are high-quality, practical and modern in design.  

The following items will be much appreciated with this group. The price points are a bit higher, but worth the cost. Ultimately, you don’t want to be sending items that will end up in the Goodwill pile or even worse, in the trash. 

21) Arc'teryx Jacket

Arc’teryx is a luxury brand of outdoor gear and this puff jacket is on everyone’s wish list, especially during the winter months. The jacket is cozy, casual, and durable for everyday wear and going to meetings.  

Arc’teryx brought to the market a stunning, insulated, lightweight, warm, and versatile winter jacket that won’t disappoint. Tried and tested and with an elegant design, your team members will be very thankful and utterly pleased to have discovered it.

22) Rocketbook Notebook - $32.00

Other than being one of the most useful corporate promotional giveaways, a high-quality notebook is a product that most people will use everyday. This notebook is not your traditional kind that uses pen and paper. 

Rocketbook brought this revolutionary notebook to the market and their notes will automatically be uploaded to your cloud services. Whether you’re jotting down brilliant startup ideas, brainstorming your next tech feature or writing parts of a screenplay while you’re traveling, you’ll be able to upload all the content to the computer. The future is really here thanks to useful tech swag items that everyone can appreciate!

23) Kodak Photo Printer Dock - $175.99

This printer dock is the ultimate technology gift and you’ll be able to print all your photos on the go for any purpose. These are great for executives with families. They can simple upload photos from their phone to the printer to have them printed instantly.  

We’ve also had clients use these at their business events. It’s a great way to have a memento of the event with your colleagues or even at parties with their coworkers.

24) Bang & Olufsen Speaker - $250

If you need to level up your game and get some popular tech gifts that will impress, then you must add a Bluetooth speaker to the list. As you may know, Bang & Olufsen produces some of the best sound systems in the world. This particular handheld  one has a long battery life, while also being waterproof. The modern design and clean aesthetic make it easy to use in the house or out on adventures.  

At Gemnote, we have tons of Bluetooth speakers available for customization. From Bose to Sony, we’ll find the right model and brand for your team. Drop us an email and we’ll help you get started on sourcing the best of the best.

25) Graf Lantz Laptop Case - $59.00

The best gifts for tech companies include sustainable items employees can use time and again, like this laptop case, which is ideal  for protect your employees’ equipment. This case is the solution to remaining professional-looking on the go, while also being extremely beautiful. It’s made with a soft Merino wool body that will keep all your tech devices protected. 

Still searching for your ideal swag? Talk to your Gemnote rep about getting a curated list for best swag for tech companies that's in your price point, or browse our Lookbook for more ideas!

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