20 Luxury Corporate Gifts For Influencer PR Kits

March 10, 2023

We make luxury corporate gifting easy! Discover enviable PR kits for influencers, high-end gifts for executives, premium gifts for clients, luxury employee gifts, and more!

For companies who work with influencers to help market their brands, most learn early on that not all influencers are created equally. In fact, finding an influencer with an established audience that is either similar to your own or appeals to the demographics of those you want to get your goods or services in front of can feel like a feat in itself. So once, you do find that diamond in the rough, or ideal influencer, finding the right luxury corporate gifts to send them is more than just a thoughtful token of appreciation. 

In fact, because influencer marketing has become a popular way for brands to reach their target audience through social media, sending them custom merch can also open the door to a successful partnership. 

Branded Luxury Corporate Gifts 

Discover seven luxury corporate gifts with logo examples that offer the perfect inspiration for your company’s premium gifting. 

1. Luxury Corporate Gifts: Summer Friday

There’s a reason the top beauty brands sell merch and swag: to increase their marketing exposure and elevate their brand. However, you don’t have to be a beauty brand like Summer Fridays to benefit from your own custom merch. For ultimate appeal choose product staples,  like branded accessory bags and duffles and custom drinkware that can be used as corporate luxury gifts too. 

Shown: Luxury Corporate Gifting and Merch Ideas by Summer Fridays

2. Ouai: Luxury Corporate Gifting 

When it comes to marketing your brand, sometimes products and services aren’t always seen. That’s just one reason apparel is one of the best custom merch items to match your brand. Throw in sustainable drinkware that’s great for long and short commutes, plus your own product and you’ve got luxury executive gifts with mega marketing power. 

Shown: Ouai Custom Long Sleeve Tee, Sweatshirt, and Travel Tumbler

3. Glossier: Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas

Just like when you are investing in luxury gifts for clients, make sure your PR Kit includes enviable custom merch your recipient will want to wear and promote like this example from Glossier that features a custom sweatshirt, hoodie, duffel and, branded cap.  

Shown: Glossier Custom Sweatshirt, Duffel, Cap, Slides, and Hoodie  

4. Cannuka: High-End Corporate Gifts

Whether you’re in the market for luxury employee gifts or PR kits for influencers, here’s proof that you don’t have to spend a lot to generate high-end corporate gift ideas. Case in point, this example of an innovative swag box for CBD companies, like Cannuka. In addition to their product, there’s a custom long-sleeve tee, reusable tote, modern mug, bright socks, tee, and coin bag, for basic essentials made even better customization. 

Shown: Cannuka Custom Tee, Tote, Mug, Socks, and Coin Bag

5. Camino: Custom Luxury Corporate Gifts

Luxury gifts for employees, clients, influencers and the like should be anything but boring. That’s why we love this colorful collection of fun merch that has us dreaming of sunshine and beachy vibes.  

Shown: Camino Custom Tee, Tank, Frisbee  


6. Remedi: Luxury Corporate Gifts Ideas

Have a brand that’s all about peace, relaxation, and zen? Create a PR Kit for your Influencers that speak to the feeling you’re trying to create. Kind of like, the wellness brand Remedi did. 

Shown: Remedi Custom Tee, Hat, and Drinkware, and Socks

7. Lord Jones: Luxury Corporate Gifts Ideas

For high-end corporate gifts, leave it to your brand to take center stage, like these enviable basics from Lord James. 

Shown: Lord James Custom Tee, Sweatshirt, Bandana, Cap, Duffel, and Tumbler 

High-End Corporate Gifting By Theme

If the thought of sending a PR Kit without a theme just doesn’t sit well, there are many ways you can create a custom merch set that revolves around a central idea. For more themes, check out the swag examples from our holiday party ideas.  

8. Spa-Inspired Luxury Branded Corporate Gifts

Want to send luxury executive gifts to make them say, Ahhhhhh? How about a box of tranquility? For major points add in a custom robe and plush towels, then top it off with a diffuser. Just like gift ideas for VIP clients, you can easily add to this custom influencer PR kit with scented essential oils, candles, slippers, and more! 


Shown: Unisex Mediterranean Organic Modern Robe, Paddywax Oil Diffuser, and Towel Set

9. Casino Night: High-End Executive Gifts

Bad swag shouldn’t be a gamble! Talk to your Gemnote rep for more winning ideas and products that bring fun and excitement. Kind of like this casino-night-inspired gift featuring cocktail additions, custom cards and custom drinking glasses.

Swag Ideas: Moon Magic Craft Cocktail + Black Gold playing cards + Cocktail Glass Set 

High-End Corporate Gifting Ideas to Match Your Branding

As you’re probably well aware, your custom merchandise and luxury gifts for employees, influencers, clients, and more, all play an essential role in reinforcing your brand identity. When sending unique corporate gifts, you want your recipient to feel a connection to your company. Therefore the merchandise or gift you send should be on-brand so that it can serve as a reminder of your company's products, services, and values, thereby strengthening your brand's image and reputation. 

Additionally, branded merchandise can serve as a powerful marketing tool, allowing the company's message to reach a wider audience. Ensuring that your merchandise and gifts reflect your branding, you can build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately drive sales. 

10. Nature-Inspired Luxury Branded Corporate Gifts

You don’t have to have a super robust color palette to produce enviable branded merch for your PR Kits. As these swag ideas for a color brand story proves, neutrals can play a powerful part in making your luxury corporate gifts shine. 

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore (tee) and United By Blue (blanket)
Shown: Corkcicle Origins Tumbler, Native Union Belt Cable, Aimé Leon Dore Pocket Tee, United By Blue Blanket

11. Muted Pastels Executive Luxury Corporate Gifts

While soft hues may not be as bold or red-hot, they’re every bit as coveted as their primary counterparts. Talk to your Gemnote rep for design options for tees and more so your branding can best stand out. 

Photo courtesy of United By Blue (tee)
Shown: United By Blue Nice Day Tee, Corkcicle Coffee Mug, Custom Card, Public Supply Notepad 

12. Tropical High-End Luxury Corporate Gifts

Big prints, fun patterns, and lots and lots of colors. No matter what your brand encapsulates you can find eye-popping merch to let it pop—without being too busy. 

Photo Courtesy of A24 Films (logo tee)
Shown: Compartes Chocolate, Custom Hotel Keychain, A24 Films Logo Tee, Poketo Socks

13. Lime Accents Executive Luxury Corporate Gifts

No matter what your primary brand color is, with Gemnote’s PMS color matching you don’t have to sweat the details… like whether your merch is lime green, pea green, evergreen, or possibly minty. In fact, you can leave all the heavy lifting to us! 

Photo courtesy of United By Blue (dishcloths)
Shown: Kana x By Haus Dishcloths, Natural Tote, Stanley Bottle, Baggu Logo Keychain  

14. Peachy Faves Corporate Gifts High-End

Cookies, chocolate, sustainable drinkware, custom socks, yummy treats and even lip balm can make for an ultimate on-brand, swag kit.  

Shown: Ounce Cookies, Custom Stojo 12-oz Cup, Escuyer Socks, Mast Chocolate, Apple Treats Orchard Blend, Sand and Stone Lip Balm    

Luxury Corporate Gifting Ideas for a DIY Basket

You know your industry best, so when it comes to luxury gifts for employees, clients, influencers and more, why not create your own swag 

15. Custom Luxury Corporate Gifts: Crackers

The basis for every great food basket, crackers are among the best custom snacks to pair with fruits, cheeses, meats, spreads, and jams. 

Shown: Rustic Bakery Crackers  

16. Premium Gifts for Clients: Heart-Healthy Nuts 

You don’t have to invest in expensive gifts for employees and influencers to get their attention. Just choose items that look and feel good! For more ideas, check out these 25 healthy gift basket options.

Shown: Rosemary & Sea Salt Pistachios

17. Luxury Corporate Branded Gifts: Facial Cleanser 

While an upscale exfoliating cleaner, like this one from Feel, is an ideal add-in for women’s health and fertility swag, it’s also great for your PR Influencer kits too. After all, with all that promoting, they’re going to want to put their best face forward to help market your brand! 

Shown: Exfoliating Cleanser

18. Sustainable Luxury Corporate Gifts: Dish Towels

You don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate a great dish towel. Plus, with so many options that are perfect for customizing, matching your brand might just be the easiest thing you do today. 

Shown: Hawkins New York Essential Waffle Dish Towel

19. Unique Luxury Corporate Gifts

If your company influencer uses measuring spoons to make or show off your project, why not give them a stunning set to peak their audience’s attention? Add in engraving and a branded drawstring bag and you’ve got easy, personalized merch that can also be used as gift ideas for VIP clients or as luxury gifts for employees.  

Shown: Hawkins New York Simple Measuring Spoons

20. Corporate Gifts High End: Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses

When you want your DIY PR merch kit to include elevated products that influencers will love, Fellow Products deliver on all fronts. Featuring enviable kettles, drinkware, and coffee essentials, it’s great for food and beverage companies sending influencer merch as well. 

Shown: Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses

5 Tips To Consider for Finding an Influencer & Creating High-End Corporate Gift Ideas 

1. Determine the Purpose of the PR Kit

Before creating an influencer PR kit, you need to determine the purpose of the kit. Are you trying to introduce your brand to influencers, launch a new product, or promote an existing product? The purpose of the PR kit will determine what should be included in the kit.

2. Identify Your Target Influencers

Once you have determined the purpose of the PR kit, you need to identify the influencers you want to target. You should select influencers that align with your brand values and have an engaged following. To help you identify influencers in your industry, you may seek the help of an agency. 

3. Create a Customized PR Kit

When creating an influencer PR kit, it is essential to create a customized kit for each influencer. A customized kit shows that you have taken the time to research the influencer and understand their preferences.

Here are ideas on what to include in your PR kit:

1. Cover Letter

Start your PR kit with a cover letter that addresses the influencer by name and provides a brief overview of your brand and the purpose of the PR kit.

2. Product Samples: 

Include product samples that align with the influencer's niche. For example, if the influencer focuses on beauty, provide them with a sample of your new beauty product.

3. Branded Merchandise 

By including branded merchandise like t-shirts, water bottles, tote bags, and more in your high-end corporate gift ideas list, you’re helping to reinforce your brand. In fact, branded merchandise is a great way to help an influencer promote your brand on social media.

4. Promotional Material

By including promotional material like brochures, flyers, or catalogs that provide more information about your brand and products, your potential influencer will have access to specific details when referencing your company or product. 

5. Personalized Note

Include a personalized note that addresses the influencer by name and thanks them for considering partnering with your brand. While your personal note doesn’t have to be lengthy or formal, it should be professional. Your Gemnote rep can help you with custom cards, letterhead, and more. 

4. Follow Up

Once you have sent your influencer PR kit, it is essential to follow up with the influencers. Your follow-up message should be friendly and remind the influencer of the purpose of the PR kit.

Creating the best influencer PR kit is perfect for creating and fostering a successful partnership with influencers. And just like your luxury client gifts and employee custom merch, your luxury corporate gifts for influencers can help maximize your brand's exposure and reach your target audience. 

Are you working on a similar project or campaign?