The Dos and Don'ts of Luxury Corporate Gifting: How to Give the Perfect Gift Every Time!

March 29, 2023

Luxury corporate gifts can strengthen relationships and show appreciation. Here’s how to make sure your high-end corporate gifts leave a lasting impression!

When it comes to sending corporate gifts of luxury, there’s a lot to know. A thoughtful, heartfelt gift is one way to make an impact on clients or important partners. However, if you want your corporate gift ideas to make an impression, it has to be done right. In fact, gifting can be tricky territory; getting the taste right, considering what type of gifts suit the occasion, and making sure you stay within budget all come into play when deciding which item will hit all the marks. 

As such, understanding the rules that apply when giving these kinds of presents is essential before taking any action. To ease some of your worries around this task, we have put together an extensive list of dos and don'ts for luxury corporate gifting—from product types and budgets to presentation—so that you never falter in finding just the perfect gift for any special occasion!

Why Choose Luxury Corporate Gifts?

High end corporate gifting requires some thought. So if you’re left wondering, why even bother with luxury corporate gifts at all when you could just send a gift card or service or product credit, you should know they aren’t the same. To truly show that you value your customers and colleagues, luxury corporate gifts need to be special and personal, which gift cards and credits aren’t. Moreover, they add an aspect of luxury, quality, and class to any business while also helping to increase brand awareness. 

Through luxury corporate gifting, companies can make a lasting impression on their clients, employees, and partners. It's also a great way to express your appreciation for someone's hard work or support. No matter what the occasion, luxury corporate gifting is sure to make it special.

Make a Lasting Impression

Luxury corporate gifts are high-end gifts that companies use to demonstrate value and genuine appreciation for their employees or clients. An intentional high end corporate gifting strategy ensures that the recipient knows they are valued and the attention to detail reinforces a strong sense of connection to the company. 

Additionally, high-end corporate gift-giving provides an opportunity to increase brand awareness, strengthen relationships with customers, attract new business partners, and delight stakeholders. Ultimately, luxury corporate gifts should make a lasting impression — showing that your company is committed to acknowledging people’s efforts and contributions.

Demonstrate Value and Appreciation

Luxury corporate gifts can be an effective way to show value and appreciation to clients or colleagues. These intentional gifts are a meaningful and tangible symbol of your gratitude, demonstrate high-level customer service, and create strong bonds. 

With these thoughtful presents, companies can increase confidence and relationships with business partners, clients, employees, and more. So when selecting luxury corporate gifts, it is important to choose items that will be seen as thoughtful. With the right gift, you can emphasize how much your company values and appreciates the recipient. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Luxury corporate gifts offer companies a unique and effective way to increase their brand awareness. By selecting thoughtful, high-end items that are personally tailored to the recipient’s needs and preferences, they will develop an ongoing relationship with them. From the latest personalized apparel to incredibly soft blankets and more, these custom products featuring the company’s branding offer memorable experiences for the recipient. 

As a reminder of the company’s brand and product offering or services, luxury corporate gifts create positive associations with the company that enhance its reputation, build credibility and attract potential customers from diverse backgrounds. Best of all, through luxury corporate gifting, companies have an opportunity to deepen existing relationships and expand their reach in meaningful ways - providing an ideal way for them to boost brand awareness.

Types of Luxury Corporate Gifts

Luxury corporate gifts come in many forms – personalized care, high-end branded apparel, name brand, outerwear, coveted tech items, and more. When given thoughtfully and tailored for the recipients, these luxury corporate gifts are a powerful way for companies to show their appreciation and create an impact. Furthermore, these types of gifts can help businesses give merch that makes a lasting impression on their stakeholders, uplift brand awareness, and build meaningful relationships with their networks.

High End Branded Apparel 

Whether it’s a soft-as-butter branded tee or an elevated sweatshirt with high-end details like modern designs and detail-rich embroidery, similar to the items below, there’s always room for a well-designed wardrobe staple. 

Embroidered Logo Sweatshirt

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore; Shown:  Raffia Appliqué Crewneck Sweatshirt

Embroidered Logo Shirt

A24 Films Blue Fade Embroidered Logo Long Sleeve

Custom Outerwear 

A well-designed jacket with all the bells and whistles takes an ordinary gift to the extraordinary. Like this waterproof, breathable jacket with fleece lining that keeps your recipients warm and dry. Giving a gift of this magnitude is sure to delight the recipient. Just add customization for more marketing leverage! 

Custom Jacket

Shown: Helly Hansen Men's Crew Midlayer Jacket 

Personalized Care Items

That spa-like ambiance isn’t going to create itself! For a luxury gift that gives relation and tranquility, give items like this high-end diffuser from Vitruvi to make your recipient’s day every time they use it. 

Home Diffuser

Shown: Vitruvi Stay Diffuser

Tech Items 

Wireless-branded headphones, powerful earbuds, hardworking chargers, charging stations, and other tech items are perfect for showing your recipient your gratitude for their service or contribution to your company. Whether you’re in the market for high-end corporate swag bag ideas for remote employees, events, and more, or luxe gifts to build customer loyalty, quality tech gifts deliver on all fronts!

Wireless Headphones

Shown: Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HX Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Elevated Home Goods 

For high end corporate gifts, elevated home goods bring a fresh take to customization. For example, a bag for toting their favorite wine, adding customization with a tag, patch, or embroidery can make it feel extra special. For more ideas and more room for branding, you can’t go wrong with custom beach towels, cozy blankets, and more. 

Custom Wine Tote

Shown: Vin 2-Bottle Wine Tote

How to Choose the Right Luxury Corporate Gifts 

Choosing the right luxury corporate gift to match your company’s values and reflect the goals of your business can be a challenging task. To make sure you get it right, assess the situation carefully, and determine what kind of message you would like to send. Consider who will be receiving the gifts; will they be loyal customers, partners in business, or employees? 

It is also important to think about how much you want to spend, considering both individual gifts as well as the overall budget. Once these have been decided, you can start exploring products that best resonate with the company’s purpose and brand identity. While it may take some research, finding something tailored to suit your company’s needs and your merch goals will make a huge difference. 

Ultimately, when selecting luxury corporate gifts, remember to take into account your company's style, values, and budget. A thoughtful and meaningful token of appreciation will demonstrate your respect and admiration for the recipient. 

By incorporating your company's branding, you can help them show pride in your organization, which may even influence future business relationships. Finally, customizing a gift can add that extra touch of sophistication for a truly luxurious experience. By taking these few factors into consideration and planning ahead, you can display your gratitude in an effortless and gratifying manner.

Short on time, or just don’t want to focus on the research? Reach out to a Gemnote rep and skip to the fun stuff! They can send you a curated collection of options to match your brand and your budget!  

Personal Preferences

For the ultimate in luxury corporate gifting, knowing your recipient's style preferences is important. Because luxury gifts are intended to be a special and unique expression of appreciation, tailoring your gift around the recipient shows you care about their opinion. 

For instance, if your recipient prefers classic and timeless styles, you may want to consider a leather journal, custom apparel with classic styling, or traditional home goods. If they have a more modern taste, you might opt for a customized backpack with minimal design and high-end details. While the categories can intermix, the overall design is important.  

Ultimately, taking the time to understand your recipient's style preference will help you to create a memorable and personalized luxury gift that will leave a lasting impression and foster stronger relationships between the company and the recipient.

Cultural Norms

Cultural norms play an essential role in luxury corporate gifting, as what is considered an appropriate gift in one culture may not be appropriate in another. It is important to understand the cultural norms of the recipient's country or region before selecting a luxury gift to avoid any misunderstandings or cultural faux pas.

For example, in some cultures, the act of gift-giving is an important part of building relationships, and gift-giving is expected in business settings. In other cultures, gift-giving may be seen as inappropriate or even insulting, as it may be perceived as an attempt to influence business decisions.

High-End Corporate Gifts Budget

Luxury gifts boast high-quality details and designs and often the cost of materials and craftsmanship can be significant. A higher budget allows for the selection of more premium materials and the hiring of skilled artisans or designers to create a unique and custom gift.

Knowing your budget will help determine the product you want to customize. To get the most from your investment, be sure and choose sustainable gifts that can be used on repeat as opposed to thrown away. 


Some gifts represent a season whereas more universal presents can foster year-round use. Thinking through the timeliness of your gifts, the occasion, and the season are ways in which you can ensure your high end executive gifts and luxe custom gifts stay relevant. 

Browse Gemnote’s Luxury Corporate Gift Options

Gemnote offers a curated selection of high-quality products from top brands that are sure to impress recipients. They also make it easy to customize your merchandise with your logo or branding. They offer a range of customization options, including embroidery, screen printing, and engraving, to ensure that your merchandise aligns with your brand's aesthetic.

Whether you need a small batch of high-end merchandise for VIP clients or a larger quantity of more affordable swag for a trade show or event, Gemnote can work with you to create a custom solution that meets your needs.

Below is just a sampling of items by brand favorites. For even more ideas on how you can further elevate your custom merch, check out our blog, 20 Luxury Corporate Gifts For Influencer PR Kits, or browse our Lookbook. 

Custom Outerwear

With name brands like The North Face, Vineyard Vines, Peter Millar,  Lacoste, Patagonia, and more, you gave options when choosing the best custom jacket for employees and more!

Quilted Vest 

Shown: Lacoste Men's SPORT Lightweight Water-Resistant Quilted Golf

Designer Jacket 

Shown: Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket 

Luxe Apparel

Whether you’re looking for work shorts or want to elevate a tee shirt with the latest design trends, there are so many ways to make your brand shine with the right apparel. 

Classic Polo

Shown: AS Colour Amy Polo

Sustainable Drinkware

Miir, S’well, Nalgene, Corkcicle, Stanly, Stojo, and so many more—when it comes to custom water bottles and tumblers, we’re your place! And of course it doesn’t stop there! When it comes to sustainable drinkware, we can even help you design branded mugs for drop shipping!

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Shown: LARQ Bottle PureVis™

Bottles with Recycled Materials

Shown: Ocean Bottle

Tumblers that Give Back

Shown: Miir Wide Mouth

Custom Bags

Who can resist a quality backpack, duffel, or weekend bag? Not us! You’ll even find a great selection of sustainable totes, wash bags, drop bags, briefcases, and more that are just right for customizing!

Weekend Bag

Shown: State Weekender Bag

Custom Backpack

Shown: Got Bag DayPack

A Modern Briefcase

Shown: TimBuk2 Scheme Convertible Briefcase Backpack

Enviable Tech

For versatile gifts that rock all season long, think wireless headphones, waterproof earbuds, custom phone chargers and more!

Wireless Earbuds 

Shown: Beats Studio By Dre

Waterproof Speaker 

Shown: JBL Clip 4 Ultra-Portable Waterproof Speaker

Custom Home Decor

In the office or at home, with custom decor, you can help your recipient upgrade their favorite spaces. Perfect for high end executive gifts and client gifts. 

Quality Throw

Shown: Faribault Mill Frontier Wool Throw  

Modern Vase

Shown: Areaware Bud Vase

Custom Towels

Shown: Poketo Linen Tea Towels

Home Spa

Spoil your recipient with luxury spa items like monogrammed robes, custom slippers, diffusers, and other personalized care items.  

Custom Robe

Shown: Hawkins New York Simple Waffle Slippers

Custom Slippers 

Shown: Hawkins New York Simple Waffle Slippers

Corporate Gifts High End

Ready to take your luxury corporate gift ideas to the next level? Get inspired with even more products and brands from the Gemnote Lookbook or talk to your Gemnote rep about how you can get a curated collection of corporate gifts high end to match your budget. From design to fulfillment, sustainable packaging, shipping, and more, they can help you ace all of your customization needs. 

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