20 Client Gifts Your Clients Will be Raving About All Year

November 13, 2021

Discover the top gifts for clients for every budget and every person on your list.

When it comes to client gifts that your recipient will appreciate long after the season is through, check out our list of favorites, that are perfect for customizing and keeping your brand top of mind! Whether you’re looking for real estate client gifts, client gifts under $25, or even tech gifts for client groups, you’ve come to the right place! 

In addition, if your company is looking to save money on customized corporate gifts for clients, talk to your Gemnote rep about purchasing client gifts in bulk. This is a great way to maximize your business gifts for clients and make your budget go further. Because buying custom gifts in bulk will oftentimes save you money per item, investing in quality client gift ideas that can be used in additional ways will save you time and money. 

20 Unforgettable & Creative Client Gifts  

1. Indoor Year-Round Garden

On the hunt for a sophisticated real estate client gift? Or maybe you need client gift ideas to show your company’s appreciation for their continued loyalty and support.  Consider investing in a sustainable gift that not only adds a stylish update to the recipient's room but offers them fresh herbs all year long. 

The Modern Sprout's Smart Growhouse is one of the best free gifts for customers you can offer. The light water planter goes for a little over $200 and doubles as a stylish decor as well as a garden. It’s perfect for growing a variety of kitchen herbs and leafy greens. 

Modern Sprout's Smart Growhouse in Matte Black 
Shown: Modern Sprout's Smart Growhouse in Matte Black 

2. A Quality Travel Blanket 

On the hunt for client gifts while traveling? A great blanket won’t let you or them down! Your clients or business partners will love the comfort, warmth, and quality features your gift offers. 

We like the Rains blanket below for its waterproof qualities and ability to pack up and go with ease thanks to the versatile protective layer and a web strap system for convenience when carrying or storing. You will also appreciate that a travel blanket offers an ideal space for adding personalization and the ultimate marketing power. It’s a seamless gift to be packed with other essentials for the road!

Rains Blanket in white
 Shown: Rains Blanket in white

3. A Smart Water Bottle

Custom Drinkware continues to trend among corporate gifting. However, if you’re looking for unique client gift ideas that will really impress your client try a smart water bottle like this one from Larq.  

For March client appreciation gifts, holiday gifts, and more, The LARQ Bottle delivers! As the first of its kind, it’s the world's first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system. The bottle comes with a UV-C LED light that eliminates 99% of contaminants making it perfect for traveling and commuting.  

LARQ Bottle PureVis
Shown: LARQ Bottle PureVis 

4. A Sleek Kettle

For unique client gift ideas, finding products that are as practical as they are stylish will make your gift memorable. If you’re in the market for a luxe gift for client holidays, to show appreciation, or even for prospects, a quality kettle is ideal for customizing.  

We like this pour-over kettle from Kinto, which is designed to make brewing coffee an even better experience. The essential element of the design is to give the user a pleasurable and stress-free experience. The sprout aids precise pour control until the last drop. 

Shown: The Pour Over Kettle

5. Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

The best business gifts for clients are multifunctional. That’s one reason wireless headphones are an easy win. Thanks to noise canceling features, you can give the gift of peace and quiet, as well as wireless convenience, and superior sound all in one enviable gift. 

As one of the best gifts for clients that they’ll remember for years to come, choose a brand known for delivering quality sound, like Beats. With active noise cancellation for the optimum listening experience, these wireless headphones make one of the best tech gifts for clients. Plus, with an ergonomic design for exceptional comfort and up to 22 hours of battery life, it’s a gift your recipients will remember—and use—for years to come. 


Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
Shown: Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

6. A Popcorn Popper

For inexpensive client gift ideas that are just as eco-friendly as they are enjoyable, why not add an innovative popcorn popper to your swag arsenal? 

The W&P Popcorn Popper is one of the best client gifts will find under $30. Designed with space-saving convenience in mind, thanks to the collapsible popcorn bowl, it offers an eco-friendly and waste-free format that can be used on repeat. Featuring 100% food-grade silicone, it’s perfect for customizing with your logo. 

To upgrade your popcorn bowl, talk to your Gemnote rep for healthy snack ideas you can add to create a fun gift basket. Or add a dose of “happy” to your corporate gifts for clients with happy hour-inspired gift baskets

W&P Popcorn Popper
Shown: W&P Popcorn Popper

7. Custom Towel

Need inexpensive yet unique client gifts? A quality towel fits the bill for a practical and sustainable gift that’s easy to customize.  

The Hawkins New York Towels make handy client gifts under $20 and offers the perfect backdrop for adding customization. More so, it is generously sized, quick to dry, and with absorbency and softness that only gets better with washing. This towel has also been 100% vetted by the Oeko-Tex Standard and can also serve as free gift ideas for customers too. 

Hawkins New York Towel
Shown: Hawkins New York Towel

8.  Wireless Air Buds

Need great tech gifts for client ideas? Quality wireless earbuds make creative client gifts!

The Samsung Air Buds should top your list! Your clients get to enjoy up to six hours of battery life, premium sound quality, noise cancellation, and water resistivity, all in one gift parcel. They’re the unique high-end corporate gifts your clients will appreciate! And if you’re a tech company looking for more swag ideas, you can find them here. 

Samsung Galaxy Wireless Air Buds
 Shown: Samsung Galaxy Wireless Air Buds


9. Office Essentials: Desk Tray

Need client gifts in bulk? You can’t go wrong with custom office supplies that are also beneficial (and stylish) to have at home. 

That’s one reason we love the Kiko desk tray. Beautifully designed with wool felt and leather materials, it’s the organization solution your clients will love. Plus, it’s perfectly sized for holding keys, sunglasses, phones, and more. This also makes the best free gift ideas for customers. 


Kiko Desk Tray
Shown: ‍Kiko Desk Tray

10. Name Brand Outerwear

Perfect for adding your branding, outerwear is a top gift for your best clients. For more marketing power, choose a name brand and customize with your logo. Not only will your client appreciate the gift of warmth and style, but your brand will go everywhere they do.  

The North Face zip-up jacket goes the distance for its classic styling and name brand that’s known for quality and warmth. This is also one of our best gift ideas for customers. The North Face Hoodie is a client appreciation gift they will remember for years to come. 

The North Face Zip-Up Hooded Jacket
Shown: The North Face Zip-Up Hooded Jacket

11. A Quality Hip Pack

Any item that offers hands-free convenience from a brand that's known for its hard-working and long-lasting designs is a win when it comes to the best client gifts.

So, when you're thinking of the perfect present that your clients can value even on the go, the Carhartt waist pack should be a top contender. Perfect for daily commutes and it's a favorite among sustainable client gifts. Plus, its unisex styling makes it ideal for all clients.


Carhartt Waist Pack
Shown: Carhartt Waist Pack

12. Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

Just because you are creating gifts business gifts for clients, doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Why not pump up the tunes and let the fun flow anywhere with a quality tech gift?   

This Bluetooth speaker is one of the coolest client holiday gifts around. With a sound system featuring extra bass, 12-hours of battery, and an enviable design that’s rustproof, shockproof, and dust-proof, this Portable Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker from Sony also offers loud audios for the best phone call experience. 

Portable Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker from Sony
Shown: Sony Portable Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker


13. A Name Brand Cooler 

Another of the best client holiday gifts is this  YETI 24 Hard Cooler. It’s tall enough to accommodate wine bottles and wide enough to fit right behind the passenger's seat. It's the perfect trip companion. The Yeti 24 Hard cooler will pass as cool clients gift all year round.

Shown: YETI 24 Hard Cooler


14. A Retro (Yet Smart) Turn Table 

For client gift ideas that offer wistful nostalgia, you can’t go wrong with an updated turn table!

The stir it up Turn Table comes with a USB port for digital conversions and is 100% recyclable. So not only is it among the best, nostalgic cool client holiday gifts, but it’s also one that’s great for the planet.


Shown: Stir it up Turn Table

15. High End Glass Mugs

The Corkcicle glass mug set is how you make your clients feel valued and appreciated. Each mug piece is perfectly crafted, lightweight, and easy to grip with flat sides. It is dishwasher-safe and comes in a beautiful box. It also features durable double-walled glass that is both hot and cold-ready. It’s another product to add to your complimentary gifts for customers list!

More so, it is an inexpensive gift for clients they’ll appreciate again and again. Plus, we have plenty of customizable mugs for drop shipping

Corkcicle Glass Mugs
Shown: Corkcicle Glass Mugs


 16. A Name Brand Vest

A quality vest offers outerwear for transitional months as well as a layering piece for winter. Plus, with so many ways to customize, you can create professional business gifts for clients to show off your brand. 

When it’s time to give clients gifts for Christmas, look no further than the Ridgewell softshell vest from The North Face. It is a water-repelling, wind-resisting vest that has a warm and technical gridded interior for comfort. For an extra splurge, make this one of your complimentary gifts for customers. 

Shown: The North Face Ridgewell Softshell Vest
Shown: The North Face Ridgewell Softshell Vest

17. Tech Loving Mug 

Unique client gift ideas should be both fun and functional. That’s one reason we love the innovation of a self-warming coffee mug. 

Ember Mugs top the best gifts for clients for their innovative design that can be used each and every morning! Plus, with a free app for smartphones that recipients can easily download, setting their perfect temperature—and changing it at the touch of a button is a breeze. Sipping coffee, cocoa, tea, and whatever else you want toasty warm has never been so enjoyable.  For your best client thank you gifts, or as a treat for the holidays, it’s the ultimate way to express gratitude to customers. 


Ember Mug Metallic Collection
Shown: Ember Mug Metallic Collection

18. Wireless Magnetic Charging Cable

Help your favorite client stay connected and fully charged in the office and or at home with a customizable wireless charging cable.  

The Native Union snap cable is an excellent gift option. This cable features fast charging, 10ft cable length, tangle-free leather strap, non-slip silicon base, reinforced nylon braids to withstand wear and tear. It’s another great solution for customized client gifts in bulk.


Native Union Snap Cable Wireless Magnetic Charging Cable
Shown: Native Union Snap Cable Wireless Magnetic Charging Cable

19. A High Tech Smart Watch 

Wearable swag is always a favorite among custom merch, and smart watches are the cream of the crop for the best gifts for clients. 

For luxury corporate gift ideas, an Apple watch series 7 makes the grade! With a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, voice control, and the ability to engage your mobile device even when it is not within range, it’s the best-personalized gift for your client. They will surely keep your brand in mind the next time your service is needed.

Apple Watch
Shown: Apple Watch

20. A Sleek Brewing Machine 

Perfect for client thank gifts and March client appreciation gifts, gifts for your client that they can use on repeat is always a great idea.  

The Tribute press coffee maker is a perfect choice if you are looking for excellent client gifts all year round. Its stainless steel frame with colorful silicon brings your clients' color and style to their everyday coffee moment. 

Tribute French Press Coffee Maker
Shown: Tribute French Press Coffee Maker

When it comes to appreciating those who loved your products or services and stood by your brand, our list of promotional gifts for customers is a great way to say thank you! 


Still searching for the best gifts for your company but you’re on a budget? You can find quality client gifts under $10 and client gifts under $25. Just talk to your Gemnote rep about getting a curated list of ideas to fit your specific budget. They’ll also offer tips on how to save money per piece as well as customization options. 

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