Best Swag For Summer Outings And Events

August 10, 2022

From swag summer outfits to beach swag ideas and more, we can help ensure your branded merch does your summer events justice! 

Top 25 Summer Swag Ideas to Make your Event Shine

Don’t let subpar summer swag ideas dampen your upcoming event! When it comes to custom merch and summer swag bag ideas, this list offers the best products and ideas so your brand can leave a lasting impression. 

Whether you're throwing a music festivals this summer to compete with the likes of Coachella merchandise or the impressive Coachella swag bag, you’ll find affordable  options that still boast the high-quality designs you want your recipients to remember you by.   

Bags, Totes, & Waist Packs

Why should bags, totes, and the like, top your summer festivals swag and music festival merchandise ideas? They make the perfect summer promotional ideas for in-person events since your recipient can use them right then and there. 

Perfect for holding summer swag—including swag summer outfits and accessories, they are a sustainable option for reducing waste and eliminating the need for additional packaging. 

1. Tote Bag 

Tone on tone, monochromatic, gradients… the sky is the limit when it comes to branding your tote. For easy screen printing options, you can’t go wrong with a Baggu bag like this one from Urban Outfitters.   

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters

2. Utility Waist Pack  

Fanny packs are back—but do they really ever go away? A favorite for swag since they appeal to the masses, are easy to style, and are available in a plethora of styles. Not to mention, they are an affordable option when compared to Cochella merchandise and Coachella swag bag giveaways

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore 

3. A Great Canvas Carry All

Summer swag items should be fun, simple, and sleek. Kind of like this Café Leon Dore Tote Bag by Aimé Leon Dore. Plus, the great thing about using canvas is you have even more branding options. Think screenprinting, embroidery, leather embossing (yes, you can put a leather patch on it), and more! It’s another great option for summer camp swag ideas. 

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore 

Apparel & Accessories

There’s something to be said for companies that get other people to wear their brands. Genius? Free marketing? Awesome? We say yes to all three! 

For the best summer swag outfits for ladies and gents, here are some designs worth taking inspiration from!

4. Retro Bandana 

The 90s called, and they want to influence your summer festival outfits swag. 

Tied on a bag, your wrist, your head, your belt loop, and even on your fur baby, bandanas are no stranger to versatility. Plus, if you haven’t heard the 90’s are trending, so naturally, bandanas make an excellent choice for music festival merchandise, summer party swag, and more.  

Photo courtesy of Only NY

5. A Really Cool Tee

A cool tee for your summer festivals swag? It’s like two peas in a pod, a match made in heaven… you get the drift. Not to mention Coachella shirts for guys and girls were part of their summer promotional ideas as well. 

When looking for a great tee to top your beach swag ideas, think soft quality fabric you’d want to wear, since that’s basically what you are asking of your recipient. Then let your logo take the spotlight. 

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters

6. Perfect Sweatshirt 

Sure it’s hot outside, but nights can get chilly as can the indoors on sweltering, summer days. Not to mention a new season is quickly approaching and they make excellent summer swag for employees too. 

So when it comes to narrowing down your music festival merchandise ideas, modern crewnecks should top your list. 

Photo courtesy of JJJJound

7. A Custom Tee 

Summer swag with all the cool vibes!  Whether you place your logo front and center or your main tagline, simple and bold designs like this C’mon C’mon tee from A24 Films are a stellar way to stand out. 

Wondering what the Coachella shirts for guys and gals looked like in 2022? Here’s a peek at some of the Coachella merchandise. As for the Coachella swag bag items, well they couldn’t be any more luxe. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films

8. Socks- your perfect pair! 

Foolproof and fancy-free, socks are an affordable choice for summer camp swag ideas, music festivals this summer, and more. Plus, couldn’t we all use a fresh pair? You can’t go wrong with retro cool branding like this one that will leave your recipients wanting more. 

Photo courtesy of Only NY


9. Memorable Cap 

Summer and hats are the perfect pairing. In addition to keeping harmful rays off our face, they can also be a beast of a marketing vehicle. Keep your design simple, and don’t forget your logo, for the perfect finish to summer swag outfits for guys and gals. 

Photo courtesy of JJJJound

10. Branded Bucket Hat 

Your summer festival outfits swag isn’t complete with a branded bucket hat. For ultimate hat envy, choose embroidery for your customization like this Yosemite National Park Bucket Hat from Urban Outfitters. Bucket hats are also fantastic for  summer camp swag ideas. 

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters 

11. Baseball Cap

When it comes to men’s summer swag, a cool printed ball cap with logo patch (like this Pleasant Upcycled Allover Print Baseball Cap from Urban Outfitters) is sure to leave your recipients with all the good feels! 

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters 

12. Trucker Hat 

If you thought the 90s were hot, you should see the Y2K trends—like trucker hats— taking over. Luckily, it’s easy to incorporate them into your swag for company events. And as for customizing, why not try a branded patch? 

Photo courtesy of Only NY 

Drinkware & Accessories

13. Water Bottle 

Not only a sustainable choice everyone loves, they are also essential for staying hydrated at music festivals summer 2022. Gemnote is the boss when it comes to customizing drinkware (and really anything), since can create on-brand summer party swag that even your design team (or toughest critics) will approve.  

Photo courtesy of Only NY 

14. Traveler Bottle 

For an upscale summer swag for employees and clients, you can’t go wrong branding quality travelers like this popular style from S’well. For bonus points pair it with your casual summer swag outfits for guys and gals. 

Shown: S’well Travelers 

15. Refreshing Can Cooler

The best music festival merchandise ideas take into account that it’s hot outside! So the best merch helps them stay cool. 

Shown: Corkcicle Can Cooler


While summer festival outfits swag is always a novel idea, snacks are the holy grail of music festival swag add ons. After all, no one wants a hangry audience. 

16. Chocolate 

For major swag points, choose quality chocolate like this Vegan GRANOLA Chocolate Bar from Compartés Chocolate. 

Shown: Compartés Chocolate Vegan GRANOLA Chocolate Bar 

17. Coffee!

The perfect swag for company events is a pick me up to keep your audience moving and grooving! Or send them home with something extra special to remember what a rocking good time they had, like pour-over coffee from Copper Cow.    

Shown: Copper Cow Coffee Rosemary Latte 

Home Decor

18. Branded Blanket 

A blanket in summer? We say, why not? In addition to cooler nights, you’ve got fall and winter just around the corner! 

Shown: Customizable Quilted Blanket 

19. Unique Book

Whether you're spotlighting your photography or showcasing your all-star lineup of products, give your audience merch worthy of a Coachella swag bag.  

Photo courtesy of A24 Films

20. Candles

In addition to summer swag outfits for guys and girls, you can’t go wrong with a refreshing souvenir, like a candle, to remind them of all the fun they had at your music festivals summer 2022. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films

21. Blacklight Poster 

A little throwback, and a lot of fun. The poster shows off your brand while the black light effect makes it even better!

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters

22. Candles 

Sometimes all you need is a specific scent to take you back. Why not create the perfect memory jogger for your audience with a high quality candle? 

Shown: Anecdote Candles 

Fun Extra 

23. Air Fresheners

Need proof that women’s and men’s summer swag doesn’t have to cost a lot to look great? Check these air fresheners from A24 Films which are the perfect alternative (or addition) to your summer festival outfits swag.  

Photo courtesy of A24 Films

24. Enamel Pin 

Looking to create the ultimate summer swag bag? Invest in a branded tote (see #1), summer swag outfits for guys and gals (see #5-7) and add in an enamel pin like this one from A24 Films!

Photo courtesy of  A24 Films

25. Custom Stickers 

Don’t forget summer swag for employees when you're brainstorming your summer corporate swag list. For an affordable option, give them colorful stickers they can add to their water tumbler or laptop case. They are also perfect for adding to your music festival swag bags. 

Shown: Big Moods Stickers

Music Festivals Summer 2022

Want your merchandise to be more on par with Coachella merchandise like Coachella shirts for guys and girls? Choose your summer company swag wisely, by thinking through the product quality, customization and design, and ease of fulfillment. Or look to a company like Gemnote that can do the heavy lifting for you! 

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