Brand Highlight: Baggu

November 20, 2021

The cult-classic Baggu reusable bag is just one of many great products Baggu serves up!

From cheerful designs, hue happy colors, and high-quality design, there is certainly a lot to love on the items they sell. However, the real heart of the Baggu company lies with the founder Emily Sugihara and her mission to make reusable bags more readily available in the US. 

Emily had discovered that in Japan affordable and well-designed reusable bags were readily available. Now, this was over a decade and a half ago. While sustainability was talked about, there weren’t a lot of offerings in the US market. Furthermore, according to the Harvard Business Journal’s 2019 July/August magazine edition, a survey explained that while Americans and millennials said they wanted sustainable products, they weren’t necessarily backing that up with sales. While today that seems hard to believe, back in 2007 around the time Emily partnered with her mom Joan to launch Baggu, it was well needed. 

Today the Baggu brand, whose standard Baggu reusable bag remains a top seller, offers Baggu Puffy lunch bag totes and Baggu puffy laptop sleeve products both in various colors and patterns, as well as leather wallets, Baggu glasses case sleeves, and more. Best of all, sustainability is still at the forefront of every product and design! 

“Baggu’s sustainability efforts focused on the elimination and minimization of waste in our operations and production processes…”  You can learn more about and their sustainability efforts here

There are so many Baggu products to love that our list of Top Baggu Items was hard to narrow down, but here are our 15 Favorites! 

15 Baggu Items worth Shopping for Right Now!

The perfect Baggu items you want right now for yourself, your teams, and of course, your event swag and giveaways!

1. Baggu Fanny Pack

Fanny bags can get a bad rep, first for their name and then for the assumption that they’re just for tourists. Let us assure you, this one is deceivingly spacious and is as versatile as your favorite black pants and can be worn across as a crossover, thrown over your shoulder, and of course across your waist! Oh, and did we mention they’re washable? 

Tip: Looking for easy customization options? Try the Baggu fanny pack black or Baggu fanny pack brown for easy ways to personalize on their neutral designs. 

2. Baggu Go Pouch Set

You know the saying, why mess with a classic? That could apply to the uber essential, washable Baggu nylon Go Pouch. Perfect for helping you stay organized when you need it (think packing or storage) and they lay flat when you don’t. In other words, it’s time for the Baggu replacement pouch since all your others just won’t do. 

Tip: Looking to make a splash with your conference swag? You can’t go wrong with the Baggu go pouch set paint. Or to show your wild side at events, you can’t go wrong with the Baggu go pouch set leopard print or Baggu go pouch set leopard or the Baggu leopard go pouch on honey. 

3. Baggu Puffy Laptop Sleeve 

Just like the Baggu Go Pouch set and the Baggu Fanny Pack brown (or any other color) the Baggu puffy laptop sleeve is washable and offers the perfect amount of padding for your 13” laptop or tabloid. 

Tip: Check out the near-perfect Baggu puffy laptop sleeve review on Urban Outfitters to see why others are loving this colorful sleeve!

4. Baggu Puffy Lunch Bag 

The Baggu Lunch Bag keeps your favorite lunches and snacks cool and safe thanks to the insulation and puffing exterior. 

Tip: Planning on customizing with your company’s logo? You’ll love the basic black design. For everything else, there are fun patterns and prints. 

5. Baggu Standard Reusable Bag 

The standard Baggu reusable bag is the one that started it all! Washable, available alone or in sets, and in 81— yes we said 81— colors and prints. 

So what makes the standard Baggu reusable bag a best seller? Aside from being washable and holding 50 pounds of groceries or anything else, it’s a sustainable option that’s made of recycled materials. Isn’t it time you skip plastic bags for good? 

Tip: See how you can use your Baggu as gift wrap

6. Baggu Bath Towel 

Having a Baggu bath towel definitely isn’t life-changing, but it does add a splash of color and double the fun thanks to the reversible design. 

Tip: If you a B2B company looking for a customized gift for your incentive trip, ask your Gemnote rep for ideas on how to customize your Baggu towel. 

7. The Big Baggu 

Just as awesome as the classic standard Baggu reusable bag, the Big Baggu holds 50 pounds and fits comfortably on your shoulder. Perfect for clothes, groceries ad whatever else you need to take with you. 

Tip: The Big Baggu is the perfect carry-all that folds up small. Plus, it makes an affordable addition to your company’s onboarding box. 

8. Baggu 3D Zip Set 

Another organizing necessity that offers three convenient sizes yet packs up small when you need it to. Plus a convenient loop for traveling and hanging up.  

Tip: Perfect for your sales teams who are always on the go. 

9. Baggu Pillowcases 

Just like the Baggu Go Pouch Set, you’ll love these for their cheery colors and affordable design! Perfect for sprucing up your home or office decor! 

Tip: Need to buy awesome swag or gifts for your Designers? We have two words for you: Baggu Pillowcases.   

10. Baggu fabric masks

While there’s absolutely nothing fun about COVID, these masks make staying safe a coloful occasion! See Littler’s list where face coverings are recommended or required.   

Tip: Perfect for keeping a stash in your office or handing out at events. 

11. Baggu Packing Cube Set 

Another organizing must-have! A two-pack of multi-sized organizer that’s perfect for slipping in drawers, your closet, under the bed, and wherever else you might need a little organization. 

Tip: Perfect for organizing file rooms, storage areas in your office too! 

12. Baggu Horizontal Duck Bag 

Loved by almost everybody, this year-round, best-selling canvas Baggu horizontal duck bag comes in multiple styles, colorways, and options for a simple, on-the-go durable bag. 

Tip: Looking for easy ways to reward your employees? The Baggu Duck Bag is an easy crowd-pleaser that can be customized with your branding. For more more great options, check out the soft Baggu cloud bag that can hold your laptop and more!

13. Baggu Cross Body 

The Baggu mini crescent bag, Baggu medium nylon crescent bag, and large nylon crescent bag are proof that fun really can be incorporated into a functional style! Available in an earth-loving tones means it’s the perfect backdrop for your logo. 

Tip: Giving this to your VIP clients? With three interior pockets, it’s perfect for stashing a Baggu card holder or other marketing swag. 

14. Baggu Lanyard Pouch Set

If getting organized and being more efficient is part of your goals for 2022—or maybe you just want to finish this year strong, we hear you! And, the Baggu lanyard pouch set may be just what you need! 

Tip: Durable, spacious, and easy to hang (or wear as a lanyard), it’s the essential you didn’t know you always wanted!

15. Baggu Nylon wallet 

It’s the old-school styling you loved from the 80s, only made with better thanks to the recycled heavyweight nylon body and recycled ripstop nylon exterior. Plus, Baggu designed it with a loop so you can easily attach it to your lanyard and keyring. 

Tip: For a whimsical approach to your marketing swag, talk to your Gemnote rep about adding your logo on the Baggu circle wallet. While most of the Baggu square wallet designs are nylon, you can get your logo embossed on the Baggu leather wallet for an unforgettable style.  

These are just some of our Baggu favorites that are great for adding to your companies swag kits, gifting to employees and customers, or just spoiling yourself with. Other cool styles worth checking out include: 

  • Baggu Block Purse
  • Baggu Bucket Bag

And don’t forget the Baggu Backpack items: 

  • Baggu Drawstring Backpack
  • Baggu Leather Backpack
  • Baggu Small Sport Backpack

As you can see Baggu has created well made, sought-after products that keep sustainability top of mind throughout the entire process. To learn more about Emily Sugihara’s story about getting started at just 24 years old, check out her interview with American Express

For more info on how your company can adopt more sustainable ways to do business, check out: Prioritizing the planet: 11 ways small businesses can become more eco-friendly from Green Biz. And, if you love the idea of partnering with a company for all of your marketing swag and employee gifts, talk to your Gemnote rep about all some of our other brands like Baggu, that make people and the planet their top priority. 

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