5 Reasons Why Branded Notebooks are Still a Top Swag Pick

March 17, 2023

See what makes branded notebooks a top swag pick for companies and how easy they are to customize.

In today's digital world, it's easy to overlook the value of physical promotional items like branded notebooks. However, these classic promotional items are still a top pick for many companies, and for good reason. Customized notebooks are a great way to promote your company and create brand recognition. Whether you're planning to use them as giveaways or merchandise, custom notebooks can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences. In this blog post, we'll explore 5 reasons why branded notebooks are still a top swag pick.

Why Customizing Branded Notebooks For Your Company Giveaways And Merchandise is a Stellar Idea

1. Practicality and Utility

One of the main reasons why branded notebooks are a top swag pick is their practicality and utility. Notebooks are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, whether it's for jotting down notes during a meeting, brainstorming ideas, or keeping track of important tasks. This means that branded notebooks are not only useful for the person receiving them but they can also be used in a variety of settings, from the office to the classroom.

2. Customization Options

Another reason why branded notebooks are a great promotional item is that they offer a wide range of customization options. When it comes to custom business notebooks, being able to choose from a variety of colors, designs, and materials to create a notebook that reflects your brand's personality and message is vital. With a company notebook, you can easily add your logo or other branding elements to make your notebook stand out and leave a lasting impression. 

3. Brand Visibility

Branded notebooks are an effective way to increase your brand visibility. When people use your branded notebook, they will be reminded of your brand every time they look at it. Additionally, if your notebook is used in public places like coffee shops or conferences, it can attract the attention of other people, further increasing your brand exposure.

4. Longevity

Unlike some other promotional items that may be used once and then forgotten, branded notebooks and personalized business notebooks have longevity. A high-quality notebook can be used for months or even years, ensuring that your brand remains visible for an extended period. This means that your investment in branded notebooks will continue to provide returns long after you've distributed them.

5. Cost-Effective

Finally, branded notebooks are a cost-effective promotional item. Compared to other promotional items like tech gadgets or clothing, branded notebooks are relatively inexpensive to produce, making them a great option for companies with limited budgets. Additionally, the practicality and longevity of notebooks mean that they offer a great return on investment.

20 Company Notebook Ideas for the Ultimate Swag

1. Soft Cover Branded Notebooks

A soft cover notebook is perfect for writing notes and light weight to take on the go. For a notebook that delivers, we love Public Supply (shown below) for their quality styles that also give back to classrooms. In fact, their for-profit company channels 25% of their net profits to high need classrooms focused on creativity.

Shown: Public Supply Company Soft Cover

2. Kraft Notebooks Promotional and Everyday Styles 

If you like to invest in swag that’s made in the USA, consider Field Notes which prints and manufactures their memo books in the U.S.A. With cover and style options, your Gemnote rep can help you find your perfect one. Or checkout Field Notes in our Look Book for ideas. 

Shown: Field Notes Kraft Plus

3. Branded Moleskine Notebooks

If the name Moleskine sounds familiar, it should. As a leader in branded notebooks and pens, Moleskine has been crafting quality custom notebooks for business and pleasure since 1997. They are also FSC-certified™ (Forest Stewardship Council™), which means they support responsible management of the world’s forests. Wondering how to customize your Moleskine? Check out these 9 Moleskin design trends.

Shown: Moleskine Classic Notebook  

4. Promotional Spiral Notebooks

For a custom logo notebook that doesn’t disappoint, you can go with elevated, high-quality spiral options. With brands like Appointed, you get the convenience of the familiar style you know from your school days, but with a design that’s marketable for on the job. 

Shown: Appointed Office Note Pad 

5. Project Planner Swag Notebooks

When it comes to promotional notebooks with logo ideas, you don’t have to stick to the common styles. With a project planner, like this one from Poketo, you can market your business every time your recipient starts a project. 

Shown: Poketo Project Planner 

6. Branded Hard Cover Notebooks: Baron Fig 

These branded soft touch notebooks are just as high quality as they are mission-oriented. Described as the “notebook for ideas,” Baron Fig plants a tree for every Confident notebook sold. 

For ideas on partnering with companies that give back for your customization needs, talk to your Gemnote rep, or get inspired with these 15 Creative Ways for Companies to Give Back to start your own mission. 

Shown: Baron Fig Confidant Notebook 

7. Company Branded Notebooks

The logo on notebook is just the beginning. This Samsonite Xenon business writing pad with a pen loop, also features a slash pocket, and business card holders for an elevated corporate gift or swag essential. 

Talk to your Gemnote rep for customization options, or check out more office products that make excellent customer merch. 

Shown: Samsonite Xenon Business Writing Pad

8. Corporate Branded Notebooks And Portfolios

For companies looking for high-end, sometimes you need to upgrade from notebook promotional items to a more binder notebook, or in this case padfolio option. With a full, zip closure and roomy space for organization, it’s a 3-ring binder with plenty of pockets for storing, protecting, and keeping documents, business cards and the like organized. 


Shown: Samsonite Xenon Business 3 Ring Padfolio

9. Branded Journal: Weekly Planner 

If you’re looking to up your sustainability game with swag ideas, you may be on the hunt for branded recycled notebooks. These eco-friendly options are great for highlighting your company’s mission toward finding eco-friendly ways to do business. 

The one thing that sets this weekly planner from Karst apart. It’s completely paperless and is actually made from dust. As a result, you and your recipients can enjoy smooth pages that are waterproof too!

Shown: Karst Weekly Planner 

10. Reporter Style Small Branded Notebooks

These branded notebooks are just like they sound. Small (A6), compact and popular for reporteres since their size makes them easy to keep on hand and take notes on the go. Plus, with 84 numbered pages and the hard cover design, it’s a step up from your ordinary spiral-bound style. 

Shown: Leuchtturm Reporter Notebook 

11. Branded Journal and Guided Notebooks

In today’s world you should never have to settle for boring or cookie cutter, and this holds true when you’re creating personalized business notebooks as well. Take for instance this beautifully designed company notebook that offers a page of inspiration at the beginning so the  recipients can use it as a thought-provoking guide as they use it.  

Shown: Writing as Therapy School of Life

12. Custom Beautifully Branded Notebooks

While Rhodia may be known in the calligraphy world for their smooth like butter specialty paper, it should come as no surprise they create styles perfect for your swag store and giveaways. Talk to your Gemnote rep for ideas on Rhodia promotional products notebooks for customization. 

Shown: Rhodia Softcover Journal 

13. Lay Flat Notebooks Promo Notebooks with Logo

If you’ve ever tried to write in a notebook that won’t stay open, you know the struggle is real. So if you’re looking for ultimate convenience choose a lay flat binding for easy writing whenever inspiration strikes!

Shown: Premium Hardcover Bullet Notebook Journal

14. A5 Ruled Branded Notebooks

The term A5 is actually referring to size, and comes in at 5.83 x 8.26 inches. So when it comes to creating notebooks with logo personalization, you’ll need to decide on a size. In general, the lower the number, the bigger the notebook. The notebook shown here is bigger than reporter notebook promotional items yet smaller than the A4 company notebooks which are closer to the standard size of a sheet of paper and come in at 8.3 x 11.7. 

Shown: LSW A5 Lined Notebooks 

15. Custom Beautifully Branded Notebooks

Looking for the ultimate in sustainability, quality, and high end design? With a refillable leather notebook, you can keep your notebook promotion marketing going strong long after the last page has been used. For ultimate promo notebooks with logo customization, talk to your Gemnote rep about leather embossing. 

Shown: Switchback Leather Notebook Series

As you can see customizing notebooks for your company giveaways and merchandise offers numerous options to tailor the product to your needs and preferences. From branding and logo placement to color, size, and shape, you can create a unique product that reflects your brand and messaging. By personalizing each notebook, you can also create a memorable gift that makes a lasting impression. From office supplies to the ultimate gifts to custom apparel and more, discover the ultimate guide to the best corporate gifts with Gemnote, and let your swag do the talking!

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