Brand Highlight: Poketo

January 20, 2022

Poketo's vibrant collection of products is known for bringing smiles to swag.

Poketo started the way all interesting stories do: with a party. In 2003, Angie Myung who was a graphic art student, and her husband Ted Vakan, a filmmaker, had a party and art show in San Francisco. 

The goal was to help out their friends who were described as starving artists. At the party, they introduced a series of wallets that featured their friends’ artwork. The party and art show was a great success and the wallet series completely sold out! 

From there, inspiration sparked and the company, Poketo, was formed. The name was influenced by the way Angie’s Korean grandmother whose pronunciation of  “pocket” was “Poh-Keh-Toe.” After moving to LA in 2004, they continued making and selling products and just a year later Poketo became their full-time job.   

What started as just Poketo wallets would soon grow. By 2010, Poketo had launched a 52-piece accessory collection for Target and then four years later the brand was featured in eight Nordstrom flagship stores as “pop up shops.”   

Since Poketo’s inception, the brand has collaborated with independent and international artists, musicians, and other brands like Baggu and Corkcicle. And, while Poketo has enjoyed growth and international success, the philosophy of "Art for your Daily Life", still rings true. 

Now you can find a plethora of Poketo collections from Poketo dishes to Poketo bags. With every item in their vast collection a work of art, it’s hard to say which Poketo products are the absolute best. However, we’ve highlighted some of our very favorites. 

15 Poketo Products Worth Trying 

1. Poketo Pens 

Who can resist a great pen? For smoothing writing, the Poketo Vivid Gel Pen set is always a win. It’s topped our list for Best Virtual Swag Event Gifts as well and is perfect for customizing. If it’s a more sleek style you’re after, check out the Poketo pens classic collection.    

Shown: Poketo Pens 

2. Poketo Notebook 

This everyday Notebook offers 64 pages, a quality Smyth sewn binding, and features environmentally friendly tree-free paper with FSC Certification

The Object Poketo Notebook is also a best seller and features a whimsical check patten on the fabric-like cover and comes in a variety of colors.  

Shown: Everyday Poketo Notebook

3. Poketo Hats

Put your Poketo thinking cap on, or in this case, a creative one! These cheeky caps are perfect for topping off your casual style. 

Shown: Poketo Creative Hat 

4. Poketo Highlighters

What makes these Accent Double Tip highlighters so great, in addition to their fun creative design of course, is the double tips that feature a fine and thick tool for highlighting or emphasizing. Not to mention they come in 6 water-based hues that are perfect highlighting!

Shown: Poketo Accent Double Tip Highlighters

5. Poketo Drinking Glass

A little retro and a lot of style! These can-shaped screen-printed glasses are perfect for sipping your favorite drinks. Amp up the color by adding in your favorite Poketo placemats, glass straws, or coasters. The only thing they’re missing from their line up is a cool Poketo pool tumblr. 

Shown: Poketo Drinking Glass

6. Cards Against Anxiety 

When anxiety hits, don’t hide from it, face it head-on. The Cards Against Anxiety features 25 cards and a 128-page paperback book. It’s Poketo’s way of helping you ease your stress and elevate your mood.  

Shown: Poketo Cards Against Anxiety

7. Creativity Journal

Filled with prompts—61 to be exact— this 128 page journal features  environmentally friendly tree-free paper with FSC certification for the highest environmental and social standards. (Talk about a sustainable mouthful!) So put on your Creative cap and let the ideas flow! 

Shown: Creative Journal

8. The Eclipse Erasable Pen Set

If you love gel pens (because really who doesn’t?) then you’ll really love the Eclipse Erasable Poketo Pens. Featuring a set of 6 pens in pink, orange, blue, green, purple, and black, you can write freely without over committing yourself.  

Shown: Eclipse Erasable Pen Set 

9. The 2022 Mini Desk Calendar 

If you're still wondering how it is already 2022, we are right there with you. Luckily this low-key, cool mini desk calendar for 2022 is the perfect reminder. Not to mention it’s a modern functional desk accessory we love showing off. 

For more Poketo planner products to help keep you on task and your goals top of mind, you’ll want to check out the Poketo project planner. You can see the Poketo project planner review here

If you're looking for an open-dated monthly planner for a year of planning, the Poketo self planner is worth checking out. With inspirational quotes and questions, and room for journaling it’s a great way to stay inspired and committed to your goals. 

For more styles, check out the Poketo daily weekly monthly planner styles or go big with the Poketo large moment planner. When it comes to staying on target, there are a variety of layouts and styles housed in their Poketo stationery collection. 

Shown: 2022 Mini Desk Calendar

10. Poketo Geometric Sticky Notes

For a shapely style, these little forget-me-not stickers are perfect for keeping to-do’s, inspirational words, small goals and more in sight.  Featuring tree-free paper and 15 notes per shape and 60 notes per pad, they’re also great for pairing with your Poketo daily weekly monthly planner styles. 

Shown: Poketo Sticky Notes

11. Poketo Double Wall Groovy Cup 

A little bit bumpy, and a lot funky, this might just be our favorite Poketo cup ever. Featuring a colorful base with a clear Borosilicate outer glass wall, the cup is dishwasher safe and definitely worthy of raising a toast. 

Shown: Poketo Double Wall Groovy Cup 

12. Poketo Large Minimalist Folio 

Large and in charge! This minimalist folio is worth the hype thanks to its polished look and major functionality. With room for a 13” laptop, a Poketo Project Planner, card holders, and topped off with pockets and a magnetic closure, this vegan leather folio is organization down to an art form. 

Shown: Poketo Large Minimalist Folio 

13. Poketo Double Wall Mug 

Durable, design-worthy, and did we mention perhaps the most important, dishwasher safe? This double wall mug with Borosilicate Glass features insulation to keep your hot beverages hot longer. Plus, the fun modern design and fresh translucent colors feel more like high-quality art than your average coffee mug. Throw in the the Seconds Tea Towel for even more hue-happy colors. 


Shown: Poketo Double Wall Mug 

14. Poketo Wallet 

Poketo’s story of humble beginnings all started with a pocket wallet, and since then, the styles that followed are still every bit worth the hype. With six slots for cards and a full size section for your cash, this Poketo wallet in blue color which is comprised of Saffiano vegan leather is all about compact style and can be used as just a Poketo card holder. 

Looking for something bigger than the Dome Poketo wallet in blue? The Minimalist Wallet in Cobalt or red offers a larger silhouette and sleek style. 

Shown: Poketo Wallet in Blue

15. The Little Things Puzzle 

Poketo’s Little Things Puzzle features a smiley balloon in cheerful yellow for major good vibes. It’s just what we need to take a break from screens or the daily grind and delight our inner child.  In addition to the simile balloon, puzzle-goers can also find these pint-sized games in fun food options, like cereal s’mores. 

Shown: Little Things Balloon Puzzle 

For more colorful Poketo styles, their Kaze Set Vogue Series Mask Set is worth checking out. Each mask in the 10-piece set features an ergonomic design and adjustable ear band. Plus these 3-D respirator masks are disposable and come in a mix of jewel hues and neutrals that are both CNAS Certified and certified by SGS.   

More Poketo favorites that didn’t make our list include:

  • Poketo drink rocks set
  • Poketo laptop case
  • Poketo drinking glass bottle
  • Poketo sunglasses 
  • Poketo bags Voyager backpack

Poketo may be known for their artful designs, but they're more than just a pretty face. Their Art Speaks Collection was designed for inclusion. Through their art, colors and shapes are showcased in a unifying way for an “inclusive message.” Furthermore, with the purchase of their packs of pens or pencils, shoppers receive a free pack of Art Speaks postcards. These were designed for others to speak up for their beliefs and to be mailed to their elected officials. 

In addition to Poketo’s collections of accessories, stationery, tabletop, games and activities, textiles, apparel, and more that are available on their website, Poketo also has two retail stores which are both located in Los Angeles. California. In addition, their first book Creative Spaces: People, Homes, and Studios to Inspire debuted in 2019. The 272-page hardcover book showcases a mix of spaces used by creatives as a means of inspiration and is a true reflection of the Poketo philosophy, Art for your every day. 

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