Best Swag for Virtual Events and Giveaway Ideas

December 8, 2020

Virtual events are all systems go even during a time like this coronavirus pandemic. When you’re faced with the task of organizing the best kind of swag for your virtual event, you know that it’s something to take seriously. Read on to know how to organize a memorable virtual event swag box, along with some gift suggestions that you will definitely want to consider.

If there’s one thing that the coronavirus has shown us, it’s that the events and programs go on despite the pandemic. This is many thanks to the ingenuity of marketers, who were able to quickly pivot to virtual events as an alternative to their usual live events and product launches.

Since the beginning of lockdowns across the world, virtual events have shown us that we can still have meaningful experiences while we follow a stay-at-home order. Marketing teams across various industries have done a remarkable job in making their virtual events memorable, even with the initial challenge that it brought. And one way that they were able to accomplish this is through creative virtual team activities, interesting speaker panels and continuing the corporate practice of giving swag for their virtual events.

Gifts for Conference Attendees: Why They Matter in a Virtual Event

Sending cool event swag to your virtual event attendees matters a lot because they give more meaning to the experience (especially when it’s remote), including:

1. Strengthening the company-client relationship. Swag bags for virtual events ensure that the bond between your business and your clients is maintained and even celebrated. Swag bags for virtual events send the message to the virtual event attendees that they are important enough to receive tangible items that will be useful to them. When they think about your company this way, they will surely keep you and your brand top of mind. Generosity, thoughtfulness and delight matter.

2. Engaging more senses. Virtual event giveaways give attendees something to hold and interact with during an event where they will mostly utilize their sense of hearing and seeing (and speaking, if the event has an interactive portion).The more senses you engage in your event, the more memorable it becomes for the attendees. Virtual event giveaways are able to satisfy the sense of touch that’s tied with the excitement of receiving curated items to celebrate a particular event. You want to bring the event to them, so do your best in making it an experience that peaks all senses. 

3. Building positive anticipation for your event. Swag for virtual conferences are usually delivered a day or two before the actual event. Because everyone loves to receive swag for virtual conferences, they will naturally build excitement for the day itself. Moreover, virtual meeting swag is a way for you to share your own excitement about your event. Sending virtual meeting swag is like saying “We can’t wait for you to enjoy what we’ve prepared for you during the virtual event, and here’s our event table swag to get you started!”

4. Drumming up more PR for you. In this age of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, event table swag often ends up on social media posts of attendees. Everyone’s excited to share about something nice that’s happened to them on a particular day, and swag boxes for employees and clients are part of that! If you have influencers included in your giveaways for virtual events, they will often do their part in featuring the items you’ve sent them and sharing them with their followers (which may very well be six to seven figures strong). You may have prepared a limited number of giveaways for virtual events, but the visibility and PR mileage that it can give you in return is practically limitless.

Virtual Event Swag Ideas: What Should You Put in a Swag Bag?

 Swag boxes for virtual events are carefully put together to deliver the maximum possible impact. This means a careful consideration of corporate event gift ideas to include, like:

· Your carrier product. If your virtual event is the launching of a new product in your lineup, it’s important to include that in your swag boxes for employees and clients. Come event day, they don’t need to settle for looking at the new product on their computer screen because they already have it in their hands to explore and try out.

· Complimentary items. If your product isn’t tangible or it isn’t viable to send one to every guest, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on sending corporate event gift ideas. Include complimentary items in your virtual swag ideas list instead! For example, if you are holding a virtual event to launch your gaming company’s latest online role playing game, you can send out augmented reality headsets that allow them to experience the game in a novel fashion. If you are holding a virtual event to launch the latest model of the luxury car company you work for, then your luxury virtual event gift ideas can include nice-to-have car accessories like a GPS tracker or custom-made car freshener from imported essential oils, to name a few.

· Snacks and drinks. Sending a virtual event snack box for your attendees to dig into come event day is a good way to heighten the festive, party-feel of your virtual event. Marketing events during pre-Covid times often include food and drinks to keep guests happy and full; delivering these essentials will help ensure that even when the activity is online.

· Useful merch. For any and all events (virtual or not), company merch is always a good thing to add to your growing list of virtual swag ideas. This includes apparel, water bottles, bags, stickers, notebooks and the like. What’s great about these items is that even though they are not event-specific (because they are classic staples that cut across a variety of events throughout the year), they will be useful and relevant even after your special virtual event. Your employees will also rep the merch on their Zoom calls with clients and partners.

Getting Your Virtual Event Swag Ideas in the Hands of Your Attendees

It is relatively easy to send your branded products for virtual event swag bags to your event attendees. Here are some tips that will help you accomplish that:

1. Include an address field in your event registration form. This is highly important! You must never be without this particular detail. You need to know where exactly to send out your virtual birthday goodie bag or swag bag to.

2. Consolidate your shipping depending on areas. Once you know your event attendees’ mailing addresses, sort your virtual birthday goodie bag or swag bag based on their area (ex. by state or by county). This can make sending them out more time- and cost-efficient because you can dispatch them in a more organized manner. If you use companies like Gemnote, they will do the organizing for you.

3. Avoid sending out fragile items. Unless you have a private company messenger who can ensure the careful delivery of breakable items, it is usually better to refrain from giving virtual swag ideas that have a high chance of getting broken and crushed while in transit. Nothing turns off attendees more than receiving broken items! Also, shipping out fragile items also means higher shipping fees which you will likely want to avoid.

4. Finalize your shipping particulars a week in advance. It’s a bit anticlimactic to receive luxury virtual event gift ideas days after the actual event itself, so make sure you get your virtual event swag in the hands of your attendees at the latest ONE DAY before the event.


Best Corporate Event Swag Ideas for 2021

Here are some popular virtual event swag ideas that you might want to include as you prepare for your 2021 events:

Touchland Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Spray 

Inexpensive AND super handy during this pandemic, this Touchland Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Spray also lends itself well to customization by stamping your company logo on its body. It’s a simple but meaningful way to send the message that you care about your attendees’ safety during these times.

Escuyer Colorblock Socks

What are virtual event bags without these beautiful socks? They certainly give a new level of coziness for virtual events that your attendees will be joining from the comfort and safety of their own homes. We’re betting that behind the makeup and carefully-put together outfits are slippers or bare feet, so these color block socks will come in handy for keeping their tootsies comfier than ever!

Baron Fig Confidant Hardcover Notebook Pocket in Charcoal

If you’re decided on including a notebook in your virtual event swag bag, this particular one by Baron Fig meets anyone’s style criteria. Understated and sleek, it lends a chic vibe to what otherwise would have been a lowly notebook. The paper inside is substantial and holds its own against a variety of writing instruments, making it the perfect landing spot for everything that needs to be written from grocery lists to poetic inclinations.

Poketo Vivid Gel Pen Set in Cool

Pens always make surefire event giveaways, but if you want to up the ante then this one by Poketo will do a lot to elevate your virtual event gift box. Gel pens make for a fantastic writing experience, thanks to how effortlessly they glide across paper. The fun but usable colors in this set are carefully chosen to reflect varying degrees of seriousness and playfulness, depending on what you are in the mood to write with and about.

Kiko Leather Desk Tray

Despite being a desk accessory, this Kiko leather desk tray also works as a stylish catch-all for virtually anything. It can be used to store not just office supplies but also jewelry, watches, car keys, and anything you can find in your deepest pockets after the end of a work day.

Alternative Apparel Eco-Jersey Crew T-Shirt in Eco Black

This t-shirt by Alternative Apparel is known for its wonderful fit and fabric, making it the perfect one to emblazon with your company logo as a giveaway for virtual events. Made to hug your body in all the right parts, it is perfect for everyday use!

Carhartt Odessa Cap

Keep your virtual event attendees’ quarantine hair out of focus with the Carhartt Odessa Cap! A great item to include in your virtual event swag box, it appeals to both genders and has a nice fit and feel. The classic design allows it to easily complement a variety of outfits as well.

Ritual Chocolate Vanilla Bar 70%

They say chocolate is a feel-good food, so you definitely want to add a bar or two in your virtual event gift bag. This particular variant from Ritual is a delectable treat of premium chocolate, punctuated by a sweet and creamy vanilla note. If you’re sending chocolate, go the extra mile with something novel to make it truly special!

Art of Tea French Lemon and Ginger

Tea that comes in a can that’s as stylish as this must offer a uniquely delicious taste. With a flavor like French Lemon and Ginger, you know it’s going to be a memorable experience drinking in a warm, soothing beverage such as this. We bet drinking this tea to wind down at night is going to be your virtual event attendees’ new routine, if they aren’t already doing that!


Candy Club Lemonade Straws

How can anyone resist a piece or two (or three, or four!) of these sweet and tart morsels? A jar of Candy Club Lemonade Straws gives the right amount of playfulness to any swag box, and fits in perfectly well with virtual event bags pricing. Don’t be surprised if the jar is empty on event day, because for sure so many hands will be reaching in for a piece.

Reborn Coffee House Blend Coffee Bean in Valencia

The rich aroma and robust flavor of Reborn Coffee’s Valencia variant is sure to delight the senses of your virtual event attendees – and keep them alert all throughout, naturally. Made from the expertly picked and roasted coffee beans, every cup made is a treat no matter what time of day.

Hammond’s Sweet and Cheesy Popcorn

Sweet and savory, this virtual event snack hits two birds with one stone by satisfying your attendees’ cravings. Popcorn is a fun snack for virtual events, because they can be easily munched without needing to lose even a second of screen time.

W&P Design Carry On Cocktail Kit in Champagne

Sending a bottle of bubbly is a nice touch for swankier virtual events, and this handy cocktail kit will help make that drink a lot more special. You will surely give your attendees the pleasurable experience of dressing up their beverage with this luscious elderberry syrup, which gives it a delightful touch of sweetness.

Where to Source Your Event Planning Swag Ideas

Branding event swag is an important part of personalizing your virtual event gift box, but you must first know where to find the best contents to include. The best way to go about this is to work with companies like Gemnote or Cultivate virtual swag room. 

As a leader in the field of corporate merch and swag, Gemnote offers an impressive lineup of gift options that are made with the recipient in mind. Gemnote works with all sorts of budgets and offers items that range from affordable to luxurious, all the while making sure that each and every piece is carefully curated to give your company the best possible impression. They offer an unmatched full-service merch and swag business, allowing them to also provide support throughout the process from offering expert suggestions on curated swag to making sure that they are delivered to your attendees.

Other Ways to Make Virtual Events Stand Out

Virtual events stand out and are made more engaging when you include items that focus on the recipient and create a heightened experience for them. Some ideas include:

o Sending giveaways that are customized with each attendees’ name

o Including items that allow the attendees to become more engaged during the virtual event. Some options include Bingo boards, if you are hosting a game portion in your event. You can also include items that they will be testing out during the event itself, such as makeup items that they can apply on themselves with the guidance of a make-up artist doing a session during the event, if it is beauty-related.

o Including swag box items that can be shared with at least one other person. If you wish to celebrate the launch of something big by inviting your attendees to a toast with a mini bottle of champagne, make sure to include two bottles and two glasses. Attendees feel better when there is an option to include their special someone in the activity.

o   Considering giveaways throughout or at one point in the virtual event, to be delivered to the winner in the following week. Everyone loves giveaways, and the idea that there will be one at the virtual event will heighten their excitement for it. You can send out a raffle number with each virtual event gift box or simply choose a name from the list of participants. The best time to do this is towards the end of the event to ensure that your participants stay attentive all throughout. 

Pandemic or not, it is safe to say that swag boxes and giveaways are part and parcel of every corporate event. They do a lot to create a better, more exciting experience for event attendees, which is why marketing people always make it a point to do their best in choosing and sending these out. The return of investment that your business will make will be well worth the expense as you solidify relationships with your clients in 2021 and beyond.

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