Unique Ways to Manage Swag When Working Remotely

August 14, 2020

Swags for employees, as a tradition, have always been used to show appreciation, and to keep the sense of belongingness alive – now, more than ever. Despite the physical barrier, innovations have made it possible to send swag to remote teams, either in kind, or a digital custom swag box. Your employees will need something to remind them of all the great things waiting for them back at the office, and a great swag will do just that. Look over our suggestions to make the perfect company swag. What items should you choose? Are you supposed to keep it generic or personal? Is it really that important? Read on below and find all the answers.

Swag Management Platform and Why You Should Care

Swag management platform is hardly a new topic – a lot of companies are already managing swag efficiently, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t join in on the fun. But while swag can be common practice – there’s one problem. No one actually likes managing it. This involves researching suppliers, receiving shipments, finding storage, and selecting the items for shipping. 

While this may take up a lot of your time, that’s where swag management comes in. In the simplest sense, swag management involves purchasing, storing, and distributing promotional merchandise in an efficient fashion. Though this may sound like a lot of work, many people fail to realize that there are swag management platforms to help you out, like Gemnote. Here is the preview of Gemnote's Swag Management Platform:

Advantages of Swag Management

Let’s look at a plausible scenario: You are currently heading a company that’s just starting out in the business. You have field agents that participate in trade shows, sell your products, and come back to you if they want to giveaway swag. Sounds doable, but remember – each time, you have to design quality swag, package them properly, setup the booth, talk to suppliers, etc. – and that’s on top of your actual job description. That’s A LOT of time and effort wasted. With a proper swag management platform, there’s no need to worry about all this.  

There are many advantages of swag management, and if done right, this can be a key driver in your company’s road to success. With a proper swag model management,your team is now free to focus on their key functions, and you can say goodbye to your mess of a swag dungeon.

Remote Swag Management and COVID-19

However, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the current setting doesn’t seem to promote the use of swag. The work-from-home status of most companies forego the usual process of storing and personally distributing swag. To keep track of your swag management platform, Gemnote can help you curate, purchase, store, and ship swag to your employees – without getting your hands dirty.

Can remote swag management work? One thing’s for sure: never underestimate the power of good swag giveaways benefits, and management – especially if Gemnote helps you do it right.

Gemnote’s #1 Motto: Staying Connected Through Swag

As humans, we’ve learned to adapt to new situations, including this so-called ‘new normal’. So, if we cannot meet and interact in person, what better way to stay connected than to send swag to remote teams? Here are a couple of tips to make that work: 

- Get Personal

Don’t just stick your brand on the first items you find. Think carefully about what you want to place in your custom swag boxes. As much as possible, there should be a prevailing theme to guide you in choosing the items.

- Be Inclusive

Think about your employees’ families, as well. Try and whip up a package that even their spouse and/or kids will enjoy. This kind of gesture will definitely go a long way. 

- Think Outside The Box, But Keep Your Feet on The Ground

These words of wisdom just mean that while unique company swag is almost welcome, keep the swag real. Give items that your employees will actually use. 

- Keep It In The Now

In other words, choose trendy and useful swags for employees. Right now, it’s all about keeping safe and healthy while in the comforts of home. You can create custom swag boxes that include hand soaps, sanitizers, and even face masks. While these may seem pretty generic, it’s actually an excellent gesture that shows you genuinely care about your employees. 

You can also give them branded swag packs that they can use while they work from home. This includes, but are not limited to, the following: 


The NorthFace DryVent Rain Jacket, Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket, Carhartt Shoreline Jacket

Almost every company has their own branded apparel, and what better time to give jackets than when the cold weather is fast approaching? Branded apparel is easy to spot , and connotes inclusivity among your employees. 

Place your company logo on a visible area – maybe by the breast pocket, and you can personalize it by placing the team or department each employee belongs in (i.e. ‘Marketing’ or ‘Accounting’ across the back of the jacket). 

Water Bottles

Corkcicle Canteen 16oz (Black, Gray, White), Miir 20oz, Yeti Rambler 26oz
Water Bottles

These are great company swag ideas 2020. Working (from home) can also be tiring, and everyone needs a water bottle by their desk to keep them hydrated throughout the day. While water bottles come in many sizes and colors, there’s no denying their sales value. These are staples both on the desk, and on-the-go. 

We’re currently loving Silo as swags for employees, with its eye-catching colors and great insulation. Check them out here if you’re interested. There’s no harm in sticking to bolder and more neutral colors if you think these are too bright – check out Gemnote for this option. 

Home Office Essentials

Delfonics Wood Pen, Kinto Ceramic Coffee Canister, PF Diffuser, Hardcover, Custom Felt Coasters, Bamboo Wireless Charger
Home Office Essentials

These days, perhaps these are the best custom swag boxes. Ironically, it’s good to think outside the box on this one. Avoid sticking to the usual – pen holders, sticky notes, ballpoint pens – while your box should have these, there should be a lot more. With everyone developing a green thumb these days, a desk plant or succulent can liven up any workspace. A scented candle might get the work done, too. The point is, you should send swag to employees to create a conducive environment for work (at home), and to remind them that although apart, they still have a family waiting for them at the office. This great company swag idea is brought to you by Gemnote. 

All-Around Backpack

Utility Backpack, Custom Backpack, Laptop Bag
Utility Backpack, Custom Backpack, Laptop Bag

While most of the world is still trapped at home, it’s a great idea to provide your team with a backpack that they can use once they get back to work. Remember, part of you swag management platform is usability and versatility: company swag should be useful for your employees, even when they’re not at work. Think of the things they’re going to need every day, and not just for work.  

Great ideas for company swag backpacks are available online, and you can find a lot of those over here. 

Portable Chargers, Wireless Chargers, Power Banks

Native Union Eclipse Marble Charger, Smart Charger, Native Union Eclipse Charger, Powerbank
Portable Chargers, Wireless Chargers, Power Banks

In today’s world, gadgets are taking over our lives – and there’s no harm in that. The problem is, when they run out of battery, our world stops, so to speak. Portable chargers are the future and thank god they’re here. No swag inventory is complete without these essentials. While there may be an abundance of electric sockets at home, you never really know when you’ll need these. A good boss knows what his employees need, and this is exactly that. 

While all are pretty impressive, a current favorite is a charger from Native Union, particularly the Eclipse Marble Charger. This hassle-free charging pad is light, sleek, and useful. Just upload your design over at the website, and you’re good to go. Talk about branded swag management! 

Digital Swag Bags

Keeping with the theme of today’s pandemic, this is a pretty good innovation. While it has been a popular option for tech-friendly and environmentally conscious companies, digital swag is gaining even more popularity. Some virtual swag bag content ideas include coupons, promo codes, software trials, free movies/shows and a lot more. It’s like an online company store for employees, but with more freebies. Swag codes management may be a little tricky at first, so make sure you brush up on your coding, or ask your tech guy for help. 

Keeping the Swag = Keeping the Company Culture Alive

If you think about it, your employees are actually your customers as well. Internal marketing is just as important as external marketing, and at times, may be even more difficult. How do you win over the people working for you? With swag, of course. You must go beyond distributing gift cards and sending ‘emails of appreciation’; while these are appreciated, something concrete with your logo on It always hits the spot. Is it a bribe? A marketing ploy? Perhaps. But your people, no matter where they are, need to be reminded that they are part of your organization. Your (work) family. Not just a task.

Sending Swag in the Time of COVID

While many businesses have limited operations, Gemnote is committed to send swag to remote teams, even with the limitations set by the pandemic. While Gemnote helps you generate ideas, the final output will be made according to what you want. Gemnote believes that a collaborative effort with your company is the key to delivering the best company swag that your employees will appreciate. Have a look at Gemnote’s swag management platform:

• Multiple users: Apart from the admin, members also have access to the team store.

• Customized swag: Each gift or swag box comes with a personal greeting or card template.

• Salesforce integration: All gifts sent out are logged directly in Salesforce so that you can keep track of swag distribution.

• Realtime inventory: Gemnote constantly updates your inventory so that you are immediately informed if stocks are running low.

• Privacy setting: Since members can access the team store, the admin team can set permissions on certain items to hide them from other users.

• Well-designed information dashboard: Admins and other users can view the order history, number of shipments or orders per month, and trending gifts from the store.

Through the online platform, Gemnote can ship out as little as 50 units to your employees. To keep up with today’s demand, Gemnote has also started on custom digital swag boxes.

It’s All in the Swag – Some Last Words

What are your memories of working in your first company? Was it the first time you landed a great deal? Made your boss proud? Or was it that time you got a custom swag box after a particularly wild Christmas party? While your achievements are of course laudable, a huge part of your experience – of company culture – comes from the smallest details. Memorable events, great experiences, and the objects associated with them. It’s in our nature to hold on to something tangible to remind us of the good times. On bad days and with life changing issues such as this pandemic, it’s important to remind your employees that there’s still some good in the world, waiting for them back at the office. One look at a company swag can achieve all that, even while your employees are working at home.    

Gemnote is a highly recommended branded swag management platform frequented by many companies hoping to improve their own swag management platform. If you think you need some help with your company’s swag management platform, do not hesitate to sign up or to contact us for help.

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