30 Custom Snacks that Taste as Good as They Look

March 7, 2023

From candy and chocolate to crackers and healthy custom snacks, here are the favorite branded snacks that are perfect for customizing.

Finding unique, tasty treats is essential when creating snack care package ideas that your recipients will remember long after they’re consumed. And regardless, of whether you are in the market for heart-healthy consumables or rich and decadent desserts, scoring fresh products that you can customize with your company’s logo will help amplify your marketing efforts. 

To take your marketing efforts even further, presentation and personalization are key to making gifts and food gift baskets memorable. By adding a personalized card or enclosing it in sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging, make sure the first impression of your gift leaves your recipients wanting more/   

30 Mouth-Watering Custom Snacks for the Tastiest Branded Snacks 

When it comes to custom-branded snacks, don’t settle for mediocre customization or lackluster flavor. For custom logo snacks your recipients will love, check out these favorite chocolates, candy, healthy snacks, and more.  

Chocolate Customized Snacks

Chocolate is a classic gift basket staple, and adding custom chocolate snacks to your selection of goodies can take it up a notch. Whether you’re looking for something sweet and indulgent or healthier options with dark chocolate, there are plenty of delicious customized snack options to choose from. 

1. Assorted Chocolate Malt Balls

Featuring smooth Colombian milk chocolate, these malt balls are crispy on the inside and decadently creamy on the outside and ideal for topping your list of snack gift basket ideas

Shown: The Chocolate Society Assorted Chocolate Malt Balls

2. Pretzel Caramel Chocolate Bar

Taking inspo from none other than New York City’s esteemed pretzel stands, these pretzel caramel chocolate bars boast big city flavor in an upscale package that is just right for adding to your snack food gift basket. 

Shown: The Chocolate Society Pretzel Caramel Chocolate Bar

3. Coop's Vegan Hot Fudge

High-grade European chocolate and fresh, extracted coconut ingredients are just the beginning. The award-winning, vegan hot fudge is just as eye-catching as it is addicting. With its funky chocolate drip lid and bold jar, it’s the dairy-free addition that makes birthday snack box gift ideas even better. 

Want more award-winning chocolate ideas for your custom branded snacks? Check out these favorites from Compartes Chocolate

Shown: Coop's Vegan Hot Fudge

4. K+M Dark Chocolate 70% Yuzu

With so many chocolate bars on the market, knowing which one is right for your snack food gift baskets may feel overwhelming. Leave it to K+M Chocolate to deliver the ultimate treat right down to its recycled paper and compostable foil packaging. 

Shown: K+M Dark Chocolate 70% Yuzu

5. Creamy: Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Tin

Looking for snack basket ideas that do good? This creamy milk chocolate hot cocoa is fair trade and made in the Pacific Northwest. 

Shown: Moonstruck Chocolate Company Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Tin


Candy Custom Party Snacks

For Christmas snack box ideas, birthday snack box gift ideas, and everyday snacks, these sweet treats were made for gifting.    

6. Sour Wild Strawberry Fish

From a small factory south of Sweden, these natural-colored, vegan gummies offer a burst of strawberry, a dash of sour raspberry, and a sour sugar coating. 

Shown: Sour Wild Strawberry Fish Candy

7. California Gummy Bears San Francisco Cinnamon Apple

For organic, vegan, plant-based candy in fully sustainable packaging, these American-made gummies offer an ideal choice for your gift basket snack ideas. Made with California-grown apples they are packaged in a resealable Kraft bag, that’s sustainable, compostable, and biodegradable! 

Shown: California Gummy Bears San Francisco Cinnamon Apple

8. California Gummy Bears Tangerine Tango

For kids and kids at heart, these non-GMO, fat-free, and gluten-free gummy bears snack gift ideas are just as tasty as they are pretty! Plus, they’re ethically- and locally sourced. 

Shown: California Gummy Bears Tangerine Tango 

9. Organic Gummies Magic Forest

Put a little creativity in your snack swag! With elves, butterflies, owls, and other magical creatures, these juicy fruit gums with a note of honey bring a dose of whimsical fun to your snack food gift basket. 

Shown: Hey Yum Organic Gummies Magic Forest 100g

10. Foscaris Lollipop 

Add a little fun to your gift basket snack ideas with handmade lollipops that are sweetened with honey and are integrated with superfood and come in biodegradable packaging. 

Shown: Foscaris Lollipop Variety Pack

11. Spicy Mango Lollipops

How about adding a little spice to your snack food gifts? These spicy mango lollipops have real habanero extract for swag that turns up the heat! 

Spicy Mango Lollipops

Cookie Logo Snacks 

Cookies shouldn’t just top your Christmas snack box ideas. This year-round favorite treat is an inexpensive option when it comes to thanking customers, generating leads, and celebrating your employees. Not to mention, it’s a popular choice for people of all ages. 

12. Thank You Cookie Mini Box

What better way to promote your company logo or personal message than with mouth-watering delicacies from Paris’s best pastry chefs? Add them to your gift basket snack ideas for an easy win. 

Shown: DeLight Patisserie Thank You Cookie Mini Box (4 cookies)

13. Wooden Table Baking Co Traditional Alfajores

For an unforgettable snack, treat your recipients to shortbread cookies with creamy dulce de leche on the inside with grated coconut on the outside Described as melt-in-your-mouth amazingness, these handcrafted shortbread cookies are free of preservatives, artificial flavors, and compounds. 

Shown: Wooden Table Baking Co Traditional Alfajores

14. Wild West Animal Grahams

Inspired by e different west-native animals, you can give your snacks food gift baskets a safari-loving edge straight from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

Shown: Persephone Bakery Wild West Animal Grahams

Cracker Custom Branded Snacks

Perfect for adding to custom gift baskets that feature jams, spreads, cheese, meats and the like, crackers add just the right finishing touch!

15. Flatbreads - Olive Oil & Sel Gris Box

When it comes to creating irresistible snack gift basket ideas, start with a great flatbread cracker like this one from Rustic Bakery that’s light, flaky, and extra tasty with extra virgin olive oil and grey sea salt. 

Shown: ​​Rustic Bakery Olive Oil & Sel Gris Box Flatbreads

16. Artisan Vegan Crackers with Red Pepper, Cumin, and Olive Oil

For an explosion of taste give your snack food gifts a cracker bursting with flavors like red pepper and cumin for an intense, slightly spicy flavor. 

Shown: Artisan Vegan Crackers with Red Pepper, Cumin and Olive Oil

17. Savory Fig & Thyme Crisps

These savory fig and thyme crisps may have topped your Christmas snack box ideas, but they’re just as spot-on for other seasons too. 

Shown: Savory Fig & Thyme Crisps

Nuts & Dried Fruit Branded Snacks 

Nuts and dried fruits are excellent additions to a custom snack basket because they offer plenty of nutritional benefits. Nuts are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese. They also contain unsaturated fats and proteins that are important for good health. Dried fruits contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals, such as iron and potassium. In addition, eating nuts and dried fruits can help to boost energy levels due to their natural sugars. Custom snack baskets filled with a variety of nuts and dried fruits are the perfect way to help your recipient get their daily dose of nutrition and energy.

18. Karma Nuts Cinnamon Wrapped Cashews

Kosher, Vegan, and free of dairy, gluten, and grains, these cinnamon cashews are a healthy option for your custom snacks basket.   

Shown: Cinnamon Wrapped Cashews 1.5oz

19. Slow Your Roll (Maple) Adaptogenic Trail Mix - Healthy Snack

Your inexpensive healthy snacks gift is here! The maple brittle offers raw and sprouted cashews, walnuts, coconut chips, mulberries, and cashew butter that’s infused with adaptogenic herbs including ashwagandha, reishi, and mucuna to support relaxation.

Shown: Slow Your Roll (Maple) Adaptogenic Trail Mix - Healthy Snack

20. Organic Dried Mangos 

These organic dried mangos from Sun & Swell are hand-cut (and peeled) by hand and then dried for a lux dried fruit snack that is sweet, chewy, and bursting with mango. Plus, there are no preservatives or added sugars. And, if you’re looking for eco-friendly snack gift ideas, they come in zero-waste, compostable packaging. 

Shown: Organic Dried Mangos 

21. Crispy Dark Chocolate Orange Slices

Starting with fresh California oranges and then dehydrated, these healthy snacks are then further sweetened by being dipped in dark chocolate.   

Shown: Dardimans California Crisps Crispy Dark Chocolate Orange Slices | Snack Pack

22. Straw-Peary Blend

For a best-selling healthy snacks gift that offers more vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber, look to Rind Snacks which keeps the peel on for more of the healthy stuff!

Shown: Rind Snacks Straw-Peary Blend - 3oz

Sauces & Spreads Food Gift Basket Ideas

Sauces and spreads make great food gift basket ideas because they are versatile and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. For example, sauces can be used to create flavorful marinades for meats and vegetables, or as a delicious condiment for sandwiches and burgers.  Spreads, such as jams and jellies, can also be used to create various dishes, from sweet desserts to savory sauces.

23. Fly by Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp

When it comes to Fly by Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp sauce, it’s not what can you put it on—it’s what can’t you put it on. From fried eggs, pizza, and hummus, to oatmeal, ice cream, and salads there’s a reason the sauce has a cult-like following. If you’re looking for snacks gift basket ideas your recipients won’t soon forget, this is your sauce. 

Shown: Fly by Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp

24. Orange & Fig Spread, Divina

If adding a little zest to everyday meals (think grilled cheese, cheese plates, roasted veggies, and more) is your thing, then this citrusy sweet spread is your jam! With just 5 simple ingredients and only 60 calories a serving, it’s as fun to give as it is to receive. 

Shown: Gourmet Food Solutions Inc. Orange & Fig Spread, Divina 9oz

25. Cookie Dough Granola Butter | Nut-free, Vegan, GF Spread

Snacks food gift baskets are not exactly groundbreaking. However, there are ways to surprise and delight your recipient with the items you fill it with. Take for instance this vegan, nut-free granola butter. It’s the first-ever spreadable granola that’s crafted from simple, wholesome ingredients.

Shown: Cookie Dough Granola Butter | Nut-free, Vegan, GF Spread

26. Silky Smooth Peanut Butter

What makes this peanut butter a one-trick pony? Maybe it’s the two simple ingredients— Argentinian peanuts and Patagonian sea salt—or maybe it’s the fact that when you master something so smooth and yummy, there’s no need to waste time learning a new trick. An ideal pick for your DIY snack box gift.  


Shown: One Trick Pony Silky Smooth Peanut Butter

Healthy Snacks Gift Ideas

One of the best gift basket snack ideas you can offer your recipients is healthy treats. They’re ideal for adding to your company’s onboarding kits, handing out at your events and conferences, and keeping them on hand for your in-office employees. While these are just a few top picks, you can find an additional 25 healthy gift basket ideas here. 

27. Immunity Bars

How about adding Immunity bars to your healthy snack food gifts? Not only do they do your body good with daily immune support, but the bars are only 100 calories each. Featuring probiotics, elderberry, antioxidants, and vitamin C, these Immunity bars offer the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

Shown: Smpl Immunity Bars 

28.  RXBAR Strawberry Protein Bar

Looking for conference and tradeshow swag ideas? For healthy snacks for gift basket ideas this strawberry protein bar features simple ingredients (think egg whites, cashews, dates) and lots of protein (as in 12g of protein!) for a portable bar that complements a healthy lifestyle. 

Shown: RXBAR Strawberry Protein Bar

29. Sun & Swell Oatmeal Cacao Chip Bites 

Give your healthy snack food gifts a wake-up call with oatmeal cacao chip bites—aka energy—that offers subtle cinnamon and cacao flavors and clean ingredients. Plus, they’re part of the company’s 75% of products that come in compostable packaging. 

Shown: Sun & Swell Oatmeal Cacao Chip Bites in Compostable Packaging

30. Sun & Swell Organic Wild Berry Mix in Compostable Packs

While there are a ton of healthy snacks for gift basket ideas, finding ones that taste great and offer better-for-the-environment packaging isn’t as plentiful. Luckily, these wild berry snacks are tasty, organic, and come in compostable packs.

Shown: Sun & Swell Organic Wild Berry Mix in Compostable Packs

Creating custom snack baskets is a great way to show your appreciation and provide thoughtful gifts for employees, suppliers, colleagues, and customers. Whether you’re looking for something that offers immune support, protein bars with clean ingredients, healthy snacks in compostable packaging, or just yummy treats everyone loves—there are plenty of options available. With the right combination of products from our list above and some creative flair—you can create an unforgettable gift basket filled with delicious goodies!

Talk to your Gemnote rep today for more custom snacks, like custom name cups with snacks, sustainable packaging ideas, or even more product recommendations for creating a DIY snack box gift that best represents your company! 

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