Custom Snacks - A Guide to Personalized and Delicious Treats

April 5, 2023

For personalized giveaways, events, incentives, and more, here are the best custom snacks to add to your swag collection.

There are many reasons companies add custom snacks to their merch lineup. In addition to being a low-cost swag option, with the right products, you can create and distribute branded snacks your recipients will be talking about long after they are consumed! 

According to the IFIC’s 17th annual Food and Health Survey on Snacking, three out of four respondents have at least one snack every day. Of those people, 14% of those same people snack three or more times a day. So, what does that mean for your companies looking for tasty customized swag options? You can’t go wrong with customized snacks, since most likely, your customers are already snacking!

While snacks continue to be a part of many of our days, it’s probably worth noting that not just any branded snacks will do. Ready to brainstorm your logo snacks and ideas? You’ll definitely want to make sure you are selecting the best items for your investment. And, if you’re not sure which ones deliver the wow factor, read on! We’ve done the curating for you, with quality selections for all the best occasions!

Shown: Little Belgium Cookies 

The Perfect Occasions for Gifting Branded Snacks

Let’s face it, there are many reasons people snack. Whether it’s from boredom or some other emotion or for energy, hunger, and more, there doesn't have to be an occasion to want a snack. However, if you’re looking to create logo snacks, you’ll definitely want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. In that case, the following occasions are perfect for handing out branded snacks. 

Conferences and Trade Shows 

While your customized snacks may not be the main attraction, snacks could make your booth the talk of the marketplace. After all, with all of that training, demonstrations, and information being thrown around, it’s bound to make your attendees work up an appetite! For easy distribution options, try adding them to your attendee bags, so they can have them as soon as they register. 


See more tradeshow ideas and giveaways here

Shown: Hammonds Pigs & Tater Chocolate Bar 

Corporate Events

What’s an event without great snacks? Whether it’s your holiday-themed office party for employees, a networking event for prospects, or a VIP celebration for those top clients, there’s a snack to compliment every occasion while impressing your guest list. 

Shown: Copper Cow Pour Over Salted Caramel Coffee

Virtual Happy Hours 

Trying to avoid the cost of meeting up in-person or feel you’ll get a better turnout with a virtual happy hour? You can’t go wrong with yummy treats or happy hour-themed snacks.

Shown: Craft Light Margarita Syrup

Around the Office

Don’t forget about your employees! For your employees who commute to the office keep them happy and fueled so they can get through that 3-pm slump. Not only can snacks keep them happy and energized, but quality snacks can also be a morale booster. 

For more ideas, check out these employee engagement boosters!

Shown: Ritual Chocolate Covered Pistachio

Client Gifts

Clients, customers, suppliers… no matter what you call them, creating healthy gift baskets or offering them as gifts and giveaways is a business win. 

Shown: Fruit Bliss Turkish Figs

Swag Giveaways

Swag, otherwise known as Stuff We All Get, is meant to be free. If you’re looking to give away logo snacks and other consumables, you still need to offer quality snacks that taste as good as they look. 

Shown: Kikas Treats Cookie

Custom Snack Ideas 

Ready to get your snack customization on? We hear you! Below are some tasty treats to help you get inspired. See one you like? Talk to your Gemnote rep about ways you can customize it to tailor your needs and reflect your company! From custom labels and packages to eco friendly packaging and more, Gemnote can help you make your branded shine. 

Chocolate Bars 

Shown: Ritual Chocolate Bar Madagascar 75%

Shown: Spring & Mulberry: Date-Sweetened Chocolate

Nuts + Dried Fruit 

Shown: Molly & Me Praline Pecans 

Shown: Sun & Swell Organic Pineapple Rings 


Shown: Una Bakery Cookies

Shown: Savor Patisserie French Macarons

Syrups + Spreads 

Shown: Bang Candy Lavender Mint Syrup

Shown: Elliots Nut Butters Hazelnut Spread 

Candies + Gummies

Shown: Hammonds Lemon Drop Hard Candy

Shown: Luxury California Gummy Bears Fruit Mix, Candy

Teas + Coffees

Shown: Art of Tea Vanilla Berry Truffle Tea

Shown: August Uncommon Tea Herbal Tea

Shown: Shown: Big Heart Loose Tea

4 Tips for Ordering Custom Snacks

Ready to order? Here are tips to help you ensure that the only thing your recipients remember about your branded snacks is their good looks and great taste. 

1. Be Aware Of Allergies or Food Sensitivities

It’s always nice to know when your recipients have a food allergy. Whether they cannot tolerate gluten,  have a scary nut allergy, or more, it’s important to accommodate around these. If you’re hosting an event and looking for meal accommodations, having selections for that are gluten-free, vegetarian, Vegan and the like are a nice touch. 

The same holds true for snacks. Whether you provide nut and nut-free options, meat and plant-based varieties and so on, having options is a great way to better accommodate more people. You can also offer non-consumable products like a customized reusable tumblers for water and more. 

Shown: Black Bow Sweets  Rosemary Truffle Candied Almond Jar | Gourmet Nuts

2. Choosing a Vendor

Not sure whose treats you would like to use? Talk to your Gemnote rep for ideas on brands that share your values. For example, little Apple Treats is an award-winning brand. Taking a spot with Good Food & SOFI Awards for their delicious Apple Cider Vinegars, Caramels, and Cider Vinegar Shrubs!

Shown: Little Apple Treats California Citrus Gems

3. Reducing Damage During Deliveries

Worried about how your custom merch and swag will make it one piece? Whether you choose branded snacks or durable recipe books, you can leave the heavy lifting to gemnote. They even can recommend the best mugs for drop shipping. 

Shown: W&P Recipe Vol Books

4. Expiration Dates

Checking the expiration date on your snacks—or other consumable—goes a long way! After all, if you take the time to choose a quality snack and add in customization, you’ll want your recipient to feel good about eating it. Plus, by taking in consideration these details, it’s just another way you can show your recipient that you care.  

Shown: Goodio Mint Chocolate 

Personalized Snacks And Consumables With Gemnote

A lot of thought and effort should go into creating branded snacks for your company. After all, it takes more than just a gift basket, free giveaway, or holiday treat to make your snacks memorable. With the right products, like the ideas shown above as well as well as more quality products from the Gemnote Lookbook, you can create tasty snacks that will have your recipients coming back for more. 

Ready to get started? Gemnote offers services that go beyond customization. From providing you with curated items so you can focus on the creative side, they can help you bring your vision to life.  

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