18 Best Virtual Happy Hour Gift Box & Swag Ideas

February 16, 2022

Discover the best virtual happy hour care package ideas for your team.

Virtual happy hour-themed gift boxes for remote employees are a fun way to celebrate your work from home teams. However, you don’t have to exclude the rest of your staff from all the fun. Whether your company is looking to celebrate a project well done, recognize your hard-working team, or kick off a new promotion, these happy hour gift basket ideas will help host an unforgettable happy hour. 

18 Items for Your Happy Hour Boxes

There are endless ways to create a Happy Hour Box. Whether you want to provide all the fixings for a tasty drink, or just get them set up for a fun way to make a toast, we’ve found 18 of the best products to mix, match, and raise a glass to!

1. Craft Cocktail Syrups

Just fill your virtual happy hour gift basket with a variety of cocktail syrups and leave the mixing to your recipient!

What it is: Small batch cocktail syrups made with premium ingredients. 

Why you’ll love it:  Aside from yummy cocktail syrups to choose from like, hot toddy, lite margarita, moscow mule, and more, you and your recipient will love how easy it is to make the perfect cocktail or mocktail.  

2. Hawkins New York Tequila Sunrise Jug

Looking for not-so-ordinary ideas for virtual happy hour gifts? Why not skip the drinking altogether and give something they can use for all your happy hours to come too. 

What it is: A modern hand-blown jug made of super lightweight borosilicate glass.

Why you’ll love it: Looks aside, this gorgeous jug offers a pop of color to instantly elevate anything from mimosas to lemonade. Best of all, this is dishwasher-safe, so the hardest decision is what to fill it with.  

3. W&P Craft Happy Hour Cocktail Kit 

As far as cool virtual gifts go, you can’t go wrong with a virtual cocktail kit from W&P Craft Collection.

What it is: The cutest happy hour around in a tin box. This fail-proof cocktail kit has everything you need to whip up your favorite classic drinks. In fact, all you or your recipient needs to bring is the liquor.

Why you’ll love it: These small but mighty happy hour boxes come in a variety of flavors so whipping up your favorite drink is a breeze. Best of all each kit includes ingredients to make two drinks plus a recipe card, bar spoon, ½ oz. jigger, and a linen coaster.  

4. Sphere Ice Tray

For happy hour delivery boxes that will be remembered and used on repeat, give them something you know they’ll love no matter what their drink of choice may be. 

What it is: An innovative ice “sphere” tray constructed of LFGB-certified silicone and Stainless Steel. 

Why you’ll love it: Many times ice dilutes your cocktail, but not these slow-melting spheres. Oh, and did we mention this is dishwasher-safe? 

5. Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge 

If a virtual happy hour gift card just won’t do, give them something sleek and sophisticated that will delight any bartender enthusiast. 

What it is: A sleek glass that forms an ice wedge on the side for smooth sipping anytime. 

Why you’ll love it: Aside from the elevated glass design and silicone ice form, it’s great for backyard happy hour ideas as well as your virtual team party.

6. Corkcicle Rocks Glass Set 

If trying to decide which drinks your entire team will enjoy is making your head spin, why not create a happy hour snack box and throw in a set of 2 rock glasses that everyone will enjoy?

What it is: These 12oz double-walled glasses offer insulation to keep drinks hot or cold longer.

Why you’ll love it: In addition to the easy-grip sides, the double-wall design also prevents condensation. 


7. S’well Onyx Drink Chiller

Sleek, sophisticated, and perfect for adding to your virtual happy hour snack box

What it is: A drink chiller that keeps bottles and cans nice and chill.

Why you’ll love it: With a sleek design that prevents condensation, it’s also perfect for customizing with your company’s logo. 

8. S’well Ice Bucket and Tongs 

Here’s another favorite virtual happy hour gift basket idea that offers a sophisticated and customizable design. 

What it is: A triple-layered, vacuum-insulated ice bucket and tong set.  

Why you’ll love it: Featuring Therma-S'well® Technology it keeps ice cold and the party going. Plus, it’s BPA/BPS-free

9. Golden Hour Candle 

For a gift to help set your happy hour mood, nothing beats the cool ambiance of this Golden Hour candle. 

What it is: A coconut soy wax candle with bergamot, lime, and olive leaf top notes for a fresh, citrusy, herbal scent. 

Why you’ll love it: Aside from the cheerful design, this candle offers 60-80 hours of burning time. 

10. Cocktail Napkins

What virtual happy hour gift basket is complete without a customized napkin?

What it is: A 3-ply cocktail beverage napkin that also tops the list for backyard happy hour ideas. 

Why you’ll love it: From snarky sayings, (we like, please leave by 9 pm) these are also perfect for customizing with your company’s logo or website.

11. Hawkins New York Marble Coasters

Want to elevate your virtual shindig? Forget the napkins, and go for these gorgeous marble coasters. 


What it is: A set of four solid marble coasters with a brass edge.

Why you’ll love it: Unlike one and paper coasters this modern style can be used again and again. 

12. Raye™ Rolling Glasses

Add a touch of whimsy to your gift boxes for remote employees

What it is: A whimsical wine glass that’s anything but boring. 

Why you’ll love it: Not only will it keep the user on their toes while sipping, they’re a great conversation starter. Talk to your Gemnote rep about personalizing with glass etching. 

13. Cocktail Bomb Shop MIXER Mimosa

For cool virtual gifts to add to your happy hour gift box for employees, look no further than these cocktail bomb mixers.

What it is: A one-and-done “bomb of ingredients” for the perfect cocktail or mocktail.

Why you’ll love it:  When it comes to happy hour delivery boxes, these are easy to send out and a no-brainer to make. 

14. Yes Cocktail Co. Old Fashioned Cocktail Cubes

These cocktail cubes are perfect for raising a toast!

What it is: Organic cane sugar cubes infused with essential oils and bitters. 

Why you’ll love it: Easy to help your recipient craft the perfect Old Fashioned. Plus, they’re made in the USA. 

15. Cocktail Cherries

Just the “extra” your happy hour snack box needs.

What it is: Balaton Cherries from Michigan harvested at peak season. 

Why you’ll love it: It’s the surprise gift delivery no one knew they wanted.

16. Camp Craft Cocktails

Looking to motivate or applaud your team? Here’s something they’ll love toasting to.  

What it is: Specially curated ingredients for your next cocktail all in a pretty jar.

Why you’ll love it: With a recipe for every mood, taste, and season, it puts the fun in your virtual happy hour. 

17. Toma Bloody Mary Mixer 

Made in New York, this 32-oz. mixer may look fun, but its premium ingredients are serious business.  

What it is: A perfect spicy Bloody Mary mix. 

Why you’ll love it: It’s made with good-for-you ingredients, think gluten-free, vegan, low sodium per ounce, keto-friendly, and no added preservatives.

18. Elements Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker 

For happy hour gift basket ideas that really shake things up, we’ve got you covered!

What it is: Polished stainless steel shaker.

Why you’ll love it: The streamlined design is perfect for customizing with your company logo! 

Ready to plan your company’s happy hour? 

First, decide whether you’re hosting a virtual or in-person. While many factors play into that decision, here are five benefits to going virtual.

  1. Social distancing. Call it whatever you want, but COVID is a definite buzzkill. And, the last thing you want is for your team to end up sick. Thankfully, a virtual happy hour lets your employees have fun and connect, all while socially distancing. Plus, with a virtual happy hour gift box, you can give them a fun toast.
  2. No commuting. While driving to and from the office is just part of the job, hosting an in-person happy hour could lead to your employees driving home under the influence. However, with a virtual happy hour, your team can kick off and end the party right where they started—in the safety of their own home. And with a surprise gift delivery, you can still let them try out drinks they would have been able to order at a restaurant or bar.
  3. To drink or not to drink? While not all celebrations have to include alcohol, happy hours usually include adult beverages. For those on your team who do not wish to partake in drinking, a virtual happy hour is perfect for helping them feel included while not feeling pressured to drink or stand out for abstaining. Plus our virtual holiday happy hour ideas include ingredients without alcohol so as a company, you can leave the decision to your employees. 
  4. Potential to save money. Depending on how you planned to host your happy hour, you could save money by going virtual. From not footing the bill for an open bar you could also save on renting out a space or providing decor. Best of all, with a happy hour box delivery, your employees will be left with memorable swag long after your event. 
  5. Easy scheduling. With a virtual happy hour, more of your attendees will likely be able to attend if it’s in the comfort of their homes. From finding childcare to keeping up with their after-work responsibilities, you can plan your happy hour for an hour or two that starts and stops at a scheduled time. 

Talk to your Gemnote rep today for more virtual holiday happy hour ideas.  

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