16 Made in America Custom Gift Ideas for Employees and Clients

September 2, 2022

Finding made-in-USA holiday gifts and made-in-USA gift baskets is not as hard as you may think. In addition to America gifts ideas being readily available, they are a great way to help support American jobs and the economy. You can even find many made in USA gifts under $10 which is important when it comes to scoring great merchandise for your company’s events and giveaways. 

When it comes to made in USA gifts, not all products are created equally and some only allude to the fact they are made in America. It’s important to know what actually accounts for unique American gifts and how you can be assured what you are getting is American-made. 

16 American Gift Ideas & Brands 

Below we list 16 brands that offer made-in-USA gift baskets, custom merch, and other cool things made in USA. While not necessarily gifts you can only buy in America, they still make great American gifts for foreigners, as well as your favorite clients, VIPs, and employees. 

Best Made in America Gifts: Apparel 

One of the most popular custom gift ideas for customers and employees is apparel, and these are worth checking out.

1. Bella Canvas

Bella + Canvas prides themself on being USA strong for their line of American made shirts as well as their private label. And, as for the American jobs they’ve created, they contribute to  thousands. 

In addition to being the largest cutter and dyer of apparel, outperforming any other American manufacturer, they also are a Participating Company of the Fair Labor Association and adhere to the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct and Principles of Fair Labor and Responsible Sourcing for their entire supply chain. Based in Los Angeles, Bella + Canvas also holds a Wrap Certification for social responsibility. 

Shown: Bella + Canvas tees

 2. American Giant 

What started as a better hoodie has transitioned into a whole line of better apparel products from American Giant, which, you guessed it, is made in America. With their focus on durable not disposable, the retailer offers high-quality, straightforward styles for long wear and sustainability. 

On the hunt for personalized gifts shop name ideas for your personalized made in the USA business? Why not add a form of America or USA to your name like American Giant did to help emphasize your point. 

Shown: American Giant Hoodie

3. Volunteer Knitwear 

Proudly made in the USA, Volunteer Knitwear believes in quality American craftsmanship. Their line of All-American tees, Daily Tees, Chore Tees, Chore Fleece, and Tri tees offer a variety of colors and all the features you want when it comes to long lasting apparel. 

Located alongside Tennessee’s Smokey Mountains, the 30+ year old company believes that how and where something is made is as important at what is made. 

Shown: Volunteer Knitwear™ Chore Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie


4. Carhartt - Small Collection

Since 1889 Carhartt has been owned and operated by the Carhartt family. Their values include dependability, honesty, and trust. While not all of their vast line of workwear, as their work in progress American line are not all American made, they do have a small collection of cool things made in USA. 

Born from the railroad, their workwear and collaboration lines are still a popular choice for companies looking for the best American gifts to take overseas as well as marketing swag. 

For personalized gifts shop name ideas, why not make your family name a household brand, like Carhartt did? 

Shown: Loose Fit Firm Duck Insulated Flannel-Lined Active Jac

5. US Blanks

There’s no shortage when it comes to apparel manufacturers. However, if you’re looking for a socially responsible apparel manufacturer here in the USA, US Banks is a perfect contender! The San Francisco CA-based manufacturer has spent 25 years designing the ultimate tee and it’s perfect for customizing!

Shown: US Blanks

Personalized Gifts Made in USA: Notebooks

Where’s a good notebook when you need one? Whether you’re looking for American gifts for foreign friends, or a high quality style to display on your desk, American-made collections won’t let you down. 

6. Public - Supply 

Public Supply is a for-profit company that produces clean and modern notebooks that are perfect for customizing. Best of all, 25% of their net profits go to high-need classrooms focused on creativity. As a company, they believe that creativity helps increase engagement in students in and out of the classroom, and we couldn’t agree more. 

Shown: Public Supply Goods

7. Appointed

Appointed is on a mission to help you find creativity. Seeing a void in the marketplace for American made quality paper products, they decided to venture out and create their own. Appointed designs, finishes, and packs all of their products in Ivy City in Washington DC. With their line of notebooks, planners, journals, stationary and more boast American craftsmanship and innovative designs. 

Shown: Appointed Notebook


Awesome USA Goodies

Looking for Christmas gifts made in the USA? Candy is perfect for adding to your made-in-USA gift baskets, client giveaways, and more!  

8. California Gummy Bears

Established in 2019, this LA-based company offers a healthy alternative to candy with its California treats featuring all-natural ingredients. With their beautiful packaging, their gummy bears are a great addition to cool things to buy in America or even online. 

Shown: California Gummy Bears

9. Little Apple Treats 

Christmas gifts made in the USA don’t have to be boring! If you love apples, you’re in luck! Straight from Sebastopol, California where several varieties of heirloom apples are grown including Pink Pearl, Red Rome Beauty, Yellow Bellflower, Gravenstein and Golden Delicious, this made in America company produces certified organic products like apple cider vinegar, shrubs, caramels, cookies, granola, and other great flavors! 

Shown: Little Apple Treats Apple Vinegars and Ciders 

10. Compartes Chocolate 

From the gorgeous packaging and delicious recipes to their quirky combo of ingredients, Compartes Chocolate has been dazzling us with handmade chocolate bars for over 70 years!

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts made in the USA, they also provide seasonal favorites like Gingerbread Dark Chocolate Bars, Peppermint Bark, and Gourmet Hot Cocoa. For non-seasonal faves, you can’t go wrong with out of the box options like their Cereal Bowl Chocolate Bar, Animal Cookies Chocolate Bar, and more chocolatey goodness!

Shown: Compartes Chocolate Matcha Green Tea Bar


11. Wooden Table Baking Company 

For a made in the USA company your recipients won’t be able to resist, give Wooden Table Baking Company a try! From flavors like Matcha Meringue, Lemon glazed, and Lavender chocolate to name just a few, these all-natural sweets are the perfect treat to add to your holiday swag bag. 

If you’re looking for personalized gifts shop name ideas, why not pull out how your product was inspired? In the case of this Oakland-based company, the name came over a shared table that the owner and head baker, Andrés used in Argentina with his grandmother. 

Shown: Wooden Table Baking Company Matcha Meringue Cookies

Made in USA Gifts Under $10

In addition to the products above which are perfect for adding to made-in-USA gift baskets, you can also find great USA gifts under $10, which are excellent swag items for your event giveaways and trade shows. 

12. Gemline 

Headquartered in  Lawrence, Massachusetts, Gemline also maintains its integrated manufacturing and distribution center there. the company was founded in 1958, and provides the award-winning, design-centric products that range from affordable bags and accessories to drinkware, electronics, gourmet foods, and more.

Shown: Gemnline Caden Cotton Lunch Cooler

13. Touchland Sanitizer 

In 2020 COVID made hand sanitizers a scarcity, and people stocked up on whatever they could find. In an effort to protect the public from unacceptable levels of benzene, acetaldehyde, and acetal contaminants, and more, the FDA released a list of sanitizers consumers should not purchase

Today hand sanitizers are still helpful in stopping the spread of germs. No longer a scarcity, consumers want high-end brands that not only safely keep their hands clean but that won’t dry them out. Thankfully, Touchland, a company based out of Miami, Florida, offers an assortment of non-sticky, vegan-friendly sanitizers featuring their award-winning formula that’s known to moisturize the skin. 

Shown: Touchland Sanitizer Hydrating Power Mist

American Gift Ideas: Home Goods

When it comes to made in America Christmas gift ideas, nothing beats home goods, like soft blankets and custom safe-for-you water bottles.

14. Faribault Woolen Mill Co.

Need luxe made-in-USA holiday gifts for your dedicated staff or best clients? Leave it to Faribault Woolen Mill Co. to deliver coveted products like blankets and throws that deliver high quality and impeccable style. What once started as a horse-powered mill in Cannon River Minnesota in 1865 is today still known for its American craftsmanship. 

One of the best American gifts to take overseas, your recipient will love the warmth and style your custom Faribault Mill Co. blankets provide.  Looking for more custom blanket ideas? Check out these 24 Best Custom Blankets for Corporate Giving

Shown: Faribault Woolen Mill Co. blanket

15. Nalgene

If you’ve ever shopped for quality water bottles, you are well aware the pricing can be a bit steep. That’s one reason Nalgene’s BPA-free and BPS-free bottles are a popular option that companies love to give and consumers love to receive. Not only are there a slew of products to choose from, but your Gemnote rep can customize with your branding for spot-on company personalized gifts made in USA. 

In addition, the bottles are durable, affordable, and safe for users. In addition, this New York-based company created the Nalgene Water Fund, which helps give vulnerable communities secure access to clean water. For water facts, see Dig Deep’s facts on the water crisis.  

Shown: Nalgene Water Bottle

 16. Old Whaling Company 

Ready to spice up your made in America custom gift ideas for employees and clients? Why not add Old Whaling Company candles to your made-in-USA gift baskets?  Since 2012, the  Charleston-based company has been beautifully crafted, gentle, and affordable bath and body essentials that feature simple ingredients and sea-inspired scents. 


And if you’re wondering what products to gift this year, check out their blog. From fun recipes, like this one from Sally’s Baking Addiction that complements their oatmeal, milk, and honey candles to how to make soap you’ll find lots of hidden gems inside. Get to know them and Old Whaling Co. owner April Bundy


Shown: Old Whaling Company Candle

Why buy American gifts?

There are many reasons to invest in made-in-America gifts. Whether you want to ensure ethical manufacturing processes, choose cleaner environmental protocols, or help the American economy and American jobs, check out American Made Matters site, for additional reasons you may not have thought about when it comes to  American-made products. 

Best Products Made In USA

These are just some brands featuring made-in-the-USA items that Gemnote partners with. Talk to your Gemnote rep today about how you can find the best corporate branded merch, event giveaways, and swag incentives for your company. 

Are you working on a similar project or campaign?