24 Best Custom Blankets for Corporate Gifting

August 2, 2022

While your summer and beach-themed swag are perfect for the hotter months, and beanies, wool socks and heavy jackets rock when it comes to corporate giving in the winter, it’s also important to have items on hand, like custom blankets for babies or adults, that can be given any time of the year. 

In addition to customizable blankets being a popular choice regardless of the season, they are also great for corporate companies who are looking for professional on-brand swag. Available in a plethora of colors, designs, and sizes, companies can even choose from customization options like embroidered custom blankets, tone-on-tone personalizing, screen (or digital) printing, and patches for the best custom blankets. In fact, when it comes to throws and picnic blankets with logo designs, there are endless ways to design and delight your recipient. 

Find inspiration with these 24 Custom Design Blankets

1. Custom Blankets With Logo

When it comes to showcasing your logo and flexing your marketing muscles, nothing beats a custom blanket with plenty of room for personalization. For extra swag-points use your logo as your design. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films 

2. Best Custom Blankets For Corporate Gifting

While custom heating blankets are perfect for winter and custom swaddle blankets are an infant’s best friend, when it comes to your best customers, these branded blankets from Surya are high-quality, professional for business gifts, and perfect for displaying at home. 

Shown: Surya Torsten Custom Blanket

3. Best Brand Name Customizable Blankets 

If you’re looking to impress your clients with custom picnic blankets or custom blankets with names, you might consider choosing a brand like Marine Layer that lives up to the hype! Known for their super soft tees and helping to keep textiles out of landfills, they are an easy brand favorite.  

Shown: Marine Layer Corbet Blanket

4. Best Custom Fleece Blankets

Ahhhh… mock twist sherpa fleece fabric on the outside and Marine layer’s signature sustainable tee shirt fabric on the inside, in this case, too much of a good thing is still a good thing! 

Shown: Signature Lined Blanket Marine Layer 

5. Best Lightweight Custom Blankets With Logo 

When it comes to gifts for any season, you can’t go wrong with a lightweight blanket like this one from Hawkins New York. While these aren’t custom blankets cheap and probably not a good fit for pet custom blankets, they make an excellent choice for everything else. Plus, with colors this dreamy, they’re perfect for layering on when it’s cold. 

Shown: Lightweight Blanket Hawkins New York 

6. Embroidered Custom Blankets

Almost any blanket can be embroidered, and your Gemnote rep can help you find styles—including custom swaddle blankets—and options to fit your budget. If you’re going for a luxe gift, a linen style like this one is perfect for warmer months.

Shown: Simple Linen Quilt Hawkins New York 

7. Custom Woven Blankets

For custom blankets with names, custom beach blankets, and even custom swaddle blankets, you can’t go wrong with a soft woven style. You can even create a photo blanket. Talk to your Gemnote rep about the best photo blanket website for your needs. 

Shown: Bronte Throw 

8. Custom Blankets Cheap for Winter

If you're looking for an all-around nice plush blanket for your staff, customers, and partners, you can’t go wrong with a flannel sherpa-style blanket for the holidays. It’s the perfect merch for style and affordability. Inaddition, these branded blankets are a solid choice for cold weather!

Shown: Port Authority ® Flannel Sherpa Blanket

9. Custom Fuzzy Blankets

Sometimes it’s all about the extra, Extra soft, extra cozy, and extra tassel details. If you are looking to save, talk to your Gemnote rep for more ideas for custom embroidered blankets no minimum. 

Shown: Surya TOb 1002

10. Best Picnic Blankets With Logo

When it comes to picnic blankets with logo branding, Port Authority is also an excellent choice that won’t blow your budget. In addition, you’ll find endless options for screen printing so that matching your branding is a breeze.  

Shown: Port Authority® Picnic Blanket

11. Embroidered Custom Blankets With Tassels

Looking for custom photo blankets? Custom knitted blankets don’t have to come from the best photo blanket website makers. In fact, why stick to a premade template when it comes to your company’s swag. Gemnote is a leader in customization and your best best photo blanket company for corporate swag. 

Shown: Surya TBE Custom Blanket

12. Weatherproof Custom Blanket

Looking for branded blankets that protect against the elements? The weatherproof packable down style from 32 Degrees is perfect for fighting off the rain, wind, and cold. You may also want to talk to your Gemnote Rep for custom embroidered blankets no minimum options. 

Shown: Weatherproof - 32 Degrees Packable Down Blanket

13. Colorful College Custom Blankets

For ultimate custom blankets with names, just add your branding to this packable quilted blanket from Numo. College custom blankets make a great swag item for your younger audience, although a style this good is perfect for all ages! 

Shown: Numo Quilted Blanket 

14. Great Custom Picnic Blankets

Custom picnic blankets and pet custom blankets are popular picks for swag. And when it comes to customization, you don’t have to skimp on colorful branding. In fact, having blankets offer a roomy landscape for branding.  

Shown: Numo Picnic Pal 

15. Upscale Custom Plush Blankets

Rains outerwear lovers unite! This waterproof blanket offers the same great innovative design they are known for. Plus the webbing strap system features easy ways solutions to store and carry. So, when it comes to personalizing your custom knitted blankets, trust Gemnote for all of your custom pillows and blankets.

Shown: Rains Waterproof Blanket

16.  Luxe Throw Custom Blanket 

Looking for custom blankets with names with a wide and wild audience appeal? Talk to your Gemnote rep about fun prints like this leopard style one that’s the perfect style for lounging with after a long day.  And, if you’ve been searching for the best photo blanket website or the best photo blanket company to handle your swag, we can help there too. In fact, we’re experienced in all sorts of customization processes. 

Shown: Leopard Print Luxury Soft Throw Blanket 

17. Ultra Soft Custom Blankets Cheap

You don’t have to skimp on style to get quality custom blankets with names or logos embroidered on them. Case in point, luxe custom knitted blankets by Surya offer soft woven acrylic and fun fringe that’s perfect for customizing. 

When it comes to custom blankets for babies, talk to your Gemnote rep for more acrylic options, which are safe for babies and are even hypoallergenic.  

Shown: Surya Arrah

18. Handmade Custom Knitted Blankets

There’s just something about getting a handmade gift that makes the thought extra special. If your looking at custom knitted blankets to customize for your VIPs and top clients, why not seek out handmade styles like this Thunderbird Mexican Blanket.   

Shown: Rust Red Baja Thunderbird Mexican Blanket

19. Recycled Large Custom Embroidered Blankets

Is sustainability an important part of your company’s mission? Make sure your swag does your company justice. Whether you’re looking for the best photo blanket company or great logo customization, make sure you choose a company that partners with brands who share your values.     

Shown: Recycled Wool King Size Blanket In Charcoal Grey Herringbone

20. Recycled Smaller Custom Embroidered Blankets

The same great recycled embroidered blankets in a more compact size. Just add your logo for an instant corporate gift that speaks volumes!

Shown: Recycled Wool Knee Blanket In Buchanan Antique Tartan

21. All Purpose Custom Picnic Blankets

Custom pillows and blankets don’t have to be boring to be functional. Think out of the box with stadium blankets, picnic and all-weather picks by brands you can trust for quality and durability. 

Shown: All-Purpose Machine Washable Stadium Blanket

22. Reversible Embroidered Custom Blankets

There is no wrong side when it comes to this reversible throw. With a corporate friendly print on the from and back, all you need to do is add customization to make it your own. 

Shown: Zuni Southwest Reversible Throw

23. Go Everywhere Embroidered Custom Blankets

Take inspiration from the great outdoors with a blanket that puts the fun in functional like this Rumpl Everywhere blanket that consist of 100% post-consumer recycled materials. As a company, they’re also a proud member of 1% For The Planet.

Shown: Rumpl Everywhere Blanket 

24. The Traveler’s Best Blanket

Small but mighty, this compact pocket blanket proves great things can come in small sizes. Styles like this one from Matador (check the review) are perfect traveling, branding, and adding to your swag kits for killer merch that is sure to please!

Shown: Matador Pocket Blanket 

Like the idea of adding custom-made blankets to your merch lineup, but aren’t sure where to start? You’re in the right place! The knowledgeable staff at Gemnote has scoured the globe for the best blankets and designs to help you find your perfect pick. Plus, when it comes to customizable blankets, they can help you find the best process for adding your logo and designs. 

Whether you’re looking for custom embroidered blankets no minimum, pet custom blankets, college custom blankets, or even custom blankets cheap, they can help create a curated collection of options to choose from to match your branding and your budget! Your Gemnote rep can also help you find the best custom blankets for babies too. 

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