Custom Picnic Blankets & Picnic Swag Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

May 23, 2023

Discover branded picnic blankets that are ideal for giveaways, gifts, and swag!

Custom picnic blankets have continued to shine when it comes to great swag. Not only are they perfect year-round, but with so many ways to customize and differentiate your company, they offer plenty of space to market your brand!

In addition, personalized picnic blankets can be a one-size fits all marketing gift even though your choices for creating a style that best reflects your company are anything but generic! This is great news for start-ups or companies on smaller budgets since they can save money on set-up costs and many often times take advantage of bulk pricing. For additional ways to save on personalized blankets, ask your Gemnote rep. 

4 Tips for Designing a Custom Picnic Blanket

1. Show Off Your Brand With Custom Color Scheme

As any marketing guru or brand designer will tell you, making sure you respect your company’s branding is paramount! After all, how can you increase your brand recognition if your audience isn’t sure it’s yours to start with? 

Whether you’re brand is a combination of organic elements and everyday neutrals or bold and cheerful hues, to ensure your brand guidelines are respected, make sure you partner with a company like Gemnote that offers color matching and online approvals. 


Shown: Corkcicle Origins Tumbler + Native Union Belt Cable + Aimé Leon Dore Pocket Tee + United By Blue Blanket Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore (tee) and United By Blue (blanket) 

2. Strike a Balance Between Style and Functionality 

Picnic blankets are useful items that people can use outdoors, regardless of the season. While they are a common choice for picnics, beach days, or other summer outdoor activities, they are also nice to have for outdoor sporting events, music festivals, and the like during winter and fall months. Add in a great design that reflects your brand, and you can create a sustainable gift idea that shows off your brand. The end result? Swag your recipient will love and use again and again!


Shown: Numo Quilted Blanket 

3. Incorporate Personal Touches

Whether it’s a reversible design, tassels, or waterproof backing, there are many ways you can incorporate personal touches to ensure your custom picnic blankets can stand out in a crowded marketplace. Just make sure to create a logo picnic blanket, so your brand can get the kudos it deserves. 

Shown: Areaware Cairo Throw

4. Keep it Simple

Simple doesn’t have to be boring, as this waterproof blanket with an easy carrying strap from Rains proves. Plus, it leaves maximum space to add your company or event logo for a standout style that is sure to get noticed! For enviable summer swag that can stand up to the rain, choose features like these that stand up to the weather. 


Shown: Rains Blanket

Custom Picnic Blankets for Events and Businesses

A customizable picnic blanket offers an easy way to promote and market your company. Whether it’s for your next event or a team-building activity, you’ll find a plethora of inexpensive, lightweight styles that are perfect for shipping to events or your remote attendees, as well as, detail-rich options for employee and client gifts. 

Business Promotional Items

When it comes to promoting your business, a custom blanket is a sustainable product that can be used again and again. Best of all, with so many options on the market and no sizes to contend with, companies can find a great style in their budget. 

Shown: Port Authority Custom Blanket 

Company Events and Retreats

Looking to engage attendees at your next conference? You don’t have to hold your event outdoors to give away picnic blankets. However, if you do, that makes these gifts even more relevant, since they can be used immediately. For easy transporting and sharing, choose a lightweight logo picnic blanket that can pack up and travel with ease. 


Shown: Vacances picnic blanket

Charity and Fundraising Events

What better way to promote your fundraising or charity event than with a customizable picnic blanket? When it comes to paying it forward and giving back, items like personalized blankets that help protect people from the elements are a great reminder of what your company is doing to make the world a better place. 

Shown: Custom Cotton Picnic Blanket

Corporate Gifting

Whether it’s a gift for your VPs or your employees, having a stylish custom blanket, or high-end absorbent Turkish towels, that are versatile enough for use in your office, home, and outdoors is always a good idea! And for your summer corporate gifting or company incentive trips, you even want to custom beach towels.  

Shown: Turkish Malibu Towel 

Custom Picnic Blanket Ideas and Inspiration

Themed Blankets

Themes are a fun way to provide a memorable gift. Choose a holiday theme for your end-of-the-year giveaways, utilize themes for sales team kickoff, even sporting events  team-building and networking themes are fun ways to make your custom merch relevant.

Shown: The Tartan Company Recycled Wool Picnic Blanket 

Custom Embroidery and Details

Another great perk for gifting a customizable picnic blanket is the many options you have for customizing, like embroidery that offers an instantly elevated feel. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more customization options like patches, labels, and screen printing. 

Shown: Beach Candy Picnic Blanket

Bright, Bold Logos 

When it comes to highlighting your brand, why not take advantage of your design space and broadcast your logo for all to see? Whether you choose a tone-on-tone style, like this one from A24 Films, take a multi-color approach, or another design trend, infusing color is a fun way to promote your brand. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films

Personalized With Names or Monograms

For memorable picnic blanket personalized options, using your color palette and logo is key to designing on-brand looks. However, for companies looking to take it up a notch, adding monogramming and personalizing that’s tailored to your recipient is another on-trend option. Whether you customize the product directly or create a customized tag, product packaging or card, your Gemnote rep can help you with all the details. 

Shown: Slowtide Camp Blanket 

Nature-Inspired Ideas

Whether it’s spring blooms, summer vibes, fall leaves, snow-covered trees, or the like, there are lots of fun ways to you can incorporate nature into your design. Even companies looking to stay on a limited or neutral color palette can take advantage of this timeless design option. 

Shown: Custom Roll Up Blanket

Collaborate with a Designer

Whether you’re looking to partner with a brand that offers customizable merch or create a collab that credits more than one company, personalized picnic blankets offer the perfect palette. You can even utilize Gemnote’s in-house design team!

Photo courtesy of A24 Films

Browse Our Full Summer Swag Collection

For the best promotional ideas for summer choose modern designs and soft, lightweight fabrics for your Branded picnic blankets that will transition beautifully to fall. 

Go Anywhere Blanket

Shown: Rumpl Everywhere Blanket

Dual Purpose Blanket

Shown: Vista Picnic blanket to Tote

Reversible Blanket 

Custom Fish Blanket

Picnic Blanket Personalized

Sackcloth & Ashes Camp Desert Blanket

Branded Picnic Blanket 

Shown: Numo Picnic Pal 

Pattern Play

Shown: Diamond Mexican Blanket

Colorful Stripes 

Shown: Mighty Stripes Textiles by Kata Weaves

When it comes to custom picnic blanket ideas and custom blankets, this is just the beginning. Reach out to your Gemnote Rep for a curated collection of ideas perfect for customizing, or check out our Lookbook for more inspirational ways to bring your brand to life!

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