10 Creative Summer Event Themes and Swag Ideas

April 3, 2021

Ready to celebrate summer with an unforgettable company event? We’ve got your swag!

As the weather is warming up and people are ready and willing to travel and get together more than in the past couple of years, the summer is a great time to plan a company event. Plus, with fun and sustainable summer swag items, you can foster community spirits, recognize employees and customers, and more, all while marketing your business. 

Large or small, a themed event is perfect for summer since the days are longer and the weather is more tolerable. Plus, with options to host indoor or out, day or night, you’ll soon discover how many fun company ideas you have at your disposal. In fact, the hardest decision will be deciding which of the summer party themes is best for your company. 

Reasons to Celebrate with Summer Party Themes

While you actually don’t need a reason to celebrate, there are plenty of reasons you may want to add it to your company calendar, including:  

  1. Customer Appreciation
  2. Employee Recognition
  3. Company Anniversary
  4. Product Launch 
  5. Teambuilding 
  6. Brand Building 
  7. Community Relations
  8. Project Kickoffs
  9. Achieving Goals
  10. New Brand Partnerships

10 Creative Summer Event Themes and Swag Ideas for your 2022 event!  

Just as you don’t need a reason to celebrate, your event doesn’t have to have a theme. However, a theme can help you narrow down your event’s location, choose decorations and summer swag bag ideas as well as women’s and men’s summer swag apparel and giveaways. 

While your summer swag bag ideas don’t have to directly relate back to your event theme, it does help make your summer bash memorable. Check out our list of beginning to the end of summer party themes to help you get inspired. 

1. Beach Bash BBQ

It’s summer so naturally, you want to party outdoors if you can. Planning to party at the beach, by the lake, or by the pool? Then this is the theme for you. Fire up the grill and let the guests choose burgers, brats, brisket, or ribs with all the fixings. 

Decorate with surfboards, bright beach towels, beach balls, and such. Put up volleyball nets for some friendly competition, and have plenty of beach balls available for tossing around. For swag summer for girls and guys, giveaways like those props make great customized gifts too. 

Customizable Summer Swag Bag Items and Customizable Swag Summer Outfits Men or Women featured: Beach Towel, Beach Ball, Stanley Cooler, and ASColour Tank

2. Let Sparks Fly 

For a fun and memorable summer event theme, one idea is to celebrate like it’s the fourth of July! From full-on fireworks to smaller sparklers or just a plethora of twinkling string lights, you can make this light-up-the-sky event as elaborate or simple as you desire. 

For July celebrations, you could even consider hosting where city fireworks can be easily seen. However, for your end-of-summer party themes, imagine your company’s branding lighting up the night’s sky. Just make sure you do research when it comes to planning an event with fireworks. Then infuse some fun into your summer swag bag. 

Swag Summer Outfits  

When it comes to summer swag outfits for guys and gals, don’t forget to use your company’s brand colors and add your logo for ultimate marketing props. Items like colorful windbreakers are great for summer nights. 

Summer Swag Ideas and Summer Outfits Featured:  Custom Nylon Windbreaker, Stainless Steel Cups, and Fully Customizable Woven Blanket  

3. Play Ball! 

Looking for ways to celebrate your employees, build customer loyalty, or support your community? Why not host a baseball game? Aside from being a favorite American pastime, it’s a fun way to celebrate your guests or employees and market your business. 

For more of a spectator theme, why not treat your recipients to admission or rent a box office at an upcoming game? You can also look into having a special stadium tour for your company. For food ideas, hotdogs, peanuts, and Cracker Jack are just a few of baseball’s most popular concessions that you can add to your summer swag bag list. Ask your Gemnote rep for more Women’s & Men’s Summer Swag ideas. 

Tip: Looking to give back to the community? Instead of charging for your event, why not ask for donations that your company can give to the local food bank? You can also have your company and employees sign up to volunteer in their community or for the Special Olympics

Custom Bucket Hat and Pennant Flag Courtesy of Aime Leon  Dore; Custom Stickers Courtesy of Only NY. Also shown: Miir Insulated Bottle

4. Outdoor Game Day 

Giant Jenga, Outside Connect 4, Yard Yahtzee, and other classic favorite games offer a larger design that’s perfect for playing outside. Check out these 17 ideas from the Strategist for more fun games you can incorporate at your company event. 

Whether you offer these as fun things recipients can do on their own or create a tournament with prizes is up to you. Just don’t forget the personalized (and themed) swag summer for girls and guys. For more personalized summer company swag, talk to your Gemnote Rep.  

Customizable Summer Swag Items featured: ASColour Polo and Ringer Tee, Custom Frisbee, and Nalgene Water Bottle

5. Gamble the Night Away

Our end-of-summer party themes list isn’t a gamble. However, when it comes to making memories, a roll of the dice can be a blast, especially when your guests are not losing their own hard-earned money. Whether you provide everyone with fake money or tokens upon entering or make it a casino fundraiser of sorts, you can put a fun spin on your casino theme

Just like Vegas casinos, you can keep the drinks flowing. For an alternative to adult cocktails, why not serve mocktails or sustainably produced sodas with less sugar and high-quality ingredients? Just don’t forget the snacks! As for attire, you call the dress code shots. If you’re offering summer swag outfits for guys and gals, make sure it’s something they can wear long after your event.  

Customizable Summer Swag Items featured: Morris Kitchen Pineapple Lime Drink Mixer, Corkcicle Stemless Tumbler and Sunglasses

6. Picnic in the Park 

Don’t underestimate the power of a great picnic! Whether it’s for your employees, clients, VIPs, new partners, or more, you can do a lot with a good old-fashioned picnic.  In addition to having a yummy spread for guests to feast on, you can also serve up ice cream complete with fun toppings, or even shaved ice so your guests stay cool. 

When it comes to entertainment, having a band or DJ will keep the good vibes flowing. And if your event is open to families and kids, you could also feature a magician to keep your guests in awe. 

When it comes to decor, you can’t go wrong with red gingham. But for summer swag items, let your company’s branding take center stage. And, for more summer swag items, check out our list of 15 Best Custom Picnic Blankets

Customizable Summer Swag Items Featured: Doing Things Hat, W&P Designs Porter Stand up Bag, Nylon Cap, Polaroid Instant Camera, and a Matador Pocket Blanket

7. Prime Time 

Ahhhh… the good old days. Whether you designated a certain time period or let your guests join in the fun dressed in their own personal favorite, there’s no shortage of themes and swag summer outfits men and women to choose from.   

From the Roaring 20s with pinstripe suits for the gentlemen and flapper dresses for the ladies to the Golden age of the 50s, Rockin’ 80s, and more, traveling through time can be a fun and a nostalgic good time. 

Who can resist a good dress-up party? If this lands on your end-of-summer party themes shortlist, be sure and invest in a photographer since everyone is going to want a picture to reflect on! While your swag outfits for guys and gals will depend on what era you land on for your event, make sure you personalize it! That way your company stays with the memories!

Summer Swag Bag ideas featured: Compartes Tie Dye Rainbow Chocolate Bar, Retro Glass + Bamboo Bottle, Tost Beverage, and a Retro Recycled Cotton Blanket 

8. Outdoor Movie Night

Drive-in movies were a hallmark of summer nights back in the day. And, warm summer nights are still perfect for watching a movie outdoors with friends or colleagues, either lounging on the lawn or in and around the pool! No need to pin up a bedsheet for a screen anymore—you can rent a high-tech outdoor screen and projector affordably these days. 

A retro snack bar decorated with strings of lights and movie memorabilia is the perfect way to serve up drive-in movie fare for your guests—corny dogs, popcorn, candy, sodas, and other libations. But, hey, this is your party and you might want to choose a whole different direction for your menu. Maybe you go for a fried chicken picnic menu or just desserts and snacks. Your choice of the movie can drive your menu, decorations, and ladies' and men's summer swag for the event. 

Customizable Summer Company Swag featured: Marine Layer Pullover, and W&P Designs Mug and Personal Popcorn Popper    

9. Campfire Karaoke

Nothing builds camaraderie like mangling popular songs together! And, admit it, the word campfire instantly made your mouth water for the gooey deliciousness of toasted s’mores! So, once you rent the karaoke equipment, why not go ahead and rent several fire pits so everyone can make s’mores to their hearts’ content?  Just be sure to check these fire pit safety tips

You can create a themed playlist if you want, and appoint a deejay to— um, coordinate the performers. Allow plenty of room for impromptu choreography too! Decorate with camp lanterns, tents, bandanas, and plaid or cast-iron anything. Then feature swag summer for girls and guys as giveaways or prizes. 

Customizable Swag and Swag Outfits for Guys & Gals: The North Face Thermoball Vest, iHome PlayFade Rechargeable Water Resistant BT Speaker, Enamel Mug, and Custom Canvas Tote Bag 

10. Street Fair Fling 

Bring on the food trucks and rent some carnival-type games for a festive outdoor event. Turns out that food truck catering can be significantly less costly than traditional catering. As to the menu, you’ll need to find out what’s available in your area. 

Some trucks provide an entire meal and there are others that provide only desserts and coffee. You will want to have more than one truck for more options and for larger gatherings, especially if the meal is the central activity (like a company picnic) and if everyone is going to eat at the same time. 

For a street fair vibe, you can string lighted paper lanterns overhead, add bistro chairs and tables, and lots of balloons for starters. If carnival game rentals aren’t an option in your area, there are plenty of DIY carnival games that are easy to make. Make it a swag summer for girls and guys with promotional items customized with your company’s logo. 

Summer Company Swag Items Featured: Soma Water Bottle Day Owl Backpack, Bandana/Mask, And Baggu Set Of 3 Reusable Bags

When it comes to women’s and men’s summer swag for your company, talk to your Gemnote rep for more options on products and ways to customize with your branding. From name-brand summer swag outfits for guys and gals to tech-savvy grand prizes and promotional giveaways, your recipient will use on repeat make a lasting impression this summer. 

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