Themes & Swag For Your Sales Kickoff 2023

January 17, 2023

Discover 10 motivational sales meeting swag themes and custom merch to make your 2023 event unforgettable.

Ready to host your ultimate event but need event kickoff ideas and themes? You’ve come to the right place! From inspiring ideas for sales meetings to sales team gift ideas and custom merch, these out-of-the-box sales meeting ideas spell success in the new year. 

5 Tips For Event Kickoff Ideas And Virtual Kick-Off Event Ideas

  1. Set Clear Goals - Know your objectives before investing in your company kick-off swag. Whether the swag acts as gifts for sales reps, appreciation for attending your event, or custom merch that can be worn on the job, having clear swag goals will help curate the ultimate collection.  
  1. Know Your Budget - Just like any other event expense, make sure you know your budget. While this shouldn’t diminish the quality of your products, it will help determine the quantity of sales giveaways you offer. 
  1. Think Sustainability - The best gifts for sales reps are both practical and memorable. For merch that leaves a lasting impression, choose items that can be used on repeat.  
  1. Make It Personal - Customization is a great way to keep your sales team gift ideas top of mind. Not only does the swag instantly feel more special, but when you add a company logo to office supplies, apparel, and more, they become a marketing vehicle (going everywhere your recipient does) for increased brand exposure. 
  1. Keep it Professional - No matter what your budget, your gift ideas for sales meetings should represent quality and professionalism from the presentation down to the actual product. Talk to your Gemnote rep to see how you can get a curated collection of custom gifts tailored to your brand and budget. 

10 Best Sales Meeting Themes and Company Sales Merch Ideas 2023 

1. 2023 New Year Kick-Off 

Also known as NYKO, these conferences usually happen in January and include vision casting for the new year. They are a popular pick for B2B, B2C, and MLMs for any industry. 

New Year Kick Off Swag Planning Ideas: 

Custom apparel is an ideal choice for events. Invest in a jacket for cooler weather and a custom tee for everyday wear. 

A reusable water bottle. Sustainability always deserves a seat at the table. With a custom water bottle, your sales reps can refill it throughout your event- eliminating the waste of single-use plastic bottles

One of the best giveaway ideas for sales meeting is a durable backpack. Choose features like waterproof material and an internal laptop sleeve like this one from Topo Designs, and it becomes the modern-day version of a briefcase that can also be used for the office, commuting, weekend getaways, and even hiking. 

A custom pen and notepad are perfect for taking notes at your event, carrying on the job, and even networking they make practical gifts that can be used right away. 

Shown: Custom Jacket, Baron & Fig Hardcover Notebook, Poketo Pen, Topo Designs Rover Backpack, Stanley 16 oz. AeroLite Transit Bottle, and Custom Tee

2. Ignite the Passion

For event kickoff ideas that are sure to inspire, this theme is ideal for “igniting” engagement and enthusiasm. Keep the motivation strong with fun creative sales contest ideas with custom incentives and giveaways.  

In Person and Virtual Sales Kickoff Ideas for swag could include: 

Custom Apparel and headwear are just the sparks you need to get their attention—and keep it—long after your event is through. 

A custom candle and battery pack is a creative way to play off of your “Ignite the Passion” theme. Talk to your Gemnote rep for customization options and ways to best match your brand. 

A custom tote for the ultimate organization during and after your event offers major props. Just be sure to get extra for your swag store since they’re a hot and sustainable item your other teams will want to have as well. 


Shown:  Bella + Canvas Hoodie and Tee, Baggu Visor and Tote, Custom Candle, and Anker Portable Battery Charger

3. Energize

Whether your event is to cast a vision, set goals, or offer invaluable training, you know keeping your sales team energized is a lofty goal. Make it the theme of your 2023 event and follow it up with custom merch and snacks that keep the energy (and excitement) flowing! 

Energetic & Fun Swag for Sales Kick Off Meeting Ideas: 

A custom long-sleeve tee is perfect for cooler conference rooms commuting to the office, casual Fridays, and more. Plus, with so many fun ways to customize a tee, you’ll have plenty of options for showing off your brand! 

What better way to keep your sales team energized than with tasty consumables like energy drinks to combat that afternoon slump and healthy snacks for in-between training sessions?  

Water bottles are just as handy to have at conferences as they are for the daily grind. For an inexpensive option, talk to your Gemnote rep about ways to customize a  Nalgene bottle.  

Custom duffel bags make great sales giveaways to support your “energized” theme. Perfect for helping your sales team stay organized when hitting the gym or the road. 

A custom notepad and pen that can be used at your event and throughout the year. Talk to your Gemnote rep about how you can save on these office essentials.  

Shown: AS Colour Long Sleeve Tee, Custom Pen, O2 Sports Hydration Drinks, Nalgene Water Bottle, Field Notes Notebook, Port Authority Duffel Bag, and an RX Protein Bar

4. Empower. Evolve. Engage. 

Short and to the point, this theme doesn’t skimp on what’s important and neither should your custom swag!  

Ideas for Sales Events Swag:

Everyday essentials, like this custom coverup and custom socks, that feel great and look even better help set the tone for this inspiring event. 

For high energy and engagement, keep them organized with a custom backpack, accessories bag, and laptop sleeve

If you’re looking to cut down on plastic waste and want to save on drinkware, you can’t go wrong with durable cups, like this stainless steel pint cup from Klean Kanteen, and mugs. 

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters (backpack and laptop sleeve);
Shown: Peter Millar Quarter Zip Pullover, Klean Kanteen Pint Cup, AS Colour socks, UO GOT BAG Recycled Ocean Plastic Rolltop Backpack, UO Baggu Laptop Sleeve, and Custom Accessory Bag

5. Defying Boundaries

Whether you’re company is the so-called underdog making a comeback or you just want to go further and move mountains, so to say, this theme will help you set the pace. 

Defying Boundaries Ideas For Sales Team Merch:  

Defying boundaries means dressing for the weather. Luckily a custom windbreaker and hat with your logo and your choice of colors are on point and on brand. 

A glass bottle keeps water tasting like it should (flavorless) and your sales team hydrated where ever their travels take them. 

Office bound? Client facing? Office bound? Getaway ready? No matter where the day takes your sales force, a stylish briefcase, like this one from Incase, is designed to go the distance. 

Home goods as swag? Why not? For example, a colorful custom towel makes a fun and practical essential sales teams can appreciate. Plus, with lots of space for personalizing, it’s the ultimate segway for announcing your next incentive trip or vacation giveaway.   

Pens and Notebooks are the write stuff for any event swag bag. For ultimate kudos talk to your Gemnote rep about options for customizing notebooks inside and out, as well as pens that are the envy of all office supplies.  

Shown: Custom Windbreaker, Soma 25-oz. Water Bottle, ASColour Camp Hat,  Baggu towel,  InCase Backpack, Poketo Metallic Pens, and Public Supply Soft Covered Notebook. 

6. Accelerate 2023

Keeping up with ever-evolving technology and savvy consumers is a feat in and of itself. Luckily, this theme is up to the challenge. Keep your sales team moving with valuable custom merch that keeps up. 

Accelerate Meeting Ideas: 

Name-brand custom apparel and hats are always appreciated. Plus, with the high-end customization your sales team wants to wear, you get swag with additional marketing power. 

An insulated tumbler is a must for sales teams who are constantly on the go! Talk to your Gemnote rep for more sizes, styles, features, and brands. 

Help your sales team stay hands-free with a custom waist pack that keeps essentials like their keys, phone, business cards, and more close at hand. 

Show your team your appreciation for their hard work while encouraging them to accelerate in the new year with a pair of quality wireless earbuds.  

Help them keep all those appointments, contacts, and to-dos top of mind with a great custom notebook like this one from Appointed. 

It’s hard to network when you’re hungry and even harder to focus. Add a delicious chocolate bar to your swag kits so your sales team can bring their A-game between meals. 

Photo courtesy of Only NY (Hoodie)
Shown: Only NY Outline Hoodie, Mast Chocolate, Appointed Notebook, JBL Ear Buds, Topo Designs Hat, Topo Designs x Mirr Bottle, and custom Hip Bag

7. Reimagine the Future

A fitting theme for companies ready to take their innovation and service to the next level. Whether it’s a new brand launch or just a clever new way of serving customers, reimagining the future is the perfect platform for doing business in a whole new way. 

Sales Events Merchandise Ideas: 

The future looks bright and so do the swag tunes! With wireless speakers that also can be used for taking calls, your swag can help make the journey more fun.  

With office essentials like pens, notepads, and stickers, you can stock up on inexpensive swag giveaways and fund those future incentives. 

Dressing the part is essential for any sales team. Why not make your custom merch play the part too with on-brand polos and briefcases? Then for Casual Fridays and weekends, keep it light with a custom hat. 

Reimagining the future calls for reimagining the swag. With stackable mugs like these from Kinto, your recipients can enjoy a great cup of joe in a stylish, space-saving design!

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore (Nylon Hat); Shown: Custom Lacoste Polo, Sony Wireless Earbuds, Kinto Stacking Mug, Poketo Notebook, Timbuk2 Closer Laptop Briefcase, Aimé Leon Dore Nylon Hiking Hat, Shorthand Press Kraft Reporters Notebook, Motivational Pen Set and Poketo Stickers. 

8. Thriving 2023

For companies ready to set new records, defy the odds, and stay innovative, a theme like Thriving 2023 helps reinforce their objective. 

Kick Off Meeting Customization Ideas: 

Custom apparel isn’t just tees and sweatshirts. When it comes to swag that thrives, let event favorite items like custom fleece vests, socks, and beanies top your swag list. 

A professional briefcase that boasts organization while protecting your sales team’s tech is much appreciated. 

With a stylish portable speaker the party and the smiles can keep thriving even after your event is through. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more great audio options. 

Keep them thriving with a large custom water bottle (think 32 oz or more) that offers easy sipping thanks to the twist-off cap and built-in straw. 

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore (Socks)
Shown: Vineyard Vines Fleece Vest, InCase 16” Briefcase,  iHome Portable Speaker,  Klean Kanteen Insulated TKWide Bottle with Twist Cap,  AS Colour Cuff Beanie,  Aimé Leon Dore Socks 

9. 2023 Triumph

Manifesting the future, inspiring confidence in your Sales Team, and basically going “ALL IN” in 2023. With a theme like Triumph, you can start paving the way to success now. 

Personalized ideas for Inspirational Sales Meetings:

Whether you add a stylish smartwatch to their registration pick-up swag pack or offer it as a fun giveaway, an innovative sales team gift with features that track their movement or sleep will help promote stellar routines in and out of the office. 

A great salesperson is always on the move, pitching, delivering, training, and selling. Fortunately for your sales team, a custom shirt with moisture-wicking fabrication can keep them moving toward greatness without sweating the small stuff. 

Innovative technology, design-friendly, and self-cleaning. With water bottles like The LARQ Bottle PureVis™ you can give the world's first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system to your sales team for better drinking. 

Duffel bags come in all shapes and sizes with plenty of features to make it perfect for work, play, and even weekends.  

Shown: Nike Dry Fit 1/2 Zip Coverup, Larq Water Bottle, Fossil Smartwatch, Nike Duffel Bag

10. Phenomenal 2023

Every year seems to have a word that defines it, from 2016’s dumpster fire to last year’s Goblin Mode, which, believe it or not, was the first year Oxford let the public vote. Luckily, your conference theme doesn’t ever have to follow suit. 

Sales Meetings Custom Product Ideas:  

Apparel and headwear like zip-up hoodies and custom beanies make seasonal favorites for fall and winter. 

Likewise, tech splurges like Bluetooth headphones are perfect for giveaways, door prizes, and more work for any time of the year. 

For inexpensive swag (stuff we all get), items like enamel pins, mugs, and keychains make fun freebies. 

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters (Enamel Pins);
Shown: Carhartt Sweatshirts and Beanie, Urban Outfitters Mokuyobi Brunch Enamel Pins, Custom Mug, JBL Wireless Headphones, and Custom Backpack

A good sales team meeting theme should not only inspire creative ideas for offsite meetings but be universally appealing to your team. To make it unforgettable, create a theme logo that includes your company logo and year and add it to your custom merch. That way the hard work you put into creating the event can last for years to come.

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