16 Custom Nalgene Bottles You’ll Love to Give and Receive

July 4, 2023

See why custom Nalgenes make some of the best easy-to-brand picks for your corporate merch needs.

Benefits of Creating Custom-Branded Nalgenes 

There are many reasons companies gravitate toward custom Nalgene products, and that’s in addition to their water bottle’s friendly price point and unlimited ways to customize and show off your branding!

Increased Brand Visibility

Custom Nalgene water bottles are an easy win for companies looking to market their brand! Nalgene bottles come in a wide range of sizes from 12 to 48 ounces and shapes that accommodate any activity from lock tops and narrow mouth designs to wide mouth styles that are perfect for adding ice. 

So what do those things have to do with your brand visibility? For starters, they offer a convenient way for your recipient to stay hydrated on the go. Plus, thanks to their lightweight design and easy portability, they are perfect for accompanying them anywhere from walks, hikes, and other activities to commutes and more. And, from a company’s standpoint, this is great news since wherever they go, so does your brand! 

Photo courtesy of Glassier; Shown: Glossier Custom Narrow Mouth Bottle 

Long-Lasting Promotional Item

While there are some occasions where it makes sense to invest in items with a  short lifespan—for example, tasty branded treats and candies are epic when it comes to easy giveaways at conference booths or snack baskets for client gifts, however, for the best marketing, products recipients can enjoy on repeat have more staying power. 

That said, you’ll want to invest in quality items that are made to last. Nalgene bottles and containers offer a BPA-free, durable design that’s perfect for a lifetime of adventures. And, because Nalgene drinkware and containers are all  BPA/BPS-Free, your recipients can feel confident when using them. 

Photo courtesy of Only NY; Shown: Only NY Custom Nalgene bottle 

Environmentally friendly

For over 70 years Nalgene has been creating reusable water bottles which have kept millions of single-use plastic bottles out of landfills and oceans. Today, 100% of all Nalgene custom water bottles and containers are derived from 50% recycled content and certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification system!

For companies whose mission includes sustainability, a custom Nalgene bottle is a great swag offering to help highlight their commitment. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: A24 Films Custom Wide-Mouth Bottle


While some name-brand water bottles seem to cost a small fortune, Nalgene offers a superior product at a great price! While they make a fun summer swag item, they also make a terrific all-season promotional product. And, when it comes to creating Nalgene custom water bottles for your company there are endless ways you can distribute them. 

  • Perfect for rebrands 
  • Ideal for employees
  • Onboarding kit staples
  • Customer incentive fave
  • Event attendee gift must-have
  • Swag store essentials 
  • Retail merchandise money-makers

Shown: Custom Tee, Tank, Frisbee, keychain, Camino CBD

Customization Options for Nalgene Water Bottles

Ready to create your custom Nalgene bottle? There are endless ways you can create a uniquely branded bottle to reflect your company or upcoming event. 


Classic colors, muted hues, pretty pastels, when it comes to customizing Nalgene bottles, you definitely have a rainbow of choices for the bottle and the cap. Not seeing a color that matches your brand? Choose a clear or neutral hue and let your design pull in your brand colors. 


When you partner with a company like Gemnote, you can bring your customization ideas to life. In addition to having support available when you need it, they understand that no two brands are alike, and getting the exact color is as important as picking the right product. That’s why Gemnote uses Pantone Color Matching to ensure customization is more than just swag. It’s a quality work of art as well as a powerful marketing vehicle.  

Add-ons and Accessories

Looking to take your branded Nalgene bottles up a notch? They’re perfect for including with a custom sling so your recipient has an easy way to haul them around. Another option is to gift custom stickers as well. These are perfect for allowing your recipient to further customize their bottle. Not to mention, they can also add stickers to their laptop, notebooks, and other items. 

16 Custom Nalgene Bottles and Accessory Ideas to Inspire

There are so many reasons your customers will appreciate receiving a custom Nalgene bottle, including the fact that they are made in the USA, designed for safe sipping with BPA/BPS free materials, and dishwasher safe! Browse some of their top-rated and most loved products below, and get inspired with how you can bring your brand to life with custom Nalgenes!

1. Wide Mouth 32oz Customized Nalgene Bottles

While the design is optimal for adding in ice or even many filtration devices, the design is durable, versatile, and offers ample space for customization!

Photo courtesy of Only NY; Shown Custom Wide-Mouth bottle

2. Wide Mouth 32oz Tritan Retro Custom Nalgenes 

The Nalgene Tritan water bottle is a spin on the classic Nalgene wide mouth 32 oz version. Backpackers give it rave reviews for being a product that doesn’t break as well making the wide mouth styles ideal for outdoor life.

Shown: Tritan Retro Custom Nalgenes

3. 32-Oz Wide Mouth Tritan Plaid 

Another popular option of Nalgene bottles is the 32 Oz Wide Mouth Tritan in Plaid which features a limited edition plain pattern. Perfect for companies looking for inspiration for their own on-brand designs. 

Shown: 32-Oz Wide Mouth Tritan Plaid bottle

4. 32oz Narrow Mouth

Referred to as “hydration in motion,” the Narrow Mouth Custom Printed Nalgene bottles make sipping on the go mess free. 

‍Shown: 32-oz Narrow Mouth

5. 32 Oz Wide Mouth Sustain

For workouts, hikes, and more, the custom Nalgene water bottles received almost five stars thanks to their impressive durability. Add in the fact that it’s made from 50% plastic waste (specifically each bottle uses 8 single-use water bottles in its production) and you have yourself a hardworking water bottle inside and out. 

‍Shown: 32 Oz Wide Mouth Sustain

6. 32 oz Wide Mouth Ultralite Bottle

Carrying reusable water bottles has become a trend. However, it’s a bummer when the water bottle is heavy - enter the 32oz Wide Mouth Ultra-lite Bottle. Some reviews for these custom-printed Nalgene bottles point out that they can take the product on camping trips and freeze the water in it overnight. It weighs under four ounces and is made to last a lifetime.

‍Shown: 32 oz Wide Mouth Ultralite Bottle

7. 38 oz Wide Mouth Steel Backpacker

The 38oz Wide Mouth Steel Backpacker is a beautiful stainless steel Nalgene wide mouth bottle that is perfect for keeping warm drinks warm.

In addition, the product holds boiling water and fits several filtration devices.

‍Shown: 38 oz Wide Mouth Steel Backpacker

8. 16oz Wide Mouth Sustain Water Bottle

The 16oz Wide Mouth Sustain Water Bottle is a small Nalgene Tritan water bottle. The company’s recycling technology repurposed it into a high-performing bottle in a smaller, convenient-to-carry size.

Shown: ‍16oz Wide Mouth Sustain Water Bottle

9. 22 oz Draft Bottle

In the pursuit of physical activity? The 22-oz Draft custom printed Nalgene bottles have your back. Perfect for snapping into a bike bottle sleeve or clipping to a stand-up paddle board, backpack, and more. 

Tip: Talk to your Gemnote rep about personalizing a carabiner clip to accompany your Nalgene bottle. 

‍Shown: Nalgene 22 oz Draft Bottle

10. Nalgene Small Bottles: 22-oz Atb

The Nalgene 22oz Atb is another take on water bottles for active individuals. This one is great for camping and hiking trips. It features a hinged cap that protects the drinking spout from the elements so that it stays clean.

Shown: Nalgene Small bottles: 22 oz Atb

11. Nalgene Tropical Colors 

Like fashion brands, Nalgene releases limited edition colors and patterns, like this tropical style that’s great for vacations and back to school. 

‍Shown: Nalgene Tropical Colors Wide Mouth Bottle  

12. Multi-Drink 20-oz

In addition to simple Nalgene wide mouth 32 oz options, Nalgene also produces Multi-Drink 20 oz products that feature a straw and bottle cap.

Shown: Nalgene ‍Multi-Drink 20-oz

13. 20 oz Atlantis Container

Nalgene listens to its customers and sometimes the feedback leads to a mashup of popular versions. For example, the 20oz Atlantis is a cross between the Multi-Drink bottle & top from the OTF. The top easily opens and closes with one hand pushing the button. 

Shown: ‍20 oz Atlantis Container

14. Everyday N-Gen 24 oz Bottle

Nalgene’s Everyday N-Gen 24 Oz Bottle is a slim bottle that offers an easier fit for backpack pockets and car consoles. 

‍Shown: Everyday N-Gen 24 oz Bottle

15. SUV Sticker 

Keep the adventures coming with a Nalgene SUV sticker. They’re a fun pick for placing on custom Nalgene water bottles and infusing personality.

Shown: Nalgene SUV Sticker

16. Leak-Proof Travel Bottle 

In addition to Brand Nalgene bottles for drinkware are the Nalgene travel bottles—which are perfectly sized and TSA-approved for carry-on bags. 

Shown: Leak-Proof Travel Bottle 

Custom Nalgenes for All Events and All Ages

Promotional events and trade shows

Have an upcoming trade show? A custom Nalgene bottle is perfect for adding to attendee packets and keeping single-use bottles out of your event.  

Corporate gifting and employee rewards

Show your employees the love with branded Nalgene bottles.  

Sports teams and athletic clubs

Custom Nalgene bottles are perfect for customizing for team sports and using on and off the playing area!

Non-profit organizations and fundraisers

Have a non-profit event coming up? Nalgene custom water bottles are ideal for giving to attendees and participants at fun runs, marathons, and more!

Educational institutions and alumni associations

Let your logo stand proud on custom Nalgenes for alumni, school clubs, sports leagues, and more. 

Browse Gemnote’s Lookbook

Gemnote offers plenty of custom drinkware options from Nalgene custom water bottles, Soma and Kinto glass bottles, and self-cleaning LARQ bottles to tumblers, coolers, and drink accessories by all your favorite brands. See more custom water bottles. 

FAQ for Ordering Custom Nalgene Bottles with Gemnote

How do I choose the right Nalgene style and size for my branding needs?

We get it, different events call for different needs and different sizes offer different customization capabilities. Talk to your Gemnote rep for guidance on sizing as well as branding options. 

What are the recommended file formats for artwork submission?

A Vector Format File is optimal for your artwork to ensure the best print production on your bottles. 

Can I include multiple colors in my custom Nalgene design?

Yes! In a world full of color, Nalgene bottles offer the perfect backdrop for making your multi-color branding dreams come true! 

How long does it take to produce and deliver custom Nalgenes?

While getting a head start on your custom Nalgene bottles is always a good idea, Gemnote understands that efficiency is key in today’s world. From final proof approval, Gemnote’s standard production time is 10-14 business days, while rush projects are 7-10 business days from final proof approval. 

Are there any minimum order quantities for custom Nalgenes?

Brand Nalgene bottles products will require a minimum order. Additionally, these minimums can vary from item to item. To see if there is a minimum order on the Nalgene bottle you would like to customize, talk to your Gemnote rep. They can also help you figure out which products are available in your budget. Browse all drinkware → 

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