Brand Highlight: Nalgene

August 15, 2022

Explore popular customized Nalgene bottles, including the different Nalgene bottle sizes available.

Customized Nalgene water bottles are both stylish and sustainable. With a wide range of bottle sizes, colors, and designs available, Nalgene is a popular option for companies wanting to add custom water bottle merch to their lineup. Whether it's for an outdoor adventure or just a regular day at work or school, these customized bottles help recipients stay hydrated in style! Plus, they're made with high-quality materials that are designed to last.

As more and more companies are taking-much needed action to reduce their carbon footprints and opt for sustainable products, customizing Nalgene's high-quality, reliable water bottles is an excellent choice. Not only do these reusable bottles help preserve resources, but they also provide an opportunity for companies to show their commitment to sustainability and implement eco-friendly practices in their organization.

In addition, the public enjoys purchasing and using reusable water bottles, such as the Nalgene wide-mouth 32 oz, for several reasons. The products help them reduce their own carbon footprints and they provide convenience. It’s common to see people walking around cities with their bags and reusable water bottles. This creates a viable marketing opportunity for companies.

Responsible brands give away promotional items that their recipients will reuse several times. Since recipients will freely carry Nalgene wide-mouth water bottle or Nalgene draft water bottle, each provides ongoing brand exposure and a return on investment. 

First, let’s take a look at 16 Nalgene products you can customize through Gemnote.

16 Cool Nalgene Bottles & Accessories Perfect for Customizing

Of all the Nalgene Bottle Sizes, the 32-ounce water bottles continue to be the most popular amongst consumers and companies looking to customize Nalgene water bottle sizes. 

Nalgene 32 oz Water Bottle Options

Nalgene water bottles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but the two most popular are Nalgene wide-mouth bottles and Nalgene narrow-mouth bottles. Nalgene wide-mouth bottles feature an opening that is wider than a Nalgene narrow-mouth bottle's, making them easier to fill with liquid and add ice cubes. Narrow-mouth Nalgene bottles are great for those who prefer a smaller opening for easier sipping.

1. Wide Mouth 32oz Customized Nalgene Bottles

When you turn to water bottles as promotional items for your company, you can have fun with them. For endless ways to personalize your water bottle, talk to a Gemnote rep and see your branding come to life!

2. Wide Mouth 32oz Tritan Retro Custom Nalgenes 

For example, the Wide Mouth 32oz Tritan Retro features a cool retro design.

This Nalgene Tritan water bottle is a spin on the classic Nalgene wide mouth 32 oz version. Backpackers point out in a Nalgene 32 oz review that the product does not break. Therefore, backpackers like Nalgene because the product can handle the rigors of outdoor life.

3. 32 Oz Wide Mouth Tritan Plaid 

Water bottles are no longer plain. The 32 Oz Wide Mouth Tritan Plaid features a limited edition plain pattern in red, blue, purple, and grey.

4. 32oz Narrow Mouth

As the water bottle options increased so did the mouth variations. The 32oz Narrow Mouth features a narrow mouth that makes hydrating on the road easier. Recipients are less likely to spill while walking or driving.

5. 32 Oz Wide Mouth Sustain

For those who want a big gulp of water, the 32 Oz Wide Mouth Sustain is a great choice. After an intense workout or hike, or on an especially hot day, a wide mouth satisfies thirst faster. Moreover, the Nalgene 32 oz review for this product is almost 5-stars. Many reviewers love the product’s durability. 

6. 32 oz Wide Mouth Ultralite Bottle

Carrying reusable water bottles has become a trend. However, it’s a bummer when the water bottle is heavy - enter the 32oz Wide Mouth Ultra-lite Bottle. Some Nalgene 32 oz review for this bottle point out that they can take the product on camping trips and freeze the water in it overnight. It weighs under four ounces and is made to last a lifetime.

Largest Customized Nalgene Water Bottles: 38 oz

‍The largest Nalgene bottle from our lineup, these make ideal swag gifts thanks to their impressive size. However, the largest Nalgene bottle from their collection comes in at 64 ounces. 

7. 38 oz Wide Mouth Steel Backpacker

The 38oz Wide Mouth Steel Backpacker is a beautiful stainless steel Nalgene wide mouth bottle that is perfect for keeping warm drinks warm.

In addition, the product holds boiling water and fits several filtration devices.

8. 16oz Wide Mouth Sustain Water Bottle

The 16oz Wide Mouth Sustain Water Bottle is a small Nalgene Tritan water bottle. Nalgene takes special pride in this new sustainable product. It’s made from material that would have ended up in landfills. The company’s recycling technology repurposed it into high-performing and convenient smaller Nalgene water bottle size.

Additional Nalgene Water Bottle Size Options

9. 22 oz Draft Bottle

Individuals who exercise often or enjoy outdoor fitness activities benefit from receiving the 22oz Draft Bottle as a branded gift. The squeezable Nalgene draft water bottle makes hydration easy.

10. Nalegen Small bottles: 22oz Atb

The Nalgene 22oz Atb is another take on water bottles for active individuals. This one is great for camping and hiking trips. It features a hinged cap that protects the drinking spout from the elements so that it stays clean.

11. Nalgene Tropical colors 

Like fashion brands, Nalgene releases annual lines such as the Nalgene Tropical colors for 2022.  The fun colors are great for vacations and back to school.

12. Multi-Drink 20oz

In addition to simple Nalgene wide mouth 32 oz options, Nalgene also produces Multi-Drink 20oz products that feature a straw and bottle cap.

13. 20 oz Atlantis

Nalgene listens to its customers and sometimes the feedback leads to a mashup of popular versions. For example, the 20oz Atlantis is a cross between the Multi-Drink bottle & top from the OTF. The top easily opens and closes with one hand pushing the button. 

14. Everyday N-Gen 24 oz Bottle

Nalgene’s Everyday N-Gen 24 Oz Bottle is a slim bottle that offers an easier fit for backpack pockets and car consoles. Plus, it’s also easy to hold and handles heat well.

Additional Nalgene Products

15. SUV Sticker 

Stickers remain popular, and you’ll find some through Nalgene including an SUV sticker option. Stickers can be placed on the Nalgene 32oz wide mouth water bottle to give it personality.

16. Leak Proof Travel Bottle 

In Nalgene’s line of plastic products you’ll find the Nalgene travel bottle kit that includes a leak proof travel bottle. The Nalgene travel bottle kit also includes the Nalgene travel bottle, Nalgene travel spray bottle, and several 3 oz Nalgene travel bottles - perfect for TSA security checks.

The Nalgene travel bottle kit is a nice giveaway. Frequent travelers can’t have enough 3 oz Nalgene travel bottles ready to go. Since the Nalgene travel bottle and Nalgene travel spray bottle are medical-grade, they can handle the demands of travel. 

Whether recipients use their Nalgene travel spray bottle on the road or at home, they’ll enjoy the product’s durability and convenience. 

How Customized Nalgene Bottles Got Started

Nalgene water bottles have an interesting background - that’s what makes them special. Thermo Fisher Scientific has existed since 1940. It specializes in equipment and research for the medical industry. Therefore, its Nalgene travel bottle started as medical-grade equipment. Now, the Nalgene travel bottle kit and 3 oz Nalgene travel bottles are perfect for getting through TSA airport security quickly. The name Nalgene was inspired by Natalie Levey Goldberg, the wife of Emanual Goldberg who developed the first polyethylene pipette jar. 

Nalgene draft water bottle and Nalgene wide mouth water bottle owners love their products so much that they customize them with a Nalgene measurement sticker and SUV sticker options. The Nalgene measurement sticker becomes necessary since the products last so long. This presents another opportunity for companies searching for new promotional opportunities that we’ll discuss later in this article.

Customization for Swag & Giveaways

If you prefer to give away larger Nalgene travel bottle versions, the Nalgene rectangular bottle line is available in 3 ounces and 64. The Nalgene rectangular bottle options also give the product stability since they stand up straight more easily.

For large-scale giveaways, consider branding and giving away Nalgene sleeves. They complement all Nalgene water bottles including the Nalgene rectangular bottle. Additionally, the sleeves keep drinks warm or cold and catch the condensation that cold drinks release.

Thinking about customizing Nalgene water bottles, like the Nalgene wide mouth water bottles? Here’s additional information you may want to know. 

Where to Buy a Nalgene Water Bottle?

Nalgene products are available in an array of retail stores online and offline. But when it comes to customizing orders for your company, contact Gemnote. Leaders in branding and customization, Gemnote can help you with all of your customization needs. From curation to fulfillment and even setting up a swag store, they are the experts when it comes to delivering professional promotional products.  

Looking for a good deal? You’ll be happy to know the quality for clearance Nalgene bottles doesn’t suffer. The bottles simply go on clearance to make room for next season’s new styles

How Many Oz in a Nalgene?

For those wondering how many ounces is a Nalgene bottle, As you can see,  Nalgene has many different product sizes available. You’ll find 32 ounces water bottle options. You’ll also find 20, 24, and 38 ounces in Nalgene product varieties. 

When it comes to deciding between sizes, such as Nalgene 16 oz vs 32 oz, for giveaways, it depends. The smallest sizes will be more cost-effective. However, recipients might enjoy the larger size. Therefore, some market research on your recipients might help you make your decision. Plus, our Gemnote team can also provide you with some guidance. 

Nalgene Water Bottle Sizes: 

Wondering just how big is a Nalgene Bottle? The largest Nalgene water bottle carries 64 ounces of liquid. However, the Nalgene 32 oz weight is the most common size.

Retail and Clearance Nalgene Bottles Care

Many Nalgene products are made from high-grade plastic. Nonetheless, recipients can clean them in boiling water. However, it’s not a method that recipients should use often. Instead, use equal parts warm water and vinegar. Close the cap and shake the bottle well. Let the solution sit overnight. Then, rinse it out the following day. Keep in mind that most Nalgene reusable water bottles are made in Rochester, New York. Thus, these are American-made products.

Custom Nalgenes

Promotional Nalgene bottles offer a variety of opportunities for companies looking to spread their brand message and mission. Nalgene water bottles come in a range of sizes, colors, shapes, and styles that can be custom printed with your company logo. Nalgenes are also known for being environmentally conscious products, making them the perfect promotional item for green companies looking to reduce single-use plastics. Nalgene bottles are also highly durable and can be used for years to come, making them a great investment for companies looking to make a lasting impression.

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