25 Thoughtfully Curated Client Gifts Under $75

November 12, 2021

25 curated company gifts under $75 that are sure to leave a lasting impression!

Simply curated gifts are a lot easier said than done and not that simple. With mass market retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other superstores, it may feel like what you once thought were specialty curated company gifts are actually everywhere, and in fact, not that unique. Lucky for you, the talented Gemnote staff has scoured the globe for affordable curated gift boxes so you don’t have to. 

What makes curated company gifts thoughtful?

If you’re looking for thoughtful and curated client gifts with the power to leave a lasting impression, you’ll want to make sure they’re high-quality, useful items from reputable brands. And, unless you’re giving food, one-and-done gifts are a thing of the past, and well-designed, sustainable gifts are the only way to go.  Plus they’ll help reinforce that your company cares about the planet.    

25 Thoughtfully Curated Client Gifts Under $75

1. The Perfect Game!

Life is beautiful and adulting is hard. For unique curated company gifts, delight their inner child with fun and whimsical games like this one that proves learning life lessons can be graceful and, well, not so much!  

Tip: To create curated box gifts with games throw in snacks for an affordable option!

Shown: Snakes & Ladders Climb to Emotional Maturity Puzzle starting at $30

2. A whimsical home for their favorite plant. 

Who can resist fun topsy-turvy pots? Not us, and definitely not your clients. Ask your Gemnote rep how you can customize yours with your company’s branding.  

Shown: Voltosol Mini $58.56

3. An Awesome Pullover.  

When it comes to long-lasting curated gifts for men, nothing beats a high-quality, name-brand pullover that can only be made better when personalized with your logo. 

Shown: The North Face Tech Fleece  starting at $60

4. A Go-Everywhere Backpack.

Hit the gym, take the bus, go for a hike...wherever your travels take you, including the office, of course, a great pack like this multi-compartment style from Nike has your back and holds your gear! Backpacks make awesome curated gifts for men as well as  $75 gift ideas for employees since they are great for commuting too.  

Shown Nike Utility Speed Backpack starting at $75

5. Something to rock out to!

It’s been quite a year, and most everyone is ready to let loose. Luckily Bluetooth Smart Speakers are luxury curated gifts for rocking out the holidays and kicking off the new year and beyond!

Want to add smart speakers to your box of curated corporate gifts? Don’t forget to add in wireless headphones!

Shown: AudClick 2 Amazon Alexa Speaker starting at $49.99

6. A cool green gift!

Forget needing a green thumb for this eco-friendly gift. All you need is to add water and you’re on your way to growing your favorite herbs! When it comes to curated corporate gifts you can’t go wrong with environmentally-friendly like this!


Shown: Tapered Tumbler Grow Kit starting at $25

7. The perfect connection and sound!

For Instagram-worthy, luxury curated gifts, this Lexon wireless charger is a crowd please. Plus, your clients will feel like they’re getting 2 gifts in one since the charger base acts like a speaker so they can charge and jam out at the same time! Plus, with a name like Lexon, you can feel good knowing these simply curated gifts are designed to last. It’s perfect for curated gifts boxes and as under $75 gift ideas for employees.  

Shown: Lexon Olso Energy Wireless Charger starting at $69.90

8. A professional style. 

For $75 gift ideas for her and him that won’t let you down, this laptop sleeve by Graf Lantz is designed for the modern minimalist (and Merino felt wool!) and is sure to impress even your toughest clients.

Need impressive curated box gifts for incentives? A professional laptop case like this one always makes the under $75 gift ideas for clients.  

Shown: Graf Lantz sleeve starting at $59

9. Plush slippers.

It’s been a year, that’s for sure! Ask all the luxury gift box companies and they will tell you, the best, curated gifts for him and her help clients unwind, relax and recharge. So, look no farther than Hawkins New York slippers for curated corporate gifts that will leave them thinking of your company every time they slip them on! And, at starting at just $28, these slippers prove luxury curated gifts don’t have to blow your budget.


Shown: Hawkins Slippers starting at $28

10. Hands-free, quality sound!

When it comes to high-end luxury curated gifts that are useful and appreciated, nothing beats the Anker brand and their wireless Bluetooth earbuds which are some of the best $50-$75 gift ideas around! And, if you're having to ship these simply curated gifts to recipients, you’ll love that they're small and lightweight.   

Shown: Anker Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds starting at $69.99 

11. The perfect ambiance. 

An easy fave when it comes to curated gifts boxes!  Like a breath of fresh air, a great oil diffuser, like this one from Homedics, is made for relaxation and dispersing your favorite scents. It’s perfect for creating affordable curated gift boxes with a spa theme. 

Shown: Homedics oil diffuser starting at $29.99

12. Something to dance to...

Or sing or chat or basically do it all, since the best Bluetooth wireless headphones allow you—or your clients— the freedom to do just about anything. It’s perfect for your curated gift boxes under $50! And, if you really want to up your swag game add a smart speaker to curated box gifts.  

Shown: JBL Wireless headphones pure bass starting at $49.95

13. A sleeve of protection

Sleek and modern just like the Mac laptop it holds, this modern sleeve with leather detailing is a standout in your curated gifts boxes. Ask your Gemnote rep about all the ways you can customize your curated corporate gifts for endless marketing opportunities. 

Shown: Kiko Tuck Away Sleeve starting at $55

14. Epic power 

If you’re going to give a power bank, which is always a hit make it epic with features like a rugged design that goes literally anywhere like this durable Adventure H2O Mini from myCharge that’s waterproof too! For affordable curated gift boxes that are an instant hit, try including an innovative tech gift like a power bank. These curated gifts for men and women are the ones they’ll be talking about for months to come. 

Shown: Adventure H2O Mini Waterproof Rechargeable Power Bank $39.99

15. A Cool pack.

For great curated gifts boxes, just add your logo to this spacious branded Nike hip pack with exterior and interior pockets! You may want to order extras since your employees will want one too! And, if you’re adding this to your curated box gifts you can’t go wrong with a matching Nike customized hat too! 

Shown: Nike Tech Hip Pack starting at $40

16. An upgraded reusable tote.

As far as simply curated gifts go, reusable totes have been popular for years! We love this elevated style from Rains with all the bells and whistles like waterproof lining and exterior, interior pockets, and a detachable shoulder strap. These make great bags for packaging their curated company gifts too!

Shown: Rains Tote Bag starting at $70

17. A glass half full.

With so many features like triple insulated stainless steel base, vacuum insulated, hypoallergenic glass, and a design that stays colder twice as long, when you gift this Corkcicle hybrid canteen alone or as part of your curated box gifts, it’s hard not to keep looking on the bright side! And as far as brands go, Corkcicle made Oprah’s list of favorite things for 2021 with the full list debuting November 9th!  This is great for $75 gift ideas for employees or less!

Shown: Corkcicle Hybrid Canteen starting at $43

18. All the extras!

One of the best $75 gift ideas you can give is The North Face backpack! It’s loaded with extra features like the FlexVent™ suspension system for comfort, support, and ventilation, plus a padded laptop sleeve, multiple pockets and mesh pockets for drinks, reflective details, whistle buckle, and more for the ultimate curated gifts for men and women. 

Shown: The North Face Connector Backpack starting at $58

19. A real show stopper. 

What’s so great about a Matador towel? Well for starters it’s one of our simply curated gifts that’s lightweight, travels great thanks to its packable design, and offers maximum absorbency. Not to mention it won Carryology’s annual carry award of 2018 for the best accessory, making it a cool addition to your curated gifts boxes.  

Shown: Matador Packable Shower Towel starting at $34.99

20. The perfect cup. 

Coffee and tea lovers can finally unite with a mug that’s stylish and perfect for all your clients’ favorite drinks. Plus, the modern neutral style appeals to every design taste making it one of our favorite luxury curated gifts.  

Shown: Kinto small mugs $20 

21. An adventure of sorts!

With an Adventure Series Outdoor lunch cooler from Stanley camping, tail-gating, and just about everything else just got a whole lot better since your clients can use it to keep two lunches cool for an entire day. Plus it has a bungee on the lid for toting their favorite Stanley bottle too! When it comes to $75 gift ideas for clients or employees, a great cooler should be on your list! And this one proves, curated corporate gifts can be rugged too!

Shown: Stanley Adventure Series Outdoor Cooler starting at $50

22. Something legendary. 

Your curated company gifts needs something legendary! A classic for a reason, help your best clients stay hydrated in style with a legendary classic bottle from Stanley. Pair it with the Adventure Series Outdoor Cooler for ultra-cool curated client gifts for him and her. 

Shown: Stanley legendary classic bottle starting at $50

23. A soothing escape. 

It’s not about getting away from home, it’s about finding peace wherever you may be. And with a Hawkins New York candle your curated corporate gifts can be just that. Not only can you choose from 6 irresistible soy wax scents, but they also offer 6 hours of burn time and make great additions to your engagement curated gift box as well.   

Shown: Hawkins New York Hudson candle starting at $38

24. Soft, custom layers. 

The best curated gift box companies will tell you, adding branded apparel to your client curated gift boxes is always a win. Not only will it keep your company top of mind every time they wear it, but they’ll advertise your brand everywhere they go. Plus, with a style like Marine Layer which is known for quality and comfort, these curated gifts for men will be worn again and again. Talk to your Gemnote rep about more products for your affordable curated gift boxes. 

Shown: Marine Layer Henley starting at $68 

25. The ultimate splurge.

While this 5-piece jet-black stoneware sake set may feel like a splurge to them, you can bask in the knowledge that your thoughtful gift is one of the stellar curated gift boxes under $50! 

Shown: Viski 5 piece stoneware sake set starting at $39.99

And there you have the top 25 thoughtfully curated client gifts under $75! When it comes to best curated gift box companies, don't trust your marketing swag and curated company gifts to just anyone. At Gemnote, we only partner with brands whose products you would be proud to customize, including $75 gift ideas for employees. Talk to your Gemnote rep today for more gift-giving ideas for holidays, onboarding, conferences, and events, virtual parties, employee recognition, designers, swag stores, $75 gift ideas for clients and more!

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