5 Best Merch Company for YouTube Creators

November 15, 2021

Youtube merch is hot right now! Just as YouTube content has come a long way since the...

YouTube merch is a great way YouTube creators capitalize on their marketing efforts. And if you've ever wondered how just look at their swag stores and websites and of course, their YouTube channel for their retail products.  

YouTubers merch

YouTubers merch is everywhere and there's a reason why these creators divvied their focus from their streams and outside of YouTube. To find out about the 'Why and 'Where's, here's a detailed article about it.


Merch from YouTubers is easy to find and nowadays, almost every one of our favorite YouTube creators has their own custom merchandise store, especially those with 100 thousand subs and beyond. And there's actually a good reason for it, it's quite the booming business.


Merch From YouTubers

Merch from YouTubers is a hot business that continues to soar. With the rise of e-commerce transactions in the platform, and the primary activity presumed to be create and sell merch, a good number of YouTube approved merchandise sites have been riding along in that profitable wave. That said, it has also become a difficult task for many prominent creators to produce and popularize distinctive merch among the crowd, not to mention the high standards that newcomers are saddled with upon joining. There's also the question of affordability and quality services from the merch company.


Because of all these questions, we've created a list of 5 highly-rated services that can help YouTube creators either jumpstart or advertise their products for an effective operation and in the process, discuss extensively about the best merch by YouTubers in general.


YouTubers merch: What are the Advantages of Merch Companies for YouTubers?

Merch from YouTubers deserves a great partnership. Partnering with a merch maker for YouTubers provides various benefits to a creator in terms of work delegation and efficiency. Merch stores are more or less platform and printing providers so 80% of the product quality depends on the YouTube creator.

Represent's Featured Campaigns 

YouTubers merch is easier to achieve than you may think. Anything apart from the design, fees, and daily advertising in their streams, there's nothing much that they need to worry about. 


How to Make Merch for YouTube

The below list of best merch websites will take care of product deliveries, analytics, and campaigns for you.


Best Merch: 4 Websites for YouTubers


1. YouTube merch best website: Teespring/Spring

How to make merch for youtube with Spring.  As of Jan. 26, 2021, Teespring has fully rebranded itself into Spring. According to their blog, they've greatly expanded their hosts of partners, services, and products to sell. Outside of YouTube, Spring has begun making accounts in other social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram: @spring4fans for the general account, and @spring_help for platform FAQs.

Spring's Twitter Header Photo

Merch from YouTubers

How to make merch for YouTube gets easier with branded shops. To narrow down the content to the standard YouTube merch hoodies or YouTube channel shirts, Spring now offers creators their own branded stores. This is their most significant change by far in that it relegates the platform behind-the-scenes. YouTubers can thus assume personal merch store domains under the hosting of Spring.


How to make merch for YouTube: Check out this new feature of theirs in their blog post.

Merch from YouTubers: Teespring vs. Represent

Represent is a similar printing company to Spring with a good interface for designing products. In terms of differences, Spring branched out from YouTube in that they focused more on general creators. On the other hand, Represent specializes in being a merch maker for YouTubers---especially the "pioneers". Point in case, PewDiePie has an official website in their platform.

Pewdiepie's Official Store in Represent

2. YouTube merch best website: Gemnote

How to make merch for youtube with Gemnote? It’s a breeze from start to finish! Gemnote’s key focus in merch is swag and quality products. This entails providing the YouTube creator with design-oriented support to ensure that the product gets the attention that it deserves in the right style for the right time, especially with Gen Z's fast-growing market. Gemnote fervently keeps itself updated with the latest trends. 

Hence why they believe customization is 'the jazz'. This way, creators have more leeway to adapt to current fads. For instance, the hottest conventions happening all over the internet today are marketing, corporate, and influencer events brought about by the pandemic. 

How to make merch for YouTube and how to know the best merch giveaway for a creator to make? Don't worry, Gemnote knows exactly what to do!


Merch from YouTubers and influencer brands 

The swing is on influencer brands? Here are custom kit boxes that your fans would absolutely love, plus a couple of tips on how to effectively showcase them.


3. YouTube merch best website: Printify

Merch from YouTubers with Printify gives you options.  Printify boasts being the “largest global print network” in the industry, with over 300 products with base designs in their catalog for a YouTube's create and sell merch to start from. All they need to do is plan the type of merch that they want---shirts, hoodies, socks, etc. ---and customize from there. In the customization stage, their free Mockup Generator is the main attraction.

Mockup Generator Preview Mode by Printify

The merch illustration can then be uploaded separate online stores like Shopify and eBay, but Printify also offers handling the orders.


4. YouTube merch best website: Spreadshop

This time, your best merch website is creator-driven. Spreadshop can provide a YouTuber the shelf and tools they need to construct their customized shop system. As they say, it’s all about the shop owner. Every feature---single-product rate, discount strategies, landing page designs---the control is handed to their users in order to build good trust.

Merchandising Strategy by Spreadshop

And to fortify this quality merchandising, Spreadshop narrowed their services to print-on-demand products only so there’s no risk of inconsequential expenses. 


5. YouTube merch best website: Redbubble

Focusing on a specific niche, Redbubble is a rather distinct merch store maker by far. The company caters to artists and acts as the perfect platform to showcase their works. Their mission is quite the good deal for both sides as there are plenty of artistic creators and fans that would like get their hands on their goodies.


And their process is simple, the artist uploads a design, slaps it on a product that can feature the design, and, once someone buys it, your chosen YouTuber merch hoodies are shipped while the artist is paid.


Redbubble will get the brunt of services rendered considering animation channels are steadily rising. We have: TheOdd1sOut, Domics, Jaden Animations, Overly Sarcastic Productions, etc.


Starting Up an Official YouTube Merchandise Line

Now that the best merch store for YouTubers have been discussed, it’s time to brief through the best YouTuber merchandise themselves, specifically in how to establish an official merchandise line.


Obviously, the advantage goes to those either with artistic talent or those with a high number of subscribers. Worry not, however, once a creator has drafted their merch designs and picked a specific platform to put promote them in---that’s more than halfway done for your create and sell merch.


Just remember to choose a merch store suitable for the type of campaign basis planned.

First Step

For popular YouTubers, their fame and fans do all the work. It’s not really surprising if one has a large fanbase with heartfelt support for them---every creator knows this, even starting ones. That’s why the first step is establishing popularity and loyalty. 


There are a vast number of lurkers in YouTube and the point is to convert them into fans. Fans can become customers, observers can’t. Once you’ve gained, merch stores follow suit.


An Effective Campaign Basis

With the buyers ensured, it’s finally time to think of a good way to promote them. In community platforms where most content makers gather, it is agreed that the best type of campaign is a time basis one. “Limited editions” sell the most because their fans can’t afford to ‘buy it later’. Time limits fan the flames of excitement further.


The Best Kinds of YouTuber Merchandise

Printify has recently analyzed some tips and tricks to making the best YouTuber merchandise. Best take the advice of the “largest global print network” for create and sell merch, we’re going to summarize a couple of them:

Custom YouTube channel shirts, YouTube merch hoodies, caps and others

Top 10 Merchandise Sold by Printify

According to Printify, product selling occurred as follows: 90% for t-shirts, 66% for hoodies, and 40% for caps.


Designs Printed on Merch

Ever the dedicated, their most sought-out design on merch is a quote from their YouTube favorite. Branding or logo comes second, followed respectively by channel name/real name, custom designs, and the YouTuber’s face.


YouTubers merch: Positioning

Indeed, the placement of the designs matter as well. Printify concludes that fans prefer 87% of YouTube merch with frontal printing or embroidery. Chest pockets are sold at 47%, sleeve designs at 27% and all-around prints at 20%.


YouTubers merch: Colors and Combinations

Printify’s study covered 30 merch platforms. 20 of them answered that black-colored products sold the most. Colored merch followed, a bit above 50%. The least popular ones were white and other brightly-colored products. 


YouTubers Merch: Minimalism

How to make merch for Youtube that resonates well is a popular question. A simplistic style benefits both the creator and the buyer. For the YouTuber, the designing stage becomes shorter. Campaigns and securing a stable line of merchandise will be their priority. Meanwhile, fans are happy with whatever becomes the brand of their favored YouTube creator.

Top of the morning to you, laddies!” Jackscepticeye Quote Shirt from Wish.com

Best merch: Which YouTuber has it? 

In reality, with the amount of YouTube creators in the platform and the number of fans proclaiming “Ours is the best”, choosing the “best merch by YouTubers” is entirely subjective. At the very least, a sure generalization of quality merch is associated with their popularity, to say nothing of design and campaigns. 

YouTubers merch and 3 factors to consider

  • Level of support or loyalty to YouTube creator
  • The quality of their design
  • The brand/logo that identifies the creator


Merch from YouTubers varies on quality and design varies. So, the answer here is that there is no one answer. There are some fans who insist that their favored YouTuber channel shirt, for instance, is good but not particularly high-quality. With that in mind, we can instead provide a list of top 3 candidates that can assume the position:


1. Best merch from Cocomelon

Cocomelon is a YouTube channel engaged in producing family-friendly content for everyday watching. It’s no wonder that lot of parents would opt to buy their merch---their kids would be happy for it. Plus, they can have a matching set for the entire household. 

Male and female Classic Cocomelon Shirt by Redbubble

2. YouTubers merch from Pewdiepie

YouTubers merch has a wide range of audiences. However, as of June 13, 2021, Pewdiepie is the third most-subscribed YouTube creator on the platform, with his subscriber count numbering 110 million. He started gaining traction through entertaining gameplays and has risen the ranks throughout the years. Suffice to say, the popularity of his merch is a surprise to no one. The conundrum with T-series only served to strengthen the support and loyalty of his followers.

Pewdiepie’s Long-sleeve Gildan Tee  and Heavyweight Hoodie in Represent

3. YouTubers merch from Mr. Beast

With 63 million subscribers, Mr. Beast (real name: Jimmy Donaldson) ranks as the 13th most popular YouTube creator. This YouTube creator is recognized for his daredevil stunts, in the spirit of entertainment, and philanthropic activities. To fans, buying his merch is the equivalent of participating in his charity works as some of the profits go into his food pantry program.

Beast Philanthropy Tees andHoodie from Mr. Beast’s website

How to make Merch for YouTube: Platform or Personal Website?

There are advantages and disadvantages to either side but as a general rule, start-up YouTube creators will greatly benefit from our list of YouTuber merch websites as they're not used to the operations yet. Conversely, tong-time creators have the experience of building their own websites and handling the delivery process. Mr. Beast is one example of this.

Influencer Marketing Hub's 11 Top Influencer Merch Companies & Platforms to Sell Your Influencer Merch

How to make merch for YouTube and do you need a course in web development?

As far as building a simple promotional platform is concerned, creating a website containing the 'best merch by YouTubers' website will be pretty easy for self-taught individuals. In YouTube alone, creators can research a number of explainer videos from the most basic to the highly-advanced stages.


Merch from YouTubers: Can One Be Financially-Dependent on Merch Early on? 

Definitely not on create and sell merch alone. Merch before subscribers is putting the cart before the horse. It would be advisable to start if the creator has more than 3 thousand subscribers. That way, even if the sales amount to 4-5 a day, $40 per piece is stable (though still not quite there).


How to Make Merch for YouTube and Pricing 

The price of a merch should depend on the consumer’s perspective. The processing, supply, and delivery stages go next. Remember that there are some who wouldn’t go beyond a $20 - $25 shirt unless it’s from a youtuber shirts shop they love.


Merch from YouTubers: What’s necessary of Merch Maker for YouTubers

Arguably, some believe that YouTube has become a hostile platform for creators. The word “demonetized” is now a terror word for nearly everyone. With the event popularly known as Adpocalypse, where prominent advertisers withdrew, revenues for our YouTube creators dropped. Merch makers FOR YouTubers were the next best thing.

Merch from youtubers: For a more detailed explanation, GABE’s video essay brings it justice.


Merch from YouTubers: Balancing Being a Merchandise channel and a YouTube Streamer 

Make no mistake, the two go hand-in-hand. Once a YouTube creator focuses on promoting their merch for more than 10% of the time, the content becomes business-driven. The situation requires balance: the content of the video should build a creator’s brand/identity, the merch promotes it.


How to make merch for YouTube that are sure to be crowd-pleasers need YouTube creators to keep the content and brand identity cohesive so their fans will be more than happy to continue giving support to their merch stores. Once that’s fully understood, you should be able to take the first step of choosing the perfect merch company for your brand. 

Are you working on a similar project or campaign?