Elevate Your Brand with Gemnote: The Top Branded Merchandise Company 2024

May 27, 2024

In today’s competitive business landscape, standing out with custom-branded merchandise is essential.

So when you are looking for top branded merchandise companies, make sure you find one that can address your needs, by supporting your branding, sourcing the best products, delivering quality customization, and respecting your budget. 

Gemnote specializes in the best corporate branded swag and can help you make and sell high-quality customized products that make a lasting impression. As one of the top merchandise vendors, they can help you bring your creative vision to life. They’ll even offer branded merchandise examples in your budget to help you narrow down your options. 

The products we create tell stories that exist beyond their physical form. It's essential that our work evokes emotion, inspires creativity, and connects people together. We balance simplicity with imagination and practicality with purpose. — Gemnote 

Imagine a world where your brand is customizable to your dreams.

With Gemnote you get the services and customization you need to not just design a create amazing unforgettable swag, but ship, sell, manage inventory, and more!

1. Design and Development 

Gemnote’s team of designers work closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that your swag merchandise aligns perfectly with your brand’s aesthetics and values. 

Not sure how to make and sell merch? you are in the right place. Or, have an idea but no artwork? No problem. Tell them what inspires you and they’ll help you with the creative direction and design process. From clean and simple designs to modern and fun illustrations, prepare to be wowed with the best merch designs. 

Already have brand guidelines? Gemnote respects that and understands close isn’t good enough when it comes to your company’s brand identity. In fact, they get that every brand has its own identifiable personality, voice, and color palette. They also do PMS (Pantone) color matching for screen print, embroidery, dip dyes, and much more.

Speaking of customization, you can choose from a range of branded merch customization capabilities. Gemnote can even bring you curated product and customization options, so you can focus on the creative work.

And, when it comes to helping you check all the boxes, not all merchandise vendors offer help with team approvals. In fact, Gemnote sends curated decks, one-pagers, and mockups with plenty of information so you can make decisions easier and more confidently since you’ll review mockups before you order and approve proofs before they go to production. As for quality assurance? They have you covered there too! 

2. Sourcing and Production 

Looking for company merchandise vendors you can count on us to source quality products that you’ll love? Look to Gemnote. With access to 1,000+ of the world’s best suppliers, you’ll never have to wonder if the selection is better elsewhere. 

Furthermore, Gemnote guarantees high-quality materials and craftsmanship so you can feel good knowing you’ll get the best swag merchandise at competitive prices. They even offer aggressive volume discounts too which is why they remain one of the sought-after swag suppliers. 

From the softest cotton tees and that new favorite hoodie to that bottle that lasts forever and the duffel bag everyone raves about each time you travel, they’ve got you covered with the best brands and products —including tech favs— that are perfect for showing off! From the best influencer merch for streaming to the best online merch to promote your brand and music and any and all corporate merch for products and services, they’re your all-in-one company.   

And, when it comes to helping you check all the boxes, not all merchandise vendors offer help with team approvals. In fact, Gemnote sends curated decks, one-pagers, and mockups with plenty of information so you can make decisions easier and more confidently since you’ll review mockups before you order and approve proofs before they go to production. As for quality assurance? They have you covered there too! 

3. Packaging and Sustainability

What’s great branded company swag without sustainable packaging? Not all business merchandise suppliers prioritize eco-friendly packaging solutions. Gemnote prides itself on helping you reduce your environmental footprint while still delivering beautifully packaged products.

From merch the best merch for coffee shops and restaurants  to your corporate events and everything in between, trust Gemnote to create and package it with sustainability in mind.  

More things to know about Gemnote: 

Their kraft mailers are made in the USA, which means less fuel is used to transport the raw materials and final packaging to us.

Their shipping boxes are meant to be recycled or reused and are ideal for repurposing for other shipments.

Their compostable mailers break down in a home compost within 180 days and 90 days in a commercial compost, making them a great alternative to single-use plastic poly mailers.

Their packaging is constructed and tested to protect the contents of each package against environmental storage and shipping conditions. 

Their boxes meet the best practice for fabrication standards of commercial fiberboard styles and packaging (ASTM D5118). 

You may even notice that Gemnote’s boxes aren’t always perfect. That’s on purpose–our boxes have probably survived 2-4 deliveries before it gets to you. In reusing packaging, they limit waste and give each box its full purpose and potential.

Explore Gemnotes shipping services → 

4. Kitting and Warehousing 

Store it, kit it, ship it— you name it. With Gemnote’s warehousing solutions, your swag merchandise gets timely and efficient fulfillment.

Need to mail custom merch gifts to your employees, clients, or virtual conference attendees? Gemnote can help you with dropshipping to individuals. Or, maybe you want to give out personalized products at your in-person event? Leave it to Gemnote to bulk ship to one place for the ultimate in added convenience. 

As for warehousing your items, you still stay in the driver’s seat. With easy remote access to managing inventory and restocking products, you have complete control. 

So what makes Gemnote one of the best corporate swag vendors around when it comes to kitting and warehousing? They offer: 

  • Kitting and fulfillment with 99% accuracy (yep, you read that right!)
  • The highest level of quality control and inventory management
  • Discounted international and domestic shipping rates
  • Drop shipping and bulk shipping across the globe
  • Tracking and reporting through your dashboard

5. Software Solutions

Gemnote’s technology platform simplifies the management of your merchandise, from project-based orders to comprehensive swag management systems. Plus, integrations with platforms like Shopify make it easy to handle e-commerce needs.

Forget corporate portals and old-school designs. Gemnote lives for beautiful UX/I designs that need no explanation, so they offer only user-friendly tools that are simple and effective.

They can even help you set up a swag store for your employees easily. That means you can start selling pre-approved merch to employees, fans, and followers today! 

You can even integrate your Shopify store with Gemnote. By outsourcing fulfillment and production, you can let Gemnote do the heavy lifting while you get all the credit!  

How Gemnote Can Help Your Company

Customizable Products: From apparel and drinkware to tech gadgets and office supplies, Gemnote offers a wide range of products that can be tailored to fit your brand’s image.

Corporate Solutions: Whether you are planning an event, onboarding new employees, or launching a marketing campaign, Gemnote provides tailored merchandise solutions to enhance your efforts and leave a lasting impact.

Seamless Experience: Gemnote’s end-to-end service—from initial design to final delivery—ensures a hassle-free experience, so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Why Choose Gemnote?

Founded in 2015, Gemnote specializes in creating bespoke corporate gifts, promotional products, and branded swag that reflect your company’s unique identity.

Trusted by Leading Brands: Companies like Google and Netflix trust Gemnote for their corporate merchandise needs, a testament to their reliability and quality. See just some of their success stories → 

Volume Discounts and Competitive Pricing: Gemnote offers attractive pricing options, including volume discounts, making it affordable to scale your branding efforts.

On-Time Delivery: With a commitment to punctuality, Gemnote ensures your products are delivered exactly where and when you need them.

As one of the top branded merchandise companies, Gemnote offers unique and high-quality corporate gifts for every budget to enhance your company’s image. And, when it comes to elevating your brand with custom merchandise that makes a statement, no one does it better than Gemnote! 

Still wondering why you should choose a company with experience in helping bring brands to the next level with high-quality merchandise and swag? For starters, it means more engagement from your audience, wider reach and brand exposure, and even more revenue to your online and brick-and-mortar stores. From public relations and influencers kits and rebranding swag to experiential gifting, conferences, events, product diversification, and more Gemnote offers the best-in-class products and services. 

Don’t trust your swag to anyone else, instead choose Gemnote, one of the top branded merchandise companies available. Ready to make magic happen? Visit Gemnote to start your project today and discover how they can help you create unforgettable brand experiences.

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